Fresh from the latest edition of Game Informer comes the news that New Super Mario Bros U will feature a new challenge mode called Boost Mode. When players embark upon Boost Mode the level you’re on will automatically scroll, which forces you to move at speed. This newly incorporated mode will clearly be a true test of your reflexes.



    • No. I haven’t played NSMB2, but I do know that in Coin Rush, you try to get through a level fast while getting as many coins as you can because the more time you have left when you finish, the more coins you earn for that time. You can take your time in that if you want, but it may mean less coins. In this, the screen is automatically scrolling, forcing you to move quickly and avoid dying.


      • New power-ups, new control for co-op, new worlds, new game mode. Are you sure you agree? So it sticks to themes and controls as in previous 2D Mario games. So what? SMB3 was similar in many ways to SMB, but it changed stuff up, added things and went on to be just as good or better than SMB. This is how having a game series works.


    • *same recycled gold. 2d mario games have never sucked. calling it recycled shit is like calling every other 2d mario game shit. idc if you dont like this game, but i know im going to love it.


    • New power-ups, new stages, new control method (GamePad player can help or hinder), new game modes. Yes, it’s all TOTALLY recycled! NO! When you have a game series, you try to stick to certain themes and control methods, but change some of the things in the game to keep it new and interesting. If you want recycled garbage, go play CoD or whatever. That stuff looks all the same to me!


      • First off..I agree..CoD is so bad XD but..As you’ve pointed out there are only 3 new things in this game..and they have been making the same thing but only adding new levels and an item or 2 with the New Super Mario Bro games..I’m not saying that makes it bad but don’t you think that the game needs more in it to make your £40 or however much it’s going to cost worth it? It sounds like something that should be added in a DLC kind of package..and it’s not like Mario can boast about its story :P


    • That’s your opinion. Its kept the same gameplay elements since the original and practically each mario game that did so has been a success. Mario games are a testament that good gameplay truly matters. I didnt see you comment when new super mario bros 2 sales were doin awesome durin August and through that game it had boosted 3DS XL sales.


  1. Very cool. The scrolling stages were some of the best stages in Super Mario Bros. 3 which is one of my favourite games of all time. Leave luck to heaven.


  2. Sounds to me that Nintendo is issuing a challenge all hardcore Mario fans. Having Speed Run in New Super Mario Bros. U would be a very fun challenge to players who do whatever it takes to break records.

    Now you’re playing with power!


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