New Super Mario Bros U Features A Super Mario World Style Map

More New Super Mario Bros U information has emerged from the latest issue of Game Informer which confirms that the game will feature a world map that’s extremely similar to the one found in the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario World. New Super Mario Bros U will feature a seamless world map.

The map can be panned around and explored at any time and features multiple branching paths that let you choose which way to go. The mid-world fortresses are guarded by Boom-Boom, and the end-level castle is guarded by Koopalings. Game Informer spotted 7 worlds: Acorn Plains, Sparkling Waters (tropical), Frosted Glacier, Layer Cake Desert (complete with melting deserts), areas similar to Forest of Illusion and Sky World and a world surround by a tornado.

110 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U Features A Super Mario World Style Map”

      1. I think that while Baby Yoshis are limited (and its justified since they’re extremely situational), Yoshi is either going to be in alot more levels, or we can (finally) take him out of the level.

  1. Funnily enough I have been playing that game :) and I love how that is done cause I think the whole New Super Mario Bros map is boring. Least with Wii Version some map’s is cut up pieces or the map is vertical. and hope they do secrets like Mario world Id love to see Star Road back like the level you saw at E3 with them jumping on stars.

  2. Every day this game sounds better and better. Super Mario World is my favorite Mario game of all time. I remember getting the super Nintendo on release day and being in complete awe the first time SMW was on my TV

    1. I totally agree with you. Super Mario World is my favourite Super Mario game, if not my all time favourite game. I too bought it with my SNES when it was released. Yoshi should be part of the game and we should be able to take him to any level we desire. If this is the case then this Mario game will be awesome! Now I am about 50% sure that I will be getting the Wii U on launch day. If this super Mario is similar to Super Mario World then I am buying Wii U on release day 100%. Yoshi should be able to come with you to any level. And any color of Yoshi.

      1. Yes. Honestly the map in the previous NSMB is so dull and boring, but having a map like this where im free to move around and its not just 3 levels, tower, 3 levels, castle, over am over is a nice break, and along with the speed run mode, its catching my interest. No way i’ll be getting it close to launch, theres still other game id prefee to get first, but its on my list now

    1. Prolly about 7.

      If its just Acorn Plains, Sparkling Waters, Frosted Glacier, Layer Cake Desert, unnamed forest and sky world, and what I presume to be Bowser’s World (the one hidden in a tornado), its 7.

          1. NSMB2 had 9 worlds though so hopefully nintendo will implement even more worlds into this one. I hope they bring back the special world, I could really go for a big challenge like that again.

  3. Are Nintendo seriously going to use the same story as they did in the other NSMB games?… it’s time for a new antagonist.

        1. Yes, because the fucking story of MARIO isn’t new, it shows that the ENTIRE FUCKING SERIES isn’t creative.

          Tell me, besides you pretentious twats, who actually cares about the story in (mainstream) Mario?

          1. That’s my point! It’s gotten so uncreative that no one cares about Mario series story, you all complain about COD being the same, when Nintendo does the samething with NSMB series, but because you’re a Nintendo fanboy you don’t care. SMB2 is the only SMB game with a different story. They can’t keep using the ‘Bowser kidnaps Peach’ story. It’s not hard to come up with a new story. People like DonnyKD takes what Nintendo gives, no matter how bad or stupid it is.

            1. Yeah, kid, sorry, but complaining about how the exact same type of maps, guns, and gameplay in COD means that the game is the same, is not quite on the same level as bitching that no original story means that the NSMB games are the same.

              1. Don’t call me kid, you’re not a touch guy just because you’re on the internet… it’s not just the story, they’ve used the same levels, characters (Blue Toad and Yellow Toad). You’re just a hypocrite, when someone else does it, it’s terrible, but when Nintendo does it, it’s ok…

                1. “they’ve used the same levels”

                  Yeah, remember that level in NSMB where it was an outside Boo level with the art inspired by Vincent van Gogh? Or that level where it was a forest and almost everything was big? You’re a dumb ass.

                  And OMG, it used Blue Toad and Yellow Toad? I guess Mario Galaxy 2 sucks for having every type of Toad in 2 games in a row!

                  1. “Yeah, remember that level in NSMB where it was an outside Boo level with the art inspired by Vincent van Gogh?” You’re a hypocrite, you said the guns and map are the same, where they’re different in every COD game, so don’t call me a dumbass when you did the exact same thing. I’m talking about the NSMB series not the 3D Mario games…

              1. You don’t play it for the story because it’s forgettable, if it had a creative story it’d be different. You Nintendo fanboys don’t care what Nintendo does.

                1. are you saying

                  you played smb1, lost levels, 3, and world for the story?


                  1. Is your caps broken? It’s stupid to say that a game has a bad story, but Mario games story doesn’t matter… that’s so ignorant. All i’m saying is that they should change the ‘Bowser kidnaps peach’ story, it’s not hard to be creative, especially in a Mario game, so don’t call me an idiot when you guys are being ignorant.

                2. if i buy my video games for the story then i would buy a PC and bitch about how much i hate about nintendo.
                  thats never going to happen because they focus on GAMEPLAY & INTERACTING!!!!!!!!!

            2. The main thing is that people see it the same thing over and over. In God of war its always about revenge its always a 3d beat em up with gore. Games tend too keep a basic formula. Lukxily I’m a sonic fan so I don’t care for Mario story’s. Least for sonic they have the same formula but add twists and jokes. Specially sonic colirs

  4. I love that. Super Mario World is still an excellent game. Add in the capabilities of the Miiverse and this game is becoming a must buy. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. How quaint.
      If YOU think Rayman is better, fair enough, just say, “rayman legends will still be better”. No need to go childish on everyone, as per usual.

      And either way, you’re not going to be playing either of them, so who actually cares?

    2. “Uninspired rehash”

      There are so many elements from past games they are combining into this game along with a fresh new expirience. You do not know the meaning of rehash. The only true rehashed games are CoD and most sorts games.

    3. Look at the fanboy defense force for Nintendo’s obvious cut and paste jobs upscaled into HD. Enjoy your $50 NSMBWii expansion pack. :)

    1. Because he doesnt see the point in a mew story in a Mario platformer? Ok, even though it would be cool to see a new story, and villian (id personally love some Bowser levels in the next 3D Mario), but its not essential.
      Games like Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario series, all have great stories. Heck, even Mario Sunshine went deeper into a story. It was still Bowser, but it was Bowser Jr for the most part.

      1. Not because he doesn’t see a point in a new story in a Mario platformer, because he’d too bias. I read he’s comments in other posts, he does the same thing, along with TheRevolution.

          1. Yeah, that’s why won’t go over the top to were it looks like i’m trolling. But i wish people here could see both ways.

            1. Yeah. I mean i loved the Wii this generation, but i also loved my ps3, both amazing systems, both had amazing games. I am a little grateful of Sony not releasing anything in the past 4 month however, so i could buy a 3DS and now i can save up for a WiiU xD

          1. No you’re not, you act like Nintendo are Superior at everything. One of the comments says the “Rayman Legends is better”, you replied saying “LOLno” so you’re bias.

            1. “One of the comments says the “Rayman Legends is better”, you replied saying “LOLno” so you’re bias.”

              I’m biased because I don’t think an unreleased game is better than a unreleased game?

              Fucking logic.

    1. That is a good point, ive always had the feeling to compare the WiiU to the SNES, and the Wii to the NES. They just similiar to each other in everyway.

  5. That would be cool to take Yoshi beyond the level again (besides Ghost Houses and Boss Battles), and i hope they have things like Giant Switches and the keys that open secret paths there too.

  6. Oh my gosh, YES. If they’re taking this much inspiration from Super Mario World then this game is going to be wicked awesome. Please give us some remixed SMW music too!

  7. Well, at least it looks like Nintendo might actually be trying to make this game somewhat different from all the other NSMB games. At this rate, I might get it afterall.

    I’ve been waiting YEARS for this!!
    Super Mario World is my favorite game of all time and the world map is one of my favorite aspects of the game.

  9. Good. This game’s showing much more innovation than its 3DS predecessor in cherry picking elements that have been (sadly) untouched for nearly twenty years, as opposed to… just being a more polished version of the Wii one.
    I mean, it’s not exactly the Rayman Origins equivalent of Mario that I’d like to see Nintendo make, but it’s certainly a start.

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