Demonstration Stage For Wii U Dragon Quest X Will Be Held At TGS

Square Enix said last week that the first details regarding Wii U’s version of Dragon Quest X will be revealed during TGS. The publisher recently announced that there will be a stage at TGS dedicated to the enhanced version of the game. The stage is called “Dragon Quest X Wii U Demonstration” and will be hosted by the game’s producer, Yousuke Saito. TGS will be held from September 20th to September 23rd.



  1. this is a huge tite for wiiu. wondering why the wii version didnt do aswell as you thought in japan ??? becuase half the people are waiting for this HD masterclass version and even the people who have the wii version will probably buy this again for wiiu .

    please bring this to the west square enix. we have soul’s to , you sob’s


  2. This game is going to be huge in Japan. If it comes at launch, it will move the most console in Japan this holiday. Leave luck to heaven.


      1. Arnold should be president for nintendo hmm never mnd their would be ious and deportation of the mexican fanbase lol they took f japs lol


  3. Most boring franchise i’ve ever played.

    The artwork looks the same from the previous 9 games.

    Complete overrated shit as usual, good job Square Enix.


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