Doom Creator Would Love To Bring Doom 3 BFG Edition To Wii U

Famed video game developer John Carmack has expressed his personal interest in bringing Doom 3 BFG edition to multiple platforms. Carmack admits that it is something he would love to be able to do, but says that the development team just hasn’t got the time.

“I wish that we could deploy this (Doom 3 BFG Edition) on a bunch of other code bases. I love platforms…I love looking for the fun things to do on different ones. I’ve been bringing up quietly at a bunch of the meetings, “You know, we could make a Vita version, a Wii U version, an iPhone/Android version.” All of these would be reasonable platforms to take this technology. …We do have a very busy development schedule and nothing else is really planned for that.”


    1. How about shutting up if you have nothing constructive to say?

      On topic: doom 3 is a great game and wiiU version would be really cool


      1. All these HD remakes of old games just goes to show how boring the industry has gotten over the past couple of years. Instead of spending money on releasing an old game ( which funnily enough, is what Aeolus/Ness/butthurt squad bashes the WiiU for ALL THE TIME), why dont they make Doom 4, or Rage 2, or a new Quake, or a new IP altogether, instead of riding on the success of an old game, because they can make an easy buck out of it by slapping on the HD and some barely justifiable new content.
        Dont get me wrong, i love a bit of Doom, and other iD games, and thats exactly why i want a NEW game, and why stuff like this gets on my nerves


      2. News flash. They are MAKING doom 4. This article is a “if we had the time we would love to” article. Obviously they haven’t got plans yet


      3. Theyve apparently been making it since 2008, late 2007, actually. The point is we’ve seen nothing from it, maybe a couple of pieces of artwork. All im saying is why waste the time bringin this out, and delaying Doom 4’s release even more.


      4. Did you even read the article? it wont delay it further because they even said that they don’t have the time to make it.


      5. It says they dont have the time to bring it to android/iOS, WiiU or Vita, but theyre still bringing it to the ps3 and 360 (and PC im guessing), which still uses up time on Doom 4.


      6. Meh.
        I dont condone any remake, only revivals and if its a remake thats entirely different from the original. OoT3D and Star Fox 3D are passable, but only because their damn old, and they updated the visuals entirely, but still a remake, and lazy


      7. i actualy dont think those are lazy remakes.

        rayman 3d , splintercell 3d , tales of the abyss(AWESOME GAME) are all just slap on ports with bad 3d effect.

        but i think both starfox and ocarina 3d are absoloutly amazing.

        they both look outstandingly good. like gamecube games but ewith an n64 art style .
        they look nothing like their original games.
        i have starfox and ocarina on the n64 . and the difference between starfox back then and today is unbelievable.

        plus they have gyroscope features (awesome ones) and are both rendered perfectly in deep 3d.

        both are amazing . especialy oot3d.


      8. If theyre making next gen by all means have new ips if noy whats thebpoiny uou miht aswell renamed it the PNES ported nintedo entertainment system


      9. If you listened to carmack panel you would have realized you are wasting your words … and if youd actually read this article not just its title.


    2. i wud luv thme to put BFG ON WiU . CUS teh big frendly gyant is my best ever moovi .

      wot dus doom hav 2 du with the BFg?


    1. Doom 3 was still well received but many fans weren’t happy with it since it took a different route. Doom 4 is said to change that so fingers crossed.


  1. Doom 4 is still in development, so why not uses that as a Wii U, Vita and Android/iOS game =3

    I mean I would love to see Doom 3 on a Nintendo console again (Last Doom game I ever played on a Nintendo console it was the 64 version)


      1. Having been around the consoles running the game, the association isn’t so weird…it’s just not as common now, since the doom series hasn’t been hugely in the public eye for a while.


  2. Haven’t played a single one of these games yet, but I would be interested. Would it be possible for the first Doom to be put on Wii U Virtual Console or something? Would be pretty cool, especially if they have it customizable like on PC.


  3. I still don’t know why they’re remaking it for PC, I still have Doom 3 and it’s expansion pack. It would make more sense if it was just a console only remake.


  4. Well, this has no problem as far as one sees – if they ever get around to making a version for the Wii U, it’d be interesting to see just how they made it work in accordance to the console.

    Of course, an original title would be nice, but sometimes you must take what is offered, and see if anything further develops once custom is established widely enough for the risks to be worth it.


    1. *PC Breaks* oh dear, looks like you need to repair it again.. and again… and again and so on.

      PC has bigger problems than most consoles such as virus, easily hacked into, parts costing a fuck load of money. I could go on but your little tiny brain wouldn’t handle it.

      PC is good but when it comes to gaming on a budget, console gaming and portable gaming is the way to go.


      1. Pc breaks?

        What do you do with you’re Pc’s?
        I’ve have 2 Pc’s and the oldest one is from 2007 and its running like new.


  5. I think this will be an awesome experience on the Wii U or the PS Vita! You have one customer right here that would buy the Wii U or PS Vita just for that game.Make it official and I will do a segment on our website and tell all of our friends.


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