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Namco Bandai Considering Project X Zone Localisation?

A representative for Namco Bandai apparently told the Project X Zone Localisation Community on Facebook that they are carefully monitoring how well the game performs in Japan before announcing a Western localisation. If sales for Project X Zone are high in Japan then the company will look into obtaining the North American licenses.

56 thoughts on “Namco Bandai Considering Project X Zone Localisation?”

    1. Agreed , but this game will be FUCKING HUGE in japan so this can only bode well as good news.

      sega + capcom + bandai in one game = massive chart topping japanese game 100% guaranteed .

      this is good news

    1. Its absolute bullshit. If a company sells a crap ton of their games in Japan, bring it everywhere else. Every RPG fan wants Monster Hunter. “Oh, we’ll bring one…but we’re telling you what it is” FUCK. YOU. Give us the fucking game.

      This is sadly where digital distribution might actually come in handy. SOME developers are a little on the lazy side, so they dont bother. But if they can just at least translate the text, we can buy it digitally. It not perfect, but its better than get a big FU from Capcom.

      1. Thing is, Monster Hunter is one of the biggest things EVER in Japan. But, it doesn’t do too well In America. They had to dumb it down with tri to get people to enjoy it better. =/

        1. Because Western gaming is just about one thing, shitty shooters. And bullshit “gaming” sites keep giving them attention. Darksiders 2 was yet again, underrated, but its curretly the number 1 sellig game, because people have actually had to go and find out from other sources that its good. All the reviews are like, “weeeelllll, glitch, so minus 3 points”. Bullshit.
          Media needs to stop bum fucking the shooter genre, which is just fucking boring these days (although im enjoying Fall of Cyberton very much), and look at AAAALLL those other genres.

          1. I don’t mind there being shooters, It’s just very hard to make them feel fresh. They get repetitive very fast. Instead, they give us stupid gimmicks like THE BULLETS NOT GOING FUCKING STRAIGHT AND INSTEAD GOING IN EVERY WHICH DIRECTION. Nice going, CoD/gears/Borderlands/every other 7th gen shooter

  1. Goddamnit! If namcobandi doesnt localize it then there are 2 other publishers involved with this game who can do it! (3 if you count nintendo)

      1. Dragon’s Dogma and Megaman 10 are the only things i’ve liked from them the past 2 years. everything else has been dumbed down bullshit and full of on disc DLC- I mean, legalized scamming. I’d like MORE of their games if they actually came to America. but that still only adds one or two more to my list.

        1. Did they do Dragons Dogma? I thought that was Namco or Sega. And Mega Man 10 is hardly a new venture…

          Asuras Wrath was decent enough, but oh look, DLC -___-

          1. Lately,there has been lot’s of news for 3ds and if they announce either gamecube,N64,or snes games for the eshop,than it will be set. :D

            1. Gamecube and N64 games wont come to the eShop…SNES might, but i wouldnt hold my breath. We do NEED GBA games to start appearing though. Ambassadors got them ages ago, for free, the privilege is over now, need to start selling them to the public, i want to play Metroid Fusion and Minish Cap….

  2. Well, it seems like we have to depend on Namco to get the job done. It’s not like Capcom can be relied on for localization projects

  3. but on a side tangent, why the fuck isn’t Sonic in a Sega, Namco Bandi, Capcom crossover but they still decide to put him in a stupid Progressive comercial

    1. Too fast? xD nah, i duno, but theres alot of key Sega characters missing, yet we still ha Ulala *shrug*

      Oh well, Mega Man and Morrigan are in the game, thats good enough for me…if we actualy get it.

      1. haha but yeah I only notice a few sega characters from obscure games I’ve never played like that pink haired singer girl lol

        but I’m at least happy that capcom acknowledges Megaman X now

    2. I asked the same thing. The team up of sonic and shadow would’ve been perfect for this game. I can only pray that they are secret characters and the game has a plethora of side missions

    3. Yeah I wish Sonic was in it as he is SEGA’s mascot after all and it might sell a bit more if people know Sonic is in the game but the reason I think they didn’t put him in it is because look at the roster if you look at it all the characters are human’s or at least human like and as Sonic is a hedgehog he can’t be in it.

  4. Good, this confirms a Western release for North America. :)

    (Japan loves this kind of stuff, and it is illogical to think this game won’t sell like hotcakes overseas.)

  5. okay so where is the petition I have to sign to make sure they actually make a western release cause I want to kick some one’s ass with kos-mos and sakura

        1. Pay no attention to this username

          From what I’ve seen, you’re on a board like in fire emblem, then you walk up to an enemy and engage in a battle street fighter style.

  6. FUCK YEA.It is kinda like Ultimate MVC 3 but with worse graphics but more characters and better gameplay.If it comes in the west it will be official that 3ds is better than ps vita.

  7. I just want to play as .Hack:// characters while the main series is in limbo figuring out where they want to take the series next (it has been ages, the latest game release was on the PSP and before that the PS2).

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