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Nintendo And Square Enix Dominate Japan In August

Throughout August, in Japan, New Super Mario Bros. 2 sold 584,000 units, and Dragon Quest X for Wii sold 557,000 units; thanks to those two games, Nintendo took 28.5% of all software revenues for the month, while Square Enix took 26%. Here’s the top 10 Japanese software revenue shareholders for August:

  1. Nintendo: 28.5%
  2. Square Enix: 26.0%
  3. Namco Bandai: 14.8%
  4. Pokemon: 5.3%
  5. Konami: 3.2%
  6. Capcom
  7. Atlus
  8. Spike Chunsoft
  9. Nihon Columbia
  10. Ubisoft

97 thoughts on “Nintendo And Square Enix Dominate Japan In August”

    1. Square Enix is a awesome company. Im Glad they got second. Yeah the modern FF was gay but look at their other awesome games

        1. Hypocrisy? Do you even know what that means? He says he likes BOTH Sony and Nintendo , How is he being a Hypocrite? Stupid nintendrone.

    2. Yeah, because Sony clearly reskins their mascot (Do they even have one?) for quick cash-ins and redesigns their handheld for lolbiggerscreens.

      1. Not having a mascot isn’t doing Sony any good. As little as I like the 2D Mario games, they do support Nintendo well for very little development time.

        (Waiting until Vita gains motion and gets redesigned.)

      1. No the Pokemon Company.
        Nintendo owns the Pokemon Company and Gamefreak but Nintendo let them have their own choices on what they want to control.

          1. Nintendo owns pokemon and Gamefreak makes it. What Wikipedia said so you kinds think well this should be merged with Nintendo’s percentage so it must be doing pretty well to be on the list by itself compared to how the rest are companies.

  1. What amuses me is the look on Mario’s face. He’s completely unfazed by the plethora of heartless chasing him, while beginner [kh1] sora and luigi look terrified

    1. Never gonna happen. Nintendo’s worth too much to justify buying them just to shut them down. Huge IPs as well, plus Nintendo’ll never accept the deal.

  2. That picture makes me wonder what it would be like if the Kingdom Hearts series came to the Nintendo universe. Imagine Kingdom Hearts with Nintendo characters and worlds in addition to, or instead of the already established Disney worlds. Would be totally awesome if they ever did that. Kingdom Hearts is the best franchise created in the last 10 years imo. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Even though being a Nintendo fan, I wouldn’t like to see this.
      I think it works very well with Disney’s characters, perfectly actually, and anything else would just ruin the game. Just my opinion.

  3. Spike Chunsoft and Nihon Columbia are above Sony sce, Nintendo now know the Wii U is going sell phenomenon world wide, so do third parties. In short every whiny third party is also looking at how the 3DS even the mighty little Wii are moving gaming forward. Watch dogs even crysis 3 are coming to the nintendo Wii Ultra. :).

      1. It might be Japan little wanna be me but Nintendo controls all markets remember that. Oh! You made you self the lost with your oxymoronic reply. Sony is Japanese and bigger than the two companies whooping that Ass. If the didn’t have a skirt wearing wanna be god the could be doing way much better.

        1. You limit yourself on playing just nintendo games. Thats pretty sad considering sony have so many good exclusives and “THIRD PARTY” games you are missing out on.

          1. Oh god, are you the next sad little child to use that same old fanboy/nintendrone argument? Just accept that there will be fanboys, it’s the exact fucking same with Sony and Microsoft … THEY ALL HAVE FANBOYS. Oh and before you re use your same old fanboy insult. I’m not. I play on all consoles because they all have really good offerings.

          2. I notice how you call all nintendo fans nintendrones but don’t insult the trolls yet you say that you love both companies.Weird.

  4. 1) xbox720 chips are suffering from the RCOD ( red circuits of death ) probably being pushed to 2014.
    2) Sony PS4 looking good launching about the same time as xbox720
    3) Nintendo Wii U is probably going to be sitting on a 2 year head start, 3rd parties coming on board in droves I do see now.

    1. Dont give a shit about Xbox 720. I’ll be getting a Wii U and PS4. When the next xbox and playstation come out the wii u may not get a lot of the third party.

          1. Getting a Wii U and PS4, then you say when PS4 comes out Wii U won’t have much third party support; contradiction is that Wii U’s install base will be so big that every 3rd party will put a multiplat on it. Xbox720 shall probably suffer in generation 8, if we even get an shod 720. They might just amp out a kinect 2.

            1. Wii u will lose some third party support when the ps4 comes out. Only fanboys will think otherwise. Its the truth, get over it. You dont know how big the fanbase for the wii u will be unless you can predict the future. I dont know why you keep telling me about the 720 when I’ve already said I dont give a shit about it. Anything else you’d like to add nintendrone?

              1. Actually we cant say if it will lose it yet, because we know nothing about it :(. The press conference held soon should give us more information to make a prediction though :3.

              2. Too early to say that it wont, you never know, but Nintendo hasnt had decent 3rd party support since the N64 so understand the pre-assumption. I never buy consoles for 3rd party anyway, im buying a wiiu all for the exclusives, and it might sound fanboyish, but i have never played a game that rivals the quality of a nintendo game. Ps3 has some amazing games like Infamous 2, Uncharted 2, ect, but it cant compare to Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donley Kong, Pikmin, all the exclusives, at least in my eyes

        1. I just dont like it when fanboys go nintendo is the best and sony suck or vise versa. Its so immature. Whats wrong with liking both?

          1. Exactly , Nintendrones are the worst type of fanboys..if something isn’t on their console they will bash it , I bet if ZombiU was a ps3 exclusive Nintendrones will hate on it , and it’s just sad that Nintenfags say that anyone who criticizes Nintendo is a troll..fucking basement dwellers

            1. Actually I find Microsoft fanboys to be the worst. They can’t accept they have next to no IP’s. But in the end all fanboys act in this sort of manner, why? They are called fanboys for a reason …

            2. Yeah no offence Ness, but all you do is bash Nintendo, you cant exactly agree with gamer when he talks about liking both companies

            3. Exactly , Sony drones are the worst type of fanboys.. If something isn’t on their console they will bash it , I bet if Bioshock Infinity was a Wii U exclusive Sony drones will hate on it , and it’s just sad that dick in the booty Sony drones say that anyone who criticizes Nintendo is a troll. Fucking basement dwelling fat ass pricks!

          2. Little gamer I play on all consoles Sony just copy every thing. copied ssbb, then tried copying God with their little skirt wearing Greek mythological kratos.

            1. Hey, God Of War is actually a pretty fun game with a hell of a storyline behind it. It’s more than just some man/ghost becomin a God. You seriously gotta sit down and play the series before you cross judgement on it, cuz it’s probably one of Sony’s best IP’s and a system seller at that

    1. Uh… Sony doesn’t really concentrate that much on creating their own software. At least they’re not rehashing their franchises over and over again with barely any differences in their games. Yes, this was an innuendo to Super Mario Bros. . And yes, I am a Nintendo fan myself. But it’s really not that hard to notice that Nintendo seems to be overdoing Mario a little, lately.

  5. LOL Nintendo is the worst game company in history ! LOL first you fanboys say sales don’t matter and now you say they do? And same with graphics LMFAO 1st you fags were like Graphics don’t make a game …now your like OMAGEERD THOSE GRAPHICS !!! HAHAHA Fucking hypocrites ..Nintenfags have no credibility.

    1. They saved Gaming in the US … besides, the old Nintendo was king. They knew how to make a difficult game. The only game that challenges me now is Dark Souls. Everything else is a piece of piss.

      1. Fuck, Dark Souls is brutal…spend ages trying to carefully get through a tower then bam, dead, and gotta restart..ugh..

    2. Nessie… girlfriend… you, Ziegfried von Scrotum, Snoober & Bladder, and Aelous (Amir Stuart) are all dick in the booty drones in full denial. Nintendo is the best video game company in history. Sales matter when it comes to making video games for everyone. Graphics don’t matter when it comes to the overall FUN FACTOR when playing them on their Nintendo consoles of choice. The proof is in the seal of quality.

      Xbots, dick in the ass Sony drones, and graphic whores are the mother of a hypocritical fuck ups. All of you have no credibility, no education, and no intel. Y’all are ass burnt losers. End of story!

    3. I never said sales didnt matter. But then again I really don’t look at sales figures. Guess that doesn’t really make me a fanboy. But I will admit to bein a nostalgia fan :)

      1. I hope so >.< although im working until 4pm that day, so i dont know if i can watch it, dont know what the time difference is between the UK and America

    1. Pretty rare for Sony not to be in here ?
      Uh, those are the charts for SOFTWARE revenues. Means, it’s about how much money a company has made with software they have created on their own. And since Sony isn’t creating too much software nor keeps rehashing their existing ones, but rather rely on third-party (Square Enix, for example), it is not surprising at all that they’re not listed in this chart.

    1. Clearly you missed the part where it said temples as big as a forest, that have multiple stages and take hours to complete. The visual style is great in Skyward Sword, its colourful, vibrant, but its not overwhelmingly cartoony, and you can still have darker segments, its a perfect balance.

      This game will destroy anything from next generation, guaranteed.

  6. What is a fanboy? And this is a serious question. What makes a fanboy? Is it someone who prefers one system over the other? Is it a person who goes into deep research of somethin they just seem to want to know everything about? Or is it just some unintellegent person who only had enough money to get one system one day and try and make it look kool because it’s all they got?

    I really grow tired of this fanboy bullshit. I remember back in the day when all gamers freakin lived in peace and harmony. Someone would have a nintendo system, someone would have a sony system, someone would have an xbox, hell someone would even have a dreamcast, some might have more than one system. And the beauty of it was that they werent braggin about which one was better. No, at the most, the only ones who bragged were the ones who had multiple platforms and they werent braggin bout the specs, either, just how rich they were.

    Call my a Nostalgia fan all you want, but gaming has probably become the most vulgar lifestyle on the internet. I cant go a day lookin up information on my favorite games and systems without petty rage wars or assholes bashin people, or just dumbasses that talk out the arse (you Nintendo fanboys DO fall in this category).

    I like Nintendo- no, I LOVE Nintendo. But why is it so wrong for me to love this company? what makes it such a Tabuu? Because children play it also? So what? It’s a entertainment system. I find that more Children play on the Xbox rather than the Wii, does that make Xbox a Kiddy system? Nintendo is the company that got me into Gaming. Sony is the company that showed me that it was okay to venture out of one universe to another. Xbox showed me that even Americans know what their doin sometimes. Every Company has their strong points and their flaws. But why bash one because it’s not like the other? Why would you want two of the same thing, basically (ps360)?

    I dont even know what to call myself anymore, but I’m most certainly not some Fanboy. I’d rather consider myself a “fan”. I love all games, and while I may disagree on certain games or consoles (I’m lookin at you, Xbox. You wont manipulate me into cashin out for Xbox Live) I still overlook that for the GAMES. Because that’s what it’s alway been about to me. Not which system is more powerful, graphically, or which one has more unnecessary crap built into it (I’m lookin at you, PS3 Blu-ray makin the system too expensive), or which system does the koolest thing (Wii, motion controls are kool, but they aint groundbreakin. Same goes for you, Kinect).

    I swear, this is my last generation of gaming. After this I’m done. It’s just wayyy too much bullshit and drama these days. I’m probably gonna stick to handheld gamin, because honestly, it’s just so overlooked that no one seems to notice it exists, so there’s hardly any bashing. I might sound like some crybaby, or rager, but I guess it’s because I have had so much experience with gamin that it’s heart-breakin to see it come falling down to such a level. It’s like when you create somethin so beautiful and revolutionary, and it just malfunctions and turns into an abomination. I hope every gamer who reads this just takes a moment to re-evaluate themselves and others, and just learn to appretiate games for what they are, GAMES, FUN, ENTERTAINMENT. And there’s nothin wrong with goin down a few age levels, or goin up a few age levels, hell I know a few games I still wont play cuz they scary as fuck. But I digress. Just please find it in your hearts and minds to just think about what the gaming universe is coming to, because who would honestly wanna live in this kind of world? I certainly wouldnt. And I wouldnt want my fellow gamers to either.

    With much love and compassion to you all,
    Kirbymario (KBM)

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