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Nintendo Has Failed To Create Anticipation Or Confidence In Wii U

Games Industry has assembled a number of PR representatives to discover whether Nintendo’s Wii U event on September 13th will be overshadowed by Apple’s event on September 12th. A number of the representatives seem to feel that Nintendo has failed thus far to spark enough excitement and anticipation for the console. Here’s what one PR veteran thought:

“My main thought is that Nintendo has a bigger PR problem than the date of its press conference. The biggest issue Nintendo has is the lack of anticipation or confidence. They have not created enough excitement and confidence among both consumers and developers, nor has their quiet given people the sense that a delightful surprise awaits. There seems to be a cloud hanging above them of ‘concern.’ They did not do a great job after E3 of bridging toward the fall. If they want this press conference to succeed, making people believe that there will be a surprise or proof of a big flagship title may help. Highlighting their focus on third party or any other innovations would also help.”

“It seems that Nintendo does not think of Apple as a true competitor, and they seem to be relying on the fact that their intense focus and disregard of the rest of the market will prevail again. It’s interesting Nintendo is doing their press event in New York; that feels like a statement of appealing to the mainstream press, the mass market (as opposed to Silicon Valley or the game developers). But Apple is already mainstream and doesn’t really need that, of course. It’s possible Nintendo believes reporters who cover interactive, games and tech will simply cover both events, and since they don’t seem to really think they are in the same business as Apple, they may be surprised.”

“From here on out they need to really close the gap, make a statement and gain consumer confidence for the retail launch.”

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    1. this news is BS . this is how nintendo go about their business. they always do this. they did this with the wii , gamecube , DS , GBA , 3DS.

      I think nintendo is going to really well with the wiiu .

      I wouldn’t listen to this article. lets judge the sale’s after 1 year.

      if it’s doing like the vita after 1 year , then worry . but it won’t. it will do well

      1. Anyone remember the anonymous sources from game industry saying wii-u was weaker than xbox360 can’t do what it can?

        Yea ignore them there trolls.

      2. Yeah sorry Nintendo’s not putting out Taco Bell commercials with there mascots playing with Adrian Gonzalez those are coming soon.

    2. Just because you’re confident doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. As Nintendo fans, we’re a small percentage of people that really, truly want Wii U. And frankly, Nintendo isn’t focusing on us. They’re focusing on people on the fence about the Wii U, and other people who haven’t even heard about it, which they according to this guy, they’re not doing a job dealing with them. Walking around in NYC, I still don’t hear anyone talk or mention the Wii U at all.

    3. “Who cares?”

      ^ My exact feeling towards this news.

      Let’s get something straight here, people. Nintendo is, and has always been, a toy company. They will NEVER (and I mean NEVER) become a company that follows suit of what everyone else is doing because they believe in the notion of “Creating Something Unique.” The day they can no longer proceed in doing so is the day that Nintendo, as a company, ceases to exist. Satoru Iwata himself has stated that, while the smartphone industry is surely taking off, there will always be a demand for a true gaming experience whether at home or on the go. Games that are less than $2 and only playable on a touch screen (where most of your vision is obscured by your own fingers) is absurd when compared to the full-length, truly-dedicated portable systems and home consoles that Nintendo has become known for over the past three decades.

      When parents go to the store for holiday shopping, especially at an electronics retailer such as Best Buy, the first two sections they hit are the gaming and home theater before anywhere else. Why? Because that’s what kids ask for during the season–the next big thing that comes out.

      Of course, parents who judge by brand name aren’t going to get their kids something else for a Microsoft or Sony console because they know the Nintendo brand is geared more towards the family. Like it or not, that is what Nintendo excels at more than anyone else–being able to have such a wide and diverse fanbase. From Nintendo enthusiasts and long-time fans, to the most casual of parents who don’t know jack about gaming, to even 2-years-olds, almost everyone recognizes Nintendo’s most distinguishable featurettes. Simply put, Mario (which is going to be available at launch), Pokemon (which everyone knows will come sooner or later), and Miis (ever since their popularization on the Wii).

      In other words, if the Wii U is priced at what people have been suggesting (with 3 bundles of $249, $299, and $349, respectively), then there should be absolutely no reason that any true Nintendo fan or gaming analyst is dismissive about the Wii U’s already approaching critical success. Nintendo has been doing everything right by having their last big title on the Wii being The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword since last year, and the first thing on parents’ minds this year will most definitely be “Is there something new that I can get my children for ?”

      The Wii U innovates gaming in almost every aspect. It is the most backwards compatible console we have ever had in the gaming industry on top of everything else already mentioned. Miiverse is so far shaping up to get its own place in the social networking sphere, and, dare I say, looks like one of the most ambitious social networking services we have ever seen before during our time. I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing it integrated into as much services as Twitter or Facebook in the coming years. Then, we have the promise of the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Network–with all of their services–AVAILABLE AT LAUNCH. Those three words are the most important of them all.

      Something the Nintendo 3DS lacked was the unavailability of system-selling software (which the Wii U has already corrected), lack of online services at launch (“You mean you can’t go on the Internet Browser or Nintendo eShop of your Nintendo 3DS until MONTHS after launch?” <- Can't tell you how much trade-ins must have occurred because of that.), the Wii U GamePad is a totally revolutionary concept with asymmetrical gameplay given to the fact that the bottom screen on the controller is no longer tied to the top display on the television (this is important as it distinguishes the console from the Wii, whereas the 3DS looks almost exactly identical to the Nintendo DS).

      However, nothing else is as important as this next point which everyone seems to forget. The Wii U is Nintendo's first 1080p HD console (the only one that is coming out soon as a matter of fact). In other words, all of Nintendo's franchises are about to receive one of the biggest facelifts seen in the history of gaming, going from GameCube-like graphics, to beautifully rendered HD locales. If that does not wet any Nintendo fan's appetites for more, then I don't know what will.

      Looking forward to hearing more about the Wii U this September 13th. I am actually considering even getting rid of my Nintendo 3DS XL that I just bought and waiting instead for the Wii U to come out (I have always been more of a home console fan of Nintendo's than a fan of their portables anyways). New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, and ZombiU all look marvelous, and I can't believe that I want them all and they're all going to be available at or near launch! What else do I need to be pumped up for the Wii U's launch other than pricing and release date!? That's FIVE exclusives right out from the gate!

      Some people will never be satisfied no matter what you do for them…

    1. Am with you am a big fan of nintendo since the nes am 35 i own a wii wich i play for 3 years and then bought a ps3 cuse i get tire of cookinf moma and carnivals games then nintendo show the wii u and i get pump again but then…no news …no info….no games….no promo…is like everything that i see or read is bad things…nintendo need to ste up and fire this console make us exited and delivery not only a unic expirince but good graphics and tripla A ganes to back this upfrom nintendo and third parties or nintenso will die

    2. Have you watch Wii U Experiences on Nintendo YouTube Channel everyone single PERSON THERE said something POSITIVE.
      Kids – Teens – Young Adults – Adults

  1. This is why I think they should’ve waited a while before NSMBU. They could’ve spent the time working on a big, original 3D Mario game to really get people hyped for the system, instead of something that’s literally identical to what we’ve just had on the 3DS.

      1. If it wasn’t for different info layout on the screen, I’d assume they’re the same game. Maybe even the same level. I’m sorry, New Super Mario Bros sucks ass and Nintendo really shouldn’t have used this to try to draw people in.

        1. “If it wasn’t for different info layout on the screen, I’d assume they’re the same game.”

          Yeah, you don’t need those eyes anymore. You can’t be this retarded to think those two pics are from the same game. Its like you’re desperately trolling or something.

          And no, dumb ass, NSM doesn’t suck.

          1. So much butthurt.
            I’ve been playing Mario my whole life and I have good reason behind what I said. I’m not the troll here.

          2. Dude, imagine the rest of the consumers. There are a lot of stupid people in the world when it comes to games. You can’t deny that many people would not see a difference than us.

      2. They are effectively the same game with slightly different graphics.
        I’m not saying their unenjoyable, but seeing that we’ve just had a 2D Mario platformer already this year, it’s clearly not going to sell as well as it would if they’d waited a while and done something different in the mean time.

        1. “They are effectively the same game with slightly different graphics.”

          And artstyle, and powerups and moves, and mapping system, and multiplayer mode, and a different mode in general, and different type of inspiration, and different types of level themes.

          You’re an idiot.

          1. The art style is the motherfucking same as NSMBWii. If you think just shitting up the background with something “new” is enough to make it different, seek help.

            What’s funny is NSMBWii on Dolphin being upscaled into HD looks virtually identical to this.

            You’re basically getting a $50 expansion pack in HD and fancy new backgrounds. So “new”.


                Kindly disposed of your self-gamer status, you’re one hell of an idiot if you can’t see it.

                Go play NSMBWii in HD on Dolphin *assuming your basement kept Windows 2000 PC can handle it* and compare it to NSMBU. SAME. FUCKING. GAME.


                Oh wait, let me just see if the modding community can do that and there you have it. NSMBU for much less.

        2. And, dumb ass, NSMB2 and NSMBU are on TWO DIFFERENT CONSOLES, with TWO DIFFERENT AUDIENCES.

          That’s like saying “Oh they shouldn’t have released Uncharted Vita on the same year as Uncharted 3”.

          1. Look, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of Nintendo fans think the NSMB series is being milked right now. That is NOT saying the 3DS version isn’t fun, and I’m pretty sure the WiiU version won’t be an exception. But hurling insults at people who have a different opinion won’t get you anywhere. Sometimes I feel like some Nintendo fans on here are a bit edgy cause of jerks like Aeolus, Ness and Siegfried constantly spouting shit about Nintendo, but there is a difference between trolling and constructive criticism

            1. “it’s pretty obvious that a lot of Nintendo fans think the NSMB series is being milked right now.”

              Yes, having 4 games in the span of six years on four different consoles is “milking”! Another word misused by dumb asses.

              And you call “LOL IT LOOKS DA SAME” with no ACTUAL reason is constructive critiscm? Wow, ANOTHER phrase misused by idiots!

          2. They have the same art style, most of the same power-ups and moves, the same boring 4 playable characters, the same level system (even if NSMBU branches paths), same inspiration (making money off of idiots), the exact same level themes (grassland, desert, water, etc), and the same audience.

            1. “They have the same art style”

              No they don’t, dumb ass.

              “most of the same power-ups and moves”

              Remember when NSMB2 had the Ice Flower and the spin jump? Wait…

              “the same level system”

              Remember when NSMB2 had one big ass overworld with 3 secrets in most levels and you can pan out and zoom in on every single world? Wait…

              “the exact same level themes”

              Yeah, remember that world in NSMB2 called Layer Cake Desert, with melting pastries all around? Oh wait…

          3. On top of that, there isn’t a single console or handheld with two NSMB games on it, and I imagine Nintendo will keep it that way. The different styles and controls of each console are enough for me to consider them different (yet still related) games, but if they suddenly released 5 of them on the Wii U and 4 on the 3DS, then I’d start to question their logic…

  2. I have to agree though?

    There hasn’t been proper hype for it althought I am definitely looking forward to it and getting it of course as a Nintendo fan but towards the other audience… It’s pretty meh to them.

    Personally feel that the PR department hasn’t doing their job well recently..

    1. I’m sure they will advertise starting like on thursday. They seem to do that. It is still two months away. I don’t think they failed as they are just about to start. If they would’ve been advertising for months already some people might get bored with the idea. It will be more exciting to the majority of consumers if they haven’t seen it for a long time and it will seem newer which will make it sell more.

  3. They are announcing the iPhone 5, it’s big, but who is really going to be talking about that for an extensive period of time.

    1. Only the iSheep out there will be overwhelmed with the announcement of the iPhone 5 (last time I checked they are still not the majority of smartphone users worldwide). Those like myself (Android users) will check out the apple event to see what the competitions is up to and then switch gears to see if Nintendo will take the next big step.

      Gamers (both haters and those who cannot wait to own the WiiU) will be watching the press conference to see what the complete game plan of Nintendo is.

        1. Dont know why you’re laughing, we know you’ll watch it with your dick out, in case they say something you dont like, so you can knock one out

          1. Laughing at the little kiddies and basement dwellers like you anticipating it. I’ll be outside making money and having an actual social life in the meantime.

                1. How’s it a stupid question when it’s simply a question based on what you said? You claimed that you’ll be outside making money, having a social life, and you’re trolling and causing arguments with people you disagree with on a blog.

            1. Your a 28 year old loser who sits on the Internet for hours reading evey comment and arguing with people, most half his age.

              Some social life. Your a waste of sperm.

              1. Talking to Eric? He’s 28 and that sums him up well. I don’t recall being 28 years old so you’ve got the wrong person here, chump.

                Also, you’re*. Learn some proper fucking grammar you stupid piece of shit.

            2. Your a 28 year old loser who sits on the Internet for hours reading evey comment and arguing with people, most half his age.

              Some social life. You’re a waste of sperm.

  4. apple no es un rival para nintedo por que los ipads iphones y ipods nuncan van a superar una nintendo dsi nintendo dsi xl 3ds 3ds xl wii y wii u por que solo con unas consolas como esas se tiene una buena esperiencia de juego.

  5. Us: Retro’s game?
    Nintendo: F*ck that.
    Us: A hardcore game that you’ve actually made?
    Nintendo: F*ck that.
    Us: Pikmin 3 on launch?
    Nintendo: F*ck that.
    Us: Nintendoland bundle?
    Nintendo: F*ck that.
    Us: A Mario game that took more than 5 minutes to make?
    Nintendo: F*ck that.
    Us: Any real info on the console itself (price, date, specs) from June 2011 to September 2012?
    Nintendo: F*ck that.

    Great job, Ninty. Real confident and excited. -_-

    1. Nintendo: Here’s all secret products, all available this holiday!

      Sony and Microsoft: Thank bro, we’ll stand coming up with marketing ploys and stealing your ideas right now.

        1. Not recently. Nintendo are the only company innovating and forcing a change into the industry, alhough Valve sound like they want to do it too

    2. shuddup Bitch!! a hardcore game ??? don’t go there you fucking tramp.

      nintendo’s games are for everybody . they are hardcore and casual at the same time .

      Us. listeng to your comment ?
      me= F8ck that.

    1. Exactly . Nintendo needs something to impress people like me that abandoned Nintendo , something that gets people’s attention ..not some same old Mario bullshit.

        1. NSMB is a disgrace to Mario. It hardly counts. That’s probably what he meant by “same old Mario bullshit”. Who’s the ass hurt fanboy?

          1. Uh… Geraldo Rivera… Just because Mario is an inconic and franchise character in Nintendo’s history doesn’t mean New Super Mario Bros. is a freaking disgrace!!!! DOUBLE STANDARDS! Nintendo wants to create a new game that combines the original New SMB with the visuals of Super Mario World… but with more colorful graphics. No one is an asshurt fanboy, Geraldo. The fun in playing Mario titles remain the same as always.

            1. Exactly. Why are we back to where it started? I was under the impression Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy were all successful and innovative. So why are we taking massive steps backwards?

          1. Why don’t you tell that to your boyfriend assistant Bladder, Subpar Snoober… the world’s fucked-up detecative!

  6. I think this person hit the nail on the head. I’m a Nintendo fan for life. In fact, unless you want to count a PC, Android, and an iPod Touch as gaming platforms, I’ve only ever owned Nintendo systems. The only game that has me really hyped (on the Nintendo side of things) is Pikmin 3. While New Super Mario Bros. U looks visually impressive (the details are absolutely beautiful), I couldn’t be less excited. We just got New Super Mario Bros. 2 not even a month ago. And I couldn’t care less about NintendoLand, which is essentially a mini game compilation. It was a huge misstep at E3 to not include games that were outside of the launch window. It doesn’t create any buzz for the future, and doesn’t give anyone any incentive to own a Wii U beyond the launch window. Keeping quiet is just biting them in the ass. As of this writing (and this may all change), I’m not planning, to pick up the Wii U at launch. I’d rather wait down the road and see the offerings a year from now. Nintendo, please prove me wrong. Please make me want to own the console. This is your last chance to knock it out of the park. I want to see you succeed.

      1. I’m just a fanboy as well. Just don’t forget that it’s us, fanboys, that’ll buy their games and consoles, and guarantee that Nintendo never disappears from the market!

  7. Apple no es un rival para Nintendo por que ni un Ipad ni un Iphone ni un Ipod van a superar a una Wii ,Ds,Dsi,Ds XL,3DS,3DS XL o Wii U. Por que solo en unas consolas como esas se consiguen una muy buena experiencia de juego .

    1. “Apple isn’t a rival for Nintendo, because neither an iPad, iPhone or iPod could surpass a Wii, DS, DSi, DS XL, 3DS, 3DS XL or the Wii U. Because only consoles like them can give us a good gaming experience.”
      I agree with you, my Hispanic friend. Nintendo manages to do something new that we would never think about before they announce it, and Apple relies in apps and payable content for indie games. Even though Nintendo is also bringing indie developers to their forthcoming console, it’s the WIi U exclusive games and features that’ll guarantee it’s success. It’s true that the market of phone games is increasing, but they’ll never be able to offer the same experience as a true gaming console does, specially if it’s Nintendo we’re talking about!

    1. I love your avatar, because that’s exactly how I feel when I see some comment like this. Nintendo is being secretive about their console in purpose. Everyone who’s been keeping an eye on the WIi U news is getting on the hype for September 13th, specially the so-criticized Nintendo fanboys (the ones who’ll buy the Wii U at launch).

  8. Although Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about competition…(almost)
    They do need to market alot more in the west and Europe.
    Then they can stop wondering why they donät sell as much as they want to in those regions…

    1. I’m sure that in a few days, after the 13th thing, they will begin advertising. It seems to be the way they do things.

      1. I wouldn’t count on that. You have no idea of how many Nintendo fanboys are out there. And yes, I am one, and I’m willing to buy the Wii U at launch, just like a lot of other fanboys as well!

  9. As a so called journalist he should’ve been keeping with Wii U on his own, if it falls into his area of expertise. And I personally am not so lacking in my attention span, that I need constant reminders of a product to know that it exists.

    People love the Wii U experience tour. The people who’re interested in things like this already know what it is. And you don’t have to worry about NSMBU, it is the biggest gun in the Wii U launch line up, whether you like it or not, Mario moves hardware. It’s very smart to have him there at launch. With the 3rd party support and Nintendo’s own offerings, the Wii U is all set for this holiday and beyond. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Agreed…the fact is that, while the more serious players like us may or may not be that interested in NSMBU, the game will move systems, which will mean more third-party bandwagon jumping, which is only good news for us as players and fans. While I may get NSMBU to have as a fun multiplayer game(5 players is sweet), it is hardly at the top of my list. Darksiders 2, ZombiU, AC3, Scribblenauts: Unlimited, Project P-100, and TTT2 all have my attention right now, with a few other honorable mentions. As of right now, my wallet will be crying straight through February(when I pick up Aliens: Colonial Marines) so no biggie that they didn’t launch a huge Mario game right at launch.

      As a matter of fact, I prefer this. It would be the first time a Nintendo console has launched in umpteen years that I have been more interested in third-party titles than Nintendo titles. That has to bode well for the future, because I ultimately know I will be interested in Nintendo titles, but, if we are hyped for other companies, then maybe they will be hyped to make us more games and steal more money from us. One can hope.

  10. Gee, another overpriced phone, who cares?

    Its a phone. Not a gaming console. People arent going to be like, “should i get an iphone 5 or a wiiu?”
    They’re nothing alike. Id understand if it was a sony or microsoft conference, but its not, its a phone.

    I do agree Nintendo and the WiiU need to be hyped up more, they need to have WiiU roadshows, so people can get their hands on it, advertisement need to go pronto, but this is still stupid, when the 2 products and companies are nothing alike

      1. Its a device that plays games. By that definition, Monopoly is a gaming platform. It’s not the same thing. It quick little inexpensive games, with no substance, and NO BUTTONS, that cost barely a penny, or are actually free. FREE. Thats why monile gaming has gotten so big, if its free, people WILL take it. But you can even compare an iOS/Android game to a retail game release.

        1. Well no shit , Ofcourse the games will be low quality compared to handheld games ..because smart phones aren’t DEDICATED to gaming , its basically just a feature and a little gimmick they use to suck in more casual gamers , and besides I have seen many iOS games that look BETTER than anything i have seen on the 3DS and Vita , Uncharted vita looks like something that can run on an iPhone.

          1. Then what is your point? Apple is going to do fuck all to the gaming industry, so who the hell cares? Why are people so focused on Apple.
            “Ermergerd, its made of glass, woooooow”

              1. Then how the fuck are you helping with that?! If you know the Apple is just a trend, stop using it to aim hate at Nintendo.stop being a fucking fanboy.

                    1. It

                1. The 360 isn’t dedicated to gaming either, nor the PS3/PC. Neither are less of gaming platforms.

                  Nintendo’s hardware however, are fisher price products.

                  1. Pulling stuff out of your ass much, loser? Nintendo’s hardware are powered by AMD and IBM. WATSON is even smarter than you, Sony dick rider. And BTW, Sony and Microsoft’s motion controllers are Fisher Price titles. Suck on that, you no cocked prick!!!!

                    1. The 360 is powered by the same companies, and I highly doubt you even know what Watson is even used for. Oh right, stupid trivia game shows, so tell us all how the fuck is that going to do anything meaningful for advancements in graphics and AI. Go on, tell us all.

                      1. I do know, Anus Breath Aeolus. While the Xbox 360’s CPU is powered by IBM’s Xenon, the Wii U’s CPU is powered by IBM’s Power7-based processor… the very same processor technology found in their WATSON supercomputer. Do the math!

                        1. So you basically, didn’t answer the question and skirted around it, implying that having some parts of the processor power a supercomputer is supposed to mean anything in regards to gaming, AI, and graphics advancements.

                          Good to know you’re as stupid as ever.

                          1. Coming from a basement dwelling, carpet munching, raped in the ass troll who doesn’t know fucking shit about processors used for video games. You’re more stupid and retarded than a blond with a higher IQ.

                          2. I don’t know shit about processors? YOU HAVEN’T FUCKING ANSWERED SHIT. You’re just hurling around “Oh lol it’s based on a CPU in watson, which is a supercomputer, that means it’s powerful” I bet you wouldn’t be able to detail ANY SPECS of it that means anything significant for gaming. You’ve never studied AI. You probably don’t even know what FIELDS Watson is good at when it comes to AI. In fact, those very fields aren’t ANYTHING IMPORTANT TO GAME DESIGN.

                            All you’re doing is relying on buzzwords, you don’t have an argument and you don’t have the slightest clue about what you’re talking about. You’re an idiot.

                            1. What’s wrong, Asshurtlus. Did a Nintendo supporter hurt your feelings or your father anal raped you like a spoiled little brat that you are now. What TheUNation have stated are facts of what we know at the moment about the Wii U’s CPU according to Nintendo’s site. Quit being such an asshole and get the hell over it!!!!! You’re already a parsidic cancer to the Nintendo blog. You don’t fucking belong here… exclamation point!

            1. And yes, we do need a big title for launch, but the 360 and ps3 launch games werent exactly good, it still has the best launch line up ive ever see.
              And yes, we do need to see Retro’s game, they’ve had long enough to not even tease it.

              But we have to remember, Nintendo is still a business, and unfortunatly, yet unsurpisingly, its 2 competitors are a little cheeky and like to copy their ideas. I mean it to Microsoft less than a year to react to the WiiU and announce SmartGlass, Nintendo pretty much have to drag out the bigger reveals so Microsoft akd Sony cant react, or delay their own products. Its kind of disgusting really.

          2. I can honestly say that in my opinion. Every one fucking loves apple now adays. When ever I talk to my friends/family about Wii U they don’t give a fuck they want the next PS4/Xbox720 ya know, its like im the only one that wants it out of them. Ill get it once it has games I want for it.

                    1. Graphics whore? Oh I was pretty sure a few days ago you were bragging about how powerful te wii u is an how amazing AC3 looks on the wii u , Hypocrisy at its finest. OWNED

                      1. I don’t get OWNED, Nessie… you’re the one who has CANCER! Nintendo will prove all those critics and hypocrites wrong this Thursday. Thousands of people from around the country (a few from around the world) have went to see The Wii U Experience and enjoyed the game demos on the new system. Not only they love the superior graphics, but also the gameplay ingenuity of the touchscreen Game Pad. Just you wait until this Thursday morning.

                1. Ditto. Its so counter intuative, its a joke. “oh heres all your music!” “what if i get a new computer?” “go fuck yourself. Gimme £300”

                  1. That I fucking hate… if you pay for music which laws make you do then you should be able to put it on what ever you want! And the fact you gotta have a credit card for an itunes account is bull shit too, I dont have one (I wont ever get one) so I had to set my ipod up under my aunts itunes account. So Ill probaly have to do that again once I have a new iPod so I can transfer the music I legaly payed for onto the new Ipod with out having to buy anymore music.

              1. I have an G3 iPod touch because I love how accsessable iTunes is. I just use it for music but Ill have to get another soon since that one is just a 8GB and im runing out of room. That is the only apple product I will only buy because they did it right with iPods but anything else is just stupid in my opinion.

                  1. The iPhone and iPad and macs in general. IPad is just a iPod that got steroids, aint nothing amazing with iPhones and you cant do shit with macs.

            1. thats because your family stink’s . all my friends and family want a wiiu. and some of them want the next ps and xb .

              Apple is shit and cannot be compared to any gaming platform.

              £30 game >>>>>> £3 game . end of discussion .

                1. Anybody can, this guy never has a clue about what he’s talking about.

                  I’m still LOLing at “Wii U has next gen memory”

                    1. You’re probably a 13 year old boy, seeing as you really suck at talking shit.

                      Keep your keyboard warm, it’s not like you’d be able to do anything to me IRL, so nothing you say really matters, virgin. :P

                  1. Uhh they are DS gamers. But right now they are all about PC gaming. They dont own anything like a PS3 or anything, we my older cousin doesnt anyways. My younger one does have a PS3 but again they are all shifing to PC now.

                    seriously dont even question my uncles and cousins tech knowledge >_<

          3. I agree with this guy but like others said its hard to create buzz when the lid is still righty closed on the system. We need launch dates, prices, and a few games in the near future to look forward to to create that buzz. To be honest I’ll be a day one owner because of NSMBU and Pikmin 3 but I just hope that games keep coming unlike the 3DS (And PS Vita). I don’t own a 3DS anymore because of the lack of big name games. I want Paper Mario, Luigis Mansion, Animal Crossinh and Fire Emblem. 3 of those are coming out next year. Give people a reason to own a system!

                    1. So all you do is spend your free time on this site talking shit and complaining and ur still getting the wii u??? Wtf? What a waste of space in this world you are

                        1. The guy avobe you just said he wont begettingthe wiiu at launch until bigger titles are out and you said exactly so you were implyingthat you will get it eventually so you failat lifeand this phone sucks ass

                1. “Gimmick”

                  Ok, anyone whos played Assassin Creed know how fucking annoyin it is to pause the game, go to the map, search around the map, then bring it down, ALL. THE. TIME.

                  In Mass Effect 3 amd Darksiders 2, you can only assign a few powers. Oh look, now i can assign pretty much all of them.

                  Oh i just picked up a weapon in Darksiders 2. Now i have pause the game, go on the weapon menu, go to the scythe sub menu, compare the stats. Oh, its worse than my current weapon. Well no matter, i’ll just unpause the game. Now where am i going?..fuck. Pause the game, go onto the map menu, search the map, oh, there, well im not gona get there without pausing the game again in about 3 minutes.

                  Its not a gimmick, it makes the game better. Just because Somy have been using the same BORING interface for 3 generations, doesnt mean it “perfect”. Nobody but Nintendo is shaking up the game industry. Everyone just sort of died and sunk into this mold of playing the same fucking games, with the same damn controller, and the sake user interface. Its BORING. Thats why gamers are so stupid these days, because nonody is doing anything, because they know they can get away with it.

                  You’re still using analog controls…its 2012 for fuck sake, its DATED, its INACCURATE, its BORING.

                2. The touch controls are not a gimmick, and launching with old generation-like titles is something every console does at the start. Well, if you don’t like it, go back to your Xbox, PS3 or whatever you have, there are a lot of gamers who will buy the Wii U, you like it or not.

                    1. I never said that but to say its “it’s just launching with old ports” is clearly plain stupidity or a well misinformed child (I consider all trolls children, no “mature adult” spends their free time in a website dedicated to something they don’t like just to stir up shit)

                    1. I do. Even though I have a PS3, I don’t have all of the games now being ported to the WiiU. Might as well wait for what will probably be the superior versions now

                3. Stop calling everything “gimmicky.” Morons like you call any new piece of technology you dont understand, like, welcome, or are scared of a gimmick. The word you’re looking for is convenient, dumbass.

          4. i am excited, confident, and ready to take that step in getting the Wii U in my household but i do kinda agree with the post that Nintendo has not really built the hype for the system. ever since E3 11 Nintendo has been pretty hush about what they are doing with the Wii U and when they unveiled NSMBU at e3 11 it looks the exact same as the demos that we have been looking at in the past 3 months, it looks like Nintendo is stuck in neutral and haven’t really shift the gear in building the hype for the Wii U. see ever since they announced it back in 2011 i was excited cause the innovation and where they were going with it. even now it seems they have have their shit together a little bit with new titles and a little more stability but they just need that one big punch to get them over the top and i say this i am not doubting Nintendo but they are not showing me why i should invest 250, 299, or 350 or whatever the price is and that is alot of money to throw at a not so sure future of Nintendo, i don’t want to feel like i wasted my money on a quiet misbelief that is not 100% yet. so lets just see what Reggie says at the press conference on the 13th and if he can somehow change the face of gaming or i see something that puts assurance in my money then i am on board. if i don’t see anything i will pass on the Wii U until PS4.

              1. now i didnt say that i would not be getting the Wii U im just stating the fact that all of what i said is true. nintendo has always been the to innovate new things and create new ways to play and they always start everything, but then you have your copycats (ps3 and xbox360) that take that new innovation and tweak it to their benefit and make it better (ps3=move controller and xbox360=kinect) but then nintendo lays down and says ok you wnat to take our ideas thats fine we will just keep making new innovations that change the ways you interact with your game console and your gaming experience. so you see nintendo knows what they are doing if they didnt they would have shut down years ago after the death of the n64. i say that to say this. i will eventually get the Wii U depending on what i see at the press conference is whether i get it at launch or i get it in the coming year.

          5. That’s because they can’t build up hype, they just want to hide in inferior hardware and anounce all the games LATE , that’s why there is no hype ..the only hype it’s getting is from fanboys , If they actually show off the ALL of the systems capabilities then maybe gamers will think about buying it.

                1. ZombiU is dogshit…good one. Ok, I’m pretty sure if that game was coming out for the PS3/360/PC instead, you would be saying that, right?

          6. I can only say I’m on the hype for the Wii U, and I think both Nintendo and the third-parties have been doing a great job in making me confident on the Wii U. And once again, we hear some words that tell us exactly the opposite of what’s happening in the gaming industry to try and make Nintendo seem like they’re loosing with the Wii U.

          7. I agree. I have been a sycophant for Nintendo for years, they could never do no wrong, but I’m sat thinking WTF with the Wii U. I’m not excited and that’s based on the fact I only care about Pikmin 3, and were now hearing it might not be out at launch.

            1. This^, when I first saw the wii u i was like WTF? And same with the 3DS and 3DS XL , I gave up on shitendo years ago and im glad I did ;)

                  1. Woah oh. Looks like ness is a closet Nintendo fan here.

                    “I gave up on shitendo years ago and im glad I did ;)”

                    Yet here you are, taking the time to download emulators and such to play games on a system that not only you hate but wish to go under. So much dedication for someone who gave up a long time ago and spends his prepubescent years roaming Nintendo websites to compensate for something.

                      1. And you know this how? Haven’t played a Nintendo game in years, yet you know that the new titles aren’t worth your time?

                        Plese do yourself a favor and get a girlfriend so you can stop being so angry all the time…

                          1. The irony here is, Nintendo’s multiplayer experience was for local multi support, to be more precise, having other people over to your house whilst other companies pushed online player, some lonely guy in his basement screaming at people over the Internet in game. I think it’s clear what user group, going off your definition here has the least amount of social life

                            1. Trust me, you don’t know anything about my social life. Meanwhile you’ll be asking your mum for allowance and never being touched by sunlight.

                    1. Because someone who spends all his free time trolling a fansite of a company he supposedly hates obviously has a social life…irony indeed

          8. I hate to say it, but I somewhat agree. Now for those of us that pay attention to video game news, we’re already hyped (or not). But I think there are many people who still don’t know what the Wii U is. To those people, I do believe that the PR has been poor. I do think, due to their secrecy, Nintendo has its work cut out for itself.

            1. It’s because 1) Nintendo doesn’t want to give away any secrets about the Wii U; 2) Microsoft is copying Nintendo’s patented GamePad and names their peripheral the SmartGlass while Sony is copying Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise and name their game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Sony Smash Sisters); and 3) Nintendo have given the Non Disclosure Agreement to all third party supporters until it’s expired.

                  1. Sony and samsung both have HD tv’s. Samsung and apple both have tablets. Im not gonna make a list. If you dont get what competition is you are retarded.

                        1. Competition has to do with competing in a market for share of people’s dollars, ala Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all make game systems. Copying has to do with the blatant ripoff of one company’s products. Seriously, this is elementary. Let Microsoft and Sony do their own thing, and people wouldn’t be so upset. Why, for companies that can only badmouth Nintendo and insult their products, do they insist on copying and emulating their tech? Sure they both make videogames…Ford and Chevy both make cars…when one comes out with a new engine, you don’t see the other one copying the engine and sticking it in their car, do you? No, because its messed up. Come up with your own ideas, stop trying to leech off of others to stay in business.

            2. Too true. I mean im hyped, and i’m looking forward to games like Pikmin 3, ZombiU, Rayman ect, but i remember at the Wii’s launch it was everywhere. I couldnt go anywhere without hearing about it.
              The WiiU’s been on a couple of TV shows like Jimmy Fallon ect, but not have massive coverage, and i think that all has to do with lack of release date and price, and i cant really blame Nintendo for their reason behind doing it like that. After the 13th though, all the locks are off, and hopefully it’ll be advertised everywhere and around before the end of September.

              However these guys do piss me off. “They expect journalists like outselves to be writing stories blah blah”

              No shit, thats your job. You’re supposed to do it, and if you dont, it makes your site, magazine conpletely bias and untrustworthy if you’re supposed to be a FULL gaming site. Sites like Gametrailers piss me off the most.

              1. when everyone realises that there is a next gen wii out. they will buy it. trust me . i expect the wiiu to outsell the wii . and play a similar role in the coming gen to the current gen. but with hopefully less shovelware .

          9. What is a fanboy? And this is a serious question. What makes a fanboy? Is it someone who prefers one system over the other? Is it a person who goes into deep research of somethin they just seem to want to know everything about? Or is it just some unintellegent person who only had enough money to get one system one day and try and make it look kool because it’s all they got?

            I really grow tired of this fanboy bullshit. I remember back in the day when all gamers freakin lived in peace and harmony. Someone would have a nintendo system, someone would have a sony system, someone would have an xbox, hell someone would even have a dreamcast, some might have more than one system. And the beauty of it was that they werent braggin about which one was better. No, at the most, the only ones who bragged were the ones who had multiple platforms and they werent braggin bout the specs, either, just how rich they were.

            Call my a Nostalgia fan all you want, but gaming has probably become the most vulgar lifestyle on the internet. I cant go a day lookin up information on my favorite games and systems without petty rage wars or assholes bashin people, or just dumbasses that talk out the arse (you Nintendo fanboys DO fall in this category).

            I like Nintendo- no, I LOVE Nintendo. But why is it so wrong for me to love this company? what makes it such a Tabuu? Because children play it also? So what? It’s a entertainment system. I find that more Children play on the Xbox rather than the Wii, does that make Xbox a Kiddy system? Nintendo is the company that got me into Gaming. Sony is the company that showed me that it was okay to venture out of one universe to another. Xbox showed me that even Americans know what their doin sometimes. Every Company has their strong points and their flaws. But why bash one because it’s not like the other? Why would you want two of the same thing, basically (ps360)?

            I dont even know what to call myself anymore, but I’m most certainly not some Fanboy. I’d rather consider myself a “fan”. I love all games, and while I may disagree on certain games or consoles (I’m lookin at you, Xbox. You wont manipulate me into cashin out for Xbox Live) I still overlook that for the GAMES. Because that’s what it’s alway been about to me. Not which system is more powerful, graphically, or which one has more unnecessary crap built into it (I’m lookin at you, PS3 Blu-ray makin the system too expensive), or which system does the koolest thing (Wii, motion controls are kool, but they aint groundbreakin. Same goes for you, Kinect).

            I swear, this is my last generation of gaming. After this I’m done. It’s just wayyy too much bullshit and drama these days. I’m probably gonna stick to handheld gamin, because honestly, it’s just so overlooked that no one seems to notice it exists, so there’s hardly any bashing. I might sound like some crybaby, or rager, but I guess it’s because I have had so much experience with gamin that it’s heart-breakin to see it come falling down to such a level. It’s like when you create somethin so beautiful and revolutionary, and it just malfunctions and turns into an abomination. I hope every gamer who reads this just takes a moment to re-evaluate themselves and others, and just learn to appretiate games for what they are, GAMES, FUN, ENTERTAINMENT. And there’s nothin wrong with goin down a few age levels, or goin up a few age levels, hell I know a few games I still wont play cuz they scary as fuck. But I digress. Just please find it in your hearts and minds to just think about what the gaming universe is coming to, because who would honestly wanna live in this kind of world? I certainly wouldnt. And I wouldnt want my fellow gamers to either.

            With much love and compassion to you all,
            Kirbymario (KBM)

            1. You deserve a medal or something.

              Gaming has become such a joke.

              My personal belief on why, it that for the past 3 generations, its just been about graphics and the severe lack of innovation and diversity.
              No new inferface, no controller, no new ideas. Sony has been using the same damn controller for 3 generations. Why? Because its easy. Its lazy. Unfortunatly, the majority of the human race is too stupid to make their own decisions. Gaming companies NEED to force change. And i know i’ll get some fanboy saying “it stays the same because its familiar”. And what? Mario is still familiar, but is also new.
              Dont get me wrong, i like Sony. I love Nintendo, but i still buy Sony’s home consoles. But theyve gotten so boring, its unreal. All of their exclusives a shooters, besides a couple of games. Killzone, Uncharted, Infamous IS a shooter in disguise, Resistance, MAG. What the fuck happened to the diversity of the psone. Psone had Crash, Spyro, Ape Escape, Medievil, Kula World, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, a different Castlevania series, GT, Need For Speed, even GTA was original back then.
              THATS why it was a success. Then the ps2 game and everyone expected the same, and for the most part, they got it. Then the ps3 aaand they started to drop the ball.
              Like, what the fuck happened?

              Gamers are WAAAY too familiar with the same boring shit from 3 generations ago.

              Im not going to talk about Microsoft because they just do what Sony do, on an inferior level.

              But when a company like Nitendo, that has had the franchsies that have been around for 25 years, and still going, and still manage to be MORE innovative and creative, you know they fucked up.

              And i know exactly what’ll happen. If MS or Sony release a controller like the WiiU pad, it’ll be fanboys going, “oh my god, thats stupid” or “oh my god, how innovative”. Both arguements of which, are complete bullshit.

              Gaming is a joke now.

            2. Kirbymario is on point like Stacy Adams. I resorted to handheld gaming after the PS2/Xbox/GCN generation mainly because even then, many console games don’t interest me nowadays. We can see that this era of gaming is rather dull now. Wii has shovelware, the PS3/360 has had faulty hardware problems and WAY TOO MANY FPSes.

          10. I know I posted this before but I just thought it would be good to post is on more than one blog so everyone can see. Sorry if it becomes bothersome ^_^

          11. ‘They did not do a great job after E3 of bridging toward the fall’
            The Wii U’s been on TV and streaming online for a number of events since E3.
            ‘They have not created enough excitement and confidence among both consumers and developers’
            The majority of devs are excited for the next gen console- Nintendo’s even drawn out 3rd parties and IPs that totally ignored the Wii.
            “From here on out they need to really close the gap, make a statement and gain consumer confidence for the retail launch.”
            … That part’s true. Its entirely possible that after this event the commercials will start up. But if they wait too long, I’ll start to get worried. People do need time to save up for these kinds of things… unless this indicates the Wii U will not be a huge investment. That’d be good news for everyone… but the competition.

            1. Ikr how can something be overshadowed when its not even on the same date lol.Some people are just ment to be in this world to troll

              1. Exactly! Apple is going to present the iPhone 5 and Nintendo is going to talk about the Wii U.. Apple 12/09 Nintendo 13/09 Apple- tablets, smartphones, music players. Nintendo- videogames, videogames, videogames… Can you see the difference?

          12. I think this news is kinda BS. The WiiU Experience event proved there was anticipation for the console. Now, Nintendo as a company doesn’t want to overhype anything to some extent. That’s probably how they learned that mistake with the Virtual Boy, which was their ONLY failed system. Granted, I am a Nintendo fan, but it would be a sad day for Nintendo, gamers, and the industry as a whole if a console fails, and the industry would look really bad. Though, I could’ve sworn a lot of gamers are anticipated for the console. My only gripe with WiiU is that it has ports of other games.

          13. I don’t care what they say, I KNOW me and many other fans and people are anticipating for the Wii-U. The preorders and sales will speak itself.

          14. Why this incessant comparison to Apple? How many times does it need to be made clear that people don’t buy iPhones/iPods/iPads to play games? Why would someone buy an iPhone? Gee I don’t know, to make phone calls? Why would they buy an iPod? To listen to music maybe? Why buy the iPad? To replace your not as portable laptop? Yes, that’s great, they all have games available for them, and things like Angry Birds and Where’s my water sell like a lot. No kidding. So do Solitaire/Minesweeper/Hearts/Spider Solitaire. Everybody who buys anything with Windows gets those games. It’s not comparable.

            There are literally hundred of millions of phones/tablets/MP3 players on the market, and the owners decide to download a few popular games and therefore the game sells in the hundreds of millions. Those same people won’t, and were never going to buy ANY console or handheld to begin with. It’s not taking away sales from any console or handheld. They are the most casual of casual gamers, and you can’t grab their attention past simple things like Solitaire or Angry Birds. This $.99 gaming thing is never going to replace full console/PC experiences, and it can’t even really compete with the likes of the 3DS/Vita either. Pretty games like infinity blade are still pretty shallow experiences compared to most anything on the handhelds. I really tire of this whole “Apple will dominate the gaming market with fruit ninja, and games like Uncharted/Zelda will go by the wayside in the near future!” Ludicrous.

          15. I won’t lie, I have about zero excitement about the system, when the system was first revealed I was excited, but a year and a half later I really don’t even care…

              1. That was then, clone gamer. The latest trailer indicates the RAYMAN Legends is “EXCLUSIVELY FOR WII U”. That farce known as “timed exclusive” no long applies whatsoever. End of story.

                1. Keep dreaming nintendrone. Even if it does end up being exclusive on wii u I will still get it cos unlike you I dont limit myself to one console.

                    1. When did I start going on about graphics. You are seriously weird. Its not written in stone unless you can prove it with a source.

                        1. If its true I’ll get it on wii u. Ive said in previous articles that I like both nintendo and sony I just dont like fanboys bashing either company.

                          1. It’s true, clone gamer. It’s useless to deny it. You’re not the only one who’s a fan of both Nintendo and Sony… at least we’re on the same page. You’re forgiven.

                              1. The only thing that I know is that GameStop will be showing the live feed of the Wii U press briefing in NYC this Thursday morning at 10am EDT. The problem is that I’ll be at work. At least I’ll be following up on that report. No word from either Gamespot or IGN on the simulcast.

            1. The question isn’t whether N is competing with Apple on their products, it’s that they’re competing for the marketing/press coverage. Yes, it’s bad timing but the big outlets have enough people to cover both and the big gamer news outlets will be at N’s event.

              I do agree that N has failed to create excitement. Going with a Mario game is a given since he’s their logo product and expected. They took heat in the past for not having a SMBros product available at launch (64?, i forget). Pikmin is good too as a lot of people have been wanting a sequel.

              Problem I’ve seen with N is that they haven’t completely embraced the idea that video games are an adult market now and that’s where the money is. They still seem to market mostly to the younger crowd which is fine but they don’t have the $$ – their parents do. To be successful, you’ve got to have a strong launch line-up of both your flagship products but also those that will draw in the adult gamer who has and will spend the $$ on a good product.

              I hope the WiiU succeeds.

            2. I went back and read the entire game industry article, and the bring up big points. A LOT is riding on how well Nintendo does with this event. They’ve got a lot to prove…convince.

            3. I was excited for the Wii U as soon as they announced Super Smash Bros. even if it’s going to take a while for it to be released I can wait and also we all know there’s going to be a 3D Mario and a Zelda that will proabley be awesome. Also there is Retro Studios game that will be great. Plus New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, Project P-100, Game & Wario and Rayman Legends look good as well plus we got all the first party games to look forward to in the future as well, also we don’t know what third party games good be coming in the future that might be awesome to.

            4. Wow I love how everyone buckles down and defends Nintendo on this one….face it they did a horrible job promoting the wiiU. day after day I ask people if they are going to get a wiiU and most if not all of them reply with “whats a wiiU”. I haven’t seen any commercials, other than some boring boxes, nothing exciting at the game stores

            5. Nintendo brought this upon themselves. They have roo many casual games even with the wiiu and their promise about appealing to the hardcore gamers more.

              Tanks tanks tanks look like complete bs. This is a similar situation with capcom. They stopped megaman and lost a lot of fans. But they have some other ips like street fighter or something else good that i can’t remember.

              I have been with nintendo since the gameboy because of megaman and naruto but i haven’t seen those franchises grow on Nintendo consoles in years and its hard to find any other games to play while awaithing the growth in those franchises. It’s about games, not hardware even hardware is important, games are whar really drive ppl to buy the hardware.

              1. “They have roo many casual games …” I didn’t know you have a Scooby-Doo accent?! Why do you think Tank! Tank! Tank! is complete BS just because it was an arcade smash in Japan?

                By the time the Wii U is released, it’s gonna change the system.

            6. I want to know why do we need so more hype? we already having the rumors all over the place, a huge line of third party games (Assassin’s creed, mass effect, ect), the specs, the gameplay experience which is different from what we have before, the convention and the rumors of a new Zelda game and super smash bros Wii U in development.

              Why do we need to be more hype about it? that’s only gonna spoil everything for us!

              by the way, I didn’t know about an apple convention and I wouldn’t care.

            7. They’ll do fine.
              Haters say they won’t, but they’ve been wrong in the majority of cases before now, and they’ll be wrong again.
              I’m not worried about it in the slightest.

            8. who gives a crap about some new shitty phone or what ever it is, the geniuses can shove it up them selves. i did not even know there was an apple press conference also most people get there info of TV and magazines adds

                1. but with other two you need to sub them, media bombardment is the best way to push anything, the trouble with sites like twitter is you need to know about the product or subject. to get people speaking about something you need flashy adds and well know people saying they like it. marketing is simple thing pages of text don’t catch peoples attention. you can make a person buy anything if you get it right

            9. This is one of those few times I agree with a negative Nintendo headline. Don’t get me wrong, I will buy one, I’m a diehard Nintendo fan and have been since 1985… but I feel like I’m going to be picking this unit up out of brand loyalty. Nintendo has never let me down with a system and I’m sure this one will have some amazing games… I just don’t see that many that appeal to me coming soon. New Super Mario Bros U looks a lot like New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros 2 and New Super Mario Bros Wii only in HD. And right now it’s the only title I’m anxious to play. Bring on Starfox, Metroid, F-Zero, and Zelda, then you’ll see some excitement from me. At least announce they’re in the works. The only thing I’m on pins and needles about right now is when will this system actually street and can I afford it?

              1. Totally agree. Except the wii was the first nintendo console that let me down. originally, i was excited for wii u, but as time went on, i became less and less interested in it. I no longer will be buying this system on it’s release date. maybe after a few years when i see smash bros, zelda, metroid, star fox, and f-zero released, i might purchase it. But my that time, the new generation of consoles will be out, and it seriously might be the first time i go without a nintendo console.

                1. not only that, but looking back at all the awesome games the playstation 3 and xbox had, i always wonder why i chose the wii. zelda and smash bros, you say? those games were great but i either beat or got bored with those within a year or less. that left me 5+ years of games that I did not want to play. For me, the wii was a regrettable choice. And I’m someone who loves Nintendo

                  1. the trouble i think was the lack of third party support for the wii, i think it was the power issue it was not as powerful as the other consoles so when going to design games for it you would have to completely redesign the game unlike the others where they could make a smiler product. i think it was a shame but i am hopeful with the Wii U from what i have seen

            10. Those who want to know about nintendo will be in 13th and those who want to know about apple will be in 12th what is the problem

            11. Holy shit, does this site have any moderators? With all the swearing, insulting, name calling, etc. I’m starting to think I’m on IGN…

              If you guys acted like this on GoNintendo, Nintendo Life, or Nintendo World Report, you’d all get banned in a minute.

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