The final specifications for Wii U have apparently leaked online from Nintendo developer site Wario World. The details for the specifications were then passed onto VG Leaks who have published the information that was found on the developers site. Here’s what we can presume are the final specifications for Wii U.


“Espresso” CPU on the Wii U has three enhanced Broadway cores


“GPU7” AMD Radeon™-based High Definition GPU. Unique API = GX2, which supports Shader Model 4.0 (DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.3 equivalent functionality)


Mem1 = 32MB Mem2 = 1GB (that applications can use)


Internal 8 GB with support for SD Cards (SD Cards up to 2GB/ SDHC Cards up to 32GB) and External USB Connected Hard Drives


802.11 b/g/n Wifi

Video Output:

Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i

Video Cables Supported:

Compatible cables include HDMI, Wii D-Terminal, Wii Component Video, Wii RGB, Wii S-Video Stereo AV and Wii AV.


Four USB 2.0 Ports




      • please explain because im not too tech savy but i know a thing or two. and this isnt much stronger than a ps3. i was hoping at least double the ps3 power.


          • 3DS using that 2006 Pica200, lol.
            Vita using a 2010 ish SGX543MP4.

            Nintendo are the undisputed kings of dated, crappy technology in tandem with gimmicks. So they don’t have to spend $$$ on a future proof device.

            When the bitter truth rolls up and they (the fanboys) find out that the graphics won’t be up to par as much as they think, it’s the same 2006 retort! GRAPHICZ DUNT MATTUR HURR DURR!11 ITZ DA GAEMPLAY!111111111


            • um yeah. graphics still dont really matter. some of the best games this generation came out on the wii exclusively. and look at the 3ds and the vita. the 3ds has some pretty damn good games on it, but it doesnt have as good of graphics as the vita. and the vita has what, 10 games total? and maybe 3 of them that aren’t just straight up ports are ok?


                • does it matter? they’re still great games. all that proves is that the potential for awesome games was clearly there, but only nintendo really utilized it.


              • Infinitely more better titles can be found on High definition machines; not the Wii.

                Stopped reading the rest since you’re clearly being an idiot. Educate yourself first, then reply to this.


                • “more better” lol ok. and also. I NEVER SAID that all of the best games were on the wii. i said SOME (if you can learn how to fucking read) of the best games were on it. you are seriously a dumb illiterate fuck. i feel bad for your mother for finding out she was pregnant with you too late so she couldn’t get you aborted. i understand how much you love pretending to be a troll on this site, but it’s gotten to the point where you are no longer entertaining, and you’re just a flaming douchebag. if you seriously can’t stand nintendo THIS MUCH, then kindly fuck off.


                    • well, it all depends on preferences. i mean look at day z for instance. its a mod for an existing game, yet it’s one of the most entertaining experiences i’ve had in a while. and same goes for minecraft. those games would never exist if it weren’t for the flexible nature of pc gaming. but then you have games on the 3ds like mario 3d land and resident evil revelations, that just wouldnt really be the same on other platforms and are both amazing games.


                  • Talking shit when you get called out for the retard that you are. Classic.

                    You’re very well implying Wii U had much of meaningful exclusives beyond the same 12 titles many fanboys bring up. There are so few worthwhile titles to bring up on the device, that it’s utterly retarded to make it seem like the system was worth it.

                    It sucks, that’s the end of that. It never revolutionized gameplay, it never lived up to its hype, it never did anything meaningful for this generation. Although it did make sure that Microsoft would market the shit out of Kinect and steal a sizeable chunk of that market. Nintendo is running out of options, so they made the Wii U. An obvious show of desperation on their part.

                    So what the fuck are you going to do about it? Right, nothing.


                    • omfg. do you even read? im talk talking about inovation or even teh systems AT ALL. im talking about how much of a worthless, retarded shit you are. you seriously have no clue as to what the fuck im talking about do you? obviously not, since for SOME reason, out of that rant, you STILL think im talking about the wii. you are seriously, one of the dumbest pieces of shit i have ever encountered on thie page, even the internet as a whole. you are in such denial that, rather confront what i’ve said about YOU personally, you just retaliate back to talking shit about the wii. you’re a pathetic piece, and i hope you die a slow and depressing death,of which no one will care about, seeing as you were supposed to be aborted.


                    • And he continues to talk shit. Such is the dwindling IQ of today’s failed abortions. He can’t even reply to what was said, so he’s just going to talk shit instead. It’s the only thing you’d be able to do without getting thrown through a fucking window and onto the pavement. So continue on and pretend that you’re doing something special to defend yourself. You silly little keyboard warrior.


                  • Thank you…glad to see I’m not the only one fed up with coming to read news and constructive comments and having to read this prick’s whining, day in and day out…


              • It is not a “better platform” by any means.

                Hardware wise, the Vita is in practically every way a person can imagine. The 3DS is only where it is because developers feel safe with the system that only mindless sheep will buy in excess.

                Following your logic, Wii was the better platform, because all you ever imply is sales, but guess what? It isn’t. The better platforms are the HD twins and PCs.


                • “The 3DS is only where it is because developers feel safe with the system that only mindless sheep will buy in excess. ”

                  Meaning it has more (interesting) games, and therefore is the better system? Yes, you’re right.

                  If the Vita had the games the 3DS had, I would buy a Vita – but it hasn’t – so that’s all there’s to it.


                  • “It hasn’t”

                    And you know this how…?

                    So do you think excess Mario and shitty titles that would be better off as low priced digital titles make for a better library?

                    The Vita hasn’t been on the market nearly as long and the library it has now absolutely obliterates the one the 3DS had at this very point last year. I’ll add a few months to that, and it’d still have nothing in comparison.


                    • Lol, you make this easy for me, I only have to respond at the first thing you said (which was incorrect) because the rest you said was all there to back your original statement up.

                      How do I know? Hmmm… It sure was a pretty wild guess, saying the Nintendo games will not appear on the Vita.

                      On a side note; if the Vita will have a nice library (I’ll wait a year assuming there should be plenty by then) with more games of the quality of Gravity Rush and Persona 4, I probably will buy one, for now: I see absolutely no reason to do so.

                      Also I don’t understand why you spend your time on a website solely to bash Nintendo and its fans, even if my very comment is the reason you like trolling here, is it worth it? Do you have absolutely nothing better to do than to sit down and comment on a site of something you don’t even like? If that’s the case you’re a fucking pathetic loser.


                • Surely the better platforms are the ones that the individuals choose – just because something is proven to be technically superior doesn’t truly mean anything, if the companies behind them don’t release anything that individuals might want. Not everyone wants ‘the best’, sometimes they’re good with just what they perceive is ‘good for them!’


                  • Knowing that fellow, he was very well implying it was. You haven’t seen any of his other comments.

                    The 3DS is getting it’s support purely due to its sales patterns, developers are too chickenshit to take a dive and show their true talents on hardware that can do nearly everything better and demonstrate exactly how handhelds can hold their own against the mobile war.

                    The majority of 3DS releases are the same predictable Mario titles about 4 orso decent third party titles that are suited for retail, and the rest are literally stuff that’s fit for a digital download rather than full blown retail release. In fact, there are actually quite more mobile phone ports on 3DS than there are on the Vita. That’s a bit disturbing.


                    • stop talking out of your sphincter you Anus breath. the 3ds has a lot of amazing games that are a lot lot lot more in depth than shitty mobile phone games , not to mention they are all in 3d .

                      once again , a spastic troll is a spastic troll…….

                      3ds has ten times as many games as good games as the shita .

                      i guess you will have to enjoy a gimped MGS HD collection with only 2 games in ‘QHD’ .


                  • Haha, Aeolus, “more better” haha, what is this shit? hahahha. Give me one good reason why we should believe anything you say? You obviously just don’t like Nintendo, we get it, there isn’t any truth to your words, it’s just blind hatred. You think you’re lying to us well maybe… you’re lying to yourself? Really makes you think.


                    • Now hold on – whilst his tone is aggressive, the point still remains….it’s already been revealed at this point to not be the most advanced of the three. Arguing this point is akin to continuing to bash your head against the wall – don’t, and remember that this is just about playing games you want, not about always being at the bleeding edge. Continuing to drag out that the console is the best isn’t an argument you will win – it’s simply not, but that doesn’t mean those who buy it won’t still enjoy whats released on it.

                      For the sake of it, you need to forget about the argument of graphics, gameplay, whatever else at this point…It’s all preference and personal choice out of what you want from your gaming experiences, and nothing more.


                    • And he *or she…or pony?* is effectively summing it up.

                      I’ve owned my 3DS for nearly a year now and I am by no means impressed in the majority of the offerings so far. Played every game people have suggested, but besides KH (which honestly, feels like every other one) nothing stands out.


                • no one is denying the vita is a superior system in terms of tech but they have very little to offer to make people purchase it. software sells hardware, if they can’t get more software this will be a flop. sometimes the powerful systems don’t always sell the most.


  1. Still going to be a generation back from the other two if their rumored specs are to be believed. 1gb of memory? The other two are looking at least 8gb of ram, but this should be fine to keep the first party games looking newish


    • Exactly :) and when you look at New super mario bros U. You can tell there is a graphics Difference cause you can see mario so clear and not pixealted on the Wii version. So summit is kept secret to be looking as good as it is shown


      • That has to do with the resolution. Wii=480p, Wii U=720p or 1080p.
        You can make a game in 1080p that looks like an n64 game(very few polygons) but looks super crisp and clear.


  2. Sounds cool to me. Enjoy these quiet moments, before the parade of Aeolus and Ness clones come to try to damper everyone’s mood. Don’t respond to them under any circumstances. My inbox is always inundated with that crap. Leave luck to heaven.


  3. Gee, another rumour, must be legit.
    Short answer, its more powerful than current gen, we know that for sure, and it wont be as powerful as the ps4.
    Where does the caring come into this?


    • the fact that we get one more year of ports then shitty and i repeat shitty 3rd party support which means we get one year of solid 1st party releases the next e3 is shovel ware. then the following year a GREAT 1st party game next year shovel ware then a decent game again.


          • I duno, they have alot of third party at the moment. The N64 didnt get third party due to cartridges and the psone selling more, gamecube didnt due to overwhelming ps2 sales, and the Wii didnt due to power, but mainly the controller mapping, games wouldve been difficult. However right now, its got 25GB disks, perfect controllers, and good enough specs. Its solely depends on how powerful the ps4/720 are, although you need to remember developers getting more and more used to the tech, the graphics are going to get alot better, so it could even be level with ps4/720 at launch in that sense.

            Time will tell


      • Bull, we have at least 3 more years of crappy ports. Even if the 720 and PS4 were released tomorrow there will still be 360 and PS3 games for at least another year or two. While Microsoft will probably be quick to kill the 360 (based on how quick the original XBox was discontinued), Sony will probably keep the PS3 around for quite a while. (They still haven’t discontinued the PS2 yet!)

        Just as the Wii had crappy ports of PS2 games, As long as the 360 and PS3 are still out, there will always be crappy ports for the Wii U with tacked-on controls.


  4. Specs are mostly Irrelevant because:
    Nintendo haters will complain REGARDLESS. it could have a fucking Flux Capasitor, and they would still Troll.

    Nintendo Fans will buy it, regardless. We trust Nintendo. Let the Mobile Market consume the gaming market. It’s not impacting Nintendo sales, as they are supported by a nitch group of Nintendo fans. We’ll continue to live in our own little Nintendo Land. The rest of the world can participate and have fun, or continue bitching and being jealous of us.


      Even if nintendo made the most fucking powerful machine ever created by mankind, people would still fucking hate on it just because its nintendo.
      You CANNOT please everybody in this world no matter what.


  5. Pretty good. It will still be behind when the 720 and PS4 come out, but this sais DX10, and if the other two are ging to be DX11, then the wii U should surely be getting multiplatforms this gen! Itslike how a lot of pc games are scaled down for 360/PS3, now the ps4/720 games can be easily scaled down for wii U. This is good news, the only bad news would be the trouble of DX12 games on wii U, but that probably won’t happen soon.


  6. I like the idea of using all my Wii cables on the Wii U in the short term while I buy up nicer cables eventually, but man, that’s going to make it tougher to sell my Wii. Looks like I’ll have to trade it in. Maybe there will be $199 Wii is stripped down with No Cables, Cords, and minimal storage?


  7. Why the fuck do you care so much about specs, Shut up and stop wahhh wahhh all day about specs. All I care about is all the new fun games that will come and the damn controller. Fuck specs


        • Look at this standard issue excuse. As if sales guage system performance or “success”. Which is what you’re implying.

          Xbox outsold the Gamecube by the way, and it was more powerful hardware. I want to see your excuse for that.

          You also missed tons of “weaker” consoles that outright fell out of the market. Saturn, DC, etc.


          • the dreamcast was a beast!!! (sarcasm) . My point is specs are not everything !!!! Take the Nintendo DS for example , It has a bigger library of better games than the psp . It’s games are more innovative and seem more tailored for console .

            so what happens if the ps4 makes sony go bust because it’s too expensive or whatever ??? what you gunna play , wiiu or ps4 ???


          • Why would we need an excuse for the Xbox outselling the Gamecube? Sometimes something just performs better than something else. Simple as, don’t think we won’t accept that.


              • the ps2 spit roasted the xbox , it’s always the case …….

                and obviously i know the xbox was the most powerfull of it’s gen……..
                people say things like ”well games sell better on ps3 than they do on wii” , mario kart wii = over 30 million , NSMBwii 25 million , wii sports – 79,000,000 (blowing faulse horn) .

                Cod only sells tons because people add the ps3 and 360 together like they are the same fucking platform .


                  • Aeolus: “Then don’t preach predictable bullshit that the “Weakest console always wins”. It is not the goddamn case.”
                    Funny coming from you who always goes on how the most powerful console always wins, when that also is not always the case. Example, PS2 and GC. NDS and PSP.
                    Please just stop, you are only embarrassing yourself…


                    • Aeolus: “I have said no such thing before. Stop putting words in my mouth you filthy, insolent, piece of shit.”
                      Lol, did I hit a nerve? Yes you have. You have a reputation here for making clear your view on how the machine with the superior spec sheet is the victor. You’ve made that clear many times…


                  • ps2 was indeed weaker than the gamecube and powerfull xbox . by quite a margin.

                    ps2 had one advantage over GC though , disc size .
                    it was hard to fit a game of say , GTA san andreas onto a 1.5GB disc .

                    no shit though , F=zero GX , Windwaker , metroid prime 1 and 2 etc etc etc made the ps2’s graphics look like well , shit !!! .

                    ps2 =
                    64-bit[3][4] “Emotion Engine” clocked at 294.912 MHz (launch), 299 MHz (newer models)
                    Storage capacity
                    PlayStation 2 memory card (8 megabyte officially supported)
                    PlayStation memory card (128 kilobyte/1 megabit)
                    40 GB Hard Drive (add-on)
                    32 MB of Direct RAMBUS or RDRAM
                    4 MB eDRAM

                    “Graphics Synthesizer” clocked at 147.456 MHz

                    Gamecube =

                    IBM PowerPC “Gekko”, 486 MHz

                    Storage capacity

                    Nintendo GameCube Memory Card (16 MB max. capacity)


                    Composite video
                    S-Video (NTSC consoles only)
                    RGB SCART (PAL consoles only)
                    YPBPR component video/d-terminal (DOL-001 models only)*
                    *Requires the use of the Digital AV port, which was removed from later models


                    ATI “Flipper”, 162 MHz

                    nuff said ….. the gamecube had better graphics , son ….


  8. So this is how they realise complete backward compatibility, by using a similar cpu design. So one core with one thread would effectively become a wii cpu. They could use a multiplier for the clock. So the wii had 729MHz, they would probably use 3 or 4 times the clock frequency for the wii u. So 2.2 or 2.9 GHz. That would make the wii u at least 9 times as powerful as the original wii (assuming that the core had only one thread). If they add multi-threading (2 per core) it would make it at least 18 times as powerful.


  9. LMAO.

    Look at those specs, not even an overclocked 360, that CPU is more like an overclocked Gamecube with added cores and some EDRAM to get it somewhere.

    DX10.1/Open GL 3.3 equivalant R700 GPU? Yeah, it’s too bad not many games didn’t take advantage of that and still used DX9 instead.

    2GB ram it seems since 1GB is mainly for the OS, yeah, yeah. Still not good enough to last it a lengthy lifetime and a very likely scenario will be that this system will once again need watered down multiplatform titles because it is simply too weak to handle the future ones. Just like the Wii.

    Feel sorry for the poor suckers getting hyped over this, and inevitably laughed at by wise, real gamers who know very well that Nintendo is only banking on nonsense one-shot then it’s dead right after gimmicks.


      • Denialfag in serious denial. Because similar rumors all going hand in hand together are obviously illegit!

        All of these fucking rumors with these kind of specs add up. Literally all of them. It’s that way for a reason if you’re too stupid to comprehend it. Just like the Wii, Wii U is having its specs surface near launch and the fanboys are trying to discredit them because they don’t want the truth.

        That fanboy is you, the biggest ass-kiss up there with Donzaloog, Unation, TheDragon, and every other retard singing the same tune to justify their late to the game product with no clear goal or audience.


        • “All of these fucking rumors with these kind of specs add up. ”

          Despite the fact that they contradict each other.

          But, yeah, they add up because…!


          • “contradict each other”

            If the rumor is sound bullshit like a 7000 series GPU, then yes, they would contradict each other. This however does not contradict frequent rumors and even the dev kit itself.

            Like it or not, Wii U is going to be weak shit and probably not even 2x a PS3. Embarrassing.


    • WTF? have you seen the games being played and shown? you can actually see Mario s face on New super mario bros 2 instead of it being all pixelated cuz of being to small and bad graphics. Think somebody needs to get their head checked. LMFAO! Xbox had 512 ram and you dno the GHZ of the CPU. Talk about don’t know their stuff


    • yeh i agree Aelous , just like how the 3ds calnt keep up witht the vita right ???
      even though resident evil revelations looks like a fucking 3d vita game ??

      and the 3ds is shitting on the vita and is now the popular handheld console of choice ??? yep specs mean everything ‘to real gamers’ .


      3DS >>>>>>>VITA WIIU >>>>>>POOPS4


    • wii u will dominate no matter the power the gamepad will replace dual analog and nintendo’s first party will be magical wii u will win the 8th gen by holiday 14


    • Wise, real gamers?? OMG, OMG, you are not serious right now, right? Hiding under the bridge to jump on this topic the second it dropped troll, and you and your buddies are wise, real gamers? Why? Wait, I know. Because you are so unequivocally intelligent that we could never possibly understand your brilliance, and thus are stuck with are deluded delusions of idiocy that a purchase of a new Nintendo system is a terribly horrible decision…thank heavens someone of your mental caliber has come here to save us all from our eventual hideous mistake of purchasing said ‘over/under clocked not even 2x as powerful 3 generation ago ps360wiicast system’. You truly are a savior to the lost, hopeless souls on this forum.


      …on a side note, its no wonder society as a whole is literally becoming dumber by the day, what with brain surgeons like you running around trying to tell everyone how their decisions are incomparable to the likes of mental midgets such as yourself…you make me laugh…


        • Devastated by the truth…what truth? Your truth? ALERT! ALERT! Not only are the trolls holding up the bridges, but they are also holding onto the only shares of truth this side of the bridge in the countryside!

          Douche…I will get the Wii U system because 1)I like Nintendo, and I like Nintendo games. 2)I have had 7 Nintendo systems in my life, and you know how many of them broke? 1, and Nintendo replaced it for free, and that was the Wii, and that was because the first two years I had it, it was on nearly 6 hours a day while I was playing with friends, family, friends of the family, and even people I didn’t know who worked for my parents at the time, so understandable. So just on those two merits alone, of which neither Sony nor Microsoft have a leg to stand on, its worth it for me. My buddy had a 360 for like 3 months bragging about how awesome it was, until of course his RROD, which went on to happen 3 more times since he has owned it. I had a Gamecube I left outside in the rain accidentally overnight, and after bringing it in, plugging it in, and letting the fan run for about an hour, the system went on to play for another year and a half before I traded it in. Now thats value and reliability. And lastly, I can choose to own a Wii U at likely about half the cost of the likely next offering from the other two, with amazing graphics, and reliability standards unmatched in my experience, or I can buy the next offerings from the other two, with amazing graphics, sub-par reliability standards, and at twice the cost. Not to mention missing out on Nintendo games. Thanks for your truth douche, but I think I will stick with what I want. You can just keep hoarding your arrogance, ahem, ‘truth’ to yourself.

          Oh and everyone here owes you thanks. We do appreciate you holding up the bridge. Keep up the good work, troll.


                • This coming from a self-absorbed tough guy sitting on the other side of computer screen…Don’t be upset because my intelligence overshadows your arrogance and incompetence…you will go on trolling wherever there is opportunity, because you are a fool who lacks any sort of social intelligence.

                  “A wise man always has something to say, a fool always has to say something.”


                    • Whining? “Boo-hoo, the Wii is underpowered”, “It can barely do what a ten year old system can do”, “its a pathetic machine for babies and make-believe gamers”….

                      For all your posts, and especially the ones calling others ‘idiots’, and then following by posting definitions of words, perhaps you should look up ‘whining’, then come back and post that. But, since you are too incompetent to understand the definition anyway, and that you meet the criteria, I won’t bother holding my breath.


    • graphics matter huh? play castlevania on ds (to name jut one great game on an extremeley outdated system). proves you wrong instantly. artwork and gameplay first. always.


    • 1) It’s sad you are still on this site. You’re acting like a 5 year old.
      2) Either way I’ll still buy it for it’s exclusives. Plus the game pad intrigues me a little bit. And before you use the same old “rehashed” fanboy insult, I certainly ain’t. I prefer PC if anything followed by Sony.
      3) Why can’t you accept people like Nintendo? Is it seriously that hard for you? If they like it who are you to say otherwise? This is a Nintendo news site and of course it will be filled with fanboys. Any retard would know that. Also I’ve played all platforms and they all have their gimmicks. I don’t see why you trolls think it’s just Nintendo.


  10. Couldn’t care less for it. I don’t see why so many people barge about the specs being important, for gamers what matters is what the developers can do for us. Knowing about the specs doesn’t add anything to my life.


  11. To be honest, I’m going to be taken this with a grain of salt because I can’t see Nintendo making their specs low end and besides, almost every launch game seems to look like a modern PS3/360 games.

    I’m just glad to be getting a HD Nintendo console…. Haters gonna hate.


  12. + Remember that there will be 4 next-gen consoles.
    If this Specs are legit, Nintendo WiiU is on par or maybe a little more powerful than Android-based console OUYA(which has a tegra3-4cores) and 1gb ram. So… we don’t know anything for sure; but Ouya already released their specs in Kickstarter.
    I love Nintendo, i will buy a WiiU, but now there will be more divided gamers in the world.


  13. Sincerely When people ask me if I’m gamer or not I say “I just like to play games” so they don’t put me in the same page as retards like you all are. Arguing for hours about idiotic things (than the specs, that nintendo, that sony, that microsoft, that fanboys, that trolls) geez get a life!

    That “nerd chapter” in Super Paper Mario was really accurate.


  14. Man :/ I was really hoping Nintendo could pull something crazy and be ahead in the power department for a while.. I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but this is kind of a blow to me. I mean, I know the games will still be great… but really? 3 core processor, 8 GB internal memory, Usb 2.0 ports, etc. I bought a laptop a few months ago that outperforms this by a mile… And it still has issues playing Crysis 2 at highest gfx.

    Again, I know it’ll still be great… but part of me hoped that Nintendo would use current tech for once.


  15. Impressive compared to Wii, but the specs aren’t much better than 360 or PS3. This is a majorette concern of mine. If PS4 and 720 come out and run so much powerful engines that Wii U doesn’t support, then it will face the same problem Wii did and will get little 3rd party support (only carnival games and just dance)


    • A huge power or graphics leap wouldn’t be in Sony or Micro’s best interest, if they want to keep people interested in their future systems.
      It’ll likely be a death wish, in fact, if you take the logical points made in the linked article into account.
      It’s a given that they’ll be at least a little more powerful than the Wii U.
      It would be dumb to assume anything otherwise.
      Even if Nintendo’s official stance is that it doesn’t directly compete with them, Sony and Micro seem intent on doing the opposite by directly competing with Nintendo.

      But it’s incredibly, INCREDIBLY, unlikely that the leap between Wii U and these other systems will be so big that ports or co-development of games to the Wii U will become a non-possibility.
      Gamers can’t afford a huge power/graphics leap and neither can producers in many studios.
      It just can’t happen, if the industry is to stay afloat.


        • thats a different thing all together. 2d to 3d was a necessary step in videogames. In terms of possibilities in gaming, it was a revolution for the gaming industry. Inspiring new ways to play games and gameplay that wasnt possible before. It was needed for the industry to grow to where it is today.

          but this. This tech arms race; this isnt a necesity; and therefore could flop big time.


            • thats what i was talking about too. The increase in cost due to the jump to 3d. The difference here though is that this jump in costs due to this spec race is hallow. Im not saying there cant be things that can be done in terms of design that can now be realized with more power, but for the most part this is about pretty graphics.

              because there is little you cant do with the computing power of these current systems if your not puming uber photorealistic graphics.

              3d on the other hand ultimately payed off because it brought something to gaming. and not just something new, something it needed. So people bought it up. It brought new ways to play, new genres, more creativity….blah blah…ect.

              ultra high specs though…doesnt bring enough to the table…people are just not likely to consistantly buy enough copies to always make these publishers and developers profit. Why? cause its hallow. Its not worth the investment to the consumer. We’re already seeing this sort of thing in this generation. How bad do you think things can get if the next gen has 10 times more power and developers are expected to push production values up to meet the capabilities of these new systems?

              and if they dont….how well are these new systems gonna sell?


        • Cute how you’re now on damage control when you’ve called out others for doing the same, on top of accusing others of being fanboys when you’re still the same PC-ass-kissing spec whore you’ve always proven yourself to be.
          Get bent, bitch.
          You don’t have ANYTHING worth contributing here, and you never will.


      • exactly. Its nice to have the link. But this should be common sense. Dont these people understand that going the route sony and microsoft are expected to go will probably kill the console industry.

        any real gamer could see the problem with this scenerio.


    • i definitely share your concern. But with development costs already being too high for a lot of developers. And the jump in costs it would take to make use of the extra power the ps4 and 720 are rumored to bring.

      Im hoping there could be a scenerio in which nintendo becomes the base platform and things are ported upwards to the other consoles. There is no reason why that at the very least couldnt happen for the first year or two.

      with development studios closing down around the world because their games cant churn enough of a profit. It wouldnt make sense for developers to completely jump on the next gen systems and ignore the wiiu as a revenue stream. besides its far easier to port upward than it is to port down. If developers were smart, they would embrace the wiiu.


  16. Mmm these specs are rather tasty. And we have already seen what the Wii U is capable of, e.g Zelda HD demo, so we know we are gonna get great looking games from an also creative games company and good 3rd parties.
    Yeah the 720 and PS4 will most likely be more powerful, but I don’t really care, what did we expect? If I feel compelled to buy a PS4 or 720 and I have the funds, then maybe I will. I’m not gonna bitch all day on how this company is superior to the other like a child *cough* *cough* Aeolus *cough*


  17. I don’t care if it has these fancy “HDMI” cables and cores made out of food or streets. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will compare the amazing masterpiece called Vextrex. Who needs a screen on the the controller when the system has a screen BUILT ONTO IT. I mean, the games even come with a plastic covering for it to enhance your gaming experience to stellar proportions!! There’s nothing I like better than a nice lukewarm can of soda and kickin’ back with Solar Quest. When I want something more hardcore, I turn off the system, change the cover and cartridge, and boot up the incredibly enticing Cyber Chase.

    You “drones” or “fanboys” (why is that the term used, I prefer “whippersnappers”) don’t need a Crapbox 360, Playfailshun 4, or Wii Poo when there are still working Vectrex machines in this day in age. Don’t even get me started on how it completely crushes Steam or the Mobile Gaming Market, that would require me to write a book. PCs aren’t able to handle the vigorous Motorola MC68A09 CPU running at the astounding 1.5 MHz. All arguments have now been destroyed. I’m right, you’re wrong, end of story.

    Let’s not forget that when I’m on the go, I don’t need some stinkin’ double screen overpriced piece of touch touch, I have my Tiger I see people giving me stares of amazement that I’m lucky enough to own such an amazing piece of glory. Playstation Vita? Pft, I bet it doesn’t have FIGHTERS MEGAMIX. You wouldn’t you believe how many people I’ve convinced to sell (both if possible) their Vita and 3DS when they hold it. 5 minutes in and I’ve had to restrain people from throwing it from the frustration they get when they are beaten by the well crafted AI that was programmed into the the cartridge. The people working at Tiger and their associates really do know how to make a great hardcore video game. Thank you.

    Too long; didn’t read? Allow me to sum it up for you:
    The Vetrex is the ultimate home video game console, only partnered by the glorious Tiger for those who want gaming on the go.


  18. The Wii U might have a hard time competing with the PS4 and 720… 1GB of ram… seriously? Is it POWER7 or PowerPC, because the rumored specs show that the CPU is gonna be weak.






      the wiu cpu has more level 2 catch than ps3 x360 and wii and gamecube combined and its edram not sram so its at least 2x the bandwidth of sram powerpc 400 at 45 nm is 5 instructions per clock vs 2 instructions of ps3s cell and x360s xenon and broadway of wii

      if this cpu is 1.6ghz its at least 12 x wiis cpu power then ad sound processor and arm co cpu

      learnzzzzz yo self shit


  19. Folks this is only a rumour, Nintendo is not going to build “another” machine that will be obsolete before it even releases to the public. HD graphics and a T.S on a controller is not enough for a console releasing in 2012, Nintendo knows this or at least they should. The spec’s have to be exciting, and they have to have a clear advantage over the other next gens in at least 1 aspect.
    Use the Wii U controllers as an example, The Wii U has a clear advantage when you consider the user input devices and how they can be used to intereact with games to add a level of difficulty and a new skill dimension. Nintendo just needs 1 spec to be better then the rest, the cpu,gpu,ram etc.

    None of it will matter though(The controllers, the specs, the games) if Nintendo doesnt deliever on its online features, more specifically Nintendos Online-Multiplayer.


  20. So, a tweet by IBM (specifically IBMWatson) way back in June said that the Wii U would use the “same POWER7 chips”. So, I’m really not worried – and I’m taking this “leak” with a grain of salt.

    Even if the specs end up being exactly what’s written, it still won’t stop me from buying a Wii U at launch, so long as it’s decently affordable.

    I’ve always liked Nintendo’s first-party games because most of them are a ton of fun and amazingly colorful, even if they’re not the best from a graphical standpoint. There haven’t been many 360/PS3 games that have appealed to me as of late, and I’m not going to buy one of those systems just to play one or two games on them. I’m not a die-hard fan, because I totally respect and appreciate the advances that Sony, Microsoft, Epic, Crytek, and the like have brought to the industry.

    At this point, I’d rather buy a Wii U, which will probably have at least fifteen titles that I’d be willing to play over and over (plus all the old Wii games which I still play), even if it is inferior graphically.


  21. my only real dissapoint ment with the wiiu so far is there not being an ethernet port.

    i love my nintendo games. but i also love my fighting games; and this pretty much kills the wiiu in terms of being a legitimate home for hardcore fighting games.

    that is unless there are usb ethernet adapters that could do just as well….but with it being usb.2.0 i doubt it.


    • and what’s the trouble with using wlan?
      the latency difference between lan and wlan (provided you’re using a good router) is absolutely not noticeable for a human being,2470-10.html
      furthermore the amount of data that has to be transferred via lan for a multiplayer game to work is very low (a couple KB/s usually).. any wlan connection can handle that.. and even usb 1.0 bandwidth would be plenty however it can be that usb introduces much higher latencies than either wlan or lan which would make any usb connection insufficient


  22. that’s exactly the same bullcrap we’ve heard about a couple weeks ago and it’s still just as contradictory

    i’m not going to believe a word of it


  23. Aeolus is right.

    We should demand more from Nintendo.

    More information on the new console, proper specs worthy of a 2012 console, and finally…



    • nintendo doesn’t release detailed specs
      you can demand that if you want but it won’t happen

      personally i couldn’t care less about what the console is called
      it could be called dildo-fun-park and i’d still consider buying it

      oh and don’t say “aeolus is right”
      that will only encourage him to spout even more nonsense


    • Lets just get this straight…Aeolus is NEVER right. Not because the mama’s boy doesn’t necessarily bring up valid points occasionally, but because he comes on here with his ‘holier than thou’ opinions and spouts them as the be all, end all of gaming. Everyone of his observations would be correct, yet he will forever be wrong, and a blight to the pages of MNN.










  25. 1GB ram for games would = ps3 and x360 and wii combined x360 512mb – the OS ps3 512mb -OS wii 88mb – OS tiny amount of ram

    1gb would be = to the game ram of all 3 correct gen consoles combined then ad in the 32mb edram thats 3x x360 i think theres more to the ram like fast ram etc maybe 2 ram pools like wii and gamecube


  26. These rumored specs are bogus.
    Nintendo’s site says the CPU is an IBM Power-based (not PowerPC based) multi-core processor.
    The “Broadway” core is a modified PowerPC 750CL.

    Don’t buy the rumor!
    Wait a few days!



      ITS POWER then that little r as in regestered trade mark the POWER ibm is for both power and powerpc and also powerpe

      power 6/7 are power series gekko broadway and esspresso are powerpc and xenon and cell are powerPE inline crappy cores E class is the stripped back dog shit series LOL X360

      POWER ibm cobers all 3 range of cpus SORRY DUDE


  27. I can confirm this rumor is true, but the CPU info is incorrect.
    Article states 3 cores, it actually has 4 and they run at a shallow 972MHz. It’s the same architecture as Wii and GameCube but vastly improved. Clock speed isn’t everything tho, certainly not these days and who knows how powerful it really is aside from the clock speed.
    The graphics card is sick however, it supports tessellation and 6x MSAA.
    Memory is spot on, so is the 32MB EDRAM.
    The gamepad itself is also packing a CPU, but no details on that yet.

    Let me just tell you this: This machine is vastly more powerful than any console on the market atm and it’s going to rock. You’ll hear everything I said confirmed in the coming days =)


    • your wrong about the 4th core

      its 3xpowerpc 400 series broadway-fied they run the wii code for back play

      the 4th core is starlet 2 (starlet was a arm 9 in wii) starlet 2 is a ARM 11 likely at a much higher clock speed likely running OS as well as back ground tasks like

      4th core is a ARM CO CPU 5th core is a dedicated DSP sound processor

      xenon of x360 is 3xcore inline simple cpu for cpu and io and os and sound

      wiiu has 3xcore out of order cpu a arm co cpu and a dedicated sound dsp 5xcores vs xenon 3xcpu 1 xco cpu 1x sound/audio chip



    cpu powerpc 400 series (replaces 750) broadway type instruction cores GX GX2 nintendo api

    3xcore SMP simultaneous multi processing 3x out of order threads 1 per hardware core

    5 instructions per clock vs 2 instructions for cell xenon and broadway

    3mb catch is part or fully IBM EDRAM and is very much a custom high bandwidth catch

    4to1 2to1 data compression real time decompression

    runs on gx 2 nintendo multicore api

    clockspeeds this family of cpus is rated at 1.6ghz to 2.0ghz and peak bus speed is 800mhz

    likely system speeds are 1.6ghz cpu and 800 bus and 800 gpu again mhz

    3to1 balance gc and wii im guessing a tighter 2to1 for wiiU as a 3to1 would be a 600mhz bus and gpu and a 1.8ghz cpu that weakens the bus and gpu nintendo will aim for MAX BUS AND GPU cpu clock is irreverent to xenon cell its VASTLY MORE EFFICIENT


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