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Movie Based On Capcom’s Monster Hunter Series Planned?

Paul W.S. Anderson is the writer and producer of Resident Evil Retributions, which will hit North American theaters on September 14th. During a recent interview, Anderson revealed that if given the option of choosing among any video game to convert to film form, he’d love to make a movie based on Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.

“Recently, I’ve been loving Monster Hunter! A film conversion is currently in planning.”

-Paul W.S. Anderson

76 thoughts on “Movie Based On Capcom’s Monster Hunter Series Planned?”

  1. Yeah I doubt this is going to happen. I also heard that they were going to make a Metal Gear Solid movie starring Christian Bale but the project got canned. Oh and remember when Uwe Boll was supposed to make a Castlevania movie? Ugh no thanks. The only good movie Uwe Boll made was Rampage.

  2. So it might make it to the west, then you have to pay to download the ending, then another version comes out six months later. Directed by mega man and viewtiful Joe since capcom just has them sitting on there asses

  3. this might actually make a good movie I mean no one really knows what it was about they could actually make a great story about this

      1. how many people actually know the story of monster hunter I sure don’t and question how bad are the res evil movies really?

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  4. Has there ever been a successful video game adaptation? None really spring to mind. I mean, there have a pantheon of tryers, but most have failed, and miserably at it. Maybe a CGI, or otherwise animated version might be a success, or at least make the studio’s money back. Please let me know if there are any good adaptations. Thanks.
    Good post, eitherway

      1. Tomb Raider was not good…at all
        Agreed on Silent Hill, mainly because they put that theme in though, and the monsters we’re spot on. Other than fam service though, it was a little boring

        1. all tombraiders are better than unshited and the best puzzle games ever existed except from underworld and the gurdian of light

    1. Tron/(Legacy) and Wreck-it-Ralph looks awesome. The reason they are excellent(will be) is because that tell their own story.

  5. Not too familiar with that series, but given what I’ve seen, it’ it’s in the same ballpark as Splintercell. (Let’s say for argument’s sake that it is) Hope it will be a good one. However, if the director for the Resident Evil movies is at the helm for Monster Hunter, I think it’s safe to assume that it is going too fail. Just my thoughts

      1. not exactly! its just that the wii u is at its final form! i don’t think is gonna look drastically different my friend! ;)

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  7. 3/4 of the movie, the character would be shown either sharpening the sword, eating, setting traps, trying to swing in the right direction of the monster, moving the film’s cameras around where he could see…..only 1/4 would involve actual monster killing.

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