Code Of Princess – Action-Packed Versus Trailer

Atlus’ action RPG Code of Princess is coming to Nintendo 3DS in North America on October 9th. There are over 50 playable characters in the game, every character you meet during your adventure will become playable, and up to four players – either locally or online – can fight simultaneously.

Code of Princess will eventually launch in Europe, but a release date hasn’t been announced yet.


17 thoughts on “Code Of Princess – Action-Packed Versus Trailer

  1. off topic: will the wii u conference for north america have a online stream and a link please?

    Im sorry but the wii u is the only thing i can focus on


  2. Its funny how at the beginning of the video it shows you that message about you wont be able to see it in 3d. But when you watch it on the 3ds (e-shop) its still not in 3d.


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