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Oh No! Mr. Resetti Gets His Own Building To Scold You In Animal Crossing 3DS (New Details)

Animal Crossing: Jump Out, also known as Animal Crossing 3DS, will feature a “Reset Center” building – in which the nagging, persistent mole, Mr. Resetti, will scold you every time you reset the game. The new Resent Center is apparently different from Animal Crossing: City Folk’s “Reset Surveillance Center,” where players can randomly visit Mr. Resetti and his brother, Don, once a week.

If you fulfill particular conditions, you’ll be able to have a floral village, morning village and rich village. As the mayor of town, you’ll be able to build a sleepless village to increase shops’ open hours. It will take 3000 precious Bells (Animal Crossing currency) to decorate infrastructure with exotic carpets and wallpaper from the merchant-camel, Saharah. By using the Nintendo 3DS Camera, players will be able scan QR Codes to import PRO designs.

Animal Crossing 3DS will launch in Japan on November 8th and in North America during the first half of 2013.



      1. Why do you like sticking penis in very tight contacting pink buttholes cute cannonball shape bubble ass are you a fag?


    1. Lol! Assuming that wasn’t rhetorical… Mr.Resetti appears in the Animal Crossing games when you reset and annoys you with dialogue.


    1. Just in time for summer if they want to release it that late :) But I’d rather it be release in Jan/Feb. So then I can have some snowman fun XD!


  1. Sounds like Nintendo is putting much needed effort into this title by adding more locations to visit and things to do. I pretty much considered this a “pass” when I saw the initial videos – but now I’m reconsidering it… still some work to do – but it’s getting better.


    1. Ya, I bet there will have to be a limit on how long they are open. If it was 24/7 than there would be some very tired shop keepers. What if they just raised all the prices?!


  2. Ya! Finally he gets his own place. I guess you could count the one in City Folk but I only went there a few times… Anybody who plays Animal Crossing will understand how HORRIBLE he is when you reset. And on Smash Bros Brawl it was as if I would rather have one of the things that would kill me than to have somebody get Resseti. Everytime I play with my friends and he comes up the room is filled with ‘NOOOOOOO’. Also this game has had a ridiculously long wait with it. >:/


  3. I think its really cool that you can change the type of town that you live in based on your choices as mayor. This game sounds amazing so far. I can’t wait for it to come out.


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