New Trailer For Animal Crossing 3DS

During the latest European Nintendo Direct, more Animal Crossing 3DS details were shared. The above trailer was presented during the Japanese Nintendo Direct. There will be plenty of new items and  characters within the game. The StreetPass feature can be used to gain new characters for your town. The Nintendo 3DS’ Animal Crossing will be released in Europe during the first half of 2013.

60 thoughts on “New Trailer For Animal Crossing 3DS”


          1. Isn’t that the age of kids that play CoD? And most people who play Animal Crossing are, I guess, in their teens and twenties.

          2. Yeah I don’t think inreal life people run out and just as much people as they can. It’s an fps in my opinion and I know a lot of people who are older that play this game. Judging by how you type things you’r probably 7.

            1. I’m 21 and I play Animal Crossing, I’ve played it since the GameCube…Don’t get me started on Call Of Duty haha, worst franchise ever. I mean seriously it’s just copy and paste every year. -__- it’s ignorant people like this guy who are to blame for games focusing on violence and not fun.

          3. then how come many 10-20 year olds play it and anonymous call of duty is for babies my freind plays it and he is 5

    1. ikr and ive been waiting for it to arrive in the post coz i pre ordered it ages ago and now i have to wait until bloody 2013!

  1. This is gonna be so awkward to buy this in the store,i dont know why i like Animal Crossing but its addicting as hell,talking animals in which you live with,yeah…people wont think im crazy being 16 playing this game and all…

    1. This is true! and I’m happy it’ll be released in 2013… More time to dominate Pokemon Black 2! lol

  2. thank god a NEW TRAILER OF THE SAME GAME just a different story… yawn

    this should shut up all the whiney babies crying for AC after every bloody conference or ND

    yours lovingly,

    resetti your bum chum

    1. someone finally agrees with me. animal crossing is chump, for babies really…….now the AC fans can stop bitching

          1. -__- let me guess, your version of a good game is shoot here, run there?

            Get the fuck out, I’m 21 have a kid and a job and I still play Animal Crossing. It’s probably my favorite game.

              1. ennit! and ladyFuckOff can you just fucking get a life! why did you even go on this ac 3ds trailer if you hated it so much?! please stfu!

  3. finally they’ve made one which looks as if it doesnt make you too bored because the one on the ds and wii make you bored out of your mind! -.-

  4. Haha it makes me laugh how ridiculous some people are. Animal crossing is the most amazing franchise of all time, not only for the players enjoyment but think how long it takes for nintendo to make. Gaming is part of some people lives just like work is. So why the hell don’t you stop being a baby and let people do want they want in life! And another thing.. You must LOVE animal crossing enough for it to bother you that much. Loser.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that this trailer has much worse quality than the first and screenshots. For example compare the trees I’m still planning on buying this game but I’m worried that it will not live up to the expectations of the first trailer. :(

  6. For all those who call us babies for playing A.C, 3 things- 1: Babies are cute, so i guess i’m cute. :P 2: Why are you even looking up this trailor anyway?!?! 3: HAVE YOU EVER EVEN PLAYED ANIMAL CROSSING?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And also, please stop with the cussing, there are young people reading theese coments, and by young i mean 11… .3.

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