Code Of Princess For 3DS Coming To Europe Soon?

code_of_princess_modelGermany’s video game rating board, the USK, has rated Code of Princess and given it a 12 rating. Agatsuma’s side-scrolling brawler is already available to purchase in North America, where it was published by Atlus USA. Code of Princess has an average review score of 68 on Metacritic from numerous gaming publications. The fans have been more kind, awarding the game an average score of 7.3.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

47 thoughts on “Code Of Princess For 3DS Coming To Europe Soon?”

      1. Probably pretty awesome.
        I like Studio Ghibli and Level 5 make good games, so yeah.
        Doubt it’ll be as good as Xenoblade (i terms of JRPG games this generation), but it should be pretty good. Havent seen any recent footage though.


          1. I got the other week, it’s awesome.
            The only fault is the visuals, but i cant really complain considering its a Wii game, but i feel if it was a Wii game, id be more engrossed in the story if facial animations were better.
            The english dub is ok, but i prefer the japanese so again, no complaint.
            Gameplay is incredible, more engaging that other JRPG’s ive played, and the fact the battles are in real time jus makes it feel a lot better, battling doesnt feel like a speed bump like in recent FF games ect.

            Oh and the soundtrack, HNNNNNNGGGGG


      2. It’s a great game. ._. So good. I’m hours and hours into the game and have barely scratched the surface.

        I never played the DS version, but I’m glad I’m finally playing the game now.


                1. …how? Unless you’re playing the Japanese version, which in that case, i cant read Japansse, nmso looks like im waiting till the end of January


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