24/7 Wall St. Ranks PlayStation Vita As One Of “The Worst Product Flops of 2012”

PlayStation_Vita_sad_face24/7 Wall St., a Delaware corporation that runs a financial news and opinion operation with content delivered over the internet, declares that Sony’s latest handheld game console, the PlayStation Vita, which released globally this year, is one of the worst product flops of 2012.

The company says, that while its initial sales were promising, the overall sales of the PlayStation Vita are poor, compared to the Nintendo 3DS, smartphones and tablets.

Also on 24/7 Wall St.’s list of the worst product flops of 2012 is another Sony device – the Sony Tablet P.

Released first in Japan in December 2011 and then globally in February 2012, initial sales of the PlayStation Vita were encouraging. By the end of February, the company announced it had sold approximately 1.2 million units, followed by an additional 2 million units of software for the handheld game console. Yet sales quickly declined. From its release date to June 30, just 2.2 million PlayStation Vita units were sold, far less than the 3.6 million units Nintendo 3DS sold in just its first month. Recently, Sony has clumped sales of the Vita and its predecessor, the PSP, together to avoid highlighting embarrassing sales figures. Frequent complaints about the Vita were that the $300 price tag was too expensive and that its game lineup was both weak and small, especially given the availability of cheaper gaming through smartphones and tablets.


        1. Ah yes, I must prove to some random guy on the Internet that I’ve used one. I have, but even if I didn’t, it doesn’t make me a fanboy, it makes me part of the majority. Stop defending bad decisions.

          1. “it was not an awesome handheld” – That is not a decision. That is an opinion.

            Also: The majority of the people who have used and own a Vita agree that it’s a great device. So, you’re a part of the majority of what, exactly?

              1. they only sucked cuz of uninteresting games. least nintendo has the ds brand name to get it well known not to mention games that were coming out later in the year like ZeldaOOT, mario 3D land, mario kart 7, n stuff. Vita BARELY has any games coming out. Theyre very scarce.

                1. Vita already has a library of a hundred or so games and a bunch more coming next year. They’re not scarce at all.

                  The issue comes whether or not you have heard of the games and if they’re something you would like to play.

                  At the moment I own about 30 PS (full) Vita games. Then there are other games for the Vita (like some of the lighter downloadable games) that I have on my system as well.

                  The DS brand, as you say, has a lot of good games too. My library of DS games is pretty large. Can’t even count that right now. As for my 3DS format titles, off of the top of my head, I think I have a good 10-15 of those.

                  I’m looking forward to titles for both systems coming out in the upcoming year.

                  1. Yeah, uh, sorry, haven’t been on this site for a while. Could you please tell me how the PS Vita sales are going?

                    1. I don’t know, something like 4 million. But it doesn’t matter as it really has no pertinence to anything I was discussing.

                  2. Sorry G . But how do you only have 10-15 3ds games and 30 PSV games ? . The fact of the matter is , the 3DS has the bigger library of better games…. I have 26 Boxed 3DS games. There is a mere 5-6 PSV games that I would trully love to own…. Everything else is underwhelming for the system…

                    1. ” the 3DS has the bigger library of better games”

                      That’s barely a fact. The closest thing we can base that on is the list of reviews for each.



                      The 3DS has been out going on 2 years now; The Vita – just under a year. Yet, they have almost the same amount of well reviewed games. So a “bigger library of better games” based on what? Personal preference.

                      I have that many Vita games because the PSN supports downloadable content a bit better than Nintendo does (and I also get a lot of them for review purposes). I only have that many 3DS games because honestly, those are the only ones that really have any sort of appeal to me. I plan on getting more though. Some of my most anticipated games for 2013 are 3DS games. I don’t doubt the library will grow. I have a load of DS games so, if that’s any indication, my 3DS collection will grow quite a bit more over the years.

                  3. MAYBE it is just my opinion. But when I walk into the gamestore here in the UK , the 3DS section is a million times more attractive than the vita section.

                    The vita is starting to blossom sure! But the 3DS is on a roll now , an unstoppable one. One that can’t even be threatened by IOS.

                    I wish the best for both consoles….

                    1. Yep. This is, like, everywhere. Here in Brazil in every game store there are lots and lots of 3DS games and only a few Vita games. Some stores are not even arranging shelves for Vita games anymore, instead they´re just putting them next to PS3 games.

            1. The Marketing was a bad decision.
              They didn’t learn from PSP.
              You don’t create a handheld gaming device to function like a Console.
              Otherwise there will be no unique or different experiences.

              This why Nintendo Handhelds are superior.

              1. I won’t agree with “Nintendo handhelds are superior,” that’s conjecture and opinions-based; But I do agree that Sony marketing is pretty crap as they barely do any marketing at all… I have said that several times over.

                But that’s not what I was talking about in my previous statement. He said that the problem was that the system is not good and that’s why nobody wants one – according to him. Chances are more than likely, he hasn’t actually used one.

                The hardware has very little to do with the low sales at the moment.

                1. you keep saying how vita is a great handheld but i have seen reviews of ps vita games and they are all mediocre.

                  1. The games and the system are two different things. BUT without good games the system do not sell. So you are right about the facts but the facts you use do not support your statement, therefore I declare lose on you. Sorry :'(

                2. Nintendo handhelds are way superior. Sony handhelds are like Fishes out of water.
                  Who cares that they’re powerfull when they’re not as fun ?

                  1. While I myself prefer the 3DS to the Vita, as I preferred the DS to the PSP, I cannot agree that they are “superior”. They’re both different consoles and are better in different ways. Sony wins by far in terms of specs, whereas Nintendo wins out with their innovative ways and always doing something beyond their previous consoles (except for performance). It also helps that the name Nintendo itself brings in one hell of a lot of people just because they are noted for their quality consoles and outstanding first-party titles. It’s all a matter of opinion.

                3. Nintendo 3DS fits better what their consumers expect, that´s why it´s superior. A product is not made only about tech specs, but mainly what it represents and how it fill the consumer needs, and in this sense the 3DS is better than the Vita. Don´t get me wrong, Vita is a great system, but it´s overpriced in the sense of consumer´s views, for what it offer.

              2. That has got to be one of the coolest statements about handheld consoles I have ever read! Agreed for sure.

            2. As far as the Vita itself it is a powerful impressive piece of hardware…problem is…its a fucking handheld system nobody gives two fucks for a powerful handheld system. Needs innovation not a pricetag that make people say…so its a portable PS3?

          2. You’re not a part of any “majority”. You are a fake gamer and Nintenyearold.

            The Vita offers one of the most refined libraries for gamers who actually have any sense of integrity left. The 3DS offers shitty disney games, loads of IT’S-A-ME-MARIO! and fucking nothing else. It is is kept afloat purely by a lower price point for kiddies who couldn’t convince their moms to buy a iPad or smartphone. As for Japan, they will buy any 3DS as long as it comes in some stupid special edition with pikachu plastered all over it and a bunch of shitty ports of Wii games.

            The Vita is a portable designed for gamers and the 3DS is designed for children and the sheep over in Japan.

            1. Um, that shows how uneducated you are when it comes to the 3DS….assuming all it has is Mario and Disney games….of course its easy to pick out Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros 2, Mario Kart 7 and Games like Epic Mickey 2 and Kingdom Hearts because they are markedted like crazy.

              But if such a true gamer you would actually do some research and see it has plenty of other good games Kid Icarus Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil Mercenaries,Heros of Ruin,Metal Gear Solid 3D,Star Fox 64, Zelda Ocarina of Time,Monster Hunter 3 as well as upcoming games like Monster Hunter 4, Dragon Quest 7, Castlevania,Luigi’s Mansion 2,Animal Crossing,Fire Emblem etc.

              And don’t forget they are making a new Zelda and a New Smash Bros as well… good luck on that game argument comparing it to Vita.

              1. Super Mario 3D Land, repetitive and shitty attempt at a serious 3D mario platformer.
                NSMB2, expansion pack of NSMBDS with higher poly count and cruddy remixes.
                Epic Mickey 2, shitty:
                Kid Icarus, got stale fast.
                Resident Evil, shit controls; likely to be ported to consoles soon due to poor sales on that platform.
                Star Fox 64 3D, Carbon copy of the N64 game with better visuals and same story that’s beaten in less than an hour.
                MGS3D, HD collection on the Vita looks and is better at the same price while the 3DS version has craptastic framerate.
                Ocarina of time, enhanced port of a N64 game.
                Monster Hunter 3 is…again a port of a Wii game.
                Heroes of Ruin sucked
                RE Mercenaries sucked
                MH4 has yet to have been released or even played for any sort of judgement to be made.
                Dragon Quest 7, lel
                Luigi’s Mansion 2, again with the mario series themed games
                Animal Crossing, well, that’s another so far, but it’s trapped in Japan.
                Fire Emblem, idk.

                1. You have serious problems and you should go to a doctor near you!!! Maybe Dr. Mario can help you ;)

                  1. Yeah! Go to a doctor! Maybe he’ll give you a prostate exam to get rid of your sexual frusration!

                  2. Please stop. He is stating valid oppinions on some games, even though you do not agree you should accept them and not act like a moron about it..

                    1. He’s judging games just because they’re from the same franchise. I mean, why the hell does it matter if Luigi’s Mansion is featuring a character from the Mario franchise?? It doesn’t mean the game will play out like any other 3D /2D / Kart-racing / fantasy sports Mario game (this should also point to how many different playstyles Nintendo is providing within Mario’s universe. And to those asking why always use Mario, it’s a marketing strategy that works really well for Nintendo.)

                      If you’re asking me, it seems like Aeolus is trying to find everything that is negative about a game, and magnify it to seem like it’s a bad game.

                2. “Resident Evil, likely to be ported to consoles soon due to poor sales on that platform.”
                  Looooooooooooooooooooooooool, are you serious?

                  And FYI sales mean all for the devs ;)

                3. @Aeolus I’m sorry, but in no way did you target an argument towards the actual contents of the games selected. Your opinion is extensively biased, and quite frankly “sucked” is merely a thoughtless response. Every one of those creative/fun titles makes the 3ds stand out from the rest. There is a reason Nintendo products are known to do so well simply because they try to enhance the gameplay experience with a twist of imagination; people don’t always play games just to feel like it is “real life” but to escape to another world. Do a little thinking before you start bashing great games of creativity in a very senseless manner just because you want to have the last word, would you?

                4. Blah blah blah…. all the same shit talk all the way. Get a life, boy. The 3DS is doing much better than the Vita in every sense right now and will continue to do for some time, get over it.

            2. Now really, whats wrong with you??? why do you hate Nintendo so much??? did no one wanted to play with you when you are young??? Has Nintendo ruined your live??? Do you think Mario is ugly??? I mean why??? you waste so much time in your live to write in a forum and to show everyone how god damm stupid you are instead of playing great Nintendo games!!! trust me there are alot of great games on nintendo consoles and fun that you miss in your live, youre a poor guy!!!

            3. I love how every time some one talks about how good the vita is they feel the need to compare it to the 3DS. If you want to convince some one on how good a system is you don’t do it by backlashing against another system. I agree the vita is a great system and its a shame its doing so bad.

              But Its because people like you why there no “sense of integrity” left in gaming. Instead of bringing the video game community together as a whole, you make war against different systems/companies . If you cared about the integrity of gaming you would want to bring gamers together, undivided. Regardless to what platform there playing on.

              1. I normally don’t comment on these things when my gamer friend links me to them, but holy cow, you’ve expressed some wisdom here.

                I will admit that I don’t consider myself much of a gamer because I’m not appealed by as broad of a spectrum of the popular things as “gamers” seem to be. I am, however, a Mario fanboy through and through, especially the 2-D games that I grew up on, to the point that New Super Mario Bros. U was pretty much THE reason why I wanted a Wii U. As long as the controls work as well as they do in the predecessors and the levels are wonderfully designed, which has been my experience thus far with both 2 and U, I will eagerly play them, even if they are, as some core gamers love to derogatorily call them, “expansion packs”.

                That being said, if you aren’t a Mario fanboy, or if you’re a fan of something else, not only will I not go out of my way to put you down for having a PlayStation 3 or an X-Box 360, I will go out of my way to playfully deride myself as a brainless Mario fanboy and make sure you’re aware that you’re entitled to your opinion, and in no way inferior to me because of said opinion. As a Mario fanboy, I think your comment calling for unity among gamers regardless of their platforms is more beautiful than all of the fanboyish defenses of Mario combined.

                Then again, for those of us who grew up in the “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” era, I suppose getting into a console war is easier. I mean, the console makers did it, right? :)

            4. refined gamers with integrity? it isnt a fucking wine tasting club or some high minded hobby populated with a culture of gentlemen and ladies who have an uptown building to meet and discuss the latest offerings. It’s playing games on a fkng screen to pass a few hours at your house or on the go in the case of a portable. Your bullshit of trying create the illusion of some kind of elite class of true sophisticated gamers who are the last bastion of integrity among all people who enjoy games is getting pretty tiring. As much as you want to wall yourself off into a small subset of people who are the “real” gamers and thus the only people qualified to inform the rest of what “actually good” you’re wrong. People like different things, they enjoy different things. sometimes those things are idfferent than the things you are enjoying and no amount of high-minded tantrums about how any “true gamer” lcant like this or that wont change thier mind, your mind, or make something actual shit.

              I’ve playing these fkn video games since atari, coleco vision, stupid shitt apple IIe games, every nintendo and playstation handheld and whatever that been out. Played the shit out of and mastered many many games from every genre and company imaginable. And you, aeolus, would have no problem trying to shove me or anyone else who might not happen to like the same shit you do into away into a different of people that arent “aweseome true gamers” just like you. But guess what? we buy games, we play games, we gift them, whatever. were real gamers. and all your assholery and cock and bull nonsense trying to sit your own ass onto some platfrom with that so called group of real gamers you keep alluding too will not make you matter. you and whomever youre talking about are not any more real gamer than anyone else.

              oh, also, fuck off.

            5. I have both systems and the 3ds has so much better games. I don’t mind it but the vita doesn’t have anything thats a must buy. I bought the vita because I know eventually it will have games that are must owns

          3. I love my vita even more than my 3DS because it has a larger single screen and has better screen resolution also its easier for multiplayer than nintendo 3ds 3ds is good too because of games but i love my vita as for the sony tablet i totally agree on that flop but that was more of a flop to me than the vita.

            Are they going to say the same thing about the Wii U too since it had good sales on day 1 and now there is an over surplus of black and white systems all over the place and of course the 1000s of people on craigslist crying be ause they bought two to sell one only to find out they cant now!




      1. Hey look, more Nintendroid trash envious of perhaps the best handheld to own for core gamers.

        How’s your 3DS with nothing but shit Mario games treating you? Does it feel nice that it offers absolutely nothing?

        1. Deal with it, the Vita is flop and the 3DS has a glorious future and your shit comments can also not change the truth!!!

          1. What glorious future, LOL?

            The 3DS is only doing well in Japan. Guess what? You can’t play SHIT from Japan without buying a JPN 3DS and importing, which is ultimately MORE EXPENSIVE THAN OWNING A VITA.


            It has nothing, it is nothing and it will never be anything besides the Nintenyearold stockholders sales god.

            Oh and which handheld’s software library has had more handheld GOTY nominations? THE PLAYSTATION VITA.

            1. This is crazy, all becouse of this the 3DS sells more than 1000000 times more like the Vita. I would like to know how the 3DS would sell without your stupid arguments ;)

              1. I don’t care about sales; I care about software quality. Those sales don’t mean anything to you as the 3DS plain and simply does not match in terms of software quality.

                You can argue the sales all you want, it means -nothing- and will never actually mean anything. Just like the Wii.

                1. If you still believe that the sells of a console means nothing and are not important, than you know less than i thought you know about videogames!!! The problem is, no developer supports a console that has low sales, and no support for a console means less games and less games means less sales and less sales means less good quality games ;)

                2. “You can argue the sales all you want, it means -nothing- and will never actually mean anything. Just like the Wii.”

                  Then why did Sega stop creating consoles after the Dreamcast?

                  1. If you still believe that the sells of a console means nothing and are not important, than you know less than i thought you know about videogames!!! The problem is, no developer supports a console that has low sales, and no support for a console means less games and less games means less sales and less sales means less good quality games ;)

                    1. So what, that can’t happen to Sony or Microsoft? The retardation is strong with this one.

                    2. Because they are not SEGA.

                      What a retarded reply. Sony or Microsoft will never go bankrupt even if they don’t continue to sell their products. Exposed.

                    3. repeated failures and marketing, you say?

                      PS3 bled sony of their money effectively negated the successes of the PS1 and PS2.

                      PSV sells like crap, even during the holiday season and bleeds sony further. and i hardly ever see commercials for this system, and the ones i do are for games like sony smash bros that are available on a more desirable system or for black ops declassified, which was a certifiable failure

                      sony’s TV division sure isn’t doing them any favors. not much to be said here since this is about video games but definitely a contributor to sony’s troubles

                      also sony’s credit rating has been knocked down to JUNK so they pretty much can’t get any loans, meaning that what they do with the PS4 will be make or break. if they don’t play this card perfectly then they will likely fizzle out over time or wind up relying on the small sales of the profitable last-gen offerings to keep them alive like starving mice scrounging for crumbs on a peasant’s floor.

                      people may think highly of what sony’s systems do or the kind of third party support they get, but from a business standpoint sony has done terribly in recent years. they did great with PS1 and effectively upped the ante with the PS2 but after its massive success, they let it get to their heads and thought they could do no wrong. then they spent years sitting on a throne made of PS2s laughing to themselves, blissfully unaware of their once proud empire burning down around them

                  1. in your opinion, but I’m going to say it straight out and tell you that it does not.

                    I’m curious what games you think are “way better”. My 3DS dusts below my bed.

                    1. ah yes the “x system is collecting dust” argument. and now i’m sure whatever games the person lists you can claim is crap in one way or another in gameplay or premise or if it’s a legitimately good game that didn’t sell gangbusters, i’m sure you can bring up that argument against him. of course there’s also always negative reviewer scores to help back you up if it sold well and you can take the “they’ll buy it if it’s nintendo because they’re sheep” route! sure does sound like an easy life being aeolus here on my nintendo news.

                    2. i didnt know imaginary things could collect dust, since you clearly don’t actually own a 3ds. seriously, why do you even go onto this site AT ALL. it still baffles me that you’re so desperate for attention that you have to bitch about a company to a bunch of people who like said company. you’re like a vegetarian that goes to a steakhouse, and walks around the restraunt telling everyone how much better it is to be a vegetarian and how they’re all terrible for not being vegetarian. TELL SOMEONE WHO FUCKING CARES.

                    3. Let’s see the Vita has watered down PS3 games and Nathan Drake’s Tranny Quest. Now that’s some solid sofware.

                    4. Oh Aeolus, your tears are so refreshing. Keep on the butthurt replies, I’m so thirsty :)

                    5. when are you going to realize that because YOUR 3ds supposedly dusts beneath your bed, that it doesnt mean EVERYONES does the same. you keep perpetuating a ucking arguemenr that basicaly amounts to, “i like chocolate better than strawberry, chocolate is vastly superior to strawberry because I FUCKING LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!”

                      You can say straight out it does not, but that is to you, it does not. To someone else it sure as fuck does. Why do you waste your time bothering to come here or anywhere?

                  2. Imo 3ds is on another level visually 3d looks better than hd to me the vita is nice also the graphics difference from what I’ve seen is not even 15 dollars 3ds with the 3d shoots it past any portable device for gaming imo

                3. Go work for Sony, then wait 2 years and get surprised when they tell you they have to fire you cause they are filling for bankruptcy. Sony hasnt been good in years. If you seriously arent trolling then you sir really, really have the absolute worst case of fanboyism and denial in the history of the planet.

                4. But the VITAS software is ass, and they’re marketing it as a console on the go. YOU MAKE A FUCKING HOME CONSOLE! Its stupid to compare an obviously inferior way to a much better one THAT YOU YOURSELVES PRODUCE! Thats a marketing failure, and its showing. Call your bullshit quality argument all you want, because if it mattered when it came to mobile/handheld content shit like angry birds wouldn’t be that popular, if its fun it’ll be played. The mass market isn’t looking to play 30+hrs worth of game on a handheld, they are on a home console. That’s where SONY needs to draw the line are they gonna continue to force watered down ports of games running on a bigger screen that look better/have more features, or are they going cut the bullshit and START TRYING to make the worlds best handheld A FUCKING HANDHELD. Because right now, the former ain’t working. If sales didn’t matter this list wouldn’t exist and the VITA wouldn’t be on it, at the end of it all the main focus has to be the games ,but at this point the VITA’s SALES aren’t making it a viable platform to produce for, so you can accept sales for what they are or deny while enjoying that vita long after the assembly lines are closed.

                  1. No, the sales are good because it’s cheap for parents to buy there kids you twat. 3DS just has rehashed shit. Kingdom Hearts 3D was the last game (in my opinion) that I enjoyed. For something that has such a massive line up, it isn’t impressive at all.

                5. aEOLUS SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! The 3Ds has a better library and software lineup. is selling more because it’s actually relevant. End of story.

                    1. No it doesn’t . End of story.

                      3DS has a far far far better library.

                      Don’t make me write the list…. I won’t cus it the list will come all the way from here in Manchester and all the way to Australia up your arse lol!!!!

                6. You never learn, do you ? If a product sells better, it fills better what consumers want. So it´s better. If Vita games are so good, why they sell so bad ?

            2. the vita is awesome but dont get me wrong the 3DS has TheatRhythm Final Fantasy that game is AWESOME. Also Tales of the Abyss, Professor Layton and Kingsom Hearts 3D all very good games. To me RPG games are King as well as Rhythm games. Eventually PS Vita will have more of them too. Technically i like the specs of my vita more than my 3DS its just that more people own 3DS so of course it gets more game love from developers and publishers whoch kinda sucks.

            3. The problem is sony themselves! They have titles like killzone Mercenaries, soul sacrifice, tearaway, while the 3ds has luigis mansion, animal crossing, pokemon mystery dungeon, fire emblem, and monster hunter going for it. killzone=rehash, tearaway=so only mario is kiddy crap!, soul sacrifice=very similar to many games/animal crossing=rehash,luigis mansion=new gameplay ideas,pokemon=rehash, fire emblem=rehash,monster hunter=rehash. Are the vitas upcoming game new(except killzone)?Yes. Do the sheer number of games for 3ds better than the vitas few titles old and new? That’s your decision.

              In a past article you went on and on about how mario is rehashed and kiddy and you are doing it again. How are the mario installments rehashed?new super mario bros.=one installment per console,mario kart=on installment per console,paper mario=one per system,3d mario=one per system excluding galaxy 2,mario sports=one type per system. How is that rehashed?! The only same part is the name mario, thare are a ton of different genres. By that standard,uncharted,killzone,resistance,ratchet,halo,and gears are all more rehashed than mario! You also called mario kiddy even though one of your arguments was using tearaway, which is less violence than mario.

          1. Old, tired, false argument.

            The Vita has almost 100 games already out, it has a good number of Vita exclusive games, and it has a decent number of high-rated good games too.

            No system has a perfect launch.

              1. in terms of…? Oh again, sales.

                While the Vita had a vastly better launch library. Which is what really matters.

                1. “While the Vita had a vastly better launch library. Which is what really matters.”

                  That’s just an opinion.

                    1. No, it’s a crap-ass opinion from a crap-ass arrogant bitch.
                      Be a sport and go grab daddy a drink, bitch.
                      You’re not man enough to be in front of a console yet, but a serving bitch is a perfectly good place in life for you.

                2. I bet if you actually knew that 3DS excels in both sales and Reviews, you wouldn’t be downplaying sales in comparison to reviews as much as you are now.

                3. yes because businessmen can rest easy at night with a crappily-selling system because it has so many games that are great in the eyes of “real gamers” like you. nice damage control

                4. Oh yeah how is that vita software looking cod on there was an utter joke. As I said why by a handheld for the same home expereince. I have a 60 inch tv and i’m dying to play a tripple a game on the go. When I leave my house I go to work, I take my woman out, or I’m going shopping or to spend a night out with friends or family. If I take a trip to the city lets say via train I need a quick game on the go enter the 3ds.
                  If I wanted to play something longer I wait till i’m in front of my tv. That my good sir is why the vita isn’t selling and has no creative software. It has nothing that people like myself want to play.
                  Case in point you could be playing your vita but your choosing to post jack or as you say swagger jack every comment in defense of a system your not even playing.

            1. go and play vita… oh, or you don’t have enough good games so you waste your time in a nintendo related website… mmm interesting

            2. Now really, whats wrong with you??? why do you hate Nintendo so much??? did no one wanted to play with you when you are young??? Has Nintendo ruined your live??? Do you think Mario is ugly??? I mean why??? you waste so much time in your live to write in a forum and to show everyone how god damm stupid you are instead of playing great Nintendo games!!! trust me there are alot of great games on nintendo consoles and fun that you miss in your live, youre a poor guy!!!

              1. He never responds to reasonable, polite questions like this. Only the ones where he can be an idiot troll and irritate people.

              1. Considering it plays nothing like Smash Bros, it’s very good. As a long time Smash bros fan, I’ve been waiting for Sony to make there own version.

        2. Feels plenty nice, considering even the lowest ranked Mario game moves 3DS units faster than the majority of the Vita’s software moves the Vita.
          Also, the Vita is a hand-cramping nightmare with suck-ass sticks.
          Enjoy that, bitch.

        3. Wait what’s a core gamer? I play a lot of 3ds and have a bunch of games and their all very good and play old ds titles as well so I don’t get what you mean

      1. Yeah, there are two models of the Vita and two price points – $249 for the WiFi and $299 for the 3G/WiFi. But that’s not the only inaccuracy in that article anyway. I had to kind of laugh when reading through it.

        Sad thing is, it was posted on a lot of sites where readers don’t know any better (like Yahoo News).

        1. I paid 215€ for my wifi with Uncharted and an 8Gb card but that was an offer by the shop itself…..It was a great deal anyways.

          1. Yeah, different retailers have good deals every now and then. I think the best one so far was Amazon’s Black Friday sale – $179 for the AC III Liberation Vita bundle (which came with the game, system, 4GB memory card), 3 months of PS+, PS All-Stars Battle Royale, and something else I think.

            But the main problem is, Sony does a crappy job at marketing.

            1. i agree. if sony would just market the damn thing and get some awesome exclusives for it, i would buy it in a heart beat. sony’s main problem is themselves.

              1. It has better exclusives than the 3DS, just saying.
                And I own both handhelds, I know what I’m talking about.

                    1. I meant that you won’t really know until you give all the good games a try. I only have a vita, and i can say without a doubt that the 3DS has games just as good or even better. When the other 3DS exclusives come out come out in a few months thenit will be more clear, cause they are on fire in japan.

                1. the only good exclusive i can even think of is uncharted, but mario 3d and resident evil revelations are far better games. and idon’t own a vita, but i sure have played the hell out of my friends vita. it’s a great system, and the new price point is pulling me a little closer to buying one, but seeing as i already have my pc, my 3dsxl, my wii u and my 360 each with a ton of games that im trying to finish, i don’t think i need another system right now lol

                  1. In my opinion,Resident evil revelations shits on uncharted.All that Uncharted has is story mode that is good,While Resident evil revelations has online AND ds download multiplayer,single player(normal,casual,snd Hell),endless missions,Raid mode with 3 levels of difficulty,and it supports the Circle Pad Pro.So I think we have a clear winner.

                    1. gyroscope aiming in revelations is awesome as well. that combined with everything you said makes it one of my favorite games that i’ve played in a while.

                    2. yeah, i mean i caved and got a vita since gamestop was selling a used white one with a game and a 4 gb memory card for $150. so far, playing marvel vs capcom 3 on the go is pretty good lol. i hope they start putting more games on it though, marvel vs capcom can only hold my interest for so long.

                2. If it did, i would own a VITA right, not a 3ds. Nice try though. Uncharted- is Uncharted, great(Uncharted 2 is my favorite game this gen). but ive beat 2 of the 3 ps3 games. Lbp- sucks especially against NSMB2/3d Land. Resistance bs-Sucks. Unit 13-decent, rather play revelations. Gravity rush- tried it, it was actually very good, but i’d rather play KI:U. AssCreed3 Lib.- LOL watered down port. COD:Blops 2 Declass.-No, fuck no. No rumble, spec ops missions, SMALLER Nuketown(how), really? Modnation racers- Sucks, MK7 smashes it and sonic racing shits on it on the vita itself lol. Persona- Great niche game, not enough to warrant a console purchase. Play station allstars- very good vita title graphically the same as the ps3 version, impressive. Still hate the scoring system. Yeah once smash bros hits nobody will remember PSABR. MGS HD collection; Its Metal Gear Solid… in HD.. ON THE GO! Sign me the fuck up. Not shitting on the Vita(I’ll get it when i come across another one at $180) but it’s current lineup is by no means better than the 3ds(yeah blah blah this is all subjective). Ive used my friends VITA enough times to come to that opinion and it doesn’t change the fact that some of those^ are great games(some are ass). @2013 will be a better year, with killzone and DRAGON’S CROWN coming. So turn that VITA frown upside down :)

                  1. You just don’t have any taste on games, so why pretend the 3DS has better games when it plain and simply does not

              2. Yeah, they are pretty stupid in that regard. I don’t expect much from them in that sense anymore. It may eventually lead to their demise, but for now, they’re fine.

                I hope something changes in their marketing tactics, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Next-gen, maybe?

                1. hopefully. i already plan on getting the nextbox since im a sucker for halo, but if sony brings something unique to the table that they are actually willing to support with advertising and games, i’ll get one for sure. but if they don’t update there controller, it’s a no. they have no excuses as to why they haven’t updated the look/feel of there controllers ever. i mean it was fine on the ps1, but that was more then 12 years ago.

    1. Completely agree. Between the 10 or so great Vita games (including Persona 4 Golden, which is currently eating my life) and many PSP titles I never got to, it’s getting more play-time than my 3DS. Too bad it’s not selling well, though.

    2. I do like it in some respects but the only game I play is gravity rush. That game is sooo amazing!

    3. I’d say it the opposite way: Despite it being an awesome handheld to have, Sony managed to make it a flopped product.
      Sadly, being awesome is meaningless if you cannot use it for what it was intended, to play games. Because there aren’t.

    4. Now if only a business could be successful based on a a few fans claiming it to be awesome.
      (“Few” in comparison to the rest of the mobile, handheld market.)

      The Titanic was “awesome,” but when you have poor vision and built hardware people don’t want or can’t afford, your ship sinks.

      1. Except there was no implication of making this 3DS related or even a comparison made.

        Just fanboy gloating.

        Only purpose to this article was “haha vita failed”

        Which is the shame because the vita is a damn good handheld. If they did lower the price it probably would do better. Sold like crazy for 180 on Black Friday.

      1. LOL i bet you’re one of the “Sony Fanboys Who Say Shit About Nintendo and then Complains Nintendo Fanboys Are Ganging Up on Them”

        1. He isn’t a fanboy you twat. He has a bit of common sense unlike you Nintendo fanboys. He has stated time and time again that he enjoys ALL consoles.

    1. Obviously, it’s just the usual flame bait for more hits and arguments in the comments. Typical MNN shit.

      1. l love my 3ds. kid icarus is a blast. my son is currentely trying to sell his vita. nintendo just seems to know how to make a better handheld experience.

        1. Oh really? I find the Vita experience much better. Nintendo’s experience became stale quickly.

      2. Apparently you missed the part about this being stated by an unbiased source.
        Sorry te truth hurts, but all you arrogant fuckers that think using the word “fanboys” makes you more mature or better than the rest of us are making fools of yourselves, just as much as the “fanboys” you like to place yourself over.

  1. Shame. I’d hate to see Nintendo have a monopoly in the dedicated handhold gaming market. As much as I like Nintendo, no company should have a monopoly over anything

    1. Well, technically Nintendo did have a Handheld Monopoly for a while with the Gameboy and Gameboy Color before the PSP or Smartphones even Existed…(Nintendo’s an Old Dog, but I’m Sure they can learn New tricks to bring casuals to buy their handhelds & not just Smartphones).

        1. yeah but as you’re saying.. lesser known.. they weren’t even nearly as successful as the gameboy
          nintendo had a virtual handheld monopoly back then

        1. As I said, mainly bad marketing.

          The Vita is at a reasonable price. The only thing that is a bit obnoxious are the proprietary memory cards which I agree – that needs to come down. However, price doesn’t matter when marketing is done well. Microsoft and Apple can both testify to that fact.

          There are tons of games, a lot of good ones too, but people just don’t know because they’re not marketed.

        2. Has the games, and the price in practice has proven to be reasonable. Perhaps even more so than the 3DS itself thanks to PlayStation Plus.

          next, please.

          1. I’m interested in getting a Vita, but don’t know what games I should get. Suggestions?
            And any news about the Vita eventually being able to play PSP games through some update or anything?

  2. Another story where Nintendrones will immedeatly jizz in their pants.
    Just a little funfact for you.
    Nintendo managed loose money even with the Wii.
    They didn’t loose any money during the Gamecube era even though it was sold far less often…….

    1. Not to act like this article should be here but just because they may have lost some money, they made an overall profit off of the Wii. Just saiyan.

        1. because it was completely wrong?
          they made a loss during the past year .. that’s 5 years of high positive balances and 1 year of a slightly negative balance during which the wii was available.. how exactly is that an overall loss?
          not to mention that most of that loss was caused by the botched launch of the 3DS

          1. I was NOT talking about an overall losss. I talked about how they had times where they lost money and I added that they didn’t loose anything with the Gamecube.

            1. so? they still had a lot more overall winnings with the wii than they had with the gamecube
              and as mentioned the 3DS was the primary reason for the loss
              i don’t see how it matters

    2. Wow.
      The facts are right in front of your faces, and you and the other anti-nintendo factions still can’t accept a product failure.

      Really? This is why Sony is nose-diving, this is the ignorant people that make up it’s fanbase.

      You guys can’t accept hard facts. Your best and only defence is to come here, a NINTENDO site, and insult us.

      3rd. Fucking. Grade.

      1. Ignorant people are in EVERY fanbase. Nintendo’s fanbase is just as bad. So why aren’t they nose diving hmmm?

  3. I don’t have a PS Vita, but I don’t like Sony as a company for many reasons. They tend to make bad decisions. This console was one, and their lack of marketing would make anyone go, “what the hell did you expect to happen?” I would rather buy a PSP for many reasons. The games on the system don’t even interest me. It was Sony’s move to make more money, just like the much UN-NEEDED PS3 Super Slim.

  4. Onoes!! If the vita dies, nintendo might get lazy!! They already f’ed up the 2012 holiday season for the 3ds, but if they have no competition they might decide to focus all their attention on the wii u :(

  5. Good. They were sass holes with their release. Calling 3DS incompetent and all. Who’s incompetent now, Vita?

  6. I’d consider getting the Vita if Sony holds off on next gen and partners the Vita with the PS3 a la Wii U and its gamepad. (I own a PS3 btw and am getting a Wii U next week.)

      1. that would be cool. although it would be kindof weird with only two shoulder buttons and non clickable analoge. if sony shows a lot of support for there next system, and integrates some kind of inovative feature with the vita, and finally update there damn controller, i’ll buy one.

    1. you’ll never get the same amount of support with 2 seperate game systems as you will with the wii u
      most developers can’t and won’t cater to that.. you can’t create a game that requires a vita to be played because then no one who doesn’t own both consoles will be able to play them as they were intended to be played
      i wouldn’t get my hopes up that it will ever amount to more than a gimmick

  7. The Vita has one big problem!!! And this is that the Vita is NOT from Nintendo and so it has no Nintendo First Party Games!!! The Vita is a Great Console, but will allways have not the innovative Games like the ones on Nintendo Consoles!!! Sony is only good in copying Games and hardware from Nintendo, and thats why they will allways stay at the second place!!!

  8. The Vita is just too damn expensive
    Reduce the price to the 3DS price
    Reduce the memory card price
    Or better yet

              1. That critic almagamation site says its decent, that dude doesnt like that game. who the fuck cares if he does or doesnt like it and does not want to buy it or does want to buy it. Who are you, actually, to tell him what he should like or buy? what’s slow is your insistance that you or anyone else is the god damn bemchmark and last word on what is or isnt awesome.

          1. Because a game getting a high rating means someone can’t find it shit. Guess everyone should love Brawl.

              1. By that logic, nearly every title you continuously denounce on Nintendo systems are gold, saying to me that your opinions are baseless and filled with a pointless hatred. Please discontinue.

                To the topic at hand, the vita, I think it’s a very capable handheld, Sony doesn’t make me want one, but that is their fault due to marketing. It doesn’t have the games I’m interested in but that is due only to opinion and preference, others surely feel differently. It’s capable, has good games, o just believe it needs to be marketed differently (personally I don’t want a ps3 in my hand, I’d rather have the ps3 experience on my ps3 where it’s best, give me a vita experience, whatever that is, otherwise there is no reason for me to have both if they give me relatively the same thing, only reason I buy both the Nintendo console and the handheld is because they are unique)

              2. good point. majority rule. so if i dont like a game but a majority of people do, i am straight up obligated to buy and play that game whether i like it or not, and call it decent whether i think it isnt or not because a lot of people do and id be wrong to express my opinion because a majority rule based on collective opinion renders those who share a differeng opinion is just wrong despite the subjectivity of it.

                you make a lot of sense guy.

            1. EVERYBODY SHOULD LOVE BRAWL THAT S*** IS AMAZING the mods make it even more so. Melee fanboys hate on it all day tho :/

  9. I still think we got better games when Nintendo didnt have competition.
    The vita could be a good device, but for handhelds the 3ds has better games + all the ds games compatibility, and for the price of the vita i would get a smarthphone first.

      1. The only tech for gaming i want is in my 3ds, and i want the smarthphone for a lot of things, except for gaming.

      2. no not really
        the psvita uses the PowerVR SGX543 (which is tablet hardware not smartphone hardware by the way)
        i’m not aware of any non apple tablets that use that chip so it doesn’t make for a good comparison as we all know that apple hardware is overpriced
        the tegra 3 however is equally powerful and can be found in some cheaper tablets such as the google nexus 7 or the asus transformer pad

        both can be had for the price of a vita

          1. i wish i could drop a dime and get a 700 dollar product. so what if people choose to spend thier money on one thing or another. people buy what they like or want, whats it to anyone?

  10. When do the stupid Sony Fanboys understand that graphical power of a console is NOT everything??? I think never, and thats why they will fail all the time!!! Innovation is the Key, and innovation is not only more hardware power!!!

    1. Because sony fanboys are stupid, they only care about graphics, i have played Uncharted and god of war, those are good games but not amazing games, they are extremely overrated, like halo.

      1. Ok :) Actually i likes the first halo game alot and it was really cool at the time it came out :)

        1. I know i loved halo 2, but they are not something amazing, i mean the conduit is way better than halo

          1. What? ._. The Conduit? No…..

            It had a great concept but was poorly executed. Believe me, I was more excited than anyone to get my hands on that game when it first came out and I’m not too much a fan of Halo…. The Conduit was not better than any Halo game I have played. ;/

            It was a nice attempt though.

            1. For me it was an amazing game, it was the first time i pointed at the screen with a controller to kill anemies, shaking the wiimote for melee and the nunchuck for nades, it was really fun and multiplayer was great until hackers invaded :'(

            2. sorry, it wasnt an attempt. He liked conduit better, you did not. youre opinion does not change the fact he enjoyed conduit over halo, his opinion does not change the fact you enjoyed halo more. youre both wrong and youre both right. argument is pointless.

    2. Sony fans especially the new ones fail to grasp that Nintendo innovates and has the worlds best games studios.

      1) Nintendo EAD
      2) Capcom

      Need I say more?

  11. LOL! I’m not surprised. Nintendo DOMINATES the handheld market. Every time I heard someone talk about the Vita, I rolled my eyes. Though I roll my eyes any time Sony is talked about in general. Microsoft too. Ugh!

  12. Words of wisdom directed to Sony, ” pride Cometh before a fall.” The 3DS will be destroyed by the Vita the said, the Vita shall make the 3DS they said. 3DS the true definition of innovation and gaming personified. Nintendo! Now you are playing with fire :).

    1. 3DS has not done anything innovative whatsoever…

      the 3D effect was no more than a gimmick and Nintendo themselves rarely acknowledge it.

      Besides that, everything done on the 3DS hardware-wise is done bettter by the Vita, and that is a fact.

      1. Aeoulus logic.
        Everything nintendo does isnt innovative, just gimmicky!
        Everything that makes nintendo, sony can make it better.
        You cry too much kid, gaming doesnt need power, needs imagination.

        1. more like pkstarstormomega trying to spin my words into what he wants it to look like

          3ds lacks imagination and any compelling software for the core gamer, which is exactly why it sucks in the U.S.

          1. what constitutes a core gamer? someone who plays a certain type of game? the kind of games i play? the kind of games you play? what if i play all types but sometimes i play just one type for a few months or even a year? what if i own all the systems? there is no core gamer. that term is something your type of people invented to distinguish yourself from people who dont play or like the type of games you play to put yourself on some kind of pedestal as a group of people who are the last word on quality, whats cool, whats fun, whats worth buying, etc. to pretend you matter in some small way because for whatever reason in your real lives dont matter. And guess what? anyone o you who label themselves or anyone else as core gamers or hardcore gamers, you dont matter. heres why: you acknowledge youre a minority, you accept or claim there arent many of you left, and by that fact no one is going to cater to your whining tantrums anymore because there arent enough of you to buy the amount of games necessary to make anything profitable. Or, tknow, there are plenty of fucking people out there who are also what youd deem hardcore or core gamers who arent a bunch of pissy whiny exclusionary mealy mouthed fucks sitting there trying to dictate to everyone else how they should game, what games they play, what is good or terrible and if anyones opinion doesnt align with thiers theyre retarded stupid or lame.

          2. That’s funny because western gamers aren’t exacly ‘core gamers’ if you look at what simple games they love and buy the most (call of duty and cinematic bullcrap movies). Actually Japanese gamers are the only hardcore gamers in the world because they play everything they LIKE and not based on whats supposed to be hardcore like you. Also Japanese gamers play hardcore RPG’s (Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Chrono Trigger, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts) which aren’t popular at western gamers at all. They don’t play games like O-look-at-me-walking-straightforward-only-and-solving-puzzles-with-a-single-button-but-my-graphics-make-up-for-it?-games like you love because you can’t handle a challenge or try something new. Those are casual games. So I’d say the 3DS is more hardcore than the Vita because it sells a tremendously amount more in Japan. 3DS isn’t selling that great in Europe/US because it doesn’t have casual games like Call of Duty of Fifa.

      2. Pretty graphics don’t show proof of anything. The one thing vita can’t do better is make for a more fun experience.

        1. Except it clearly has as evident by its games getting constant nominations over 3DS titles.

          So what does the 3DS do better? Collect dust.

          1. Collect dust what are vitas doing right now?
            Collecting dust on shelves.
            Which handheld system is not flying off shelves and therefore not pushing software you guessed it the vita.

            if you want to sit here talk trash spit your game with numbers son post numbers of the number one selling game on the ps vita and I will post 3 games prob more that have sold better on the 3ds.

            1. What Vitas? The one bought by Nintendorks too poor to afford anything else? Possibly.

              Oh, you meant on shelves? Such amazing logic. /s

              once again, nobody but brand loyalists cares about sales figures. a gamer cares about gaming.

              from what I can tell, you are not a gamer, you’re a sheep.

              1. and yet you claim to know what *others* are doing with their 3DS (i.e. letting them collect dust)
                you’re not a gamer you’re a presumptuous troll

              2. If you still believe that the sells of a console means nothing and are not important, than you know less than i thought you know about videogames!!! The problem is, no developer supports a console that has low sales, and no support for a console means less games and less games means less sales and less sales means less good quality games ;)

                Man how damm stupid are you??? :D

              3. Your so right sir logic is worse than the your lame nintendorks reference. How can you be so arrogant about something you clearly have no knowledge about. Lets talk business strategy. Make a product and hope it sells. If it sells it attracts more publishers and developers therefore increasing your revenue stream.
                Phase two lets look at what we sold far below our expectations should we lower the price and sell more nope lets stay stubborn and hope that we will pick up sales. Sales still suck but guess what we will stay on the sinking ship because we haven’t learned humility.

                Also as far as brand loyalist you make no sense why are you riding sonys small jock because there def producing original ip’s on there handheld that aren’t on there home console.
                So just to bring you back my logic is sale tyour product and make money don’t sell your product and make no money be honest what do you think so is struggling to do.

          2. “Except it clearly has as evident by its games getting constant nominations over 3DS titles”


            looks almost like a tie to me with a slight advantage for the 3DS but that can be attributed to it having been released earlier than the vita



            but who am i kidding i can’t really expect any measure of objectivity from you

            1. “looks almost like a tie to me with a slight advantage for the 3DS but that can be attributed to it having been released earlier than the vita”

              then why even post this? it was out for much more months so obviously it would have more games with reviews available

              how’s the 3ds 2013 forecast holding up? … oh right.

              my bad

              1. “then why even post this?”

                maybe you can’t follow your own train of thought so i’ll sum it up for you

                some guy: “The one thing vita can’t do better is make for a more fun experience.”

                you: “Except it clearly has as evident by its games getting constant nominations over 3DS titles.”

                or maybe you’re unclear about the meaning of the word “tie”?

                  1. who is dodging here?
                    do i really have to explain to you what “tie” means? it pretty much renders the statement you made invalid

                    in case you forgot said statement:
                    “Except it clearly has as evident by its games getting constant nominations over 3DS titles.”

                    it really isn’t that hard to grasp

              2. The 3ds is killing the vita in all aspects a spade is a spade.
                If you took the time you see that the 3ds has many great games as well as potentual good games.


                I didn’t want to do more searches I will leave that to you so that you can try to debunk me.
                The point is you often write a check your ass can’t cash and rather than be rational and admit to being wrong you love to try to state bad facts.

                So sir how is the vitas 2013 sales forecast holding up?…. oh right
                my bad.

                1. i can’t wait to play outdoors unlimited, 50 classic games, word wizard 3d, professional fisherman tour, petz countryside…damn son this eases all of my 3ds concerns, this portable is the shit and delivers all the games im looking for

                  funny how you didn’t post the vita’s upcoming games and attempted to swaggerjack my last line

                  …is it fear?

                  1. I bet those games sell better on the 3ds than the vita son.
                    You don’t have a idea what swagger is swaggerjack is there such a thing how can you jack what a person never had.
                    Also is you knew about swagger you know no matter what you could never lose it. Also swagger is often overused by some like yourself.
                    Also the first 5 games on that list will sell more than a million each give me 5 psv games.

                    1. again with the sales…seems that’s the only thing you can use at this point.

                      also lol, you wouldn’t want to place any bets on that last part, buddy. ;)

                    2. So sony made the vita not to sale? what kind of backwoods logic is that. Dude if you don’t sale units where are you getting support. If you want to be that the top 5 games on that link will sale a million in there lifetime I will take that bet gladly. Oh yeah and that is globally.
                      Over 30 million people have voted with there dollars the 3ds is a better system than the vita. Before you say technology this and that yes i know that vita is a awesome handheld but the fact remains if sales don’t pick up next year it’s over.

            1. Pretty sure collecting dust in a home is much worse considering the consumer has effectively wasted their money as opposed to not buying a damn product at all…


              1. nah collecting dust in a home is better since it at least comes as a positive for the company….. and if the owner loses faith in it getting more games to make it worth having, there’s always the option of selling for a lower price to someone who would enjoy it. collecting dust on shelves or in warehouses doesn’t really benefit anybody

          3. Aeolus Sony’s sulkiness has you confusing the two lol. The vita is chilling on store shelves waiting for next Christmas lol.

      3. WAIT, so the Vita has more than 2 cameras facing the front and more than 1 camera facing you with better quality than the 3DS???

        1. Neither have better quality than the other. Two doesn’t make a 0.3mp turd any less of a turd as well.

          and I fail to see why this matters for gaming as well

      4. Now really, whats wrong with you??? why do you hate Nintendo so much??? did no one wanted to play with you when you are young??? Has Nintendo ruined your live??? Do you think Mario is ugly??? I mean why??? you waste so much time in your live to write in a forum and to show everyone how god damm stupid you are instead of playing great Nintendo games!!! trust me there are alot of great games nnintendo consoles that you miss in your live, youre a poor guy!!!

      5. what is gaming in general other than a gimmick?
        i’ve seen the 3D effect and it works quite well and while i’m definitely no fan of 3D i can see why it attracts so many buyers.. nothing quite like this ever existed before so yes it’s definitely innovative you can’t deny that

        as for hardware power.. the PowerVR SGX543 used in the vita is so outdated already (the new ipad is using a chip 3 times as powerful) as to be insignificant in relative comparison
        handheld gaming was never about the greatest graphics, and if hardware power was everything that concerned gamers the PC would still be the king of the hill

        1. “i’ve seen the 3D effect and it works quite well and while i’m definitely no fan of 3D i can see why it attracts so many buyers..”

          and that is precisely where I stopped reading for that paragraph if you seriously think people are attracted to that feature of the device

          as for the latter, the discussion is of the two dedicated handheld products…I don’t care about the other mobile devices outside of the dedicated handheld market as I’ve already known this.

          1. “and that is precisely where I stopped reading for that paragraph if you seriously think people are attracted to that feature of the device”

            err yes they are ;)
            i personally know of 2 people who bought it mostly because of the 3D and only secondly because they enjoy nintendo games

            go ahead and call them retarded, “not real gamers” or whatever you do in situations you don’t know what else to say

            “as for the latter, the discussion is of the two dedicated handheld products…I don’t care about the other mobile devices outside of the dedicated handheld market as I’ve already known this.”

            and it still holds true that hardware power is not of the utmost importance to most gamers, especially in a handheld
            only to elitist idiots who think more GFLOPS somehow improve their handheld gaming experience on a screen that is too small to display any elaborate detail to begin with
            it really just comes down the the games that are being offered
            if you’re part of that group: my condolences, you’re apparently delusional

            1. “err yes they are ;)
              i personally know of 2 people who bought it mostly because of the 3D and only secondly because they enjoy nintendo games”

              great, you know a whopping, universe-halting 2 people who use it for the 3D effect out of the 21 million owners throughout the world, what an amazing way to prove that wrong. I’m actually wondering if this is the real kehool posting, this is one of the worst things I’ve seen you type tbh.

              “and it still holds true that hardware power is not of the utmost importance to most gamers, especially in a handheld
              only to elitist idiots who think more GFLOPS somehow improve their handheld gaming experience on a screen that is too small to display any elaborate detail to begin with
              it really just comes down the the games that are being offered
              if you’re part of that group: my condolences, you’re apparently delusional”

              hardware power will matter for me (I’m positive I’m not extremely alone with this) when it comes to experiences that simply cannot be replicated on inferior hardware, this holds true for the wii. I like to be immersed in the experience, not to be downright horrible visuals and as a result, be subjected to certain third parties skipping the platform altogether because it is unsuitable for their goals.

              yes, certain tablets can outperform the vita. but how often are you actually getting mobile games that really show this and have nearly flawless execution in every aspect (especially controls)

              1. “great, you know a whopping, universe-halting 2 people who use it for the 3D effect out of the 21 million owners throughout the world, what an amazing way to prove that wrong. ”

                and what exactly do i see coming from you? that’s all very convincing ;)

                “hardware power will matter for me (I’m positive I’m not extremely alone with this) when it comes to experiences that simply cannot be replicated on inferior hardware, this holds true for the wii. I like to be immersed in the experience, not to be downright horrible visuals and as a result, be subjected to certain third parties skipping the platform altogether because it is unsuitable for their goals.”

                and you’re comparing a console to a handheld
                i agree that hardware power is a significant for a console (tho even on consoles many gamers don’t seem to mind low hardware power or ps3/xbox 360 sales wouldn’t be as high as they are)
                but on a handheld with its 5 inch screen and quarter full HD resolution? really?
                simultaneous multiplats on handhelds aren’t that common either

                and if a developer really wants to have the best hardware available for his game rather than to develop for a very successful handheld, which the 3DS obviously is, they’ll prolly skip the vita altogether and flock to one of the more powerful upcoming dedicated gaming handhelds powered with android, which is one of the side effects of the rapid development in mobile processing power.. that’s the reason why i mentioned it in the first place, not the tablets are the big competition, the actual handhelds are

                1. The problem with that last part is that the 3DS isn’t exactly “successful” stateside. While it obviously has a better LTD with the overall sales than the original 3DS, the real region it booms in happens to be Japan. I really don’t think that development on those android handhelds would be a wise move at all. But they can do what they want with those if they hope to achieve a technical masterpiece on a mobile device…as long as they don’t expect it to get anywhere at least.
                  The Vita is ultimately the next best option for such a developer, especially when core titles seem to fair well on that platform. Also, I think you’re undermining the Vita’s power a bit. The SGX543MP4 inside of it is a very capable GPU for a device of its form factor and size imo, if there are comparable devices within similar dimensions, then do feel free to post them.

                  I’m actually curious as to which android handhelds are these … I rarely see or hear of much of them at all.

                  1. how is an android handheld any different from the vita or the 3DS? you have analog sticks, a touchscreen, the necessary buttons and triggers.. everything you need for a handheld

                    additionally the android handheld can be a *lot* more versatile than either the 3DS or the vita.. just like a tablet

                    an upcoming example is the archos gamepad which is cheaper than the vita, has a bigger screen and a more powerful SoC
                    i’m sure there’s more devices slated for release and if this concept proves to be successful there will be more in the future which will feature even more powerful SoCs.. if power was the primary concern for developers they would have far better offerings than the vita

                    by the end of june the 3DS had sold over 2 times more units in the US alone than the vita had worldwide by the end of july (2.2m worldwide as compared to 5 million in the US – i couldn’t find any more recent figures for the vita but the 3DS is apparently at over 6 million by now)

                    it’s not as successful as some of the earlier handhelds i.e. PSP or DS and it got off to a rough start but it’s by far the most successful recently released handheld out there and market saturation is a big point of interest for many developers.. that’s of course not always enough as the wii shows.. but the technical limitations of the console (not the actual hardware power.. most engines can be made to scale to virtually any device e.g. UE3 which runs on smartphones aswell) such as the very complex and clumsy patching process made the wii very unattractive to many developers
                    of course the multi screen output of the 3DS is going to put off some developers aswell… but those wouldn’t develop for the 3DS even if it was more powerful

              2. well then if you personally hold that opinion then everyone else has to because youre the fkn authority, obviously.

  13. Basically the common trend is bigger and better hardware won’t necessarily sale a system. It’s about doing something different at a reasonable price point.

    Case in oint ps3 and xbox lost to the wii.
    psp lost to the ds.
    PSV losing to the 3ds.

    If history repeats itself wii u could be the next gen winner.
    I’m not a anylist and I don’t pretend to know all that good stuff but if history repeats itself nintendo should be ok.

  14. I like Sony products, but the expensive price tag, the purchasing of their expensive memory card, and failure of quality games, is why the Vita is failing. The 3ds would be in the same bolt, if Nintendo didn’t take aggressive measures. Sony needs to do the same!

          1. You clearly misunderstood, he was referring to your opinion, which is what it is, that the vita has better games. I think the 3ds has better games, but that too is my opinion. You can’t take something that is subjective and state it as fact

  15. I dont have a Vita nor do I intend to purchase one anytime soon, but this seems rather harsh. I dont like when people rush to call things a flop just for the sake of trash talking. Vita is a good device but Sony just needs to be smarter about how to sell it as clearly its not selling itself right now.

  16. when are we going to get the “Sonyntendo DSP”, where sony makes the hardware and nintendo makes the games. i want one of those.

    man i’d get a vita because that thing seems cool as heck, but there aren’t enough games for it that i want, and that’s what i buy systems for in the first place. i’ll probably end up getting one in a year or something. no need to rush because video games aren’t going anywhere and etc.

  17. Ehhhh,.the Sales of the PSV are poor but I think it’ll pick up and the Vite will be alright. it wont beat the 3DS but it probably wont End up being a Failure.

    1. I like 3ds games much more but also enjoy some Vita games (Persona Golden 4, Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, Super stardust delta) and I’m sure there will be more games worth having for both handhelds. I think i will enjoy both just like i do with DS and PSP (DS more though). Owning both systems is great.

  18. I said it when the Vita came out, the Vita is DOA. The only game device I regret getting was the PSP. I learned my lesson and so did many other people. Sony should just cut their loss and stop selling the Vita, no one wants it. I can play PS1 games on my PSP, there is no reason to buy a Vita. The rear touch pad was the stupidest thing I ever saw and the dual analogs are not comfortable. It’s not comfortable or as accurate as a Playstation controller, plus it’s missing two buttons so stop saying its console quality, it’s not console quality but it costs just as much.

  19. This is the first time the media is saying something about Sony Playstations failure. They also like to ignore the epic failure of the PSP Go.

          1. I still think the Vita needs to take lessons from the 3DS.
            The 3DS, and all of Nintendo’s handhelds have all had unique games, and often game like Zelda and Metroid stick to 2D on handhelds, to give a different experience, rather than a game thats got a better ps3 version. Also, they seem to forget its portable, having a big story driven game like Uncharted on a portable isnt wise, need a game that ou can play for just 10 or 30 minutes, and feel like you got somewhere, thats why Paper Mario Sticker Star is level based.

                1. Personally, I have enjoyed games like DJMax Technika Tune, PS All-Stars, New Little King’s Story, LBP PS Vita, Sound Shapes, Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048, Retro City Rampage, Rayman Origins, Escape Plan, Virtua Tennis 4, Super Stardust Delta, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Lumines Electronic Symphony, to name a few.

                  There are also some other bite sized games and apps like Treasure Park, Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, and Frobisher Says. Can’t forget the PS Mobile Vita games like Lemmings, Samurai Beatdown, Beats Slider, Beats Trellis, and Super Crate Box.

                  That’s just from off of the top of my head. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting. They have all been enjoyable thus far. Some more than others.

  20. Every single comment on this page relates to biased “hardcore” gamers denying the truth, it’s kind of ridiculous. As far as the Vita goes, it’s failing because it is the equivalent of the PS3 at launch, nobody wants something so expensive especially when it has a piss-poor selection of games. That’s the truth

    1. “nobody wants something so expensive especially when it has a piss-poor selection of games. That’s the truth”

      actually, that is round and round false.

  21. The fuck this shit gotta do with Nintendo??? Although i enjoy my 3ds, I see lots of potential in the Vita. Shitty marketing is all it comes down to (it is Sony after all). It also seems expensive for companies to make HD games for a handheld console thats not doing well when they could pretty much do the same type of games for mobile, tablets, and even the 3ds. It hasent even been a year though, so I wouldnt say its failing just yet. Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Persona 4, AC Liberation…..Vita aint goin nowhere just yet.

    1. You’re right, this has nothing to do with Nintendo. It probably doesn’t really belong on My Nintendo News, and I’m saying this as a Mario fanboy.

      I would like to see more unity in the video game community (at least, more “You and I have opinions! Let’s live in harmony and play games!”) and less flame wars over which consoles are the mightiest or have the best libraries. I’m such a Mario fanboy that New Super Mario Bros. U sold me on the Wii U. I’m sure that thousands of PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 owners will deride the heck out of me for admitting this and say I have really terrible tastes in gaming, but you know what? I’m not here to hate Sony and Microsoft fanboys. I’m here to love Mario.

      The PS Vita being called a “flop” isn’t Nintendo news; it’s fuel for an unnecessary flame war.

      1. The flame war happens here no matter what gets posted. Its gaming news, its in the same market as the 3ds and doing unbelievably bad. There were plenty of people who honestly thought that the VITA was the second coming or something. It came, started out strong, then tapered off and is BOMBING. I don’t see the appeal of fighting over toys so I prefer to discuss than argue over trivial shit that won’t matter in the long run. Console gaming is dying, I would rather enjoy what i’d call one of the last generations of “Traditional gaming” instead of getting into a pissing match with some asshat who doesn’t buy my games, because once Nintendo and Sony are gone. So am I.

  22. I have both a vita and a 3ds. They are both great consoles but IMO the vita has the best potential to be an amaZing console but so far it isn’t doing nothing hopefully it picks up tho. The 3ds is the current leader but that does not mean everything else sucks or that the 3ds is better. Basically, more people are buying the 3ds because of all the marketing it has and the fact that they know nintendo is a trustworthy company in which they can invest with quality games. Sony doesn’t really stand a big chance if it doesn’t market anything and it really hasn’t marketed much this year. I hope they can do better this coming year

  23. Dont be sore aeolus. The vita is great has lot of features but they were not marketed well and the price and memory cards. But the biggest problem the games are made up of mediocre ps3 games and multiplats and lack lustre exclusive (resistance, ac3 liberation and cod were ridiculous) after the get the console experience on a portale rubbish (cod). And gravity rush was an awesome game with boring combat, the gravity stuff is nice but wears off quickly. Who will buy liberations after the buggy but superior ac3 on consoles the vita needs to be its own system you dont see nintendo bringing wii games to the 3ds or making a dual zelda for wii u and 3ds(all the cross buy games). And make good games like uprising with the so called bad controls is awesome 90% of the people i know who have played the game said it was amazing.

  24. I hate to think that Sony is like the next Sega (or at least not too far from it) why does it feel like nobody is following our gaming history, and learn from it, but instead Sony is following the same path as them. :/

    1. oh and in the 4 or so years i bet that Nintendo is gonna come up with an HD handheld as well if not a little bit longer.

  25. Sure but i want to see what they will implemet after the all the prototypes pictures of what might be wii u that was released an curious to see