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Retro City Rampage Arrives Next Month On Wii And Xbox 360

Retro_City_Rampage_screenshotVblank Entertainment’s action-adventure, open world game, Retro City Rampage, launched a couple months ago on the PlayStation Network and Steam. The game, which is inspired by Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, will be released on WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade in January 2013.

28 thoughts on “Retro City Rampage Arrives Next Month On Wii And Xbox 360”

    1. Yeah. This guy packed TONS of geek and pop culture references in the game that will take you back through a few decades. I got it for PS3/Vita when it first launched and thought it was a well crafted satire and homage to the 8-bit era and geek culture throughout the ages. Quite an achievement since it was developed by one guy.

      1. HEY……I’m MrRetroJunkie, but when I posted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY dekuplushdoll”, it says Anonymous. What the heck?

  1. I’m not sure it would translate well to the 3DS unless they can increase the sprite size. Even on a large TV the character sprites are teeny tiny. Still, this is an amazing game and I highly recommend it to retro gaming fans, though you can enjoy it without getting the references for sure. I’m very glad to see it coming to Wii. They should port it to the Wii U as well, saving Wii U owners the hassle of booting up the Wii U then booting up the Wii channel then booting up the game every time they wish to play it. I nabbed it the 1st day it was available on PSN and the game is a love letter to the 80s/90s!

    1. Side note: It is one guy who made this game and has been working on it for the past 7 years. Unless he sees some good profits across all platforms, chances are he will not port it to the Wii U any time soon.

      I’m in contact with him though, so I could ask if you’re interested.

  2. I can never get into these kinda games, while I appreciate these kinds of games and recognize the place that sprites games hold in gaming history as well as the inspiration they provide I can’t pick up and play a game like this for an extended period of time when I’ve got Far Cry 3, skyrim or ocarina of time 3d. Its a niche i suppose.

  3. Seems a bit off that he wouldn’t toss it on Wii U what with the Wii being practically dead and the Wii U having the tablet for offscreen play

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