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Mario Would Look Like This If He Were Part Link And Part Samus

Talented artist Wil Overton worked on the final Nintendo Gamer covers, and subscribers to the British magazine are getting a special cover that features Nintendo mascot Mario dressed in parts of Samus’ suit and Link’s outfit. Apparently, Link’s boots are no good for stomping Goombas – so, instead, Mario’s only option is to squash the living daylights out of them. Poor, unfortunate Goomba.

85 thoughts on “Mario Would Look Like This If He Were Part Link And Part Samus”

            1. Is it really news when a magazine has a cover every month? Why not just go and call every opinion in it news as well.

              Plus, try fix those anger issues you appear to have. It makes you look like an absolute moron.

  1. …so how’s he gonna grab the sword with no hand…they should’ve put samus’ cannon on the same side as the shield, would’ve looked bad@ss and more functional. :P

  2. I guess your running out of stories, he wouldn’t save the princess cause he would have Zelda and Samus’lady parts……..

  3. Three shitty characters(except samus) MIXED IN ONE !! GENIUS !! HAHAHA , Sony characters like ratchet and clank,nathan drake, Kratos, Jk and daxter , sly cooper are WAY BETTER than those shit cunts.

    1. >Three shitty characters (except samus)

      You can’t count, can you? Also … your grammar is still appalling Nessy! I’ll be happy to tutor you? :3

      1. Really?? is grammar your only insult? How sad , I thought you werent a fanboy and had some credibility but I guess I was wrong , it turns out you’re just a drone with lame insults and is a grammar nazi. And your grammar also failed because you put a question mark at the end of a sentence that Isnt even a question,fail there cunt.

        1. >Calls me sad.
          >Spends all his/her time trolling on this site.

          Oh lawdy!

          Also, I thought you didn’t care about grammar Nessy! My word your a special one. :3

        2. Also, couldn’t you read that I said you couldn’t count!

          My word Nessy, did you have a bit of trouble passing grade 1 literature? :3

        3. Hang on, I’m a drone? LMAO!

          Sorry babe, I’m more a PC/Sony fan myself. ;)

          I just like what all companies have to offer and I have fun annoying trolls. ;)

          1. Well Shitty , you pretty much suck shitendos black dick 24/7 and you are just plain annoying,that’s why I barely reply to you. And besides how is your BOYFRIEND?? HAHAHA LOL !! You pathetic drone , please just stop being such a fanboy , and if you love grammar so much why don’t you marry it? Haha shitcunt

            1. My God, do you ever shut up? This is terrible, and youc all yourself a troll.

            2. My girlfriend is fine thanks! And you’re calling me annoying? :3 Well … isn’t that a bit hypocritical.

              Also, why is fanboy your only insult considering I’ve stated I prefer other companies more so you illiterate 2 year old fuck? :3

              And lastly, your grammar is still that of a little kids Nessy!

    2. Those characters have no real history or depth. These three saved gaming, as well as becoming the “faces” of gaming. Your welcome.

    3. Kratos is just “HHHRRUUHGHG!! REVENGE!!!!”. Not exactly got depth to his character.

      The other characters are great though.
      But Mario, Link and Samus are beyond classic

        1. I never said he had depth, but hes not supposed to. But in a cinematic game like God of War, it needs it.

          And Mario is the biggest most successful character ever, with over 700 million game sales in his name. Clealry he’s doing something right

        2. Well … he’s been a bit more successful, I sure would love to be the creator of Mario … Imagine the money he is raking in. O_O

        1. Lol impersonating me because you’re jelous your not popular On this site as I am?? Haha fuck off you silly drone, Nintendo sucks my farts through a straw!

          1. What we’ve confirmed about Ness:

            He’s a girl (as confirmed by Aeolus)
            He’s got a split personality (as confirmed by Personality 2)

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