Dragon Quest X Beta To Be Included With Japanese Wii U Premium


Japanese consumers who purchase the 32GB Premium Wii U console will be entitled to download the beta for the highly anticipated Dragon Quest X. Those that purchase either the Premium console or the Monster Hunter Ultimate pack will receive a unique beta code for the game. Any progress that is made in the beta will be transferable to the retail version of Dragon Quest X.


42 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Beta To Be Included With Japanese Wii U Premium

      1. do not bother me. we get a special Zombi U premium pack which gives us same as black premium pack but with zombi u and the Wii U pro controller for like 30 quid extra. the package is 330 and dear but if you intend on buying Nintendo land and zombi u then you find it it ends up cheaper and get you get more


    1. I hope so as well. The fact that you can transfer the progress to the retail version is a godsend because I know I’m not the only one who would love a feature such as that.


    1. indeed , sir !!! the wii is currently the fastest selling console of all time , not for much longer !!! I think Nintendo should of got wii fit U ready for launch though , that would sky rocket sales for the casual fitness mum’s.v


    1. Probably a few reasons…I think DQ is bigger in Japan than it is here. Its kind of a shame though that the beta is just for Japan…I’m not really a DQ fan so I dont mind, but it would have been cool for Nintendo though to allow it for the western fans


  1. I am seriously jealous of Japan right now. Oh well at least I don’t have to wait as long and Nintendoland doesn’t look too bad. I also have the feeling that New Super Mario Bros. U, Assassin’s Creed III, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Darksiders II will take up most of my game time anyways. I am craving DQX and MH3 Ultimate however…


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