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Best Buy Sell Out Of Wii U Consoles

US retailer Best Buy has now sold out of both the 32GB Premium Wii U console and also the 8GB Basic Wii U console online. The retailer has now completely removed the console from its website. Those looking to pre-order the console from Best Buy will be greeted by a page not found notification for both SKU’s.

185 thoughts on “Best Buy Sell Out Of Wii U Consoles”

                1. Yes but still a full year before PS3 and Wii. If you consider xbox 360 coming out in 2006 then Wii and PS3 came out in 2007 by your logic.

    1. My little local store is doing a midnight UK launch on 29th November . And i went in today and said , considering i was first to pre order , can i be first in line ???!!!

      And they said , yes we would be honoured to have our best Nintendo customer first in line !! . They also said they have taken over 20 pre orders , and that was yesterday !! and this is just a little independant game shop!!!

    2. Yeah for the poor suckers who didnt preorder. Preorders will get the priority then they will have to fight amongst them selves for the one or two consoles left for the public. I remember when they were showing the Wii and PS3 release on TV live and all those people there… most of them just there to sell it on Ebay for a couple of grand.

      1. hi there i preorder mine yestday i preordered the $350 delux version soo my wii u is in the bag on november 18 can not wait glad too be first too preorder

  1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

    Nintendo, make those consoles faster, please, I don’t want to wait another year for it!

          1. target isn’t taking pre-orders and game stop dont have no more premiums just the 8gb model so i had to pre-order that. damn that sucks

            1. at least i’m getting one, even do 32gig model is useless seeing you could put a 32gb sd and up to a 3t hdd on it so im cool just wish it was in black with all the goodies the premium comes with.and i got a zombie u pre order

  2. The Wii U won’t sell they said. Well what do ya know? Nintendo really doesn’t beat around the bush if pre-orders are already gone in two big retail chains in the span of almost three days. Thank goodness I’ve already got mine pre-ordered else I’d be shit out of luck for christmas and my birthday.

    1. my is preorder these non gamers keep saying wii will flop 3ds is vertual boy and wii u out of stock preorder next time nintendo always fly off the preorder numbers

  3. Holy Arceus, I just preordered the Wii U from Best Buy yesterday. I am so glad I didn’t wait to go out to buy $400 in Best Buy gift cards and preorder the console.

    1. They should make a 3rd Person Pokemon Game for WII U. And sense it would be on a console, they should have more than 4 attacks lawl, there could be at least 8 shown on the gamepad.

      1. 4 attacks has nothing to do with limitations of a handheld, they could have changed that years ago if they’d wanted to. It’s part of the strategy.

        1. Never said it did, but regardless If they added more attacks they would either have to make the attacks take up less space or let the attacks go on the top screen as well, I’m talking about the DS right now… And if they did that You would be forced to use stylus because your finger wouldn’t be small enough and then if they let some attacks show up on the top screen how would you select it? Yes you could use buttons but then it wouldn’t just be the same lawl.

      2. I always wanted a Pokemon based in the series, in fact i dream they made a 3D version of Pokemon Yellow for example but in 3er person view; with ash, with the stuff from the series.
        Imagine you can train in that giant world, found pokemons and catch them all , from city to city. Something like Pokemon Colosseum, but with the difference that we control Ash. :)


      1. That’s not true I specifially asked 2 Best Buy employees and they told me both clearly they keep a list of those who pre-ordered and they move aside the Wii U so you won’t have to camp out.

      1. when did you go to pick it up? because i’ve preodred things from them many times and i would go the day after it came out and they would be sold out and they wouldnt hold onto it for me.

  5. You guys rich? Sighs. Im a young teen, so i cant get a wii u with a job. So i gotta do surveys.


    246/390. I better make it to launch.

      1. Thank you for the support! :)

        I got 246.72 for wii u now. (in gamestop giftcards)
        I got $30 for NSMBU now. (in amazon giftcards)

      1. And im not gonna lie, you gotta be patient with these surveys, if you decide to join. If you already have a job, then this is OK if you wanna make extra $ but i dont have a choice, i dont have a job as im too young, so i have to use this site if i want a wii u. I make about $50 a month average but now im aiming for $70+ because i want a wii u at launch.

      2. Oh and if you are going to join, im free right now, join the forums. I can help you out with some surveys and i made plenty of guides. The name is Johnny on the forums. Happy earning :)

    1. Word advice: if you can only make it to about $350, go for just deluxe. I’m gunna let Nintendo Land hold me over till Christmas the. Ask for more games, and buy more with money I get

      1. LOL but with shipping and tax, the wii u is $390 (for deluxe) and thats what im aiming for. I have to make like $2 from surveys. Im going over the limit. I WANT THE WII U AND I WILL GET IT! O_O

        1. One question, you know if Amazon it’s selling the WiiU? i only see software, but not the console itself. T.T i want the wiiU.; only have $40 xD i have a looong way.
          About the survey web, it’s trustful? works around the world,im not from states.

            1. I think i recieved an email from Amazon, but they didn’t explain why won’t be selling, they only sell software for WiiU. Hope that changes a few months after the launch; i prefer amazon than ebay or gamestop.

    2. Lol I can buy it one paycheck. Will I? No got life stuff to save for. Will pay off my Wii U in the upcoming weeks and I gotta my Halo 4 preorder too still…

          1. I earn about $2,400 a month after taxes!
            (and have a $850 house bill, $150 phone bill, $300 in hospital bills, $300 in gas bills.)

            I’m pretty damned impressed with our young survey friend. That dude (Jake, Johnny) Will go far in this world if he stays a young gamer at heart, and works his ass off when he isn’t gaming. I salute you!

            1. I only have my cell phone bill ( $67 a month ) and medication for my thyroid (which is never every month) and thats that. The rest I save for life and what ever I have is for what I want. This is my first job and a damn good one, I only make mininum wage atm ( $10.25 where I live ) but I have a very good chance of getting hired full time at the factory I work at since my bosses are really impressed with me for the month ive been there and ill be getting $15 an hour as a start.

          2. I am only 20 !! and have a shitty job ATM . I have good GCSE’s and A leves so i will get a better job when i can be bothered !!!

            But nice for you !!! . I do other dodgey things to make money aswell .

            cough sell cheap pot to retards for twice as much cough……….

              1. +1 .

                I will get a good job soon , but i live in a flat that my parent’s own , and they don’t charge me ! i just have to pay bills and food (obviously) . So my Minimum wage job is enough ATM and like i said , i make a decent amount of money off some silly things aswell .

                I used to sell N20 (laughing gas) !!!! .

                1. I live at my moms house as its actualy going to be mine as inheritence and im going to renovate the basementto make it my own place for me and my boy friend. Basements are nice to live in as they are always a comftorable sleeping temprature :P

                    1. But my basement is huge empty rectangle where there is plenty of room for things. Its a normal sized three bedroom house with a giant front and back yard. Not little nothings found in the UK where there isnt the room for it :P my province is bigger then all of UK here in Canada.

                  1. To your comment below !!
                    The UK isn’t that small , It has over twice the population of Canada , lol !! . There is absoloutly HUGE house all over the UK just as big as any where else in the world!! FYI Soho on london is the most expensive houseing are in the entire planet .

                    Canada probably does have huge houses though , i here the quality of life in canada is world class and Trailer park boys is my favorite show of all time !!!!

                    I get high and watch trailer park boys , that’s me ^^ .

    3. I dont remember how i survived when i was a kid with no money xD having a job is good stuff, just blag your parents for money while you still can haha

    1. Yep, they said Wii U will fail so horribly, right? Its not even in stock now! And this is just preorders! O_O Its doing as good as, if not even better, than the iphone 5.

      1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

        The iPhone 5 sold out in an hour… but fear not, there’s a lot of morons on this planet, so that’s why it sold out so fast. Having all the Pre-orders be sold out in 2-3 days just shows that people are actually THINKING about getting it, and not just walking on the street with 400$, seeing a Best Buy, and thinking: ”I’ll just pre-order a Wii U.”.

          1. Wise for your age young friend.
            Also, TONS of businesses and adults buy smartphones. The dedicated console gamer is a much, much smaller segment of people. – That’s also why the iPhone sold out so fast.

    1. I fucking hate GameStop.
      But… The ma & pa shop I go to won’t get it at launch, so I stooped below my standards and pre-ordered at Gamestop.

      However, I’m driving 45 min out of my way to get it from one of the Gamestop’s that I actually like the manager, just so I can sleep at night.

      1. i hate gamestop too just got my pre order money back cause i want the deluxe version and all they have for pre order is the basic since i live in nyc i went to nintendo world and preordered my deluxe now im happy so if you live in nyc just go strait to nintendo world but they only do walkin pre orders sorry no online

  6. Mother fucking Nintendo !!!! I guess i will go trade in my shitty vita and start saving for this blatently glorious wiiu .

    Sorry for all the trolling guy’s , the wiiu is going to be great . Ness , sigfried , Aelous , all the same guy . It’s me Aelous , I have no life and girls hate me .

    So…. which wiiu and 3ds games are you guys looking forward to ???

    1. whats the point of this post? you guys tell him to buzz off when he’s in here talking his nonsense, then practically invite him when he isnt here?

      responding, debunking, and or educating him or any other “hater” is one thing. but with some of you its almost like there is a bit of an obsession with addressing this individual.

  7. Sony and Microsoft you went and woke up a giant, Nintendo is on the March; you better start bringing games not FPS, games :) Nintendo Eat your hearts out!

      1. They are going to need prayers. To Jesus, not sony’s skirt wearing greek mythological gods lol. Microsoft might need to concentrate on Windows period.

  8. shit, the only reason i havent preordered yet is because i was waiting till today. Hopefully when i go to toys r us in a couple of hours they’ll still have the delux bundle

  9. I preordered from gamestop they asked me what gamestop. They asked me what game I was looking forward to. Bayonneta then he asked why I said cause its the game that is pissing ps3 and xbox fanboys off the most.

  10. You can still pre-order it at the wal-mart web site apparently. I just did. It even comes with extra stuff like a wii remote plus.

  11. Id love to wait in line, not wanting to be first since I got my preorder I really dont care but I want to be one of the few first people in line. Bad thibg about that release date is that is November and it will be fucking cold >_<

    1. Have u already pre ordered your Donzaloog? I was pissed that Best Buy and Gamestop had sold out of the deluxe version when I got online this morning. Luckily I was able to pre-order the Deluxe version at a ToysRus store down the street…

      1. No dude. I don’t live in America and don’t have a credit card so pre-ordering is out of the question for me at the moment. I don’t even have enough money yet. Responsibilities keep getting in my way.

        I’ll just have to bide my time and make a few sacrifices to ensure I get my Wii U before Christmas. I insist that Skyward Sword be my first game so I have to save for that too.

    1. You can’t pre order it at target. I’ve already tried. I guess you can only do it online. Go to toysrus I preordered the deluxe version about 2hrs ago.

      1. why bother with a stampeed at walmart just preorder soo you dont get hurt and have too get medical atenchine you will lose days of wii u game time if you get stempeed not recomand stampeed

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  13. Sickr, they’re only out of stock on their website. They still have them available in-store for preorder. Just got mine ten minutes ago.

    1. thats cutting it tooo close i bet in 10 minutes from now the in store preorders also be out of stock dont wait if not preordered yet

  14. I just finished pre-ordering my Deluxe version at ToysRus store they ask for a $20 deposit. If you haven’t ordered it yet you might wanna go to there.

    1. i have mine preorder soo if not get too the computer fast there going going gone in a flash soo get preorder in soon as posable dont wait

  15. Just Preordered the deluxe version today at EB Games in Canada,i would suggest everyone preorder it today or tommrow if you want the deluxe

    1. yes wii u sellling out very fast insaly fast robaly selling faster then light speed at this rate soo run too the computer faster the better

      1. Your grammar is so poor, OMG! And If they were selling out at light speed exactly all of them would have been gone 3 days ago, before the price was even announced.

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  17. Thank god i preordered it today. I also got the shipping so i don’t have to stand in line to wait.
    It might come a day or 2 late but it’ll be worth it!

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  19. I’m happy to see that the interest is there. I was beginning to think they were holding out too long. What sucks is I haven’t been able to pre-order it, and though I’d rather have White, I want the black one damnit! All the extra stuff is well worth getting the black! I’m hoping it’ll become available elsewhere. I’m mostly worried about that eShop perk, IWANTIT!

  20. Holy man! That’s insane! Again like what happened at GameStop this is a good sign that the Wii U definitely something that people want to own. Hopefully this kind of early success in pre-orders will continue with other retailers.

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