Here’s The High Quality Nintendo Land Box-Art

Nintendo has uploaded a lovely high-resolution image of the Nintendo Land box-art. The game, which features 12 Nintendo themed attractions, comes pre-bundled with the Premium 32GB console and will be available to purchase separately for those that choose to purchase the Basic 8GB Wii U console.



    1. I really like this box art !!! , sort of has a ‘new’ feel to it . And the big picture of the gamepad has me SOLD!!! .

      As for the commenting system , some trolls ruined it by downvoating with mutiple account’s . Either that or alba and sikr felt it was feeding and bringing in more trolls. Vote’s are the cocaine of trollataria .


    1. Miiverse funtionality . It will do loads of cool things like up load your achievments and show them to your friends and loads of other cool stuff!!! and of course there is a high chance DLC will be available for this game . There is an infinite amount of nintendo Franchises and updates potential for this game .


  1. I’m trying to find a place where I can preorder Wii U in sweden but either it’s way overpriced or Nintendo land is not included in the premium version and I don’t now how it is with gamestop cause their website don’t give any information.


    1. I was thinking the same exact thing,I HATE when nintendo gives us games in a sleeve when we buy a system. We buy the system from them,the least they can do is give us a proper case.


    1. everyone in north america who pre-ordered deluxe,which sold out in two days,and the people who are buying deluxe at day one(including me)without preorder along with the people who(for some reason)are getting basic with nintendoland for some more.


      1. Aw cute your like piccolo jr when he was a baby but not as a good guy.It’s like von schroeder was killed so he hatch a egg of you.


      2. Want to hear something awesome? Nintendo has enough money that, even if they lost as much money as they did at the 3DS launch, they could still function as a business for another 50 something years. It’s going to close “4eva” when they stop being a good company, not when they lose money.


  2. I have gotto admit it was a big fat FAIL for me at e3 i sought of thought ok what else u got, but now that i’ve seen more of it i’m really warming up to games like metroid blast and co it’s going to be a lot of fun


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