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Nintendo Says The Koopalings Aren’t Related To Bowser

Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed in the latest edition of Game Informer magazine that those loveable Koopalings aren’t actually related to Bowser at all. Miyamoto confirmed that Bowser’s only child is Bowser Jr, but he confessed he has absolutely no idea who the mother is.

“Our current story is that the seven Koopalings are not Bowser’s children. Bower’s only child is Bowser Jr. and we don’t know who the the mother is.”

95 thoughts on “Nintendo Says The Koopalings Aren’t Related To Bowser”

      1. Arceus is my lord when playing handheld games.
        Hylia is my lord when playing console games.
        Ghirahim is my lord when I’m rolling on the floor laughing like a maniac.

      1. Adopted children, mayhap? Or rather, just children that Koopa picked up and started considering his own when he saw their deviousness?
        That would allow for both to be true.
        They ARE his kids, just not BIOLOGICALLY.

  1. Why the hell would he reveal this like 20 years after their debute? This ruins everything. And now people are just going to wonder who the Koopalings are.

  2. One disapproves of your methods, Bowser…but then again, one cannot say there is a lack of admiration for your blatant disregard of the natural order of things!

    Hark, One says we get Jerry Springer in here and work this out, once and for all!

          1. Thankyou indeed. :3

            When the biggest insult they have is ‘You like pony’, one has to smile…because if that’s the avenue they desire to pursue, then they have already lost….considering this account is openly ‘Pony’, there is little doubt to what kind of responses to expect, and thus already know how to counter them.

            If thou must comment to be contrary against me…the pony argument isn’t going to work, because your jimmies are clearly more easily rustled than ones own.

            Speak of something original and relevent, or move along and don’t open thy mouth to bother me with your trite disdain – one is not here to care what thout thinks, one is here to discuss the games.

            Or do you not think you are ‘Hardcore’ enough to tackle the topic in a mature fashion with one such as myself? Bear in mind that what I enjoy in one medium does not affect what I know and how hard I play in another…be fooled not by the pony display.

            If a topic is worth debating, then prove it with thy thoughts and logic, not foolish retorts of no substance!

    1. They’re never called that in the game, though. In Super Mario 3, the servant calls them “Little Koopa”, which could really mean anything. They’re clearly not standard Koopa Troopas, so they’re definitely an elite force, but I think they’re more like a gang of little punks that Bowser took a liking to.

      Besides, one of them is called “Morton Koopa Jr.” and Bowser is clearly not Morton Koopa Sr.!

        1. Yep, in the American translation. NOA also messed with A Link to the Past’s manual, and the manuals of many other games. Why? Probably no reason. I’m sure they didn’t think so many adults would be butthurt over ever intricate detail 20 years after the fact.

  3. This isn’t some impossible scenario… it’s not like each Koopa Troopa is his offspring. The Koopa Kids or Koopalings or whatever gang name they wanna go under is just another way for the thugs to affiliate themselves with the big bad Koopa King Bowser.

  4. man thats BS!!!!!! In Super Mario Brothers Three the Koopalings were introduced to the Gaming World as KOOPAS KIDS……..Shove it Miyamoto you Bastard……..and Bowser Jr Corny to me………Why do Game companies think we are Stupid?…….I don’t know?!?

        1. “Because they’d have to get approval from Nintendo before airing their episodes”
          So did they Super Mario Bros movie…

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  6. I always thought browser Jr. Was just browser from the past and brought to the present. Hmm. Guess bowstring one night felt like having the company of female koopas. Perhaps the koopalings are his nephews neices

  7. Ever since Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time I’ve thought that Bowser Jr was just Baby Bowser.
    Also if they aren’t his sons/daughters he could still be their uncle or something.

    1. Hi Faith,I’m glad you stopped by and paid me a visit at A Humble Creation so I could come say hi! I also enjoy cross sttich although I don’t do as much as I used to because I like projects I can finish faster :)I look forward to seeing more of your work and following along in your sewing process!

  8. I understand how all the kids in here are defending Miyamoto, but those of us that actually grew up with these games, as any of us, always knew them as King Koopa’s children. That’s right, we also grew up with Bowser as KING KOOPA. And these are the Koopa Kids or Koopalings. Miyamoto is speaking BS right now and there better be a reason for it.

    1. For fuck’s sake, this is like arguing about the nuances in the A Link to the Past’s manual. Show me a shot of anywhere in the games where the Koopa Kids explicitly call Bowser dad. Fact is, NOA either sucked terribly at translating Japanese, or – more likely – they adapted the books for American audiences. The only “canon” for the Mario series are the Japanese games’ text dumps.

      And really, does it matter? No. Not one bit. This doesn’t make the game less enjoyable; this doesn’t undermine your childhood.

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    1. Agreed, why would Bowser put a bunch of random kids in charge of his army otherwise? Nope sorry, everyone all over the world knows the koopalings as his kids, been established like that for years. Its how it will remain too :P

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  11. It’s interesting to think about, but really… none of this matters. Sure, NOA translated it, but they were probably going to screw-up somewhere, or try to adapt it for American audiences or what have you. But really, the constant uproar about this is just SO dumb.

  12. OK this is news to me…Hmm I was curious about Bowser Jr and why I haven’t seen him with the koopalings before…Hmm then…if the koopalings aren’t Bowser’s kids then who’s are they..O.O

  13. I’m not getting all bent out of shape about it. For the most part, the Mario storylines are loosely tied together at best. If Miyamoto wants to pull a retcon like this, as much as I dislike it, that’s up to him. WE all know what was said first, and we can choose to subscribe to that instead if we wish. It looks like what used to be “true” canon is now headcanon, but look how many of us prefer the old ideas over the new!

    Miyamoto can do whatever he likes with his toy. Those of us who prefer to think of the Koopalings as being Bowser’s children can put our thoughts into fanfics. The imagination can do what it likes, regardless of official canon! :)

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  16. The koopalings aren’t related to Bowser, but to the koopas, hence the name KOOPAlings and also Bowser Jr. is just a baby clone of Bowser. Your welcome for legit info

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