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Walmart Selling Its Own Special Wii U Bundle

Those of you that have yet to pre-order the Wii U may want to take a look at a bundle that has been created by Walmart. The bundle which retails for $399 comes with either the Basic 8GB Wii U console, or the Premium 32GB console, whatever Wii U game you would like, and your choice of Wii Remote Plus colour.

142 thoughts on “Walmart Selling Its Own Special Wii U Bundle”

    1. Just so people see this, the bundle doesn’t have a discount, it’s no different from anywhere else.

      $300 basic + $60 game + $40 wiimote = $400, Walmart’s basic package
      $350 premium + $60 + $40 wiimote = $450, Walmart’s premium package

      It’s the same as buying it anywhere else, they’re just trying to get people’s attention and trick them as if it was a deal. Same thing with GameStop’s $510 bundle

        1. Nintendo is the spiritual home of platforming , i think that’s why Ubisoft has made it exclusive . Cus , why do all those supposedly ‘mature’ xbox and sony fanboy’s need Rayman ??? .
          There is a few platformers at launch for Wiiu , physically and digitally.

                  1. im super anticipating halo 4 lol. it is the ONLY reason i still have my xbo, well that and re6. but yeah, i don’t really get why people love to hate halo, but i do understand hating cod. call of duty just needs to die.

                    1. Hipocrite.

                      They’re are both as deepand enthralling as most shooters. The only thing that makes them both greater than the rest is the MP. They both have mind numbing run and shoot MP but they are fun.

                      They both need to die, CoD is atleast a known milked franchize, the stories are shitty, halo on the other hand had an ok that is now beign cram full of sequels and prequels that are at best shit.

                      1. let me educate you on something really quick. call of duty has released as many call of duty games this generation count blackops 2, as the entirety of the halo franchise. thats 12 years worth of halo games, and they did it in 6. and another thing. with the exception of odst, every halo game was made on a new engine. meaning new physics ai graphics you name it. halo is definately one of the best series of games out there.

                      2. Halo needs to die too. I doubt Halo 4 will be any good at all. How many trilogies can you think of that were awesome until a 4th came out?

                        1. mario’s doing pretty damn well still way after there fourth game. fallout is doing fine, elder scrolls is doing fine, grand theft auto still gets better after each one, resident evil 4 was awesome and re5 was a pretty good game (albeit not very scarey) splinter cell is still good. do i really need to continue?

                        2. Last time I heard CoD was made by 2 different dev teams, so this 12 games in 6 years bullshit is invalid, are you gonna try to justify halo in some other way now? Go on, educate me more about your bias opinions and why 1 out of 2 mindless shooters is better than the other.

                          Like I said, they bpth need to die

                      3. Hey, Halo 4 actually looks good. I’m not the biggest Halo fan, but it looks like a game I would get at some time or another. Don’t be sour just because it’s not on a Nintendo system.

                1. Then, they used their platforming money to buy two of every plumber on earth, and then they herded them onto a boat, and then they beat the crap out of every single one.

            1. You guys need to understand that the choice of Wii U game is in addition to Nintendo Land if you’re getting the deluxe. It’s a steal.

                1. Check again. Nintendo Land is still bundled with the deluxe, and you get to pick another game in addition. It’s just that the deluxe is still $50 more, so you don’t actually save any money.

              1. I thought the same thing, But I don’t think UK get’s Nintendo land bundled in their deluxe versions, do they?

                If so, wouldn’t it be 2 games and a wiimote plus?

                1. I’m pretty sure the UK is supposed to have ZombiU bundled with it. So I would think you’ll still get two games with this deal.

                2. There’s two premium bundles in the UK, one with Nintendo Land and one with ZombiU, though the ZombiU bundle is £50 more than the Nintendo Land bundle or at least on Amazon UK anyway.

      1. How is this anything special. Don’t Supermarkets always do stuff like this. I can walk into pretty much anyone and find deals like this on pretty much every console.

      2. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

        Why would you choose the Basic set if it’s the same price if you’d take the Deluxe set? I bet it’ just Walmart testing how many stupid consumers they have.

        1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

          Also, it’s like the Vita bundle, but better, because you get 2 games (If you choose the Deluxe set.) and a controller.

            1. It is 2 games if you choose the deluxe set (your choice plus Nintendo Land). And the Deluxe is still $50 more than the regular, so it makes sense.

                1. You mean this mynintendonews article? It’s misleading. If you actually go to the walmart page, you’ll clearly see what I’m referring to. It still has Nintendo Land listed with what’s included with the deluxe set, plus you choose an additional game. Besides, did you think they would rip open the official deluxe box, take out Nintendo Land, replace it with the game you chose, then tape it back up? lol

      3. you save almost nothing with this bundle. you’re paying for another game ($60) and wii remote plus ($40) for a total of $100. Actually you save like $0.90 with this bundle as they only charge you $449.00

        1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

          ”comes with either the Basic 8GB Wii U console, or the Premium 32GB console” you do save money if you get it with the Deluxe set.

          1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

            I take it back, it adds 50$, what an idiotic bundle.

          1. The good games on there are A Boy and His Blob, Alice in Wonderland (surprisingly since it’s a movie based game), Animal Crossing: City Folk, Castlevania: Judgment (decent), Cooking Mama: Cook Off (not my cup of tea), DeBlob, FF:Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers, and every LEGO game.

            1. Yeh you missed out all of the top 20 wii games , where the fuck have you been hiding for the past 6 years ?
              skyward sword
              mario galaxy 1 and 2
              metroid prime trilogy
              smash bros
              xenoblade chronicles
              mario kart wii
              The last story
              Donkey kong country return’s
              Etc ecc etc etc etc etc etc etc .
              There is about 50 Excellent games on the wii . maybe more…..

      4. This bundle is really meant for getting the 32GB WiiU.
        You get the 32GB WiiU with all the stuff inside the box, NintendoLand for free since it goes with the system, Another WiiU game of your choicing, and a free Wii Remote Plus controller of any color you want. All for $400, that’s pretty good.

          1. Yeah, the price is ridiculous. At max I think the price people should set to make a profit would be $450-$500. $600 could be pushing it. $900 is just plain stupid.

      5. Honestly,I don’t know about you guys but i notice that there aren’t many 3ds games in christmas.
        Recent and future vita games:sound shapes,AC:L,rumored ff that probably won’t come unless vita sells good,battle Royal,sly cooper,terrible COD,LBP,SFxT,and silent hill.
        Recent and future 3ds games:NSMB2,KH:DDD,fire emblem,castlevania,luigi’s mansion,paper mario,Code of princess,harvest moon,animal crossing,Project x zone,and epic mickey.
        It is still better than vita’s,but it looks like nintendo put less effort in this christmas than last christmas.

        1. You have to understand that nintendo had an awful launch with the 3DS so they started developement on a hefty ammount of games for it to intruig gamers to buy it. They have an established growing base right now so they are mostly relying on 3rd party. Plus developing for the WiiU takes time out of 3DS development.

          1. But why don’t they ask or bribe major companies like Activision with COD which will bring up sales or square enix with final fantasy(NOT THEATRYSHIT)or any of nintendo’s new ip’s they are putting on wii u, or pikmin,or mario party and a good one,or ninja gaiden.I know it takes time, but they haven’t bothered to put it on it and it doesn’t look like there are many next year.

            1. That one thing nintendo prides itself of, not paying for exclusivities. I feel like thats their biggest downfall, We got drown in 1st party software and now we get a drought. Oh well, makes me happy to own both handhelds. Plus the CoD ports would just be given to N-Space, the DS ones were mediocre at best.

      6. Good thing I pre ordered at gamestop two days ago otherwise I would be screwed. The games they are posting that you can choose from are games that are not even supposed to be released at launch(Games like Pikmin and Wii U fit)

            1. i’ve asked a friend of mine and he said to me that ze xbox360 und ps3 can hundle these graphics without a swet and they can do better

          1. My only problem with the Wii U is that nobody seems to know what the Wii U is (or they never heard of it) or they don’t seem to understand the difference between the U and the original WIi.

            1. Both sony and nintendo have good things, that wasn’t my point. My point was that asking a question like that on a dedicated nintendo site would only get you bias answers.

              Get what you want though. Ultimatly, youre the one whose gonna play them.

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