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Xenoblade Developers Tell Fans To Watch Tokyo Game Show

Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft has taken to Twitter to tell fans that they should watch the Tokyo Game Show. We already know that Monolith Soft is working on a brand new project for Wii U, but we’ve yet to hear any new information. It sounds plausible that the development team will use the Tokyo Game Show to debut their new title.

99 thoughts on “Xenoblade Developers Tell Fans To Watch Tokyo Game Show”

        1. It’s a prodject for the Wii U which is also perfect for RPG’s. I hear ya, I can’t wait! But I never know what’s the game show called.

        2. I hope its not a HD re-release, im still kinda pissed that MH3 Ultimate is just Tri in HD…
          Wouldn’t mind a Xeno 3DS game though.

            1. improved or not. still a port with a ton of material that was in the original Tri.

              hopefully there is more than just that for the wiiu and get to see some of capcom’s other efforts at the tokyo game show

            1. HD versions should only supplement strong original content.

              developers need to focus on providing new and original content before falling back on upgraded ports

              1. Ailos's pee pee is to small for sex

                Well Monster hunter ultimate is HD for wiiu with revamped visuals and a ton of extra content and it connects to 3ds and lets you transfer files from 3ds to wiiu !!! it’s like a brand new game , which will be supported online for years to come .

                And FYI , monster hunter tri is deserved of a wiiu HD remake and will be truly awesome

                otherwise i agree with you .

                1. but its not a brand new game. And yeah its HD. but so what? As nice as it is to have an HD version of a good game. It is a poor substitute for a brand new HD game.

                  and who cares if the 3ds and wiiu one connect. Its going to be the exact same game minus the online. WHy would anyone want to buy both versions knowing that? why would i purchase the exact same experience twice?

                  Im not saying that monster hunter doesnt deserve an hd remake. But if this is the only title capcom is going to be bringing during the launch window, then thats disappointing.

                  should only be around to supplement LEGITIMATE support.

                  also, im not a fan of the idea of getting a game that could just as easily be done on a portable. And your kidding yourself if you think its gonna look amazing. It will basically just be the 3ds version with a 1080p output and higher textures. It wont look much better than the Frontier series on the 360. Mainly because its not being built from the ground up.

                  aside from what so far seems disappointing because capcom really should have had more to offer within the launch window. (just a port doesnt cut it for me)

                  it is a smart move on nintendo’s part to have monster hunter early on. As it pretty much guarantees a really strong userbase for the wiiu early on in japan; and that means eventually, good japanese developer support.

    1. Maybe it could be a Mons game, but with all of the creatures in Xenoblade as mons? There are a lot of them, and legendaries could be monsters like the bonus boss that’s some ridiculous level (forgot the name).

  1. Looks like we’re getting this for PS3 :(
    No I’m kidding. But I am a little skeptical that I’m going to like the news. Especially after the big TWEWY disappointment.

      1. Xenoblade Chronicles is not tied to Xenosaga or Xenogears.
        Xenosaga 1-2-3 which was develop by Monolith Soft was ported to DS as for the 1 and 2.

        Xenogears was Square Soft

    1. Thursday, but due to time zones, TGS wil start late at night, after 2am, in the UK, and about 5pm Wednesday for ‘Merica.

      1. Wait, i am in EST (eastern stand time) so yeah. And this thursday? Nuh uh, i already got a day off school for wii u preview event. Cant do it again.


    TGS starts Thursday for anyone that didnt know.
    Got a feeling Sega, SE, Monolith and Capoocom are gona make me splooge

          1. Its 5 am thursday. You see, after midnight, the next day starts, so today, in the UK, its just gone to wednesday, it was tuesday 2 minutes ago, but now its wednesday, and 29 hours from now, is tgs, and THURSDAY

      1. TBH I would be a little disappointed if it turned out to be Star Fox. I really want to see a new first person Metroid in glorious High-Definition (drools). But I guess I could give Star Fox a try if it looked like a really good game.

          1. You need to. My first game in the series was Metroid Prime on GameCube and I instantly fell in love. The huge alien world to explore, the power-ups, and those epic boss battles. A word of advice though, stay away from Metroid: Other M. You’ll thank me.

                  1. I have Metroid Prime Trilogy, I was just mentioning how I heard it was discontinued and the crazy prices on eBay. And I can tell you from first hand experience it’s only “dumbed down” on normal mode. On Veteran it’s basically the same as normal on the original version. Hypermode is a HELL of a challenge, Emperor Ing was damn near IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! But I did it, on all three games :)

        1. Well id love a Metroid Prime 4 or a new Trilogy, but we just havent seen Star Fox in so long, so id rather see that first, or at least soon

    1. I think they are reserving the retro’s game for the next E3, it will be a strong one with sony and microsoft next console so nintendo only can show AWESOME new games to try to counter that

  3. This is a rough translation of the tweet:

    “I’ve updated the page of the “Welcome to Monolith Soft” soft monolith. September 20 (Thursday) held “Tokyo Game Show 2012.” We will report Riki is enthusiastic this year. Do not miss it!”

    Crap, could it really be something to do with Xenoblade? I will die of joy if it is.

  4. My body is ready, hurry up before it explodes with anticipation.

    After typing that it just seems wrong, who cares I’m pressing the post button anyway :D

  5. I didn’t expect this game to be announce anytime soon! I hope it’s a new RPG! but if it’s a sequel to any previews RPGs they did (Xenosaga, Xenoblade, Baten Kaitos, Soma Bringer) i’m still supporting them.

  6. I would love to see more from Monolith studio. I heard many great things about them. Even though Im no where Xenoblade. Still trying to finish Skyward Sword. I’m really behind. Xenoblade and Last Story are sitting on the shelf at the moment. :(

  7. Xenoblade HD?!
    That allows you to continue playing off your save file from the SD version?
    Ok, I’m dreaming, but excited!

      1. Pay no attention to this username

        Well the game released in 2010 in japan so a remake isn’t to farfetched. I’m hoping for a new game though.

  8. There’s only one re-make I’d like to see & that’s Xenogears. Unless by some miracle Monolithsoft & Square settled that legally I doubt that’ll happen…so my hopes are for a Xenoblade sequel. *sigh* wish they could just be able to finish the story arc that Xenogears was apart of…ah well. A brother can dream…

    1. Yes, Xenogears would have become a masterpiece if monolith soft had more time to work on it. But really Xenoblade story arc is almost identical to Xenogears, if you play both games, their stories are identical.

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    1. Pay no attention to this username

      I don’t really think they would announce that at the TOKYO game show. I’d be glad if they did though.

  10. I’m excited for any game by them on Wii U or 3DS. I would be slightly disappointed if it was a Xenoblade Chronicles port though….

  11. Forget about Bayonetta, forget about Pikmin 3, and forget about everything else, after playing Xenoblade, i knew that i had to buy a WiiU just to play the next game from Monolith… thats all i need, everything else its just a plus

  12. I hope it’s something as beautiful and deep as Xenoblade Chronicles. We need some more rpgs on the Wii U. That genre didn’t get much love this gen. I hope that changes with Wii U. The tablet controller can do wonders for these types of games. Leave luck to heaven.

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