Wii U Toys Coming Soon To Burger King

Global fast food chain Burger King will begin selling meals that include Wii U toys. No details regarding the toys are known, but expect them to be NFC-integrated and function with Wii U GamePads. On its website, Burger King confirms the Wii U toys are “coming soon.”



  1. This will start the frenzy! Unfortunately for me in a 5-8 block radius I got Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Blimpie’s, Subway, KFC, Checkers, Chinese and White Castle. Where is this King of Burgers you speak of? (Sadness…)


    1. Well I got Mc Donalds, Carl’s Jr, heavenly In n Out, Taco Bell, Subway, Round Table, Little Cesars, 3 Chinese Food places, 3 mexican taco places and Burger Prince…lol, all in a 5 minute walk radius.


  2. man when i was a kid this would be like, the coolest thing
    “oh man i’d better get all these little toys so i can get some insignificant thing in a video game”

    i don’t think kids these days care about this kind of thing as much anymore though


    1. P.s Aeolus can eat a dick for all I care, don’t let people that obviously have issues get you down on something you love doing. Fuck if I listened to people like him growing up (I’m 27 btw) I wouldn’t be gaming at all these days.


      1. I sold my Vita 3g for a 3DS XL, don’t regret it. Vita has potential but ultimately there is nothing on it coming that I can’t get “That I want” on my PS3 and that’s the problem with the Vita as it stands now.


      2. Indeed , I am seriously contemplating on buying a vita atm , as I don’t really have anything against Sony apart from when they keep trying to rip off nintendo of course .

        I don’t think I will get one yet though . LBP , Uncharted and gravity rush just isn’t enough yet . I have 24 3ds games . lol .


      3. Those are the titles I had and finished, but yeh…… not enough, PS Allstars is coming and LBP is now out but umm I’ll get the PS3 AllStars.


  3. i thought that Nintendo has no use for the NFC function yet in any of the launch titles. idk but hell yea i will be getting these Wii U toys when they become available. Mario and Luigi fa sho.


    1. Idk if it was confirmed that the toys have nfc. The toys might just be made out of plastic with no nfc. Either way a cool Mario toy with a meal is still nice.


    1. These are mega Blocks toys and not the BK toys he’s talking about. If you’ve been here a while he always uses toys or figures/figmas as the header image.


    1. hi there dont worry there are trillions of burger kings per deck times 777 by 2,000 decks on board pillar of attummn covant borg ships species 8472 flood gravminds and ufo star ships too


  4. How about a figure of the creepy “The King” they had a few years back. Pop it on the controller and it generates a Mii of “The King”. That would be cool. Always thought those commercials were funny. Or it gives you all his kingly accessories to put on your own Miis.


  5. I have some of the new Wii U BK toys on my desk already… Some of them are actually really good quality. There is a Mario figurine about 3″ tall with one arm at his side, and one arm outstretched. A Luigi with both arms out as if balancing a tight rope, and he is tip toeing (no gadgets on him though, so not sure if his stance is to represent the new Luigi’s Mansion or not). I have more but I don’t want to give out too many secrets. I will say this though – there are 2 different toys made to look like Wii U controllers, and they do.. stuff ;) (they are not just square hunks of plastic with nothing to them). Other toys are Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Nintendo Land themed from what I can tell.

    I didn’t see the Yoshi or Toad from this websites current header image, but the Mario was quite similar in style and quality. Only difference is it has a visible screw in his back, and a different stance.


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