Global fast food chain Burger King will begin selling meals that include Wii U toys. No details regarding the toys are known, but expect them to be NFC-integrated and function with Wii U GamePads. On its website, Burger King confirms the Wii U toys are “coming soon.”



  1. This will start the frenzy! Unfortunately for me in a 5-8 block radius I got Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Blimpie’s, Subway, KFC, Checkers, Chinese and White Castle. Where is this King of Burgers you speak of? (Sadness…)


  2. man when i was a kid this would be like, the coolest thing
    “oh man i’d better get all these little toys so i can get some insignificant thing in a video game”

    i don’t think kids these days care about this kind of thing as much anymore though


    • These are mega Blocks toys and not the BK toys he’s talking about. If you’ve been here a while he always uses toys or figures/figmas as the header image.


  3. How about a figure of the creepy “The King” they had a few years back. Pop it on the controller and it generates a Mii of “The King”. That would be cool. Always thought those commercials were funny. Or it gives you all his kingly accessories to put on your own Miis.


  4. I have some of the new Wii U BK toys on my desk already… Some of them are actually really good quality. There is a Mario figurine about 3″ tall with one arm at his side, and one arm outstretched. A Luigi with both arms out as if balancing a tight rope, and he is tip toeing (no gadgets on him though, so not sure if his stance is to represent the new Luigi’s Mansion or not). I have more but I don’t want to give out too many secrets. I will say this though – there are 2 different toys made to look like Wii U controllers, and they do.. stuff ;) (they are not just square hunks of plastic with nothing to them). Other toys are Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Nintendo Land themed from what I can tell.

    I didn’t see the Yoshi or Toad from this websites current header image, but the Mario was quite similar in style and quality. Only difference is it has a visible screw in his back, and a different stance.


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