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Forbes: Nintendo Is Taking Over The Japanese Video Game Market One IP At A Time

Although Nintendo’s forthcoming console can run games at 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution and features unique controller with a 6.2 inch touchscreen, according to Forbes, what makes Wii U so very important is its games – as it should be with any video game console.

Forbes notes that Nintendo has been locking down exclusive publication rights to popular Japanese series, such as Fatal Frame and, more recently, Bayonetta. There are several multiplatform titles coming to Wii U, and games from major third-party publishers, including Square Enix’s Dragon Quest X, Capcom’s Monster Hunter Ultimate, Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 2, Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends and ZombiU, are scheduled to launch exclusively for one HD platform – Nintendo’s Wii U.

297 thoughts on “Forbes: Nintendo Is Taking Over The Japanese Video Game Market One IP At A Time”

        1. ”Although Nintendo’s forthcoming console can run games at 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution and features unique controller with a 6.2 inch touchscreen, according to Forbes, what makes Wii U so very important is its games – as it should be with any video game console.”

          loving this MNN!!!!!!!!! for me , framerate is more important than games (joke)

    1. If nintendo is the best chinks its sad that truly means theyre the last company that people buy becuase they feel sory for the stupid fucks cuz oh supposly tbey save gaming so that means i have to buy their garbage. If nintendos the best japs can offer than theyre truly dead to western gaming. Oh but lets celebrate since i dont know what the article is actually refering to

  1. Well, unless Sony can do something spectacular (Which I’m hoping for), Nintendo will basically consolidate the Japanese market.

      1. I would hate it if Sony died. I love Nintendo, but I did also grow up with PlayStation, even if it wasn’t as dominant. Microsoft on the other hand I couldn’t give less of a fuck about.

        1. Same. I still love Sony and Nintendo but I can admit that Sony isn’t doing well and they need help.

          Unlike Microsoft who needs more than help because its gotten to the point where Microsoft could be like Sega if they keep using stupid marketing stuff like making Windows 8 unfriendly towards gamers and hell anyone for that matter.

          So yeah, Sony dying would be a terrible thing.

        2. I agree. I also grew up with Sony. I personally believe there should be only 2 game console companies as microsoft should focus on PCs

        3. With you on that. Playstation has been a part of my life since the psone, that i got back when i was a little kid. I dont buy their handhelds or think theyre better than Nintendo but they know how to make a console. Just a shame Microshite is around.

    1. Sony Announcements for this year:

      Playstation 3 Super Slim – Costs the same amount of money as the regular slim model.

      NEW….. EXCITING…. Playstation Vita colours… also, Vita is getting Playstation Plus…. yaaaay….

      End of TGS announcements… so yeah. Nintendo is still king of Japan

      1. Well, I’m happy the VITA is finally getting PS Plus :3

        There were a few exciting games they showed us like soul sacrifice and Valhalla Knights 3, but so far, not a very impressive show, I hope it gets better (Note, I’m posting this as it’s happening for all you trolls out there :P )

      2. Soul Sacrifice
        God Eater 2
        Sengan Kagura.

        All of which look far more interesting than goddamn Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Bullshit and whatever other garbage the 3DS has this year.

        Don’t leave out shit to fuel your Nintendo fanboyism. It’s disgusting.

        1. Is your only insult calling someone a fanboy? You bitch about rehashes, how about coming up with half decent insults that isn’t the same generic shit. Also didn’t you read up above how he said he still loves Sony?


            Monster Hunter 4 looks so stale after that SS footage, it’s not even funny. But it’s okay, the Japanese will gobble up any of Capcom’s rehashing. It happen’s all the time really.

            I however will be purchasing Inafune’s masterpiece in the making. Instant game collection with PS Plus coming to Vita will undoubtedly be well worth it over the monopoly Nintendo is pulling with 3DS game prices.

            It’s funny because every Nintendrone seems to forget the PSP also struggled to show up with software and look where it is now? well over 80 million units and still getting stronger support compared to the original DS. I’d say an extended life span is certainly more worth it to me.

            1. Well duh, It’s common knowledge the Japanese gobble it up ;) I mean look at NSMB2. It was alright but repetitive as all fuck! Soul Sacrifice is definately on my radar though, Sony needs to release more games like it.

            2. the 3ds has nothing going for it ???? go and do some research you idiot . Do you know how many good games it has coming to it in the east and the west ?????

              obviously you are deluded and think the PATHETIC line up of games coming to vita is even 25% as impressive as the ones coming to 3ds wich include

              Castelvania , luigis mansion 2 , paper mario sticker star , fire emblem , animal crossing , bavely default , project x zone , monster hunter ultimate , monster hunter 4 , professor layton and the miracle mask , ace attorney , code of princess , lost troopers , pokemon mystery dungeon ,

              and the list just keeeeeps going on and on and on and on .

              ps vita has – watered down cod spinn off , watered down assassins creed spin off . pso 2 which will be a better version on the PC and thats about it .

              Oh and i guess little big planet is a Great game . thats it .

                1. Show me a timestamped image of this game for your Wii then, with your username written on it.

                  Come on, show me if you have it.

                  1. NO !! . but seriously , I have Muramasa the demon blade for the wii lol . I have ALL the best games for the wii . All the best ones that I Like anyway. sold some of the shit ones like mad world and conduit etc etc. But I have *counts* 46 Wii games .

              1. Monster Hunter is literally an enhanced version of Tri G which is once again, an enhanced version of Tri. So it’s a REHASH of a PORT.

                Nobody cares about Mario, stop listing Mario.

                Core gamers aren’t picking up Ace attorney either, literally everything you mentioned besides Castlevania and Fire Emblem caters to niche markets. Way to go.

                1. LOL , castlevania , fire emblem are big hitters .Luigis mansion 2 will sell millions upon millions with a little bit of TV space . Bravely Default is a New exclusive IP from square enix , etc etc etc etc .

                  The quality of games on 3ds is higher than on vita . little big planet looks good , but thats first party………

        2. Also 5 games (Only 3 really look decent) coming out compared to Wii U and 3DS games? Yeah, VITA is so going to win in Japan … (I ain’t hating on VITA, I’m just being realistic and no I’M NOT A FANBOY)

          1. So…what are these 3DS games?

            Tell me, what are they and why should core gamers care?

            They don’t care about Mario rehashes.
            They don’t care about KH anymore besides weeabootards who don’t seem to realize they’re all virtually the same.
            Am I missing anything else?

            Also, why are you bringing up the Wii U? This is a handheld discussion, idiot.

            1. Actually, it was a discussion about Nintendo dominating Japan, idiot. And why are you still on this site? Fuck you must be one sad little basement dweller.

              1. Nintendo is dominating with a bunch of mindless, soulless rehashes.

                Literally every title selling over there is rubbish you’ve pretty much already played.

                NSMB, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, notice these are the only ones that have gotten anywhere.

                1. Yeah? And? They are still dominating. They make there games according to what people want. And don’t go on about how they are all shit because that is just your OPINION, it doesn’t reflect EVERY persons views. I for one enjoy what ALL companies have to offer and I’m not one these loser “core” gamers you speak of.

                  1. It is shitty when it’s literally the only thing churned out on the 3DS. No attempt to take advantage of what the hardware can really do. Just insult the intelligence of the consumer and tell them what they “need”…

                    Nintendo likes to play it safe. Fuck putting effort into titles, so just rehash what will always sell. Have fun with your $40 expansion packs, basically what they are.

                    Plug NSMBWii in Dolphin and upscale it into 1080p and you’ve basically played NSMBU. There, I’ve saved you $50-60. Seriously, try it and see.

                    1. Well actually, some good news is, I was reading the pokemon producer is going to take the games to 3DS and Wii U. And he says he is going to love the challenge with the hardware, So I at least expect that to (Hopefully) offer some new experiences. PMD3 looks very promising :3

                  1. I really would like to know why he never answers the questions, “Why are you still on this site?”. It’s becoming quite sad.

                    1. He would never admit it, but he’s simply an attention seeker. Judging by his personality online, I doubt he has any friends in real life (which is why he’s trolling here 24/7). So he comes on here, and hurls the flamebait and insults, just to get noticed. I guess you have to pity him in some ways…

                1. Sorry to say that but… you can play now those old PS1 games in your PSVitanic… or not… Fresh platforming experiences? Sorry, that’s impossible, maybe next year.

        3. Muramasa is a port of a game that’s going to be FOUR years old when it’s released. Remember when you laughed at people who wanted those shitty year-old ports for the WiiU? You’re just as much a fanboy as the people you mock.

          I’m tired of Sony trying to get me to look forward to ports and clones. There was more support for the fucking PSP than there was for the Vita tonight. Wonderbook and Music games didn’t help. Instead of cutting the price they fucking game us new PSP colors. IN FUCKING 2012.

          Tonight’s conference was a fucking joke and you’re deluded it you think otherwise. Even the Japs were wwwwwww’ing all over the place. I’m selling my Vita tomorrow, glad I kept my PSP.

          1. Meanwhile Capcom sells you a port of Monster Hunter Tri for the umpteenth time and it’s alright.

            Yeah, nice try faggot. I can pull shit against you too.

            1. Also, Wii sucks. Muramasa belongs on a real system for core gamers like the Vita, that’s why it got ported. Core games didn’t sell on Wii.

              1. “Within its first week of release in Japan, Muramasa sold all of its shipped copies and reached the top Japan sales list.[4]”

                Sold more than Bayonetta for the Ps360. Stay mad, casual.

                1. 2009 game on fastest selling console sells more than a game that arrived MONTHS later, and nearly a year after that title for western territories.

                  Nice logic; comparable to that of wood chippings.

                  1. “Core games didn’t sell on Wii.”

                    These were yours words. I proved you wrong with the exact game you were talking about. Don’t make excuses.

                    1. Uhm, they’re still one game. Combining versions is a pretty dumb excuse.

                      In fact, one particular version happens to be inferior due to how badly Sega ported it to the PS3.

              2. Really, stop with your faggotry about what real gamers or core gamers or whatever play on, it’s just shit and nobody actually cares ok

            2. I’ve never bought MH3. Much less for so many separate systems. I’m not even getting the new one.

              That doesn’t give me a reason to keep my Vita. Sony have me more PSP games than Vita games and that’s all I needed. I’m done with the Vita. There is no reason for me to own this when I have a PSP and PS3.

              1. The PSP is still a strong system in Japan. They have NO reason to kill off a system that consistently sells thousands on a weekly basis. So what if “Vita games” also show up on it? It’s called -choice-. The former will undoubtedly look better and probably won’t even have a price difference, so what on earth is the complaint here?

                In fact, if Sony played their cards smarter, the PSP itself can still be competitive with the 3DS, the graphics are still clearly on par with the latter and even the hardware itself happens to be cheaper with more battery life.

                The Vita is probably currently trending that same path the original PSP did, until things started picking up about two years after release. Games don’t take a month to craft, which is what you “Vita owners” need to figure out. Then when you sell it, find fucktons of worthwhile titles coming in, you have that remorseful moment in your head and try to brush it off, but in the end, you knew you screwed up by purchasing it and expecting massive libraries to appear from thin air. (Likely scenario)

                1. Well then, wouldn’t Sony learn from its mistakes and do every thing it could to make it a success a lot sooner than 2 years? If I have to wait that long again, Sony can go to hell.

                  1. They’re clearly trying to.

                    I think the MAIN thing stopping Vita sales is not just the price, but lack of hardware BC. If it could’ve played UMDs, would the Japanese really still buy PSPs?

                    UMD itself was a garbage format, I have no idea why they chose that. Simple mistakes like this can perpetually fuck everything over effortlessly. It’s disturbing how similar this situation is to PS2 and PS3 back then.

                2. The fucking complaint is that WHY did I buy a NEW system when my older one is being supported more? WHY did I give Sony money when they’re giving my no incentive carry this thing around with me over the PSP. And then giving me MORE reasons to just stick with my PSP instead.

                  I don’t fucking give a shit about the 3DS or what Sony is doing to make money. I’m not a part of the damn company. I only care about what they’re offering ME, someone who supported them by buying their latest system.

                  I have never felt so much buyer’s remorse. Not even when I dropped $600 on a the PS for to only play Resistance for months. No, I don’t have a fucking 3DS or whatever shit system you’re going to name. The last non-Sony system I had was the DS and I’ve put enough hours into that thing to be well worth it.

                  Don’t give a fuck if the Vita is worth owning in years, I have it NOW, not then. I paid $250 + other additional bullshit for it THIS year, not 2015 or whenever the fuck. If it’s worth getting then, I’ll fucking get it. Sony is giving me NO SIGNS that this thing is worth keeping until then. It’s the OPPOSITE if they’re promoting the PSP this fucking much. I’m selling it and that’ll be that. Sony needs to get their shit in fucking gear with the Vita and give me NEW games to play on it. Until then, I’m done.

                  1. Nobody asked you to be an early adopter. Your complaints are utterly worthless, you payed the price, you knew the risks. If you’re impatient that’s your own problem. I bought mine because I knew they’d keep supporting it and I don’t “sell” my devices because they will inevitably have exclusives and games worth owning. Despite the 3DS on a shit dust collecting streak for me these days, I haven’t sold mine yet.

                    Simple concept, if you can’t grasp it. Too bad, too sad.

                    1. Let me elaborate that 3DS bit. I don’t plan to sell mine either, seeing as I have absolutely no reason to. I like my gaming versatility, thank you very much.

                    2. “It’ll stop being shit eventually.”

                      Well then have fun with that. I should’ve learned after the PS3 launch and I’ve definitely learned after the Vita. I’m not getting the PS4 for at least a few years, if at all. Sony has lost my trust as a consumer. I’m not buying into their hype ever again.

                    3. You learned from the PS3?

                      So you missed out on arguably the best gaming library this generation to save your “remorseful” $600 investment? Then you must be quite the real gamer and totally not a poser at all, lol.

                      You wanted to be an early adopter, when nobody asked you to. The only system that truly burned me was the Wii. Yet it still had some of my ‘other’ favorite series like Sonic Colors.

                    4. What? Are you dumb? When did I say I sold my PS3? I implied I should have WAITED. It would have better a way better idea to wait a year or two for the ridiculous (still, fair for what you’re getting) price. I would have gotten a library of games worth owning a system for. There wasn’t enough incentive, as someone who plays video games, to own it day 1. I bought into the hype. Same for the Vita. Not happening with the PS4 if I even decide to get it.

                    5. Not really, you just have very shitty wording after that one line you cramped it in with the Vita.

                      You should have waited–yeah, except the part where that can be said for ANY system. When you day 1 purchase, you effectively seal whatever fate for the savings you could have had by waiting x number of years fate. Could you imagine what went through the minds of 3DS adopters? For some of those 20 games they’ve likely already played wasn’t enough.

                      This is really, really, just an issue for the consumer. No hardware company has a team of highly trained ninjas telling you to buy it and making guarantees that hoards of games would be pouring in like liquid gold.

                3. Maybe this is the same for the Wii U?
                  Maybe this means you can shut the fuck about the launch being ‘only ports’!

                4. The PSP sells ~10k per week in Japan. That is not strong.

                  It’s also outside the realms of competing with the 3DS, which sells at least 5x that amount in Japan every single week.

                  1. The PSP is 7 years old, that is indeed strong sales only a weekly basis. What is the original DS selling? 2k? 3k?

                    As far as I’m concerned better, polished games come out on the PSP much faster than all of the 3DS games. While you idiots will gobble up any lifeless NSMB they’ll put out for it.

                    try again.

                    1. The DS is 12 months further into its life cycle than the PSP is.

                      And by that I mean… When electronic products are replaced by successors, they eventually stop selling. The DS is 12 months further into that stage of its life than the PSP is. 12 months ago it was also in the 5-10k range, like the PSP is now at the same stage.

                      Try again.

            3. If you knew ANYTHING about the game you would know its not a port. New weapon classes, new monsters, new moves for old monsters, new areas, new items and equipment, new say stfu.

          2. Everybody is aware of the guys double standards, but it’s glorious to see it in such an undeniable context.

            “I hate rehashes blah blah blah”

            “Awesome, Muramasa port!”

              1. Rehash… Making the same game again with minimal changes.

                Port… Making the same game again on a new system with minimal changes, if any.

        4. Um the fact of the matter is not that the games “look more interesting” it’s the fact that Nintendo has more guaranteed sellers then the list of games you have churned out. Sure soul sacrifice looks interesting but it’s sony’s answer to monster hunter, but monster hunter has now brand recognition and selling power. Look at bf3 so much better then cod yet this game wasn’t a “CoD” killer because the cod franchise not only now has brand power and selling power but the “clones” have never managed to do well.

          1. Guaranteed -sell-outs-, seeing as only rehashing sells games. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how much you reskin a turd, it’s still a turd. This disgusting brand loyalty trend is the cancer killing games and I feel sorry for the extra CoD sales come BO2 Wii.

            People with a brain know which FPS(es) are better than CoD: Battlefield and Halo.
            People with a brain know which platformer was better than BOTH recent Mario games, Rayman Origins.
            Monster Hunter Tri? I’ve already played this. Stop “enhancing it” for practically the SAME PLATFORM.

            The list goes on really. But that doesn’t matter, because sales.

            1. So dont buy the next Uncharted, GTA, CoD, Red Dead, Killzone, Metal Gear Solid and the list could go on. But cos your a sony/microsoft drone its OK to buy the rehashes. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. Yes I haven’t owned/played cod since cod4 on pc and I’m a battlefield fan since the original 1942 but what I’m saying is, at least in Japan, exclusives sell the system well. Since Xbox is not in the picture you can forget anything on that system, but nintendo currently have most of the big system sellers in Japan. And since the devs behind metal gear has expressed interest in porting the game to WiiU, final fantasy most likely will release on WiiU (it did on Xbox and there has been ff spin offs on Nintendo since the game moved from Nintendo to Sony), for the average Japanese consumer, if Nintendo gets the ports what’s the point of owning a Sony console if you can get the game on a Nintendo system along with their guaranteed selling ip’s? (I would say “guaranteed quality selling ip’s” but I know what you are like anyway, rehash or not, Nintendo exclusives almost always score very well)

        5. A Wii port, a 3ds port, and a game that will also be on the 70 million install base psp. Yeah, great news for the Vita. As a Vita owner, i feel insulted. SOny has completely abandoned the Vita.

          1. Yeah, just like how they totally abandoned it not too long ago at Gamescom…ohwait.

            Your head is so far up your ass, I doubt you even own a Vita.

        6. Christ, it’s gonna be hilarious when something like Animal Crossing outsells that lot combined.

          And given that we’re talking about the Vita potentially recovering (as unlikely as it is) and preventing Nintendo from dominating, it’s totally relevant. Seeing as how “I don’t like these games” isn’t an argument against dominant sales.

    2. Didnt you hear? Sony just announced the NEW SLIMMER PS3 with either 250 GB or 500 GB!!! And for the price of $279 for the 250 version. lol seriously they did at Tokio Game show. What a joke Sony. People wont buy 6 year old tech for the same price when they have that already. Just a different shell on 6 year old tech.

      1. Come to Australia, they have a 12GB model for $299 and a 500GB model for $399. What the fuck is the point of the 12GB model?!

          1. Yeah, but I thought it would be a tad bit cheaper, because why wouldn’t someone just pay an extra $100 for an extra 488GB?

      2. The current PS3 Slim is 160GB and costs $250. This redesign is 250GB and $270. What on earth is your point, it’s literally better value in a smaller form factor.

        By the way that 6 year old tech in on par with your “2011” tech with nothing but ports. Oooo.

          1. This argument is so weak.

            I could use the same for the PS2, PSP, Xbox, 3DS…actually, I don’t even need examples. It speaks for itself, and I hope you’re not that stupid to know exactly what I’m talking about.

            1. All launch line-ups are shit? Yeah, I know that.

              It’s still unfair the say the WiiU’s launch line-up is terrible when it’s better in comparison to what we’re used to these days.

              1. The problem is many of those games are readily available and first party lineup is absolutely dreadful, imo.

                For the few exclusives it has, I seriously cannot get interested in ZombiU for the life of me. After Ubisoft’s similarly hyped Red Steel (even had prerendered footage and screenshots), I just can’t trust them.

                1. Unisoft makes shit games and makes them look good in previews. There are only a handful of exceptions to this and I doubt an FPS zombie game is going to be one of them. I always wait until the game is out and see what impartial people think of it before dishing out the dosh.

                  I don’t care much about the WiiU, I think it’s sorta decent. I honestly like the vibe that Nintendo is TRYING again, unlike the Wii and 3DS. They’re actually taking risks (seriously, no one EVER saw the Bayonetta 2 thing coming, even the bad publicity it caused was good for them in the end). I’ll probably end up getting it as soon as them make a new Smash Bros Dojo (which, dear God, they’d better do) because Japan Time is the most hype shit ever, lol.

                  1. I personally think the Wii itself was a riskier approach. It didn’t really pay off for the core market in the end, but they clearly got somewhere off of a market of non-gamers.

                    The Wii U is more or less playing it safe with an amalgam of existing console standards and their DS with dual-screen gameplay. It might be risky in trying to market it at those very casuals due to how complex the controller itself looks.

                    [off to sleep]

                  2. Japan Time is the best reason to own any console!

                    It’s sort of like a mini-Nintendo Direct every night, with people being either really happy (Red, Snake, Sonic) or really disappointed (YOU MUST RECOVER, SHIELDING, GRABBING) with the announcements.

                    Unforgettable memories, I’d be crushed if something similar didn’t happen with Smash 4.

        1. We know that the PS3 is on par with the 3DS with the 3D in off mode do not educat us dummy. Be it the 3DS has better games, even better than the psp, ps vita, exbox and ps3 combined. The 3DS is waiting for true competition in the name of the eighth generation wonder the Wii U.

    3. Tokio Game Show. Sony revealed the NEW SLIMMER PS3!!! Comes with either 250 GB or 500 GB. 250 GB is $279. Seriously Sony WTF. Nobody will buy 6 year old tech with a new shell on it.

      1. People wil buy it but theres not much point. All this flaunting a bigger harddrive, theres no point for one. My brothers getting a 160GB slim for £180. Thats more than enough

      1. Is nintendo all japs have to offer than theyre truly fucked rip to western white power games. Btw i laughed at atomic bombs on japs

  2. I see great success in Nintendo’s future. All they need to do now is advertise the hell out of the Wii U. I have no doubts that their online service, eshop, exclusive titles and 3rd party support is going to kick some serious ass. I think the toughest battle out of any console war is graphics, and now that we’re not focusing on that anymore, it’s time for INNOVATION to take over. (A.K.A. Nintendo)

  3. I’ve always preferred a Nintendo console over other console simply because of its exclusive titles. Getting more exclusive titles to the the Wii U seems to be a smart move. I can only see it benefiting the Wii U in the long run because gamers will want to buy the console in order to play their favorite titles. Of course, those titles have to be of good quality, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem when we look at what titles Nintendo has already claimed exclusive publication rights for. They just need to continue to the trend.

  4. *Forbes: Nintendo HAS Taken Over The Japanese Video Game Market One IP At A Time

    Nintendomination, get N or get the f**k out!

      1. But they won’t because Ninten’s games aren’t up to their standards and want to not only force their opinion on others but alienate those who have a difference of opinion and interest.

  5. Nintendo always manages to hook me with one game, 3ds’s is Mario Tennis open, wii u’s will be lego city undercover.

  6. does that mean more JRPGs will be on the wii u instead of the PS3/PS4 now? i hope so thats the only reason i want a ps3 simply cuz of the JRPGs like Tales of Grace F

      1. Sony still does well worldwide, and while it is not #1 in Japan, it still has large appeal. We’ll see how long that lasts when the Wii U comes out though now that it will be able to play games the Wii wasn’t able to play.

    1. The Wii had Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of A New Wold…That was a good game. I love the Tales games. Hope Konami shows one for Wii U at Tokio Gameshow since they are supposed to be their for some Wii U stuff.

    2. Agreed. Tales of graces and tales of xillia are two tales games I want to play. Would be great to see them on the Wii Universe

  7. Finally a publication that actually knows what’s going on. Yeah it’s pretty clear what Nintendo has been trying to do in the last couple of years. I mean getting Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest exclusively on Nintendo systems is a huge move in Japan. If they could convince Square Enix to put Final Fantasy and Atlus to put Shin Megami Tensei exclusively on Nintendo platforms, Nintendo would be an unstoppable force in Japan.

    1. FF wont be an exclusive, its got too much of a fanbase out of Japan, but they could easily be put on the console as multiplat, i mean its on the fucking 360, no reason it shouldnt come to the WiiU (shame FF has sucked this gen, so far)

              1. NO, Sega made it more powerful by making add-ons on the genesis. they focus on the hardware rather than the games.
                again snes beats genesis because its weaker that genesis+32x+cd.

    1. Or do what they are doing with Mass Effect 3 on Wii U. Include the other games as an interactive comic where you get to experience everything and make the decisions and such.

    2. That would be cool, can imagine them doing that, although it needs some improvement xD the ps3 version i played was a little iffy

  8. Sony is in for even a more rough gen this time around in Japan, now monster hunter and DQ are Nintendo exclusive, plus with Nintendo’s current games and the possibility now that a main series Pokemon will come to a home console, Sony is in for one hell of a fight. Especially now I think that final fantasy will be ported to WiiU (and possibly metal gear and mainline RE) with the market share of the handheld industry at the moment for this gen, and all the main best selling Japanese exclusives Nintendo has,Sony really needs to bring to the table more then high specs.

            1. Games have became too violent and kids from all around the world are becoming aggresive and retards unless if their familly are responsible for them.Believe me if you want because i’ve studied the games with violence theory very good.

            2. Gotta disagree with you sir. Sony hasnt be able to be innovative in oh god I dont know how long. They need a fucking miracle to survive. If not 2 years from now Sony is gone for good and I wont give a damn lol.

  9. Oh Yea!! Just watch Nintendo have Square Enix’s Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Franchises on Their system. Come on Atlus, Give us Persona 5 on Wii U.

    1. PS. LOOOOOVE The Nintendo Picture, I just made it my Background. (:
      On a side note, I also enjoy Sony’s games but Nintendo’s #1 on my list, Microsoft however should stick to PC’s because they obviously don’t care about what games they put out anymore or the gamers…..Dam Kinect………………………They KILLED RAREWARE!!!!!!>_< save them Nintendo.(;

      1. Reviving Rare would be great but a huge amount of work would go into that. Former Rare employees are all over the place. Retro has taken Rares old spot. All though I have always loved Retro the most lol. Why Microsoft fucked them up so much I will never know. Nintendo knows how to treat devs Microsoft says what you will make and how you will make it. No freedom for the devs. If you work for Microsoft I feel sorry for you people lol.

          1. So you didn’t read the part when he said …

            “Former Rare employees are all over the place”

            I think you may need to consult your local optometrist. :3

          2. I have been on this site awhile now. I have noticed you and that Aoelus? that the spelling? Anyway I am aware you 2 are trolls. But you seem to be a troll who cant read you get extra sympathy from me.

  10. One reason I love Nintendo is their first party exclusives. And right now I’m looking forward to getting great third party titles and the awesome first party titles on one console, the Wii U.
    Leave luck to heaven.

  11. If Nintendo falls one day, it will be the end of true gaming and the beginning of another mainstream piece of crap mindless shit games that plays the same generation after generation.


      Buddy, a sizeable chunk of this industry has long moved on from Nintendo, the only persons who’d really be affected are their blind brand loyalists. In the end, nobody else really cares and they’ll go third party. Don’t list to PR bullshit claiming they’ll drop out entirely. “Yeah, let’s kill off hundreds of thousands of jobs for our pride!” That’ll show everyone precisely what kind of morons they were.

  12. Nintendo has had Japan for a while. Sony is gone. Did anyone see the games announced for Vita? A Wii port, a 3ds port, and a game that also gets released on the psp. Sony has abandoned the Vita and it pisses me off as a Vita owner.

    1. i have to admit,vita has failed toomuch und 3ds is getting better in sales but both of them they vill never vin microsoft…

  13. at the picture…who is that guy with the orange 1?

  14. according to wikipedia,ze viiu vill have current gen graphics card which has directXXX10,1 which is nothing against XBO3

  15. This is pretty much true. We can expect new, fun and great looking games from 3rd parties coming to Wii U – hopefully devs will try to harness its potential power like with what we saw with the Zelda HD demo for example. First party Nintendo games are going to be amazing, and that will make Wii U a strong console. For example could you imagine if we were getting a brand new Mario Kart or Zelda at launch?

  16. LOL , IN JAPAN !!! And the IPs suck ass and are only successful in japan because japanese people like childish games and shovelware

  17. Better than mindless killing spree games that infect your already retarded minds into becoming idiots like Mitt Romney the idiot.

    1. Or you could blindly follow a man not born in this country, who lies everytime he speaks, has racked up MORE debt on HIS watch by HIS programs(not counting the stuff that came from Bush) than every other president COMBINED(yes, including Bush)…vastly less idiotic, thanks for your contribution to this GAMING forum, you just revealed how immeasurably imbecilic you are with your uneducated, drone-like mentality. Write anything more off-topic and I will be required to further embarrass your ignorance and general lack of intelligence.

  18. About Rare,Nintendo should just buy back their old games like banjo.I missed those games so much and Microsoft should quit because they just not make good games except from Halo and Minercraft.

      1. They wouldn’t want them back. They just want the titles. Half the Rare team now work for Retro! :3 and I believe the rest went to Crytek.

          1. nope Ubisoft own the rights to ZombiU then can do anything they want with it.

            Resident evil 4 was exclusive… look what happened with that?

  19. He has a good point. This strategy could also drown Vita in Japan, if Nintendo tie up all the important exclusives. I expect to see some incredible JRPG’s on Wii U in years to come.

  20. Nintendo back on top where they belong. They always had the first party locked down tight, now the 3rd party devs are getting on board as well. Wii U is gonna be awesome. Leave luck to heaven.

  21. Hello zigfried von schroder, Can you please give me some evidence or reasons why? The more detailed and more understanding way without WRONG spelling, Please!
    Nintendo as you know it, without the PS is not existing today.
    Also Microsoft often times say that Nintendo is one of their inspiration in making video games…
    Any Comeback?
    Hey, zigfried von schroder, What will happen to the video game industry without Nintendo BEFORE and AFTER 1985? If you don’t know about the Video Game History, Research on your trusty website, Wikipedia and see majority you’ll find all of the innovations Nintendo done to the Video Game industry…

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  23. I wish Nintendo would buy Sega, Platinum Games, Namco, Tecmo, and SNK. I wish Nintendo would get more exclusives from Capcom, Konami and Square. The worst thing that happened to Nintendo is parting ways with Rare. If Nintendo had Rare during Gamecube and Wii generations there is no telling would they could do together.

  24. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this site.
    I really hope to see the same high-grade blog posts from
    you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own website now ;).

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