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Amazon Finally Selling Nintendo 3DS XL

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is now selling Nintendo 3DS XL consoles. The Nintendo 3DS XL launched in North America on August 19th but today, a month later, is the first day the online retailer is selling the handheld. Amazon is still not selling, however, the original Nintendo 3DS, and you can’t pre-order a Wii U from it just yet.

Purchase Nintendo 3DS XL from Amazon here.

33 thoughts on “Amazon Finally Selling Nintendo 3DS XL”

    1. What’s your opinion on the coltronler exclusivity thing? I’ve not seen anyone talk about it yet (maybe I just don’t read the right sites), and it’s probably going to be very important bit to their overall strategy.

  1. A little late, Amazon. I’ve been singing your praises for years but your handling of the 3DS XL and Wii U has been pathetic. A winner is not you. Dodongo dislikes.

  2. That’s a bit VERY late… Amazon Germany started to sell the 3DS XL on release day and one could preorder it weeks ago. Same goes for the Wii U. Very, very strange ô_o

  3. Here is what I just pre-paid for from

    Nintendo Wii U Solution Bundle w/ Customer Choice of Wii U Game and Wii Remote Plus

    Your Choice Wii U Console
    (Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Console w/ GamePad & Nintendo Land, Black)
    Your Choice Wii U Game
    (New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U))
    Your Choice Wii Remote Plus (Compatible with Wii and Wii U) or Wii U Pro Controller
    (Wii U Pro Controller – Black)

    Associate Price:

    so after taxes and shipping it came out to $453.25
    which I am pretty satisfied with.

      1. its their own fault. fuck them anyways, they are bitches who screw shit up and dont make up for it when they do. and then they send your package in a box that looks like its been kicked down the street by a no-name carrier. fuck amazon.

      2. It could be an effort from Nintendo to not let US consoles get imported overseas, because it’ll be launching there first.
        Though that’s not likely, there’s no real reason for that other than curbing early purchases.
        More likely they don’t have the supply to provide Amazon with any, they’re supplying video game-based stores first and foremost.

          1. nevermind i see what your saying after i reread what you wrote. but all they have to do is not ship to out of country addresses.

        1. i think they got into a fight over how much profit amazon would be getting for selling the systems, and they wanted nintendo to cut them a better resale deal. which nintendo prolly wasn’t wanting to do and so this is amazon’s way of boycotting.

  4. i hope this means that soon they start the preorder of the wii u i actually love amazon as i got that membership thing so my stuff comes in asap

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