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Nintendo 3DS Continues Its Reign In Japan, Seven Nintendo Titles In Top Ten

This weeks Enterbrain software and hardware charts are in and they once again show that the Nintendo 3DS is currently the force to be reckoned with in Japan. Nintendo’s latest handheld managed to sell 60,903 units, compared to its closest competitor the PlayStation 3, which only managed to sell 13,903 units. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [PS3] Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  2. [3DS] Medarot 7: Kabuto / Kuwagata
  3. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  4. [3DS] Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone
  5. [3DS] Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd
  6. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
  7. [PS3] Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei
  8. [PSP] Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei
  9. [3DS] Tousouchuu: Shijou Saikyou no Hunter-Tachi Kara Nigekire!
  10. [WII] Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online
  • Nintendo 3DS: 60,903
  • PlayStation 3: 13,903
  • PlayStation Vita: 10,858
  • PSP: 9,069
  • Wii: 6,019
  • PlayStation 2: 1,120
  • Nintendo DS: 1,073
  • Xbox 360: 739

114 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Continues Its Reign In Japan, Seven Nintendo Titles In Top Ten”

        1. So Art Academy and Medabots is something going for it?

          How much stock have you bought from Nintendo? Literally everything I’m seeing here for the 3DS is mediocre. Your pleas to defend them are like the cries of somebody who owns their stocks and it happens to be lowering in value.

          1. Dude , If the vita dies or carries on like this in JAPAN , nobody is going to support it at all .

            You were bragging about Muramasa before . I played it on my wii already in 480p , lol . the vita’s ‘QHD’ capabilities aren’t really going to further the experience .

            Seriously now aelous , its the games like bravely default , Monster hunter , Luigis mansion . And in japan , If you had done some research you would realise the 3ds has this Infinite amount of games coming to it , whilst the vita has next to nothing .

            Analysing things wrong is one thing .

            The 3ds XL has probably over taken the vita in Japan .

            Stop sticking up for a console with no support and games , i wouldn’t be .
            we all know it has really good graphics , but they dont mean anything at all .

            1. I’m still waiting for the proof you own that game and not lying to support whatever sick case you’re trying to pull.

              “Vita has nothing”. Correction, you don’t know anything*. Because that is a bullshit statement nobody in their right mind would say. Until you start posting facts, you will be ignored.

                1. yeah i guess you have a point. all the 3DS titles in the top 10 do seem a bit meh. now as for the vita, literally everything i’m seeing here is……… wait there seems to be a problem here. i’m seeing a couple PS3 games, even a PSP game, a DS game and a Wii game, but nothing for the vita! all i’m seeing that involves the vita is hardware sales that are around 1/6 of what the 3DS is putting out!

                  so please explain why you’re so weakly trying to argue against a person who is laughing at a comment about the vita having more going for it than the 3DS because in both software and hardware sales, the vita totally pales in comparison. no ifs, ands, or buts about it. really, it looks like the 3DS has a ton more working in its favor than the vita does

                    1. 5/10 highest worldwide selling 3ds games scored 80+ average, with 2 of the top 10 highest ranking eShop titles which don’t get tracked. Soo effectively 5/8 highest selling retail games scored 80+

                        1. your a dumb shit. no sale = no devolpers =no games
                          psvita= fail/flop another pspgo. mark my word the vita will die after after the next quarter and it will not sell anything this coming holiday thanks to the 3dsxl and wii-u its over for you sony drones go stick a move controller up your ass

                            1. DKC, SMG 1&2, MP3, No More Heroes 1&2, Sin & Punishment, MH Tri, Tales of Symphonia, Rayman,Boom Blox, Lost in Shadow, Geometry Wars, Muramasa, Fire Emblem, Silent Hill, Battalion Wars, MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill, Resident Evil Chronicles(x2), SSBB, Goldeneye 007, Klonoa, Conduit, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Xenoblade, Last Story, A Boy and his Blob, Little King’s Story, Trauma Center(x3), Super Paper Mario, Blastworks, Red Steel 2…and thats not even touching on all of Nintendo’s outputs, nor any of the multiplats…just admit your a sonydrone, because although not all of these titles may incline to everyone, there is a variety of quality games.

                              1. For every single “good Wii game” you can bring up.

                                There are dozens more across every other platform, that actually look relevant and not something shat out of 2003.

                              2. Nintendo’s IPs are quality.
                                You were negative about Luigi’s Mansion, you don’t give a shit, but tons of people do.

                                Nintendo makes money because they make the games people want to play, on systems made accessible to it’s audience.

                                Sony makes 10 games on an overpriced system people don’t find enough value in purchasing.

                                1. + 1 , to back up your statement there is loads of people like me who have more than enough money to go to the shop right now and buy a vita !! but for me I can only see 3 games that really want to make me own the system = gravity rush , unchartedGA , LBP . all the rest are not system sellers , just filler titles .

                                  The 3ds has loads of great filler titles . but it has about 15 system sellers .

                                2. No they are not quality. They are reskins.

                                  Nintendo has not made a relevant “quality” game since SMG1 and Skyward Sword is in no way as good as people are making it out to be. The game already looks and feels dated. Skyrim has already thoroughly beaten it.

                                  1. I had a choice of Skyrim or Skyward sword last november. I picked Skyrim and never looked back. I got skyward sword in December but have yet to beat it xD

                                  2. Sales do not equal quality, but they do equal success. The Dreamcast had serious quality, it was a *good* system, but it didn’t sell. If a system does not sell, it fails and dies, even with quality. The PS2 had nothing on the original XBox in technical terms, but it continued to outsell it, for similar reasons that the 3DS is wiping the floor with the Vita.

                                    1. The Dreamcast mostly failed because Sega was in a state of disrepair even prior to that.

                                      Same is true for Saturn…and a few others.

                                        1. True; but the result was, people did not buy the system, despite it being a quality product. The same seems true of Vita, at least so far; people are not buying it, despite the good actual and potential quality it has.

                                        2. Sorry for the English, it's not my native language

                                          Yes, Aeolus. You are completely right about that. quality=/=sales. Vita proves that. It’s a good quality system, but it doesn’t sells.

                                          But sales=quality. Why? Please, think with me: you buy something cause it looks good for you. If you play that thing and do not like it, you wil tell it to your friends and will post your opinion on the internet. If that thing is REALLY awful, other people will do the same. Then, the common sense will be: “that game isn’t good”. Consequently, more and more people will know that thing isn’t good, and will not buy it. What Vita needs is some game that tells people: “hey, look at me, this game is awesome and you have to play it”. And, trough the sales, you can see that there isn’t a game that does it. That’s all.

                                        3. Put this into your mind: what may be a quality for you can be a disadvantage for many. Quality is also about how a product reaches the buyer´s expectations and in this sense, the 3DS is pleasing way more consumers than Vita, then its software sells better.

                                        4. Hmmm. Retard I guess. It’s gone up in the last month and will only catch fire due to wii u pre sales and holiday sales. Allright mr economist, take a look at its value right now and then again in a several months. I

                                          1. This is a lie! The Vita has so much going for it and the PSP is totally competing with the 3DS every week…

                                            Right guys….



                                                1. Dominance is when the consumers are in the palm of their hands. Not casuals, the core market that you see on HD consoles. They are nowhere to be found on the 3DS.

                                                  1. No, dominance is simply outselling your rivals by a factor of 2, 3, 4, 5 or so on, which Nintendo does every single week in Japan.

                                                    It matters not who is buying the products. I’m sure you don’t care that the PS2 hit 150million in sales on the strength of both hardcore and casual gamers after all.

                                                    Meanwhile, Sony will care that virtually nobody is buying the Vita. They won’t reassure themselves by thinking that it’s purely core gamers buying the product. Incidentally, that is pure speculation on your part, given the only person I’ve seen with a Vita on my travels was an ~8 year old girl in Los Angeles.

                                                    1. I’ll say it again, because you can’t quite comprehend it:

                                                      Sales do not equate to quality. It doesn’t matter how much your product sells, in no shape or form does that benefit the consumer if it has nothing special going for it.

                                                      1. At no point have I argued that sales = quality, so you continuing to fall back on that is a sign of deflecting and weakness on your part.

                                                        And I’m afraid that strong sales versus the competition DOES benefit the consumer, in the form of increased support from big franchises. Which is why you’ve seen games like Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest go from being Sony exclusive to Nintendo exclusive. It’s also why all Sony had to announce today was a bunch of low/mid-tier games.

                                                        It was funny reading Sony fans convince themselves that MH4 and other big games were destined to be announced today. Shame they haven’t supported Sony handhelds enough to make that happen…

                                                        1. Just like how the strong sales of the Wii kept it alive?

                                                          Just like how those “big franchises” made it to that console?

                                                          Oh wait–the “dominant console” appears to be dead virtually everywhere besides Japan. Also, the Dragon Quest series will not be an exclusive IP to Nintendo platforms, nor will Monster Hunter. 1-2 exclusive games =/= franchise is only appearing on those systems.

                                                          I have yet to have seen any “Sony fan” talk about MH4. Nice bullshit you’re spewing. But SS looks leaps and bounds better. Tell Capcom to rehash their crap for quick cash a bit harder.

                                                          1. Erm… yes. MHTri and DQX. Both Wii games, and both only available on Nintendo platforms. DQIX was also a Nintendo exclusive. You’ve got to try harder than this.

                                                            And of course, the Wii is dead. That is one thing we do agree on. But it’s dead because its successor is coming out in two months.

                                                            You can pretend that Sony fans are happy with what was announced today but you are lying to yourself. Here, have a comment from a massive Vita fan.

                                                            “not a single fucking new first party game at the event…that’s what ticks me off the most

                                                            Sony is being so fucking stupid….if they had made puppeteer and rain vita exclusive it would have helped so damn much. But nah…their management is so incompetent they can’t understand even such a simple thing

                                                            sorry for ranting..but I’m not joking when I say I feel like selling my stupid vita right now…and I have been VERY optimistic about everything as much as I can. But this treatment of vita fans is just garbage.”

                                                            You are welcome to google that comment to verify its existence before you go crying for a source.

                                                            1. WHO THE FUCK CARES? I’m talking about the ENTIRE SERIES of both, idiot. Neither of which are EXCLUSIVE to Nintendo. READ, FOR FUCKS SAKE.

                                                              The Wii was dead even before the Wii u announcement, if you think like one major game redeemed anything, you’re kidding yourself. The platform did not live up to its 2006 hype. It did not do anything meaningful this generation and is ultimately the most hated console this generation. It’s that way for a reason.

                                                              The rest of your nonsense is heaps of bullshit, Puppeteer and Rain was developed for the PS3 in mind, not the fucking Vita. You get Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, Killzone, Valhalla Knights 3, P4:G, LBP, and quite a few others incoming. Deal with it.

                                                              Fucking gamer entitlement. Games to take a month to develop, idiot.

                                                            2. Poor Aeolus. Unable to understand the concept of ” marks. That wasn’t my comment. That was one of your Vita brethren who has finally had enough of Sony half assing things.

                                                              MHTri and MH4 both Nintendo exclusive.
                                                              DQIX and DQX both Nintendo exclusive.

                                                              Where are the upcoming main line games on non-Nintendo consoles?

                                                              Sure there are Monster Hunter spinoffs, like the 360 game… But crucially none for the Vita (as I said before, today was supposed to be the day that changed… oh dear!). And all of the Dragon Quest spinoffs are currently Nintendo exclusive also.

                                                              The rest of your post is fanboy rhetoric. No amount of fact correction will cure you of that ailment.

                                                            3. the Wii is essentially dead now because the next console is 2 months away and it has already had massive success. the PS3 should never be able to reach the lifetime sales of the Wii so i’d say it’s already done its job well enough to die without regret. try harder

                                                              1. Nobody gives a fuck about lifetime sales. The PS3 has thoroughly crushed the Wii in loyal userbase and software. YOU try harder, Nintendork.

                                                              2. Userbase and software ? Try again. Wii sold about 95 million consoles while PS3 sold about 26 million LESS. Let´s not talk about software, because that would just wider the gap, ok ?

                                                              3. Are you stupid ??? Nintendo has both the casual audience and hardcore audience in japan . thats why the sales are so god damn high .

                                                                hardcore titles are on the wii, 3ds , and ds over there .

                                                                the vita isn’t selling to anybody in japan except a few sony fanboys .

                                                                  1. What HARDCORE audience? What fucking HARDCORE audience???

                                                                    I am literally convinced that you’re an idiot. They have NO such market in Japan you dumb cunt.

                                                                      1. I know your trolling but I agree with that. But at the same time Nintendo is doing something right to rake in those sales. I love my vita and my 3DS but honestly the Vita does need more exclusives from sony :/ but I only have 3 games for my 3DS… the next one will be that 3D pokemon mystery dungeon.

                                                                        1. They basically just grab a hold of the titles that they know will sell like Jew gold in that country, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Mario…all are guaranteed saturation. Not to mention a lower asking price than the Vita.

                                                                          It’s a smart marketing technique that shafts the people who want to see what the handheld is truly made of. That’s the difference between Vita and 3DS titles.

                                                                          Also, do you have PSN

                                                                            1. AEOLUS… PLEASE get some real life… it’s just about numbers, after all…. None of those companies pays you anything…… so shut up

                                                                            2. No but quality usually implies sales. Unfortunately, the Vita is missing quality titles and the 3DS has them. The games on top of the current list don’t really matter either. They sold 60000 new units which could have been influenced by zelda, SM3DL, Star Fox, Resident Evil or any of the other great games for the system that are already released. Plus the allure of a pokemon title which will undoubtedly be released for the system eventually. What about the virtual console as well. Sure art academy isn’t a hardcore game or anything of the sort but it still received great reviews and it appeals to different markets. That’s what the 3DS does well, and why the Vita sucks. It appeals to one group of people only: PS3 owners and fanboys. And they totally dropped the ball with their flagship titles.

                                                                                  1. So…what do software sales have to do with hardware?

                                                                                    Wii Fit has outsold every Wii game, what the fuck is your point? You’re a neanderthal.

                                                                                    1. ”wii fit has out sold every wii game” .

                                                                                      yeh , mario kart wii is te highest selling wii game with 32 million copies world wide . wii fit isnt a game , it’s an application an excercise fucking program where you need a pheripheral .

                                                                                      Mario kart wii has sold twice as much as highest selling 360 game , so go and suck a lemon you retard .

                                                                                      What do software sales have to do with hardware ????

                                                                                      everything!!! demonstrated by the arrival of ocarina 3d , mario 3d land and MK7 last year by the 3ds , when the sales quadrupled du to the arrival of these games .

                                                                                      the ps vita isn’t selling because , people walk into the shop , see uncharted and a load of low quality dreary shit and then go over to the 3ds section , which has MK7 , ocarina 3d , mario 3d land , NSMB2 , kingdom hearts , resident evil stareing you in the face .

                                                                                      software has everything to do with sales of hardware .

                                                                                      people will not buy hardware without games to play on it.

                                                                                      U MAD BRO ????

                                                                                      the vita is a sack of shit in terms of software compared to 3ds , deal with it . and it will never ever even come close to catching up .

                                                                                                    1. Ouch vita took a big dive since Project diva week. I think it’s time to take rage against the machines advice in ‘guerrilla radio’. Can’t really see how they will recover :(

                                                                                                    2. Vita sales prove that specs, polygons, processor capacity, blah, blah, blah, are nothing comparable to gaming experince. Seems that $ony was in Lah-Lah-Land when they conceived Vita as well as PS3 – let’s just remember that PS3 was sold for years with absolutely no profit.

                                                                                                      1. yeah i would’ve thought that after the PS3 pretty much single-handedly negated the success of the first two consoles, they’d try harder with the vita. or i at least would’ve hoped that they could’ve learned from nintendo’s mistake and figured out that a lot of people don’t want a $250+ handheld with few compelling games, but no.

                                                                                                      2. the vita continues just plodding along as if it were one of the tired current-gen consoles near the end of its life. it’s too bad TGS didn’t really do anything for it besides different color announcements and some games, most of which also being available on PSP/PS3. and still no announcement of a price cut! i predict that this holiday season will be one of the most pitiful ones i will ever have seen for a handheld so young on the market.

                                                                                                        meanwhile, the Wii U is preparing for launch right before black friday, with most places having already sold out of pre-orders, and the 3DS is still going strong –(and might i remind everyone that in the 2 months it’s been on the market, the 3DS XL, which sony drones initially laughed at, has already sold more than the vita has all year)–.

                                                                                                        this holiday basically belongs to nintendo. get ready to see the fireworks

                                                                                                      3. Some Guy on the Internet

                                                                                                        Goddamnit, why is it that when these posts are made, first thing is about how crappy the Vita is.

                                                                                                        I mean for god’s, cheese’s, beer’s, or whatever the hell you believe in’s sake, do you really need to argue about this? The 3DS has it’s qualities as does the Vita. I got a 3DS back in February and I can say I am quite satisfied with it. It has several great titles including Kid Ic- well if you’re on this site you know the must-haves. It has the 3D effect (duh), Nintendo exclusive franchises which many people are familiar with, and is cheaper than the Vita. It’s also, in my opinion, more kid friendly, so parents are more likely to buy the 3DS toy to keep their kids busy instead of the Vita toy (going from what I believe how parent logic thinks).

                                                                                                        As for the Vita, I will say none of the games seemed to interest ME, a cartoony/RPG kinda guy, enough to get one. However, I have been wanting a Vita for all the great capabilities it has for a while now. I will be getting the White AC bundle at the end of October, and truth be told that game doesn’t interest me, I just want the special colored Vita and a free game. What does interest me however is Ragnarok Odyssey, a 3D console adaption to the MMORPG called Ragnorok Online. Things that also interest me are Gravity Rush, Touch My Katamari (if you know what I mean), and Dynasty Warriors NEXT. Sure those are only a few games, but then there’s the multitude of PSP games on the Vita PSN store. For upcoming games, I’m looking into Tearaway and Soul Sacrafice. Then there’s the Cross-Buy promos coming up this holiday season, where if you buy a Vita/PS3 games you get the other console’s version free. Last but not least, there’s the remote play functionality where I can play my PS3 games right on my Vita, and with this I can be anywhere in the house and still play my PS3 games.

                                                                                                        Now that I’ve mentioned MY reasons as to why the I like the Vita, people really need to chill, it’s just video game sales. No need to argue, as I bet if someone gave you a free Vita, or any console for that matter, you would gladly take it in and enjoy it for what it’s worth.

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