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Unity And Nintendo Partner Up For Unity Engine

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, announced that it has entered into a worldwide license agreement with Nintendo to provide a version of Unity which supports deployment to the Wii U to Nintendo and third-party developers as well as Unity’s 1.2 million registered developers.

This extensive agreement will provide Nintendo the right to distribute the Unity development platform to its in-house, external, and third party licensee developers providing the large number of artists, designers, and engineers intimately familiar with Nintendo gaming systems direct access to Unity’s powerful engine and highly efficient tools that have been specifically designed to enable developers immense creative freedom.

“The rapid growth of incredible games coming from the experienced and talented developers in our community makes Unity the new development platform of choice for AAA console developers. Nintendo’s unfettered access to Unity will produce a wealth of insanely good games from knowledgeable Nintendo developers and the Wii U deployment add-on will create an amazing opportunity for our massive community of developers to showcase their incredible creativity on one of the most anticipated and innovative gaming platforms to date.”

– David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies

122 thoughts on “Unity And Nintendo Partner Up For Unity Engine”

        1. The pc is getting a new device curtsey of steam. Were getting a new virtual reality visors, there going to show the virtualboy how its done. Remember i said pc is only getting stronger well kids while nintendo is stuck in 3d steams going to take you into 4d. The virtual visors also will feature bluetooth,ar,rumble,3d surround sound and of course 4d motherfuckers with graphics that are better than wii u and ps3 combine.

          1. PC is Casual for gamers. just like how Mobile Games are perfectly casual for the rest of the people. so it doesnt matter what PC has to offer, it still wont beat Consoles in terms of fans

                    1. Don’t you mean Valve? Steam is just a game client.

                      Also, I don’t think Nintendo’s hardware can suddenly turn into a human being.

            1. I fail to see how PC gamers are casual. Obviously, you haven’t seen the number of games on the PC, how you have to pay more for a good gaming computer, and have to know what specs you’re looking for if you want a good gaming experience. If anything console players are more likely to be casual players because console gaming is easier.
              I have 150 games in my Steam account, among these games are Skyrim, Metro 2033, Assassin’s Creed, Half-Life 2, and Quake. That really, really screams “Casual!”, doesn’t it?
              You’re one of those people who act like they know what they’re talking about but really doesn’t know much at all. By the way, it’s about the games, not the consoles. You’re not suddenly going to be a badass hardcore gamer or a casual gamer just because you play games on a console or PC.

            1. This just in! It will no longer have rumble on the visor. Now it will come with a pair of briefs that rumble when you die! In other worlds now players will die every single chance they get! Lmao….I know this is good news for the nerds that get no action with the ladies.

    1. Xbox kinect inspjred the virtual visors from steam thats work. Wiiu is just an ipad anybody could of thought of that. I predict based on technology that nintendo will develop their own kinect like visor with 3d and it will sell along withbthe motion controls

      1. No. WiiU is a console version of te DS handhelds.
        Nintendo was way ahead of te game.
        Everyone is just trying to catch up.

        1. thousands of games are being built with unity
          this could open the wii-u wide for anything free to play (and i mean actual free to play)

    1. As usually happens to every engine, Unity has its pros and cons (there is a link to a video on YouTube in this post). But more important is the fact that Nintendo are pursuing 3rd-parties’ support, what reveals a strong effort to deliver the most varied gaming content to Wii U owners – unfortunately, it didn’t happen to Wii.

    2. Its a great and affordable game engine that tons of indie devs use. Hopefully this means that there will be amazing games on the eshop.

    3. Unity is pretty damn good. Played a few free indie games that use that engine and it looks and feels pretty. One that took me by surprise is the “Sonic Fan Remix” game I played some year ago. It’s just wow, truly amazing even if it’s just 3 stages.

  1. I wonder if the Wii U will run Unreal Engine 4. I even wonder if the PS4 or the 720 will run it since it has VERY high graphical expectations. I really hope all next gen console graphics are on par.

    1. WiiU can run it, Epic said developer can use it for their games on the WiiU, but Epic arent personally doing anything for the WiiU, yet.
      But seeing how scaled down U3 was on this gen, its almost pointless using U4, they may as well stick to U3.5 for next gen, that looks good enough, plus they cant give it working to a damn good level.

      1. You right sir! Developers took so many time to reach good graphics on current HD consoles, and yet they didn’t use the technology of their engines at max, I don’t know why people care so much about the latest unreal 4, how much would you pay for better graphics that again will not be used at its full potencial? technology must be used wisely, just like bombs.

    2. Also, some days ago I was wondering if we haven’t already reached the 95-99% of feasible graphical development that is distinguishable to human optical perception.

      1. Most likely. All people want it photorealism, which is ok…for a photorealistic game, but other than that its just lighting and physics, and it’s almost unnoticeable. Take borderlands 2, theres a Nvidia tech demo showing the difference it makes on the PC. Totally irrelavant, its just minor details.

        1. I really got hesitant when I hear one saying that Micro$oft’s and $ony’s next consoles will have super-hyper-ultra specs. In my opinion, there isn’t such a big technological room to make what they currently have much better and, most importantly, today there is no viability in terms of cost-benefit in launching that powerful machine.

  2. I use the Unity engine to make Android games. Its pretty powerful and its easy to learn. I see Nintendo winning a lot of indies with this move. That’s. Wonderful thinking. I should start thinking of how to port my game to Wii U… By the way.. If you want to see the review of my game, here’s the link…

          1. People on the web these days like to be assholes because they’ve got the mental capacity of a twelve year old…. or are a twelve year old.

    1. I’m am a great Sony fan since I don’t fall in that category and pick fights with other fans. As long as the company isn’t as bad as Microsoft. :)

      1. Alas,if only more fanboys were like you because frankly,the sony fanboys have been hypocrites lately( i like sony by the way).

        1. if more fanboys were like him they wouldn’t be fanboys anymore

          starting fights where they don’t belong, meanwhile busting everyone’s balls is the bread and butter of a fanboy

    2. @0:43 i see what the maker of the video did there lol
      @1:42 aeolus does this whenever somebody asks him “why are you on this forum?” haha
      i love this video. It’s hilarious and true.

  3. Wait, if I develop a game using Unity, I will be able to put it on wii U, simple as that?
    Or I will still need to handle a lot of bureaucracy with nintendo?

    1. of course there’ll be bureaucracy
      console games usually undergo a quality assurance check, that’s why it takes a couple weeks for them to release even if they’ve gone gold already

      1. Yeah, that I expect, but…
        Well, I don’t really know how nintendo game development is, but I always thought that I would have a hard time even before starting out.

        1. well normally you’d have to have a license to be allowed to develop games for their console.. requirements for that usually involve having a pubishing record of some more or less successful games.. however with unity this system most likely wouldn’t work or else the benefits of adapting unity for wii-u would be null because the very high number of smaller developers is that engines advantage

          i’d guess nintendo could simplify the licensing process a lot for these developers
          maybe being part of the unity developer network will already suffice

  4. Excellent move by Nintendo. This could wield a lot of good games and good partnerships for Nintendo in the future. Leave luck to heaven.

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        1. the team behind unity would have to create an SDK for the 3DS

          unless they specifically announce support for the 3DS it likely won’t happen

  6. The Unity Engine for Wii U games from Nintendo and their third party supporters…? Damn… I’ve created a nosebleed pool. The first game powered by the Unity Engine is gonna be completely off the chain. If the new engine powers up StarFox (Retro Studios or Platinum Games… PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!) or The Legend of Zelda title, imagine the impact of Nintendo fans/supporters and passionate gamers saying positive things and refuse to put their GamePad down.

    Unity Tech… welcome to the Generation-U!!!!!!!!

  7. It seems to me that most console game developers used the Unreal Engine and the Crytek Engine. I am sure the Wii U can support these engines that are popular too.

  8. My beard hairs are tingling with excitement over this news of the Wii U each day.

    I’m Chuck Norris and the Wii U is my favourite console.

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