Wii U Makes Toys R Us Fabulous Fifteen Holiday List

The Wii U has made the Toys R Us Fabulous Fifteen Holiday List proudly sitting alongside the Furby, the One Direction doll set, and Toys R Us new child friendly tablet, the Tabeo. Unsurprisingly the Premium and Basic Wii U consoles are completely sold out at the retailer, but they do say to check back at a later date when presumably more will become available.



      1. aeolus tell your mom to stop using so much teeth when she gives me head. it makes me want to punch the bitch in her face after i nut on it.


  1. Thankful for Toys R’ Us…Had to drive nearly an hour away from home to a Toys R’ Us on Saturday night to preorder, because I was gonna do it on Sunday at Gamestop, and said to myself ‘I shouldn’t have any problem just waiting till Sunday’…How wrong was I…


    1. Next thing you know, they will sell Little Birdie plushies. If you played The Other M, you would know who that is and get the Furby joke I tried to make. XD


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