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You’ll Need Wii Remote Plus For Nintendo Land

Nintendo of America’s Director of Public Relations Marc Franklin has explained that to play some of the mini games in Nintendo Land cooperatively you’ll need to use Wii Remote Plus, rather than the standard Wii Remote. If you don’t have Wii Remote Plus you can always purchase the Wii Motion Plus attachment.

“For Nintendo Land, you do need the Motion Plus Remote because some of the games require it.”

52 thoughts on “You’ll Need Wii Remote Plus For Nintendo Land”

    1. Yeah, especially for new customers or those who are selling/trading in their Wii and accessories to upgrade to the Wii U.

      Since a lot of games REQUIRE a Wii Motion Plus, I would think it should be included at least in the Deluxe set since Nintendo Land comes with that game.

      1. As state above by Nintedward:
        “Because there is over 40,000,000 wii motion plus controllers in circulation in the USA alone already. 85% of wiiu buyers probably already have them or can pick them up pre owned for dirt cheap .”
        Plus, by selling it separately, Nintendo can get some more profit. They need profit to keep alive, every company needs, so, no bashing about it.

        1. Yeah thats cool and fair enough but what about the other 15% plus the people doing the trade in, it would have been good to include it since the price is so steep. Either reduce the price by £50 or include a Wii motion plus remote in the deal.

          1. Buy generic or used.
            They’re all over the Internet.
            Nintendo actually saved consumer’s money.
            Reggie said why would Nintendo add a new controller and up the cost of WiiU when Customers either have one, or can get one Cheap.

      1. I raise you the gold Wii remote plus. I have 2 black wii remote pluses, 2 standard Wii remotes and 2 motion plus attachments. I KNEW this was going to be the case with Wii U games using Wii remotes! What better way than to push this.

  1. It seems like Nintendo is trying to revert back to more traditional controls by not including the Wii Remote with the Wii U, thus forcing people to primarily use the gamepad. They cant just asume “everyone” has enough wii remotes.

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    1. hah. You get $5 for a remote, like $3 for the attachment.

      I got the best deal, got Wii Play Motion and Flingsmash for $60 (total). So I got 2 remote pluses, 2 games. Sold both games and 2 old standard remotes. That’s a win in my book. (120 club nintendo coins too!)

  3. I just have my one Zelda motion plus -.-
    Probably buy a couple of black ones when i need them, but i want a pro controller first…and batteries -_________-

    1. yeah i have two standard wiimotes with the motion plus attachments, so i think im probably good, but i do want a couple of those pro controllers fore rayman and zombiu etc.

      1. I want at least one pro for stuff like rayman, ninja gaiden, but also all my virtual console stuff, especially is gamecube games go on there (unless i want to play on the gamepad)

        1. i myself will probably stick to the gamepad, but when i have a bunch of friends over, it would be nice to have a couple of those pro controllers around.

  4. Maybe they should have included them somehow, but oh well. I know they’re rebranding Wiimotes as Wii U and stuff, so hopefully they’ll come with a price drop- it would suck if they were the same price. I already have 2 Remote+s and 2 attachments though, so I’m ok.

  5. Was kind of expecting this, no matter since I already have a Remote Plus from Skyward Sword and a Motion Plus from Red Steel 2.

  6. People will complain no matter what. Nintendo makes te best decision they can.
    Let’s say they included a wiimote and added $20-30 USD to the system cost, 85% of the population would have yelled, “What did you do that for? I already have one! (or 2, or 3)

    Nintendo can’t win. I thought it was Thr lesser of two evils.

  7. that’s not really news.. it has been announced before that the zelda minigame requires wiimotion plus (since it uses the same mechanics as skyward sword) and since you can’t change a controller adapter during gameplay that would make the wiimotion plus mandatory

  8. I don’t see how this would be a problem if you don’t have a Wii Remote Plus. If you already own a regular Wii Remote, like me, you can just buy the attachment and there you go. I could see the Wii Remote Plus being packaged in the deluxe addition, but I also don’t mind if it is not there at all, because you can just buy a cheap attachment or already own one.

    Looks like I will be buying the Motion Plus attachment soon, and maybe a Wii Remote Plus.

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