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Nintendo 3DS To Get An eBook Service In Japan

Japanese publication, the Nikkei is reporting that the Nintendo 3DS will receive an eBook service which will be launched by Librica. The eBook service will launch in Japan on October 20th and will include over 100 manga series to begin with. The free application is called Bookstore Anywhere.



    1. You can always use the 3DS’ browser, you know…
      Even if it doesn’t come out here, you can always read some on the 3DS’ browser –like m.onemanga.com, mangafox.mobi, and mbmanga.com


      1. Mario galaxy 1 is 9.9 , mario galaxy 2 has more content and yoshi and is 10/10 , in my opinion :) . they are both perfect masterpiece’s which blow away everything on the 360 .


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  1. If I was a big reader, I would get this, but only if it was on 3DS XL, which I don’t have. It would be pretty cool on the XL but standard, it would be very hard to read or awkward due to keep having to zoom in.


  2. So, what does this mean for the states? if we get this someday, then cool. but if not, then ill be a little sad. well, maybe. im wondering if it will be able to store entire novels from authors like R A Salvatore.


  3. Thats not gona happen if you know lubrica is based on a bunch of japanese publications and companies are on board. Sheushia, shogokan, kodonsha(not sure of any spelling), namco bandai. Also light novels and other books will be included later. And you pay for book and magazine published(which may include manga). Dont know all the features .


  4. i use ibooks on ipad and iphone all the time books too heay i dont like too carry real books soo e-reader needs comes soon to 3ds soon oh buy the way pg thrill has a 3d books


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