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White Nintendo 3DS XL With Mario Kart 7 Bundle Coming To Europe

Nintendo Europe has announced that it’s going to be selling the White Nintendo 3DS XL which comes pre-installed with Mario Kart 7 on November 16th. There’s no word whether you’ll be able to buy the White Nintendo 3DS XL system separately.

16 thoughts on “White Nintendo 3DS XL With Mario Kart 7 Bundle Coming To Europe”

  1. Does anybody want to buy a silver 3ds xl ??? no ?? awwwww

    *trades in for £115 and adds £65 so he can get the white :/* That mother fucking shibata *shakes fist*

      1. For an XL ??? u serious ?? we get £75 for the original 3ds !!!

        The xl is $199 in USA , so are you sure its just $75 ?? thats cryably low , bro!

        1. Hmm, Europe getting two new 3ds colours while the US gets squat. I smell a trap.
          What will they get that we wont???

  2. omg Europe is getting white 3ds XL and Pikachu 3ds XL and America is not getting nothing wtf with the people of NOA i wont buy the 3ds until they release white 3ds xl here in america or made an upgrade to 3ds to be region free, region lock is really shit

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