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Rayman Legends Delayed Until 2013

Ubisoft has confirmed that the promising Rayman Legends will no longer be a Wii U launch title, and will instead be released sometime in the New Year. Ubisoft wouldn’t really specify why the game is missing the Wii U launch, but they did provide the following statement.

“Rayman Legends will launch worldwide in the first quarter of 2013.”

“We’re happy that fans are excited about the game, and we are taking the time to make sure we deliver a game that lives up to and hopefully exceeds their expectations. We’ll have more details to share soon.”

82 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Delayed Until 2013”

  1. wtf lol. this game has been showed off the most, yet games we’ve seen next to nothing of are coming out before it? alrighty then…

    1. Bastards!!!! conspiracy theory anyone ??? = Nintendo have made Ubisoft do this so the sales dont clash with NSMBU …… 2 platformers on the same day would split the sales .

      This was my joint most anticipated Wiiu launch game with Zombiu . Now I guess I will have to buy NSMBU on launch day :/ .

      ZOMBIU , NSMBU , Nintendo Land , Blops 2 , Fifa 13 … for me .

      1. Nah, Mario would obliterate Rayman in sales, origins didn’t do so good alone and competing against a mamoth like mario would be very bad, I’m glad it got delayed :)

        This is coming from someone who places Rayman Origin over NSMB1&2, and even 3D Land.

        1. yeh thats my point ! nintendo doesn’t want to threaten the sales of Rayman legends. They will want it in its own spotlight all over the tv space and everything. NSMBu will keep selling at full price for the next 3 years…

      2. im not too excited for blackops 2, i might rent it to try out the split screen, but that’s it. i will however, be getting zombiu assassins creed 3 and then i’ll download nsmbu. and i preordered the deluxe set so im getting nintendoland with it.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Wth?! This was one of the games I pre-ordered too. D:

      I’m going to cancel that now…. I don’t pre-order games THAT far in advance. Man, that sucks. I was looking forward to this one.

  2. The hell, Ubisoft! F you guys, this is by far my most anticipated launch title! The only upside I can see is that it’s £20 less for me to come up with right now, but still. If it’s so other console versions can launch simultaneously, I’ll be pissed. Both because it loses its exclusivity, and because we had to wait for the sake of everyone else.

    1. They just recently said exactly why they wouldn’t be releasing the game on other consoles. It’s gonna stay exclusive.

  3. The reason is cause ubisoft have 3 games on lauch and is going to be agains blobs 2 and mario this is actualy goods news

    1. You know.. you’re probably right… going against mario at launch.. would probably be a bad idea on their part. Not to mention the other high end games they have coming out at launch.

      1. now that i think about it, this is a relief. i’ve been so torn about what games i should get at launch (not really about money, just that i dont want to have too many games at once trying to grab at my attention) and now i have one less game to worry about till next year. i’ll probably just end up buying assassins creed, zombi u, and mario u. and seeing as i have the delux set preordered, i get nintendo land as well. 4 games and a blockbuster membership is more than enough lol

    2. Mario, I forgot oher games will be going up against the greatest game heroes ever created, the super mario brothers. Wii U sold out indefinitely now.

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  5. i got to test this game, and a few others, at the wii u event here in LA. and of all the games, the biggest problems game from Rayman Legends. It was awesome when we played as a team, but the game kept randomly pausing and freaking out. So maybe it still has a lot of glitches left. I’d prefer the release date pushed because if the version they’d release is similar to the one i played the other week, it will be one of the biggest disappointments ever.

    that being said, when the game wasn’t freaking out, it was incredible. and the gamepad’s screen looks absolutely amazing.

  6. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as it is not Zombie U the are pushing back. Rayman Legends I was planning on getting next year Christmas.

  7. Well that sucks! But what ya gonna do. There’s so many other games I want to play so I don’t mind the wait. ^^

  8. OMG!!! I just preordered this game yesterday!!!! Whyyyy!? It was like one of 2 games U wanted for Wii U on launch day. :( Next thing we know ZombiU will not be a launch title anymore…which is the only other game I preordered so it better not or I’ll have nothing to play!!!

  9. I bet they delayed it so they don’t have to compete with NSMB U. Smart move, since I was going to get Mario over Rayman if I had to.

  10. Thats a little…sudden, considering it was supposed to be a launch title.

    Oh well, way i see it, this means they have more time to make it better.

    1. Besides, im not going to have much money once i get a WiiU xD
      This way i can concentrate on ZombiU and Assassins Creed 3

  11. That was bound to happen to a few launch games. Oh well. It frees up some money for another game. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. NMSBU , AC3 , Zombiu , BLops 2 , Nintendo Land , Fifa 13 , and a few others :) .

      Blah blah they’re all on the ps3 , we know . Except on wiiu they have better graphics and more features and are online on a brand new generation console :)

      1. NSMBU doesn’t, AC3 doesn’t, ZombiU doesn’t, Nintendoland fucking doesn’t, Fifa 13 definitely won’t.

        Such a fanboy.

        1. If you’re saying they dont have better graphics then .

          AC3 will just be native 1080p 60fps version of the ps3 and 360 game . Fifa 13 has been confirmed to have the best graphics out of all the consoles and has extra features confirmed by developer Matt prior at the EA showcase . ”We have made the best version of Fifa on a Nintendo”
          COD blops 2 , Native 1080p 60fps , Dual scren gamepad and wii mote pointer controlls = by far the best version , even better than pc . PC cannot do dual screen coop with a gamepad am I wrong ???

          Zombiu is native 1080p and the graphics are good , not mind blowing , but definately good.
          NSMBU is just HD mario bros …..

          1. Keep pulling sourceless bullshit from Nintendo fansites out of your ass, you’ll be wrong when the games are available. Have fun.

            1. News just in , The wiiu is immensely more powerfull than the current gen and can shit , litteraly anihalate the current gen .

              Stop being a troll now . Just accept the fact that your only goal now is to hope and pray the 720 and ps4 will be significantly more powerfull than wiiu .

              Oh . and I could source you , but I cannot be bothered bro , you’re not worth the effort .

              All of what I said was true :) have a nice day , I wouldn’t make it up for fun .

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  13. Might be a smart move.

    They might not want to compete with NSMBU or cannibalize sales of ZombiU.

    Either way, doesn’t really matter to the consumer. Waiting a month or two is no big deal.

  14. Maybe they will manage to put NFC features for good now! Let’s hope we get it this time!
    But it surely is a shame, I thought it’d be a nice title for launch.

  15. “Wouldn’t really specify why the game is missing the Wii U launch”…..
    “we are taking the time to make sure we deliver a game that lives up to and hopefully exceeds their expectations.”
    Right there, ladies and gents.
    They actually give a shit about making sure they’ve knocked out ALL the kinks they can, so they are delaying it to do the job right.
    How is that not a legitimate reason for delaying a game?
    How is that not a clear, concise, logical reason for pushing the game back to the launch window instead of the launch itself?
    Most importantly of all, eagerness to play it causing fluctuating rage spasms in some gamers aside, how is this reason enough for fans to curse Ubisoft?
    I mean, they’re doing it to make sure their product fucking IMPRESSES US.
    Or at LEAST gives us a game that will STAY IN OUR COLLECTION once it comes out, rather than being resold.
    Patience is a good virtue to use right about now, people.
    It’ll come when Ubisoft feels they have done enough to make this game awesome.

  16. I won’t be buying it then. I don’t care enough about Rayman to keep a close eye on it, and I only wanted it because it was a strong launch title. I won’t care enough to find a random 40 quid in feburary.

  17. Either this is to avoid the game slaughter there will be when the Wii U launches, or they will have actual integation of Miiverse into the game. I heard some of them would not have that, so maybe they want to add that to this game. I doubt it’s because it’s being ported over to other platforms though.

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  19. I don’t mind too much since they said that they’re basically working out the final kinks too make sure it runs as smoothly as it can possibly be, So it’s a good move on their part. This just proves that Ubisoft Really cares about their games and the Wii U. (;

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  21. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    Now this is just a terrible thing to happen. After all of the time we were lead to believe that Rayman Legends would appear in 2012 in time for Christmas and after seeing teh game at E3 2012 I think this was a game high on a lot of people’s wishlists. And when it was announced last month that the game would be a launch title I think this game became a first-day purchase for a lot of people and I know for a fact many gamers (myself included) was going to buy a Wii U purely for this game alone.

    But now hearing that the game’s been pushed back to 2013 breaks my heart greatly. While I can understand developers wanting to make the game as good as possible, one can’t help be feel a bit cheated that after all of the hype and confirmed dates Rayman Legends will now be pushed back to the first part of next year. If this announcement had been made a month or two earlier I wouldn’t be so fussed. But oh well one can not stop what’s out of one’s control. Here’s hoping that the extra time was well spent, because if Rayman Legends comes out with any bugs or inconsistances then one will wonder what Ubisoft were doing for the extra months they had to finish up the game.

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  30. Sonic 4 Ep 1 was never going to be sold for 400MSP. Not in a million years that image is llikey a placeholder from Partnernet (which nobody’s meant to see anyway, so the argument that Sega shouldn’t have put that price up there in the first place becomes void).1200 might be steep on the grand scheme of things, but 400 is definitely not the benchmark for premium content on XBLA. But then if it’s worth it, it’s worth it. Look at Limbo one of the best games you can get on XBLA, and that’s 1200MSP.

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