Batman Arkham City Confirmed For Wii U Launch Day

Warner Bros Games Montreal has confirmed that Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition will be a day one launch game for Wii U. The game was previously scheduled to be released during the Wii U launch window. Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition contains all the downloadable content from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, and will be available on November 18th.

“Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition harnesses the power of the Wii U system and the Wii U GamePad with features that allow fans to further immerse themselves in the role of Batman like never before. WB Games Montréal evolved the incredible hit game by Rocksteady into a truly unique experience on Wii U.”

– Warner Interactive president, Martin Tremblay



  1. Can’t wait. I’ve been waiting for this version for a long time. It was hard to resist buying it on other platforms.


  2. Hope this version is as good as the ps3 and xbox games! Ive held off getting the ps3 version to try this! Hope im not disappointed!


  3. Not sure whether I’ll get this on Wii U. I have it on PS3 but I haven’t played much of it. Thinking about selling it and getting it on Wii U. What do you think?


  4. Can this be played with the Pro Style Controller? I really don’t want to have to hold the Game Pad up to the screen while trying to control the remote batarang.


  5. ”Harnesses the power of wiiu” = Native 1080p 60fps , retextured , new effects .

    Day 1 for me , is this just NA or does this include EU/UK aswell ?


      1. Aeolus you still exist, funny how you disappeared when you realized the Wii U is getting massive third party support, and the fact it is sold out before release in mega stores. Nintendo whoops xbox in it’s own back yard for the third time. Microsoft sucks lol.


      2. This is a video of a Nintendo/warner bros rep playing BACAE with a dude.

        Listen closesly ‘for the first time batman is in FULL HD” . you fucking butthurt idiot.


      3. Nope . Batman is upscaled on the 360 already right ?? so why is this ”the first time” batman has appeared in full HD ???.

        Thats the same event when the REPS were saying , yes AC3 and BACAE are in FULL HD ., thats where that info came from .

        And if this game is ”harnessing the power” , that doesn’t mean sloppy ps3 performance does it ?? I would say thats your unconfirmed confirmation.


      4. Not going to repeat myself. I want developer confirmation, neither developer has done so or have mentioned it. End of discussion.


      5. You lost ??? awwwww . ”harnesses the power of wiiu” + REP confirmation = native 1080p .


      6. Watch this video . Listen closesly to what the guy says. ”FULL HD” .

        You explain to me what ”FULL HD” means . He’s not talking about supported upscaled resoloution . He’s talking about the software/game. Its full HD . Suck a lemon .


      7. sorry , thought you were trolling ^_^ . But you can clearly hear in the video the rep say ”for the first time , batman is in full HD” amirite ??

        .This REP is obviously given a list of things to revise and say during the demos . They don’t just say things they’re not allowed or make up faulse information .


  6. Rocksteady is already impressed at WB Games Montreal’s rendition of the original… and now it’s gonna be better than ever only on Nintendo’s new console. I’m DEFINITELY gonna buy Batman: Arkham City: ARMORED EDITION along with the Wii U.


  7. 1080p 60fps? All DLC included? Awesome!

    I was hoping that they included the Extra content like PHYSX but too bad that feature works on NVIDIA Cards. :(


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