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Capcom Releases New Trailer For Wii U Version Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Capcom has released a brand-new trailer for the Monster Hunter Tri expansion, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which releases March 2013 for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The upcoming game features new monsters to hunt and cross-platform play between Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U version includes online multiplayer, in which you can hunt with other players from around the world.

66 thoughts on “Capcom Releases New Trailer For Wii U Version Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate”

  1. What gorgeous artistic direction and graphics. I didn’t pick up MH3 for Wii because I was worried it would distract from my studies but looks like I was lucky to wait…

  2. Someone needs to contact the webmaster, since the site’s not working right.

    I mean, I’m throwing my wallet at the screen and nothing’s happening.

    1. Yeah, I did that for Skyward Sword, but nothing happened either. Then I waited until the release date, tried again, then my friend at a nearby retailer told me that it was there not minutes after. So I guess it orders it for you.

  3. The ability to share data between the Wii U and 3DS got me thinking. If they ever rereleased HD remakes of Wii games, could they make it so you can use already existing save data you have for the Wii version?

    1. It should be possible depending on how they make the HD remakes. Oh I’ve been meaning to ask you: What features does Aliens: Colonial Marines have? I haven’t been following that game as much and was wondering if you new if it had online multiplayer, co-op campaign, etc.

          1. Pretty sure it does. Btw, aren’t we friends on 3DS? We can just do whatever it is to become friends on the Wii U and play online that way :)

    2. Personally I hope we never see that happen. The Wii U can play Wii games just fine by itself, and it maintains a controller input too. Unless a game could be updated to use the GamePad particularly well I wouldn’t invest in a Wii game remake when I could just buy the original for cheaper and play it all the same.

  4. Sold on this game , massively looking forward to it , MH is one of the most hardcore titles out there . This game justifies buying the console for up to a 1000 hours plus of online gameplay . The way I see the 3ds version is just a compliment to the wiiu version , I’ll be buying both.

  5. Btw people , this game is 100% proof that the 3ds has better graphics than wii . it’s displaying an enhanced version of one of the top 5 looking wii games in 3d with extra content , nuff said.

    Anything less just isn’t taking advantage of the system fully . Kid icarus and Resi rev are the only 2 3ds games I have seen push the system .

    1. Graphics aren’t just about model quality, it’s about lighting effects, shaders, bloom and particle effects, running many different graphical resources at once, draw distance, texture quality… The 3DS does not outperform the Wii in many of those aspects and more, especially in texture quality and lighting effects I’ve noticed.

        1. Resident Evil 4 was released in 2005 on the GameCube and as far as I can tell there were no serious improvements graphically made to the Wii version. Of course Revelations looks better than a 7 year old game from hardware that is now 2 console generations old.

      1. Most 3ds games I have have pooped on the wii’s graphics . There is more colors more effects , Bump mapping , particles and more . And then you have to consider its stereoscopic 3d which effectively doubles processing load .

        The 3ds is a lot better than wii , especialy considering how small it is .

        Resident evil revelations has better graphics than any game on wii , have you played it ?? it just does……..

          1. It could , Would need a load of tweeking die to architecture . The GPU in 3ds is far more advanced than the wii , and it has twice the RAM .

            It could be done , but to get it running in 3D would be difficult . They could VERY EASILY put any 2D wii game on 3ds , no question . It’s getting them to work in 3D which is the tasking part.

            1. No, it couldn’t. What you fail to grasp is what I said above, part of graphics is about being able to handle many images at once. You will never get Prime 3 running on 3DS without serious tweaks to lower the graphical impact or removing instances from the world.
              Please. Know what you’re talking about before making wild claims. The 3DS is powerful, yes, but not as graphically powerful or more so than the Wii.

              1. It is . Please know what you’re talking about . You fail to take into acount the 3DS can render wii graphics in 3D , do you think the wii could do that ??? NOOOO!!! duh , Monster hunter tri G looks exactly the same as it does on wii . Thats one of the very best looking wii games.

                Kid icarus uprising , and Resident evil revelations (have you played them???) anihalate the wii’s graphics .

                1. YOU know what YOU’RE talking about, you seem to think you know everything in every post you make but you really don’t, and all you do is come off as arrogant and stupid.
                  For the last time, the 3DS is not OVERALL more graphically powerful than Wii. In some aspects it is, such as model quality, but in terms of number of graphics on screen at once, particle effects, lighting, and much much more, it pales in comparison. To the untrained eye they look as good or better, but some of us know better.

                  1. When you can explain to me why Monster hunter ultimate/3g is on the 3ds and it looks EXACTLY the same but rendered in 3D which uses up even more power , I will take you seriously .

                    Monster hunter tri is in the top 5 best looking wii games , and the 3ds has that same game with extra content running in 3d , is that magic ???? No , its called a system that is more capable .

                    Developers put more effort into wii games graphically becuase that is a home console , and the 3ds is a 3d handheld .

                    IF you take 3D into consideration , the 3ds is overall a better system technicaly than the wii .

                    What woud happen if the wii tried to run monster hunter tri in 3d (which doubles the computing)

                    IT . WOULD . NOT . WORK . why is that sam ??

                1. Well done, you posted a video that proves my point entirely! Graphics on the Wii have more detail, finer textures, more effects, better lighting going on, than in the 3DS counterpart. You’re blind or lying if you say you can’t see that.

                  1. 3DS is better . IF it wasn’t 3D , then it could use all of the extra power to make graphics that are twice as good as the wii . As it is , it’s a 3D wii .

                    See monster hunter tri g videos for proof …….

                    1. I give up on you, you’re either blind or stupid. The 3D effect does not take a toll on the graphics, it powers two screens at once that share almost the same image, so no, the 3DS isn’t twice as powerful as the Wii. You’re just lost in some bizarre deluded fantasy where everything you say is right no matter what.

                      1. 400MHZ gpu more than twice the wii , 128MB RAM , twice the wii ……

                        Are you fucking stupid ?? Stereoscopic 3D doubles the work load , it dual renders the image at different angles . You obviously have no clue how 3D works .

                        You think displaying 2 images just happens magically ??? HAHA , funny guy.

                      2. THE ONLY aspect the wii is better than 3DS is CPU . And the 3DS has a good little CPU anyway , everything else in the 3DS BLOWS THE WII AWAY, do some research on the topic.

    2. Very nice looking graphics, not the best I’ve seen but a really good start of the HD versions of Monster Hunter series (Excluding the god awful Xbox 360 Monster Hunter that was released in Japan only… thank god).

      The 3DS one also looks amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on both of them

      1. I think you will be happy you picked it up. :D If you don’t know much about the game check youtube, for Monster Hunter Tri.

    3. CG parts look cool, in game environments look okay, but the special effects (fire, lightning, etc.) look terrible. Like a first gen XBOX 360 game.

      Capcom isn’t exactly know for industry-leading graphics though. I definitely want to see SquareEnix create a full-fledged Final Fantasy game on Wii U though. They may suck at creating good gameplay RPGs these days (XIII was one long narrow hallway for fucks sake), but their graphics are always top shelf. If they could just learn how to make great gameplay again, they’d be masters of the genre once again.

    4. I never got the Wii one, despite the great reviews. This trailer is persuading me to get Ultimate though. The end looks a lot like something from a Monster Hunter movie. *hint hint

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    6. The game looks beautiful. Sure to be a big hit on both Wii U and 3DS. The online multi-player on Wii U is going to be awesome. Leave luck to heaven.

    7. They should release a Monster Hunter Wii U bundle which would included one Wii U with gamepad, and classic controller, and one 3DS XL, and one copy of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U version, and one copy of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS version! If it’s good priced sure some rich bastard had bought it..

      1. That should be a very great idea, anon. If Nintendo of Japan can do the Wii U bundle with Monster Hunter 3G HD Ver., so could Nintendo of America and Europe would share the same method for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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