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New ZombiU Walkthrough Trailer

Ubisoft has uploaded some new footage of its long-awaited first person shooter ZombiU which is exclusive to Wii U. The trailer asks whether you can find your way through London’s most famous tower… invaded by zombies. Will you make it to the top and reach the helicopter that may be your only chance of getting out alive? ZombiU launches alongside Wii U on November 18th.

46 thoughts on “New ZombiU Walkthrough Trailer”

    1. pffffft: okay guys! I have a joke funnier than sex okay here goes. Why was mad Mario? his Toad got car.

      ,right funny :D?

      1. Resident Evil has turned to trash anyway. Which is a real shame, it was so good. It needs to go back to it’s roots and stop trying to compete with third person shooters.

          1. I’ve seen enough of RE6 to know that it’s awkward, messy, and a total deviation from any sense of “survival horror”, going for an even more “action horror” focus than RE5 did. I reiterate, RE needs to go back to doing its own thing.

  1. I hope this damn game is good I plan on getting this and Mario at launch, I’m gonna be pissed off if I gottatrade this back in…

  2. Did anyone else hear that thing about alchemy and magic? Does this game have a fantasy element then? Kinda last minute to put that in front of us, but im a fan of alchemy and magic so its all good.

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

      It was said a long time ago by the lead designer that it was based on the original zombies, you know, Dawn of the Dead, and stuff like that. Zombies were originally summoned by black magic, it was later modernized by getting a virus, and honestly, the original zombies were much better, just a plain old virus just seems too boring.

    2. I’m fairly sure the mention is in context of a symbol the player sees, and the voice over explains it represents alchemy and magic, or the door to knowledge, and the player uses that to solve a puzzle… Listen carefully.

    3. The game has a dark magic undertone, being based about John Dee, how was basically a warlock, as myths say, dealing with alchemy and magic.

  3. It should be noted that ZombiU could come out on November 13, check nintendo everything’s front page it should still be there, i’d post a link but it would take too long with my phone.

  4. I don’t get how people say this game looks visually sub-par, it pretty gorgeous. It’s not going to have “pretty” locations, just because of the way the game is styled, but the lighting is amazing, and theres very subtle touches, like how blood scatters onto your gun and hands in the same pattern and place it flies off the enemy.

    Game looks fun too, playing Dishonored right now, and thats how i like my games. Not about how much bullets you can or cant take, and wiping enemies out in a flashes, but having low health, or dying till you basically know the lay out of every enemy. I like games that require skill, and thought, and even pactience and making the right decision. Its why Metal Gear Solid is one of my favourite games ever.
    Getting this day 1 in the post, along with AC3

  5. better than any shooter i’ve seen but i’m still sticking with mario until i hear the reviews. obviously targeting the other consoles’ market

    1. Bioshock, Borderlands, Metroid Prime (inb4 Aeolus, its a shooter), BulletStorm, Doom, Rage.

      I’d say those are better FPS games.

      1. Metroid Prime isn’t a shooter, what the hell are you talking about? It’s a First Person Adventure game, a FPA. It’s an insult to call it a shooter, shooting isn’t the focus.

            1. No, because you dont shoot things. Do you shoot things in Metroid Prime. Yes. Is their an RPG element? No.

              Just because there isnt ammo and bullets (even though rockets and beams in MP2 do) and you explore, doing mean its not a shooter.

    2. Halo is still king. Evidence by Halo 4’s preorders. BlackOps 2 is only beating it because it’s multi-platform. But Halo required WAY more skill and strategy than any shooter today still. And it’s the best looking game of 2012, even more so than this. Halo 4 is native 720p, which Nintendo fans have said on numerous occasions is “more than enough” and “is hardly any different than 1080p”, especially since Halo 4 outputs in 1080p via hardware upsclaing that does a FANTASTIC job.

      The only thing that really makes it nicer looking than ZombiU, though, are the textures and the lighting. The lighting engine is amazing in Halo 4, and textures look much more detailed and crisper. That, plus Halo has “Forge” map creation mode that you can do literally ANYTHING with, and a HUGE multiplayer to go along with it.

      Halo 4 > ZombiU > everything else.

      1. Borderlands? I’ve enjoyed my time with Borderlands more than any Halo game I’ve ever played.
        And don’t forget Halo has a long release history and a prebuilt fan base, which basically means it’s had an overall much longer dev time than ZombiU and things like art design and lighting can have that stronger development, and it has a large base for multiplayer already… It’s not very fair to compare a brand new game that has been developed from the ground up to a game series that has been running for 11 years.

        1. Borderlands? That’s your opinion. As I was expressing mine. I played Borderlands once and then traded it in at GameStop. However, I have been playing and enjoying Halo for over 11 years now, and have played, beaten, and 100% completed every Halo game ever released.

          To each their own. But Borderlands 2 is not as highly anticipated as Halo 4. It’s been 5 years since the last REAL Halo game, and the pre-order numbers reflect that.

      2. Oh, wow. Only 720p with hardware they’ve been working with for over half a decade? What a joke, they’re not even trying.

        Their attempt at being a Prime game is also hilarious. Modern Halo will never be anything besides a cover-based shooter.

        1. Are you even talking about the same game? Halo is not a cover shooter. Gears of War is.

          And Prime game? When has Bungie/Microsoft EVER tried to make a Metroid game? Just so you know, though: the first Halo game came out LONG before the first Metroid Prime game did. So… methinks you have your wires crossed.

          Halo was, and if the preorder numbers are any indication, still is one of the best shooters around. Aside from maybe Half Life, it’s the FPS that every modern FPS game owes it’s success to. It laid the groundwork for all modern FPS games and did things that modern FPS games now use as a framework before ANYONE ELSE did.

          I admit Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach were less than desirable, but Halo 1 through 3 were magnificent; evidence to the fact by the online player numbers they had (always almost a million people playing at any given time, and day of the week, and over a billion games played online for each game).

          Halo 4 looks to be a true successor to them, and more than make up for Halo: Reach’s disaster of a game.

      3. Icy Dead People, let me explain something to you
        Halo 4 = every halo game with better graphics and a few new guns.

        1. Uhm, no.

          It’s got a completely rebuild engine.

          It’s got DRASTICALLY updated graphics.

          It’s got newer, more balance armour abilities.

          It’s got over a DOZEN new weapons, including an all-new weapon class (Promethean weapons).

          It’s got a whole new story arc, with a whole new, very differently behaving enemy: the Prometheans.

          It’s got a new skill-based ranking system, unlike Reach.

          It’s got more than twice the armour customization options.

          It’s got new “Specializations” and “Support Packages”, which no other Halo game has ever had.

          It’s got an entirely new weapon spawning system.

          It’s got 3 entirely new game playlist for multiplayer.

          It’s got “Spartan Ops”, a whole new game mode never before seen in any Halo game, or any other game for that matter (weekly playable episodes which act as segmented campaign missions; so essentially, Halo 4 has TWO campaign stories).

          It’s got a HIGHLY enhanced multiplayer map creation tool (e.g. Forge) that now has 3 distinct different worlds to build on which, again, no other Halo has ever had (they’ve only ever had 1 Forge world with ONE set of Forge pieces to use, not 3 different sets & worlds).

          And it has over 100 new customizations options for “Custom Games” for multiplayer that have never been in other Halo games before.

          I mean seriously… could you BE more wrong? I don’t think you could…

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  7. This is the only Wii U game, besides Aliens, that I’m excited for. That, and if they do an HD Metroid. But as for games that we KNOW are coming out in the near future, those two are it.

    Graphics look solid for a 1st gen game too. Not super impressive, considering last gen XBOX and PS3 games, but still good nonetheless. And the fact that it’s native 1080p/60fps is nice. Expected, but nice.

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