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Epic Mickey 2 Might Not Make Wii U Launch

Acclaimed developer Warren Spector has hinted that Epic Mickey: The Power of Two might miss the console’s November 18th launch. Spector says that this is simply down to Nintendo’s approval process, which could take longer than Junction Point and Disney anticipated. However, it should be noted that nothing has been confirmed, so we should get clarification in the coming weeks.

“The reason why we’re not committed to a date on the Wii U version is that no one has been through Nintendo’s approval process on the Wii U. We have no idea how long it will take for the game to go through approval. Disney is not going to be the reason why it will miss [November 18].”

19 thoughts on “Epic Mickey 2 Might Not Make Wii U Launch”

  1. Not a fun of the game, but I know some are. If the extended time will make the game any better than the first then this should come as a good news.

    1. Did you not read it? The game is either done or almost done. It isn’t going to miss launch because they are adding things, it just needs to go through approval, like age ratings and stuff.

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  3. Nov. 18th is a special date for Mickey fans because it was the Day when Disney aired his first cartoon. They wouldn’t let it slide if it wasn’t such an important Day.

  4. “Disney is not going to be the reason why it will miss [November 18].”

    And everyone is so mad because nintendo is holding back approval on what will probably be a crappy game.

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