Both Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 failed to reach the number one spot in the all-formats chart in the United Kingdom. EA’s popular FIFA 13 managed to secure the number one position and was closely followed by Dishonoured, which is developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda.

  1. FIFA 13
  2. Dishonoured
  3. Pokemon Black 2
  4. Resident Evil 6
  5. Pokemon White 2
  6. Just Dance 4
  7. XCom: Enemy Unknown
  8. Borderlands 2
  9. F1 2012
  10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


  1. Unsurprising with FIFA being out -.- everyone goes mad for it over here (although i dont consider them gamers).
    Also, good job to Dishonored, awesome game, just did my first playthrough non lethal, although the trophy didnt pop up D:


    • Half the world is obsessed with football (I’m not from the UK, I’m just from a country that isn’t the USA.), how else would you explain the MASSIVE success of FIFA 13. You should rather be looking at Resident Evil 6, because that’s just a generic 3rd person shooter (RE was dead in my books after RE5.), how is THAT surpassing the (according to fans of the series (not the 1st gen fanboys)) best Pokemon game ever made?


    • how can it be the best? when it the same thing from the 1st pokemon game, it still the same static picture attacking each other with the same shitty sound. they need to release a 3d pokemon with sound from the anime. this is 2012 already not 1996 gamefreak, stop being lazy.


      • they dont want to lose the feel of Pokemon or else long time Pokemon fans might just quit it. BTW, its not static anymore cuz the ppl actually do move when they’re on standby and when they use moves


  2. Well, it’s no really news, considering how many good games don’t reach the top 10 in the UK. The UK gamers are REALLY picky, maybe even as picky as the ”western games aren’t our thing” Japanese. (Wasn’t trying to be racist.)


  3. Well, to be honest this is not surprising. Over here (UK) on newspapers, tv adverts etc there is always “great” reviews for these football games as well as other sports games (although I have never understood the point of them) compared to Pokemon or any other good Japanese RPG. I always get angry over that.

    Think those ratings are not really thought out thoroughly or these reviewers are just point-blank biased as I have noticed a lot. But either way, Nintendo still made money out of the games from their fans, including between me and my boyfriend, and they still get people into them any day of the year. Hell, we managed to get one of the last copies of both games in the store we bought it in!

    But soon enough you’ll see a number of those football games on the pre-owned section of game stores.


    • Sounds like you’re just biased against a successful genre of gaming and you don’t like that people would prefer it over a cookie-cutter turn-based RPG.


      • So what if I am? You’re doing the exact same thing based on this successful genre from looking at your comments on here. I’m just stating how in the UK reviews tend to focus on praising sports games and always criticise games from Japan saying that they are not realistic enough, are only for the fans of the game, storyline is boring etc etc. But these reviewers have not played these games to its fullest enjoyment or understand them well. It would be nice for once to see a UK based media to say something nice about any other genre besides sports.

        Besides, I have never been into football, and never will, and never will understand why people play a video game based on the sport when they can go to an actual match or play outside. Fair enough it’s got your favourite football players and you can command their moves etc, but take them away and you have ordinary characters.

        And whether Pokemon is a repeated thing, yes, it is. But each time it is an incredibly enjoyable moment for a fan, with different character storylines, more added content to the game such as live/global events, gaining extra bits for your team etc. It’s a never-ending world for Pokemon.

        It may not seem that much to someone like you, but to fans it can hold a lot of difference. Just like me not thinking much of football games, it can, however, be different to fans like you. Either way, we’re all helping these companies pocket their money’s worth from making the games, so might as well enjoy them while they last.


        • The problem is Pokemon does not reach out any further than its “fans”. For everybody else, there is next to no reason to pick these titles up over significantly better RPGs available on the same platform or other handheld devices.

          In fact, I don’t think I’m going to buy another title until the series actually, you know, evolves.


          • i agree. to me it the same game from the 1st pokemon in 1996, they only add another new pokemon to the series, they need to evolve to a 3d pokemon, not a shitty 2d picture pokemon. people need to stop buying their game so gamefreak will actually make an effort to make a new pokemon.


          • That’s fair enough. I can completely understand that viewpoint on it being most likely for the fans and feeling that the game has not completely “evolved” throughout the years. Although this game in itself does not necessarily need you to play B/W1, in order for one to fully enjoy B/W2 they will have to buy the previous versions. And for someone who may be new to it, they’ll probably think it’s a waste of time/money. But the same goes for plenty of other games. It’s a part of what makes a franchise what it is.

            I have heard that this is meant to be the last DS Pokemon game, and I think they are now planning on focusing only on the 3D aspect. Not too sure if I am wrong mind you and thinking of something else : /


            • i hope so, coz they already make 3 pokemon game for the ds, which is too many and too wasted, And i do hope they make the new pokemon 3d for the 3ds, and i dont want them to make the character into a midget like all the previous series, I mean, it not the gameboy era anymore, even zelda has evolve to a 3d character on the ds.


  4. Are those games counted as individual versions or are they all the combined versions? If so, it would explain why Pokemon didn’t get the top spot since it’s a single system. Another factor is the desire to have a 3DS Pokemon game as opposed to a DS game since the DS is going out. This is different from the PS3 and 360 since the 3DS is already out and successors for the other systems have not even been announced yet.


  5. Wow Pokemon White 2 is way better than some dumb sports game.

    Well it may not be number 1 in the UK, but it will be no. to any gamer who calls themselves a true Pokemon fanatic, like me.


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