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New Style Boutique For 3DS European Release Date Confirmed

Get ready to show off your sartorial savvy when Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique comes to Nintendo 3DS on 16th November. Taking on the role of assistant at a local fashion store in town, it’s down to you to work your way up to the coveted position of boutique owner, influencing style all over town and shining brightly under the spotlights of the catwalk.

You’ll be put through your style paces as new customers with unique preferences come through the shop. Work out the type of clothing they would like based on what they’re already wearing as well as their personality – and see if you can exceed their expectations! Your aim is to successfully match the right clothing and accessories to each customer, putting together outfits to make them happy – and your boutique more popular! With around 12,000 items available to choose from across a variety of brands, including accessories and – for the first time – bags as well as men’s fashion to contend with, Nintendo presents: New Style Boutique is set to test your sense of style as well as your ability to run a store, snapping up deals at the Exhibition Hall and ensuring your shop has the most in-demand fashion in stock.

8 thoughts on “New Style Boutique For 3DS European Release Date Confirmed”

  1. my daughter had the last 1 on ds, it is very good for the type of game it is. lots to do, and a good career mode etc. she will love this!

  2. Gosh dang it! When is NA going to get some other colours? I’m seriously just waiting for the right colour to upgrade to an XL.

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