The Wii U version of FIFA 13 is apparently the definitive version when it comes down to visuals, according to the official Nintendo magazine. The publication says that the additional memory included in the Wii U allows for a more detailed pitch, players, and team shirts. Matthew Prior, the producer of FIFA 13, confirmed to the magazine that his team has been able to make certain improvements to the game over the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions thanks to the Wii U’s memory.

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    • Well what if it came out that EA had made a lazy port and it peformed worse than the 360 and ps3 ??? the developers are still throwing MEGA amounts of cash into games development for those platforms especialy on games like Fifa ….
      And the wiiu version looks the best , which is good for Fifa wiiu fans to know…..

      Obviously the wiiu should look better but it’s nice to know ……


    • What else can you compare it to? If I compare it to the specs in my pc, I don’t think many people especially the console only gamers would know how it will run, how good it will look plus how much more it can take before getting maxed out. I think most people know how good ps3 and 360 can push out games.

      As an example, if I said FIFA on WiiU looks slightly better then what ps360 can give us, then we all have a pretty good idea of how much better it can do. If I said FIFA looks even better on i7, 16gb ram, gtx570 sli pc, could you tell how much better it can look? And to a further extent how much more it can push out?

      Comparing it to 7 year old consoles at this stage is not stupidity, parading around, dancing and singing that it is better then 7 year old consoles is stupidity.


    • So what are they supposed to compare it too? Don’t want to hear about Wii U games being compared to the other systems that the games are coming out on? Avoid the internet or only read artciles about exlusives.


        • That’s just silly. Comparisons between different versions of video games is nothing new. And people who own multiple consoles want to know what the differences are in the different versions so they can make an informed decison on which console to purchase it for.


          • Yeah but you’re comparing the same game that is created on both a console that was released 7 years ago and one that’s being released this year. You don’t think that’s silly?


            • No, because the Wii U isn’t 7 years more advanced than the current systems. Comparing a Xbox 360 game to an Xbox game = Silly. Comparing a PS3 game to a PS2 game = Silly. Comparing similarly powered consoles = not silly. And again, there is nothng else to compare it to. These are the systems that the game is coming out for. They can’t compare FIFA 13 for Wii U to PS4 because that’s not a thing. Just like comparisons are being made about Arkham City, Darksiders II and BO2. I own both 360 and PS3 and have a Wii U on Pre-order. I like knowing the pros and cons of each version, because I don’t have a blind aliance any console. I’ll buy the game for which ever console it’s “better for” regardless of when that system came out. For example, the online modes and functionality of FIFA are more important to me than the look of the pitch. So i’m getting it for PS3. Doesn’t mater that the PS3 is 6-7 years old. So these comparisons are how the end users knows what is different/better/worst in the different versions. Like you said, you only buy exclusives for Nintendo consoles. Thats fine, then the comparisons wont affect you. If Wii U FIFA 13 had better graphics and all the functionlity of the PS3 version, i’d get it for Wii U. So the comparison helps people like me.


            • Ya their seven years old with 7 years of experience with those system vs 6-7 month with WII U, developers r reaching the maximun power with the Xbox and Ps3 so to compare Max to base level performance is good and common….


              • Exactly!!! comparing fifa12 wiiu to fifa 06 on the 360 would be stupid. But comparing fifa 13 on wiiu to fifa 13 on the 360 isn’t stupid at all. The PC version barely looks better than the 360 version…..


      • If a buy a PS4 multiplat and the graphics are better I wouldn’t come on here and say the Wii U version is inferior. I’m not going to become an idiot like everyone else on the net who compares bullshit like this.


        • You sound like a crazy bitter person. All that was said is that the Wii U version looks better than the other two. At no point did anyone call the PS3 or 360 version inferior. The other versions have more modes and features, this version has some better graphics. It’s up to the individual to decide what’s more important to them. Seriously, all of you comments are so angry. Need a hug?


    • oh man want to see stupid comment (get ready to lol), go to ign man there so many comment like first they say that wii u is not powerful than ps3 and 360, but they also said that its not “next gen even though its better than ps3 & 360”.
      trust me you will laugh like a king.


  1. All cross platform games should end up like this.

    He talks a lot in the interview about how basically they have been working under massive time restraints , yet they were still able to make the graphics better and add loads of complementary features.
    If this is the rushed launch version , what will next years version be like ????

    I think this is the case with pretty much ALL of the wiiu’s Multiplatform or ported titles. Once developers have a steady environment which isnt rushing to meet deadlines , the wiiu will just keep improving graphically year upon year :)


  2. But Nintendo Gamer (who work closely with ONM) say it lacks all the new FIFA 13 features on other consoles, has no ultimate team and fewer online features. EA can’t be blamed but it’s really sad. I was acting like the cat that got the cream with my FIFA loving friends, knowing I’d get the best version. Now I can stop being so proud…


    • It’s a different version. It has LOADS and LOADS of really interesting features that the other 2 consoles don’t have !

      I don’t know ….. i think this version is shaping up nicely!! Improved visuals and Unique wiiu modes sounds good to me .


        • Maybe not .But it’s a good start off point for the wiiu. Next years version will surely include everything that they do . The wiiu discs are 3 X the size of a 360 disc so why it lacks any content is way beyond me.

          It begs the question is EA butt hurt off origin still ??? But also , this version sounds good to me!! It does have the best visual and it does have Extra wiiu exclusive touch screen and dual screen play.

          And from what I hear , it has pretty much everything the 360 and ps3 games have except ultimate team which wasn’t included due to time constraints and the fact that the wiiu’s online wasnt functioning for most of the development process.


  3. Duh… of course? It has absolutely no excuse for why it shouldn’t so this is kinda lame.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad it does so, I just don’t think it’s newsworthy, that’s all.

    Also, Sickr: this site has A LOT LESS news ever since Andriasang stopped reporting. Now I don’t really care that that’s where you got your news from – it always was online very fast – but maybe look for other sites to get news? Siliconera and Gematsu have a lot of good news (just a tip).


  4. “According to the official Nintendo magazine”

    Well there is your reason why. Biased much.

    Anyways don’t carw about FIFA or anyother sports game just came here to say that lol.


  5. Wii u may look better, but at the current time I can actually play it in my ps3

    Gameplay>graphics just at this time game play actually means the ability to play the game.


  6. Is it true that WiiU version of FIFA13 is the same engine of FIFA12 with some updates for the gamepad?. Are physics and engine improvements of FIFA13 for PS360 included in WiiU version?


  7. after controlling all 11 players in real time with advanced traditional and RTS like controls with wii remote and nunchuck on pes wii

    i point and giggle at people thinking this is next gen football IT ISNT LOL@ n64 like systyems that wont go away

    anything benith the all 11 real time wii remote football and the mouse point dribble system IS OLD ASS AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED

    1 player at a time like a snes game i love ps3 and x360 fans they live in a dream world

    olaying football that way became obsolete the second ;pes had wii controls FACT SORRY

    im not bigging up pes or the poor graphics on wii pes witch is a insult to wii owners

    im saying its the only true NEXT GEN FOOTBALL GAME BECAUSE THATS A FACT


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