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Tomb Raider Reboot For Wii U Not In Development At This Time

Meagan Marie, Community & Communication Manager at Crystal Dynamics, has explained that the promising Tomb Raider reboot which is scheduled for release next year isn’t in development at this time for Wii U. There’s a chance that it could eventually come to Wii U as it was announced earlier this week that Tantalus Media are currently busy bringing a AAA Square Enix game to the Wii U.

“Tomb Raider is in development for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. No Wii U at this time!”

Thanks, Zok

98 thoughts on “Tomb Raider Reboot For Wii U Not In Development At This Time”

    1. Dumbass. They said not yet at the time. They didn’t say no. That means if its ends up like ninja gaiden 3, well have the better version. And It’ll have the bugs fixed and have the dlc already in.

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    3. I need help.
      Should I get pre order call of duty on wii u? Or Xbox 360
      Cause of all this talk that wii u won’t get the dlc but if you pre order the wii u version you get nuketown?
      Idk. Can I get some opinions cause I know for a fact that Xbox is gonna get all those zombie map packs and things like that. I can care less about elite.
      If someone can shed some light on the subject I would appreciate it

        1. That’s just it noone Confirmed dlc for it either.
          Activision said that they are talking to Nintendo about it

  1. That sucks. For the first time in ages, I was actually interested in Tomb Raider. Hopefully my PC is up to running it.

    1. square enix games are usually really well optimized, if you’ve upgraded your hardware to something from within the last 4 years you should be fine.

      1. Square is just publishing the game.

        They aren’t developing it. All he really needs is a GPU of atleast 1GB and a processor of more than 2 cores at 2.0 hertz and he should be more than fine.

        Cause I mean come on, its Crystal Dynamics.

        1. i know square is just publishing the games, and the vast majority of games published by square are really well optimized. eugh, nowadays you would need at least a quad core at 3.2ghz in order to ensure that you dont bottleneck. but yeah, as a minimum gaming pc right now, i would recomend going with at least a gtx 560 with a quad running at 3.2 ghz with at least 4 gb of ram. im mean i have a gtx 670 with a quad at 4.5ghz and 8gb of ram, but that’s way more than i need to max out any game.

          1. Im running an i3 with 2.3Ghz (dual core) and an asus GPU (1GB and I forget the model, my point is that its not that strong) with 6 GB of ram and I can run at a decent speed. I can run most games except sandboxes (GTA4) which I blame my i3 for that, its also runing on the deux ex engine so he should be fine.

            1. nah dont blame anything for not being able to run gta 4. i wasnt able to run it until i overclocked my cpu. and yeah he should be fine, but, with most games coming out it would be best to upgrade to a quad of at least 3.2 ghz.

    1. They said not at the time. They could have said they have no plans on porting it. Which means it’ll have the dlc already with it and extra content. And if its bad they can redo it like ninja gaiden 3. The other consoles are merely test subjects

      1. I hope they fix RE6. I swear co-op with my brother he had ZERO ammo in Chris’s campaign! Its annoying and we were playing on normal and it was impossible to find bullets. 5 was a better game by a mile. Completely got rid of treasure and implemented skill points, I have yet had the option to buy a gun and I beat half of Leon’s campaign and all of Chris’s. Love the melee and dodge systems, but hate how health is now, never find any fucking herbs. Hate the new inventory system, awful and confusing for the first few minutes because your grenades and bombs are mixed in with first aid sprays, real fucking smart. Hate that they make you walk and you never know when you can run, stupid ass in game cutscenes. Hate how if you get grabbed, not even hit, you AUTOMATICALLY LOSE HEALTH! I’m like WTF!? He didn’t even hurt me, nope nigga you lose one square of health. FUUUUU! I have even more complaints for this game, I hope the *inevitable* WiiU version rectifies some of these wrongs, because RE6 is seriously flawed. 60 fucking dollars down the drain >.>

    2. Is it possible that this game has been in development for a few years on the ps3 , 360 and they simply don’t want to port it to the wiiu ???? Did you ever consider that ? Newer games should make their way to the wiiu . Not every game that has been developed and coded for the 360 is just gunna magically jump over to the wiiu….. not every one has the time or money to do so , or yet even the belief that the wiiu will sell huge…

      Just saying you can easily highlight a positive for every negative….

      In the next couple of years I expect a lot of big franchises to head over to wiiu simply because they will run on the console and the developer can make a bit of money of it….

        1. I fail to see how they are stupid. And all these companies are in it for is the money, you know … how every business in existence operates? They sell it on consoles they know it will sell well on!

          1. facepalm, no shit; but you need to know that these 3rd party made the stupidest moves this last 6 years trying to appeal to the Americans.

            1. Because it makes money!

              That’s bussiness, just like nintendo catered to the casual in this/last gen, like it not devs make games for a living to make a living. If they see a potential market they will cater to it, just like we were flooded with beat em up, sidescrollers, fighters, platformers, rpgs, ect, ect. At one point or another during gaming. If you don’t like it that’s just you, but bussiness is bussines, and devs will cater to what brings them money. Its always been like that.

                  1. Don’t bother with him. Fanboys will be Fanboys. We’ll just enjoy everything instead of isolating ourselves to one company.

    3. You mean titles that are WAY too deep in development to have another version made in the near future? These first few months look good and I’m sure even more AAA titles are being developed as we speak. I just want GTA V.

    4. Yeah, i mean a game thats been in production for 2 years and close to finishing, with a release date, why wouldnt they just delay it another 3 months for the WiiU.

    1. Scratch tomb raider from the list, we still have hitman ,ex game,final fantasykingdom hearts hd or my guess sleeping dogs also they said they where porting a game that will be released in 2013 which could mean the game that is coming has not ben released on any console yet.

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    1. Although it wasn’t NEARLY as much as what Sony’s loosing, when Nintendo was loosing money the big bosses took pay cuts rather than firing people. Should tell you a lot about how each of them value and respect their employees.

      1. Ahh but Nintendo has been in a phase of massive growth for the past 6 years , they posted their first EVER financial loss as a public company and they took it on the chin like you say by deducting their own salary’s to break even.

        Sony has gone from 100Billion to 20Billion in 10 years…….. Nintendo Is currently sitting at 28Billion , Yep , Nintendo purely a gaming sector is worth more than ALL of sony’s sectors added together atm…..

    2. I wouldn’t like to see them go bust , Who’s gunna step in , Apple ?? *GASP!!!!*.

      I have fond somy childhood memories a la ps1 and 2 then their ego exploded and they thought they could lose money on overpowered consoles….

      As much as I hate their ”cloneism” of Nintendo atm , they do provide competitive stimulation for Nintendo which makes Nintendo in turn , push the boat out. That’s why we have the DS and 3DS and wii and WiiU today ……

    3. Wow. Sony, what happened to you..? Ps4 has to sell from day 0 if they want to stay in business. Mismanagement is really starting to show.

      1. and if they make ps4 more MORE powerful than ps3 imaged how much they will take a loss when they take a price cut.

        1. Well seeing as they are looking to do it in 2015, parts to make it way more powerful will be significantly cheaper. You really are an idiot.

      1. Really? 2000 get layed off and sony saves over 370 million, imagen how much these people are making in a year for sony to be saving 370 million.

        Smh that’s about 180,000 a year.

    4. SEE SEE this is what im talking about, nobody makes a big deal over this but when nintendo has this problem people go over the world to say nintendo is doooooomed.

      its like this: a guy get hit by a gun he falls and bleeds, but this other guy falls and break his back, they all ignored the bleeding man and call 911 on the guy that broke his back.

    5. Actually, they already announced a while ago they were laying off 10,000 employees. This is just part of that announcement.

              1. It’s obvious, he doesn’t want new games, they just want to stay in the shadows of the PC/PS3/XBOX community and get all the “definitive” ports.

            1. Oh no I have in faith in them. I’m just not retarded enough to believe the PR bullshit fanboys seem to fall for so damn easily.

              1. Is it because you’re jelly… or you’re a complete ass hurt loser? You should figure out your answer. Jellyfish basterd

                1. Not jelly at all. I’ll be getting a Wii U, but if we’re just going to get shitty ports of old games all the time, I’ll be selling it very quickly. Besides the best version will be on PC, I don’t see why you think a console will have the best version.

  3. This is great news, too many games coming out at launch and the launch window, as Nintendo fans some of us need to stop whining; money does not grow on trees. Give me my monster hunter 3 ultimate and am happy. Also by the time the Wii U version is made we get it with all DLC, Wii U owners we are wise and smart for being Nintendo gamers. We shall pay $60 for a game owners of 6-7 year old consoles paid $120 with all DLC hehehehe. Am I the only one that sees the light? Rejoice.

    1. You make a very good point there, actually.

      However, I think the “money does not grow on trees” comment was a bit short-sighted.

      In contrary to your belief, there are many games coming out for the Wii U, but not everyone is interested in each one of them or every genre of games. Some, like myself, do prefer more action/adventure, platformer-esque games much like Tomb Raider over games such as ZombiU or Call of Duty: Black Ops II (not saying that I wouldn’t get those games, I would, but after I most likely finish playing games from my most favorite genres first). In other words, the more games you have on your system, the more sales you make because more people of different gaming tastes will purchase your system to play said game(s).

      Mr. Iwata has already stated that, with the beginning of the 6th Generation of Nintendo Consoles (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, in other words), Nintendo fans will be receiving a continuous amount of software to play and enjoy, no matter what their age, how experienced a gamer they are, or what genres they like. When you see the diverse lineup of games already made available on the Nintendo 3DS and the impending launch of the Wii U as well as its launch window titles, this notion becomes clearly evident.

      We should be more than grateful each time we hear a new development underway for a game we never thought of coming to the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. It’s all a clear indicator of Nintendo’s triumphant victory in bringing back the “core” audience that has been loyal to Nintendo for decades now, and only good can come out of such a prosperous and wide range of software for both respective systems.

      It’s a great time to be a Nintendo fan and loyalist, and I am ever so grateful to Nintendo for remembering how much we’ve stuck with them since their beginnings, through thick-and-thin. The Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are both equally reaching out to us in a way we haven’t felt since the days of the SNES/N64 eras in Nintendo history (respectively the 2nd and 3rd Nintendo Generations), with a level of third-party support that may very well soon triumph over that of the SNES and forever mold the Wii U under the modern-day SNES moniker that it has by continuing the rich legacy of the Wii, just as the Nintendo 3DS reminds us all so much of all the nostalgic moments we had playing the Game Boy Advance. :)

  4. Not at this time. Well that says “we’ll consider it in the future”. Especially if it does bad, seeing as how Ninten is the savior of failing franchises or failed games (dbz with tenkaichi 3 for the wii and possibly ninja gaiden 3 razor’s edge)

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    1. It has to be a triple a franchise i dont think sleep dogs cause is not yet a franchise ,could ff,kh,hitman or i dont know me most check each ip reviews and score to have a solid guess

      1. Whaaa? Why WOULDN’T it be Sleeping Dogs?

        At this point, it can be ANY Square Enix game that just so happens to be an AAA title, so I fail to see your point that it absolutely HAS to already be an established franchise. o__o

        For them to come outright and say they’re not working on Tomb Raider, though, it does lead a bit of suspicion that it will be ported (as an enhanced edition, obviously, for the Wii U) sometime in the near future. It is just like the time that Warren Spector stated there were no plans for Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two to come to the Wii U, and then the company turns around and announces it at this past September-live press conference for the Wii U Preview Event.

        It is an act of suspicion on Square Enix’ part and that has my hopes up, personally, that we will see Tomb Raider on the Wii U. If not, then we’ll just wait and see, won’t we? ;)

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  7. Fucking little cuntwhore casual mum shut up, haven’t you got something better to do? like bleed out of your vagina, lol.

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  9. Well, it may get ported some time in the future. If not, oh well. The new Tomb Raider after that will probably be on Wii U. I used to play TR1 as a child with my sister on PC, and then we got TR2, 3, Chronicles. Those were sweet days…We’re both TR fans at heart, so this TR for Wii U would have been pretty nice. Ah well, we’ll see what happens.

  10. A bit of a shame really. Oh well. Shopto are doing a great deal for Tomb Raider that includes a bunch of extras, a figure and other stuff. Woulda been awkward having to drop the PS3 version for it.

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