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PlayStation All-Stars Hack For Super Smash Bros Brawl

Some intrepid modders have made it possible for Super Smash Bros Brawl owners to get their hands on the roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale characters in the Wii game. They have also added additional characters that aren’t available in PlayStation All-Stars which includes characters from Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, and Tekken. The ultimate matchup is available to download now.

159 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Hack For Super Smash Bros Brawl”

        1. That’s pretty much what this website’s comments section has come to, 12 year olds with really lame insults, people posting porn, calling people gay, it’s pretty sad

  1. I would rather them and their lack of chemistry stay away from the masterpiece which is brawl. PSAS is a joke ! I just caln’t accept this game ,

    I calnt even say ”playstation all stars” wihtout being annoyed. Just my opinion , nothing against anyone who thinks it’s a good idea for Sony to have a smash bros clone , but the simple reason Sony are copying Nintendo like this is becuase they’re jealous and they are trying to Disrupt Nintendo and smash brothers which is the most popular fighting game of all time.

    Call me a fanboy if you will , But I just caln’t accept the way they have copied smash bros.

          1. That’s not the point you dumb dickhead. I have a ps3 and a 360 and a wii. I like my ps3 it’s awesome , BUT I don’t like PSAS . The only way I can see this game is a cheap annoying clone of smash bros. Sorry that’s just my opinion.

            I said no offence to anyone who is interested in the game , but me personally wouldn’t waste £40 playing an inferior version of smash bros where half of the characters are forgettable.

            1. It’s one thing to simply not like a game, it’s another to hate it so much that you hope it does terrible and cost people jobs.

              1. Sad truth – People lose their jobs everyday.
                Might as well give your money to innovative developers to keep them afloat, rather than encourage lazy ones who pirate ideas

                  1. Well, for the record, they should. For example, I never got into the FPS craze, they almost all look the same to me…from the gameplay down to their tacked on generic storylines

              2. Cost people jobs? Did you know that 71,000 jobs are lost in the USA due to piracy each year? Whether it does terrible or not, piracy such as the stuff described in sickr’s post could kill it.

                1. unless you have conclusive evidence which I have never seen, because I’ve searched on this subject in the past, then you are talking out of your ass, or you just listen to sony and moneysoft when they whine and say pirating is the thing that’s making them lose money.

                  Pirating is hurting the gaming industry as much as farting hurts the environment. If a game or system is good, it will be bought, and the team that developed it will make money and succeed, if it isn’t it’ll do bad. period

                  Actually if you want to be mad at something that’s ruining the gaming industry and losing people’s jobs is mainstream games like CoD and every sports game rehash. Games like Fragile Dreams: Farewell Memories of the Moon, good games, are overshadowed by them, and that in effect makes the team lose in popularity, lose hope, and most of the time not continue making such good games and start developing mainstream shit just because it will sell to the idiots who buy them.

          2. Are you a 12 years old? Awww, I’m so sorry, to make it up to you, I’ll give you some lollipop you can suck on, suck as much as you want. ;)

    1. You suit your name well. I played it and I think it’s a fun game. It’s not Brawl, but it’s a fun game in it’s own merit.

      That’s right losers, I can play both and not whine about it! Oh my god!

      1. I have no desire to play a fake Sony version of smash bros. I have a ps3 , I have a wii And I still play SSB weekly , daily ……..

        I said I’m not hating on anyone who thinks it is a good idea , But all I can see is an annoying clone. I don’t need cloned games , just the original and best.

        I have smash bros brawl and its perfect , why would I want an inferior clone with Characters that don’t fit together ?? simple answer – I don’t want it.

            1. Alright. I played ALL of the Metroid series (Metroid, Return of Samus, Super, Fusion, Zero Mission, Prime, Prime Hunters, Prime 2, Prime 3, Prime Trilogy, and Other M) and I have to say that I enjoyed Super and Trilogy (kind of a cheat as Trilogy has 3 games in it) the most. I loved those two a LOT more than Other M (that’s not to say that I didn’t like Other M [in fact, I thought it was a great game, but it was just a par Metroid game]).

              The Prime series was not an FPS rip-off. It incorporated numerous unique aspects into the FPS world such as Scanning enemies, artifacts, etc. It also acted as a great adventure game. I view it as a Futuristic Zelda FPS game (without the sword).

              If you wanted to call a Metroid game garbage, it would be Metroid II: Return of Samus for the Game Boy. It REQUIRES you to HAVE to hunt down Metroids. And if you run out of Missiles, you’re kind of screwed. Plus, it feels unappealing.

              1. I’ve played Metroid 2. It’s much better than Other M imo. Those cutscenes are unbearable and Samus’s character is completely inconsistent with the other games.

        1. I can understand what you’re coming from, it’s all in people’s opinion, and what they do? They might try to crush it! Although I think you’re right, it’s just a clone of what was a great game.

        2. Are you good at Brawl? (By “good” I mean know what a fair, bDACUS, Oos, and spacing is and don’t play with items…or just your thumb and the c-stick T-T)

        3. heh that’s really funny if you want to talk about inferior games then brawl is inferior to Melee. Brawl is highly unbalanced and the tripping makes the game lose alot of its appeal out of the super smash bros series Brawl is the inferior game.

    2. It’s not that they are trying to disrupt nintendo I just cant get excited maybe it’s art direction they took or the gameplay looks bland, or the lack of “home run knock outs”

      1. exactly. one of the things that made smash awesome was that your goal wasn’t to deplete a health bar. it was to beat the shit out of other players then send them flying away. they were so busy trying to make it look original all they did was make it an even cheaper clone.

    3. They not cloned they all got they on data not the same because if they did the game wont even boot up because cloned can cause bugs and bad to the system so that why they dont clone

    1. Agree,

      To me it felt too much like brawl, too slow, floaty, and just not fun.
      I was hoping they went more in the direction of melee than brawl

  2. Just this news proves that Sorny can’t defend themselves anymore.
    Now some people will buy a Wii with SSBB and then use this and Sorny will lose some money.

    I also heard that they are creating some sort of Heat/Cold sensitive controller.
    It will only work in fps games and most won’t even like it.

    1. There could be many more uses for it than just FPS, think about it. Your character in the game picks up a piece of metal, you’re running through the desert, your character is near a fire. You just have to let your imagination run free with those kinds of things.

      1. What do you mean?What does my name have to do with and why would you be laughing anyway?Not being sarcastic, I just want to know.

      1. Lol, just calling out to see if there are any people here that hack Brawl (makes textures, edit music, etc.), but yeah. :x

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  4. It’s not easy to make PSA’s, if it’s texture then it’s not that hard.Just look at SilentDoom he takes forever to make a simple hack. I’ll download it I guess.

      1. They aren’t perfect but if they wanted to do a decent PSA they can just look at some of them, they’re a beast(Goku,Cloud strife,Shadow kong and lots more ) ,At least we get a few decent PSAs on KC-MM.

  5. Sony always copies Nintendo. The rumble pak, Mario Party, 4 player mode, hand held console, and now Smash Brawls. So Nintendo has to step up the next Brawls game. How? Simple add more characters and stages without cloning their moves as much. Also if Banjo-Kazooie is supposed to be in the works, add them asap.

    1. What did they copy from mario party and how is 4 player mode copying?Do you want them to be limited to 3 and under?Because then you would be hating about that.Handheld console is not copying,the design of psp,though was copying game boy advance.

      1. The Humble Follower of the Almighty Goat Sorcerer

        Brother, let us not get into useless fights. Like the consoles, the games are equal too. I imagine a place where we can all talk about our most entertaining games without having a single burden upon us.
        The Goat Sorcerer will right the wrongs.

    2. 1) Nintendo did not start handheld gaming. Next you’ll be whinging Windows Phones copied Nintendo Handhelds.
      2) Why are Nintendo fanboys so damn butthurt and PSAS? It’s a good game and the ONLY way it copies Smash Bros is that it’s in the same genre, THAT’S IT.
      3) 4 player mode? really? Who the fuck cares who started that?

      You’ve just proven the idiocy of fanboys.

  6. If Rare was still with Nintendo, they could add Rare characters and GrantKirk Hope’s popular music. Also they could add the Kongs from Donkey Kong 64. King K Rule could help out Browser, Andros, and Gannon. Also put Mewtwo back. Have Squartle be independent Charzard should be independent. I also would like Toad on there. Also Pokemon Hitmochan should be a character. Too bad Slippy and Peppy would just be cloned Fox characters. Too bad Louie would be an Olimar clone too. Less clones is what can make the next SSBB better. Better online play too. I want Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Egg man. I want Banjo-Kazooie.

  7. This is brilliant. XD. Please hack these characters to the Wii U smash bros just so people can kick Kratos’ ass with mario in HD lmfao.

    1. Okay WTF it told me the other email was wrong last time I posted and said this one was the right one even though it doesn’t make sense cause I was using the other one for months and now its changed back to normal? Seriously WTF wordpress? Do you just not like my gravitar?

  8. I knew this was going to happen. It’s amazing what people are capable of these days. I don’t mean that in a bad way.

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  10. And herein lies the fundamental flaw of PSAS.

    Because its core gameplay is so similar to Smash Bros, one mindful of the economy (or probably just lazy) would ask, “Why do I have to spend about 40-60 bucks on a whole different game based on Playstation characters, when I can just simply have them modded into Brawl and have not only the exact same experience as I would have when playing the more expensive real game, but also have Nintendo characters mixed in, hence creating a more unified experience?”

    At the same time, this mod could also make PSAS highly marketable by finally reconciling PSAS’s and Smash Bros’ very similar natures together into a single game and thus somehow make it seem okay to own PSAS.

          1. Since when was this about me may I ask to my dear illiterate friend?
            I do not like the social rep you’re exposing dear bias fan.
            Is it your superiority complex driving you to biter end?
            For mine is non existent so go home and be a family man.

            ⑨(poetry is a thing)

              1. Not sure if you understand the reference I was trying to make.
                If you’re a veteran of the internet then getting it is a piece of cake.

    1. The Humble Follower of the Almighty Goat Sorcerer

      Brother! It is not too late to convert! Join our following and you will find out about the wonders of console equality.
      Goat Sorcerer, hear my humble plea!

  11. This is actually pretty cool. As for PSASBR, I played the beta when it was a private beta and well there were some things wrong with it. I just hope they fix all the issues that kinda irked me. Still may check it out if I see it on sale. Also, never judge a game before playing it. Just thought something I should throw out here.

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  13. I wonder, do you think this game is already doomed with this? I mean, you get Brawl and Battle Royaled characters plus more with Brawl’s hack. We’ll see.

  14. The main problem I have with this game isn’t the fact it’s a SSB rip off. It’s the character roster. Sony doesn’t have enough IPs to make a fighting game like this. And then look at some of their choices… Parappa? Sackboy? Big Daddy isn’t even from a Sony IP. And they picked Spike from Ape Escape which is nice but then where’s Spyro or Crash Bandicoot? There’s practically no fan service here, it doesn’t feel like they’ve really thought about the game at all.

                1. lol… If I were you, I wouldn’t bully around like a complete loser that you are right now. Cut out the bullshit and grow up!

                1. Yay you get a cookie still nothig special a 3 year lifespan boasts nothing. They were first and FAILED later the creator tried his hnd at console and FAILED again so…

  15. i hav played PSASBR at Gamestop, and i guess it’s just cuz i cane into the game thinking it was a ripoff of SSB. It was, with slightly different controls. it was quite fun, though. Sadly, unlike Nintendo, Sony doesnt have many very popular characters that would relate to players who r not fanboys. Going back to this article, I cannot believe ppl actually did this! Its bad enough that Sony cant make an original game, but this encourages them!

    1. Who the fuck cares? Nintendo does not own this Genre, I’m quite confident Sony came out with a game called Poy Poy before Smash bros did it not? I absolutely adore smash bros and believe nothing can beat it. But I’ve always wanted to see the Sony Version.

      1. Well we give a fuck because its fucking tacky. He’s got a position in the industry and that copying shit is lame! Even in other fields like music, film, and writing; biting off a well known and established (book, movie, song) I frowned upon (unless it’s a spoof) Stop being so angry at people just for their difference of opinion. This site used to be so much fun. :(

  16. hmm its a rip off ? ok then i’ll go buy a wii then ssb or get ssb for ps3 PEOPLE ARE YOU NUTS? this is utter annoying people asked for it years ago n now its a reality but the roster is a problem though but all are unique its like saying the genre is nintendo only -_- is it too hard to just leave PSAS alone? people these days….

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