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Newer Wii Remote Plus’ Sync Button Is Easily Accessible

Nintendo is exposing its products’ sync buttons. Unlike Wii consoles, the Wii U’s sync button is not hidden and can be pressed without having to remove a plastic cover. And unlike older Wii Remotes and Wii Remote Pluses, the sync buttons of Wii Remote Pluses that have Wii U-branded packaging are visible and easily accessible; with them, you no longer have to remove the controller’s jacket and battery cover just to press its sync button.

56 thoughts on “Newer Wii Remote Plus’ Sync Button Is Easily Accessible”

        1. Uhh, PS3 controllers still need to sync with the system, it’s just they do it when the controller is turned on.

            1. Actually they do. if u use a ps3 controller on a different ps3 then u need to plug it into the ps3 via usb. I know this cuz i play it very often

  1. Can’t wait until I accidentally press it and am unable to resync it. It happened to two Wii remotes and the sync button was exposed on that! People complain about RRoD but I spent more on rebuying broken Wiimotes than I did after my Xbox 360 gave up.

    1. The only Wiimote I ever had to replace, my dog ate it.
      I don’t know what the hell was wrong with your wiimotes.

      Sorry about your bad luck.

    2. Really? I could only think of someone accidentally smashing their Wii remote against furniture or not using the wrist strap while playing games that needed a lot of movement.
      I’ve honestly never had to replace any of my controllers.

  2. I bought the newer Wii bundle with New Super Mario Bros. (The newer model lacking Gamecube support.) All the Wii Remotes that come with the newer bundles have the exposed sync button. Also I bought my wife a pink Wii Remote and it, too, had an exposed sync button.

  3. I didn’t really mind the hidden sync button actually… I thought it was better. Having it exposed seems a little out of place to me…

  4. This is a great idea. I can’t believe it took this many years to come up with it. I use the jackets because I find them comfortable and they help protect my controllers when folks who don’t wash their hands that often stop by. Not everyone shows the same respect and care for their controllers that I do. This is also a great feature if you want to share a Wiimote between the Wii U and the Wii.

    1. Because they didnt have the jacket/condom thing, because they didnt realise humans were retarded and throw Wiimotes at their tv, belongings and loved ones.

  5. It takes time before a person realizes there are needs for improvements. So saying “Why didn’t they do this earlier?” is a little picky. We all make changes at later times and wish we have done it earlier. Besides, I do not see how the hidden sync button was a problem (I did not have any problems with the previous remotes), and I am sure that is why Nintendo did not change it until now.

  6. “Unlike Wii consoles, the Wii U’s sync button…”
    I’m pretty sure that these could be used with the Wii as well. I could still be wrong though.

  7. that is one thing i hated with the sync buttons, i also find on other electronics that the reset button you need a paper clip or a bit of fuse wire to press it another wind up

  8. I thought them being hidden was a good thing. I don’t use these retard-proof jackets, so if I bought one of these new versions I’d always be worrying about hitting the Sync button by accident. You change batteries more often than you sync a controller. Might as well make the batteries more accessible, right? Yeah no.

    1. The button is recessed into the plastic, so you can’t accidentally press it. You have to either open the cover, or use a sharp object to press it. They provide a small tab on the wrist strap’s plastic piece that works to press the button.

    2. shut up segad most people do use jackets oh and some people not of corse can get offended by the word retard so shut up moron

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