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Animal Crossing New Leaf DLC Will Be Free, Charging For It Would Be “Unwholesome”

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has reiterated that all the downloadable content for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS will be absolutely free. Iwata said that charging consumers for the downloadable content found throughout the game would be unwholesome.

“That sort of element [paid DLC] is absolutely not being added,” before stating that such monetisation would have an impact on gameplay, even going as far as to call it calling it “unwholesome.”

59 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf DLC Will Be Free, Charging For It Would Be “Unwholesome””

    1. Yeah, I’m glad for it. The DLC in City Folk was free as well.

      I like that more companies are releasing free DLC for games now. I was never one for the paid DLC scene.

    1. He didn’t mean all paid DLC is unwholesome. He’s talking about microtransactions like costumes in this game, or the rather infamous horse armour DLC from Oblivion.

        1. At least the NSMB2 DLC isn’t required for anything. I do think charging $2.50 is a bit borderline overcharging, but if you look at it like paying for the full game, the ratio makes sense.

          About 3/48 levels that are usually in the game (based on original $40 value) would equate to precisely $2.50. WAIT A MINUTE. Is that REALLY how they priced those levels? And, here I was thinking that we were being overcharged when Nintendo is just really breaking even…

          Mind-blown over here… XD

            1. What parking lots do you frequent? I walk through one daily and most I’ve gotten is 50 cents. Typically I find nothing.

    2. I think the line is drawn at what the DLC adds to the experience. If it’s just a handful of new accessories or items then that’s easier and cheaper to make than new levels for instance.

    1. They will not avoid it if it makes sence the reason they will not do it whit this game is for online stability, you must remember those anoying xbl multiplayer dlc you have to dl just so you could play online whit ppl that bought them

      1. I’m sure that’s not the only reason. There are quite a number of games that allow you to play with people who have and are using DLC you do not own.

        In fact, Animal Crossing City Folk had some region specific DLC but we were still able to visit those people’s towns and they were also able to bring their items to our towns seamlessly.

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    1. Zelda does not need or warrant DLC. The way the games are structured makes them whole within themselves. DLC would just be stupid and feel tacked on.

      1. I could only see them adding dlc as like an extra mini game. It wouldn’t fit anywhere else, considering how linear, with the story and everything, zelda is.

      1. More Sickers, More enemies/ bosses, more chapters/ levels. I’m already loving this game and I don’t want it to end.(based on gameplay footage)

        1. So essentially expand upon a story that is fully developed and completed in the game as it is? The game is too linear to warrant DLC, there’s no room for it.
          As for extra stickers and enemies, I think you’ll find there are more than enough of those already.

          1. Actualy paper mario will the best chance to get dlc cause rpgs thend to move storys trough out difrent pads i would love theme based dlc in this game, for exsample few luigi based dlc

  2. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

    This is just part of the reason Nintendo is awesome. Now, I am sure some tool like trolls will somehow spin that into me saying Nintendo is better than the other two game console makers…. and they can shove all three consoles and both current handhelds right up their bungholes :D

  3. I like this idea, especially for this game series, because if you think about it, the way this game plays, it’s like building family life. And, I suppose family values aren’t supported by the notion of charging money for relatively inconsequential items?

    In any case, there’s a point I had. Hope at least one person understood it. = w =

  4. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    Now this is good news, free DLC isn’t something you get that often in gaming these days. For a while I was wondering if Animal Crossing: New Leaf would have you paying for the DLC or not, at least I know what the deal is now, the end result has the would “free” in it. And that works for me. :D

  5. Glad I pre-ordered it. The only problem is that free DLC is usually pointless. If there was a DLC pack that had a challenge board or something, I’d buy it depending on the execution. ({o a simple task and get paid bells for it or something.)

    Off topic: Anybody else prefer the game being called “Jump Out”?

    1. I imagine the DLC here will be like the Sims expansion packs, new items and costumes and such, so while by no means necessary, it could extend your interest in the game just that little bit.

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  8. Very, very, very pleased with Nintendo with this one. Didn’t know if I was going to buy it yet; now it’s a day-1 for me. Although I’m still skeptical of the potential of Nintendo’s recent jewishness.

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  11. Good guy Nintendo. Announces new animal crossing game, also announces all DLC will be free because charging for additional content in a game you have already purchased would be “unwholesome”

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