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Style Savvy: Trendsetters From Nintendo eShop Requires More Than 10 Thousand Blocks

If you want to download Style Savvy: Trendsetters from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS, you’ll need at least 1.4GB of free space on your SD Card. The downloadable version of the fashion video game requires more than 10,500 blocks of space, which makes it the biggest download from the Nintendo eShop to date, outpacing other retail and downloadable games, such as New Super Mario Bros. 2, and the forthcoming Paper Mario: Sticker Star, which requires 4,199 blocks.

56 thoughts on “Style Savvy: Trendsetters From Nintendo eShop Requires More Than 10 Thousand Blocks”


      Sorry, but I’d rather do this than have some other sicko say something dirty.

      1. You just did, silly! :P

        We’ll just make sure your comment here, I mean this other person’s comment, never existed. ;)

      1. And you’re both smart it seems. My criteria for paying retail for a digital game, is I have to know deep down in my soul I will never want to trade it, and that I will come back to it again and again. – even then… not sure.
        I MIGHT download Mario Sticker Star… maybe. I would also download Animal Crossing as it’s a long-term interaction game.
        PS: nice job getting her the Midnight Purple! ;)

        1. Thanks!

          I’m a bit like you too. I’m getting Paper Mario at retail, but I would rather get a game like New Super Mario Bros. 2 from the eShop because I know that I’m gonna keep replaying it to get a higher coin total. Paper Mario, on the other hand, I would beat and collect everything afterwards, but it wouldn’t make much sense in downloading in my eyes since I wouldn’t be constantly replaying it. ;)

          After the holiday season wanes down a bit, I’m downloading Mario Kart 7 from the eShop. Glad I waited on the 3DS a bit! I wanted to download games like Mario Kart 7 other than get them at retail (it must’ve been for the best due to that Wuhu Island glitch).

          I hope Nintendo works with third parties to get their games available for download on the eShop. :3

        1. Dude, I was joking. XD

          Seriously, though, there are a TON of different options and outfits. Saw some of the earlier trailers and newer ones as well. I’m sure my girlfriend will be pretty addicted to it (gosh, what’s up with the puns that I’m having today…ugh).

    1. How is it ??? curently don’t have enough to buy it. Trying to way up which games to trade in so I can afford it. So difficult. ”don’t worry skyward sword , I will buy you back again next year, and you resident evil revelations. No not you Kid acurus – you just keep on giving”.

      1. Well if you played any other Layton games, you know what to expect but the story is interesting, i actually tried to fly past puzzles the find out what happens next xD but theres alot of puzzles, some a ball busters. Then theres a few bonus minigame puzzles ect, collectables and unlockables.
        Plus theres the 1 free puzzle everyday on SpotPass so its definitely a good deal. Think i clocked in 8 hours when i finished the story and i only did half the puzzles, nothing else, so worth it in my opinion,

  1. Now that i saw all the joke comments i want to do a productive 1,the sise of the game can be take has a tip to other developers that may think the 3ds mat have a sise limit to eshop games now that they know i hope a more masculine game came to the shop :p

  2. I have a 16 gig HDSD card, and it’s nearly full… might be time to upgrade to a 32 gig! Thank God Nintendo doesn’t force us to buy proprietary shit.

    1. ↑ upgrade for Sticker Star and future games… I’m happy playing the demo of this game. not a title I will ever actually buy.
      It’s actually a really polished, well done game, just not anywhere near my style game.

  3. what i do love about it: those guys on the cover might have been hip 1991. but today….???? classic cheeysness…almost makes me want to get this :D

  4. The fact that the downloadable games take up a ton of space is one of the reasons why I don’t download games digitally, otherwise I might think of getting them, then again I like getting physical copies of games just so my video game collection looks better. :P

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