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Miyamoto Talks F-Zero

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto was recently questioned by Game Kult and was asked why there hasn’t been a new addition to the F-Zero franchise since the Gamecube edition. Miyamoto admitted that he’s surprised that people want another F-Zero game, as he believes that there’s very little to add to the series. Here’s what he had to say.

After a quick survey on Twitter, one of the game French gamers miss the most is F Zero. Nobody really understands why Nintendo hasn’t made a new one since 2004. Is there a chance we can see it back on Wii U?

Miyamoto: :eyes open wide: I am really pleased to hear Twitter’s opinion, because since the first episode on SNES many games have been made but the series has little evolved.
I thought people had grown weary of it. I’d like to say: Thank you very much and try to wait by playing Nintendo Land’s F-Zero minigame.
I am also very curious and I’d like to ask those people: Why F-Zero? What do you want that we haven’t done before?

209 thoughts on “Miyamoto Talks F-Zero”

  1. he thinks Nintendo Land F-Zero will satisfy people’s needs of a fully fledged new F-Zero?? we want a 1080p 60fps and 30people multiplayer online F-Zero monster game! :D

      1. yeah, of course it’s better than nothing.. but I’m guessing lots of F-Zero fans were a bit disappointed when hearing about it, cause it lessens the chances of a “real” F-Zero coming out before the end of this… decade :P

        1. did nintendo land lessen the chance of another zelda in this decade too? Oo

          well i hope he listens to the gamers
          a nintendoland minigame is not a substitute for a racing game

          1. “a nintendoland minigame is not a substitute for a racing game” agreed! and I certainly hope that nintendo feels that way as well, but I don’t get that impression after what miyamoto said… :-/

      2. I have to disagree. It’s worse than nothing. It doesn’t have captain falcon , the Racer is wind up and is made of fabric. I’m sure that it will be fun , but its a bit of a fucking joke for any Hardcore f-ZERO FAN.

        This sounds to me like Nintendo have just swept F-zero under the carpet. and for me that is truly saddening. F-zero GX is the best game on the Gamecube along with Metroid Prime and Windwaker.

                    1. I’m sorry, I do not understand your sentence…
                      Not trying to be a grammar nazi – not trolling, I just don’t understand it.

                      I’ll do my best:
                      – It’s not on Xbox (or Playstation) because Silicon Knight developed it exclusively for Nintendo Gamecube.

                      I might not be answering you, but interpunction would be much appreciated.

            1. Eternal Darkness is my favorite game!! … i would love a new one, but they say that it will be just one eternal darkness

    1. “Little to add to the series”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME MIYAMOTO???

      There’s a TON of stuff we’ve all been wanting to be added to F-Zero, like… uh, I don’t know, 30 PERSON ONLINE MODE?!! Not to mention, it would look very crisp in HD, something that the series has always needed. Plus, add deeper car customization, track editor, customizable characters, more tracks, more modes, more characters, add minigames or something, and you could have the best game EVAR. So no, Miyamoto, F-Zero is something we still definitely still need and there’s still lots to update…so Wii want U to make us a new entry in the series… NOW.

      1. So demanding of a man who’s already working on a major title… And also over-seeing a few other major titles, as well as helping young developers understand their potential. Hes doing a LOT of shit right now, and probably doesn’t have the time to even think about f-zero. These younger developers are going to be the ones who make the games for Nintendo in the future, and New Super Mario Bros. U is one of them, and it looks to be one of the best Mario Bros. games in a LONG time so in reality, hes working on NSMBU, pikmin 3, and making sure his development teams on both are doing a good job, plus according to multiple sources, hes working on his last BIG title with EAD before he goes on to focusing on smaller projects again. SO give the guy some credit, hes doing a LOT right now.

    2. i was reading all the comments to see who would say it first, and what do you know it was all the way at the bottom, but how about a spin off of captain falcon doing his bounty hunting using his fighting moves from ssb? they could add more moves to his line up of awesomeness, or even make a half half game where he has to fight his bounty ninja gaiden style, after he races them down and corners them. Lets just say you have a bar that he visits in a hub world where all the bounty hunters gathers, you go there get a mission, race the bad guy/his underlings and then corners them IF you win they some how get away and thus the part where you have to chase them on foot, btw not literally chase them but hunt them down ninja gaiden style …. i mean i have a lot more ideas i could add but that could be something NEW if they wanna beat around the bushes and and act like there’s nothing new that can be done with the game… cmon nintendo SHOW ME YOUR MOVES….

    1. Yeh. Miyamoto just exposed himself. What could you do with F-zero that hasn’t been done before .. *takes a deep breath* MAKE IT FUCKING ONLINE YOU DICK FACE , MAKE.IT.ON.LINE.NOW!!!!!! MAKE IT HD ADD A TRACK EDITOR MAKE A NEW STORY DO SOMETHING.

      This is a fucking insult from shigeru miyamoto. Like you say , they keep putting out mario game after mario game (none 3d main series) and then he has the audacity to ask what could be done with F-zero ???

      F-zero could be like Mario kart but beter.

        1. F-zero GX for the Nintendo Gamecube is COMPREHENSIVELY better stil today than either GT or Forza. They’re not even close to the Hardcore intensity that GX provides.

          Captain falcons Stupud Twister race is just a kick in the nuts to me. I’m sure it will be fun. But god all i have been praying for , for 8 years is a new f-zero.

          That Nintendo Land attraction has nothing to do with F-zero , it’s not even about racing.

            1. As someone who has spent many hours on all 3 games. I do think F-zero is the one that has you at the dge of your seat more and is much faster and requires better reflexes.

              It is an opinion and they are different. But F-zero is just too good.

              1. There are plenty of comparable racing games that also require those kind of reflexes. F-Zero is not unique in that at all.

                    1. Lol you never played a f zero game to just say physics? Thats the weakes thing you could say to promote wipeout a game so weak that is only released in the psn store

                    2. Wanna try taking yours off first, you arrogant hypocrite?
                      Wipeout sucks in comparison, and a new F-Zero game would blow it right the fuck out of the water.
                      Hell, even though it’s impossible for it to happen, if it ever went multiplat, it would beat the shit out of all of the others by an even wider margin.

                    3. Unsurprisingly, the Nintenyearolds with no grasp of racing games is trying to make his cruddy and currently absent-since-Gamecube series seem better than a flagship title on a competing platform. I’ve played every F-Zero game and the physics have never been stellar, not even in GX. Wipeout on the other hand, actually has good physics and decent vehicular combat as well, opening up a host of strategies while having a competitive scene not restricted to local multiplayer. Wipeout HD (maybe the whole series) just like GX, requires skill to actually master as well. GX was only one game, and it isn’t even fucking made by a Nintendo developer. SEGA made GX, SEGA knows hardcore gameplay. Every other F-Zero prior was a forgettable space racer that only Nintenyearolds really gave a shit about. To tell you the truth the whole series is only “popular” because of Captain Falcon in SSB.

                      The other guy after Nintenlord(more like Nintendork) just sucks their cock and didn’t quite prove anything with his fanboy faggotry. :P

                    4. Lol @ Wipeout being better than F-Zero GX, physics? are you stupid? it’s an arcade racer not a simulator. F-Zero GX shits on Wipeout, sense of speed is way better and the way the game controls is just WAY more fun.

                1. That Gamecube game holds up to some of the graphics this gen. I never thought of physics (especially since wipeout is a NEWER game) had anything to do with how you weave in and out of other racers. That comment was just stupid, physics to a certain extent, play a SMALL part in… some racing games, maybe, but they aren’t a deal breaker like you make them sound. The game you talk about also is very old, and wipeout would obviously have the advantage of how well it plays, the framerate, and maybe even the graphics (personally i don’t care for graphics, they’re a nice feature, but its nothing to have an erection over). Why you are even comparing the two is just ignorant, and really unfair. Call me a fanboy whatever, i haven’t been one sided but i have told you facts, and the fact is, that game from 2004 still holds up to these so called “HD” consoles. When the Wii U/PS4/720 come out, we will see TRUE HD gaming, not this bull shit we play with today that drop frames constantly when you play a game.

                  1. If there are no decent physics in a racing game, then that “weav”ing in and out isn’t going to be fluid, or remotely acceptable. Physics play a big fucking part in racing games, especially these particular kind of racers. GP Legend is a good example of what shit physics will do to you the moment you slightly bump against a railing. Wipeout HD/Fury and GX both run at 60 frames per second, by the way. So that framerate nonsense is just straight up irrelevant. I have every right to compare to it seeing as they’re both similar themes–hover based futuristic racing where gravity is defied (to an extent).

                    The rest is horseshit that reaks of a Nintendrone banging on this generation as if every game is apparently suffering from framerate issues. You’re an idiot.

                2. OH by the way, SEGA didn’t develop GX. Amusement Vision did, they are a 2nd party developer for SEGA, but they are an independent developer. So get your facts straight before you say shit :]

                  1. What’s your fucking point? They were owned by SEGA during that period of time (Hell, they were even CALLED SEGA AM4!) and to this day is still a Subsidiary of them. They are a part of SEGA just like whoever the shit develops the many familiar Nintendo series (like Hal Laboratory) are a part of Nintendo. Nice job proving…nothing, I guess?


                    Talk about grasping at straws.

            1. Meh that GBA one is far from the series high point. It’s just the SNES game. F-zero GX for the Gamecube is EXTEEMELY EXTREMELY hard aswell. But it requires perseverance and determination. It’s the game that makes you want to smash your indestructable gamecube controler once and for all. But the feeling you get when you win is unrivaled in gaming , IMO.

          1. Get back to me once F-Zero makes billions. Yeah exactly, it won’t, the only ones who will buy that ridiculous Wipeput clone are raging dinks like you. Seriously, think about your, most likely pathectic life five years from now, will it really be that much better if you have some trashy F-Zero game. I doubt so shut up and sit down you bigot.

            1. ”the only ones who will buy that ridiculous Wipeput clone”

              First of all it’s *Wipeout* not wipeput.

              Second of all F-zero came before ”wipeput” you fucking idiotic 10 year old berk.

              Why would Nintendo expect to make ”Billions” of F-zero ??? If they made 5 million profit , they would be happy you fucking stupid piece of shit.

              Don’t comment if you don’t have the slightest clue of what you’re talking about.

              F-zero >>>>> Any racing game on Playstation or Xbox.

                1. NFSMW , nope. Forza horizon is shit compared to Forza 4 based on the arcadey demo. Burnout Paradise is very good.

                  1. Say whatever you want, but F-Zero GX is absolutely not better than any of those titles.

                    I do however think that GX is a better hardcore game, snaking is boss and actually requires skill to be setting those lap records, you can’t really get that kind of hardcore gameplay out of the others.

                    1. The comparison is justified when he’s speaking of racers as a whole. Nice, try though.

                      By the way, it’s “apples and oranges”.

                    2. Idiot fruits can be compare,your comment is so stupid is like a retard that say hey i dont like nachos cause is served on a plastic plate, genius

                    3. F-zero is THE most hardcore racing game out there.
                      Can’t compare it to Forza or GT or any other.

                      I absoloutly love Forza and it’s the best Racing Sim I’ve played especialy on Realistic Difficulty with Manual Gear changes and Unasisted stearing and brakeing and all that.

                      My only problem with F-zero is sometimes it feels a bit dizzying with its difficulty and you keep going ”OFF COURSE” and having to start again.

            2. By the way, My life wopuld be far better with a New Online HD f-zero. I have had F-zero on the gamecube for 8 years now , and I must pf played it well over a 1000 hours.

              So to answer your trivial, butthurt , rhetorical and quite frankly absurd question = My life would be better with a New fucking F-zero game that is as good as GX on Gamecube.

        1. It does indeed!! But with the right promotion and advertisement , I believe some of the lesser Known franchise’ Like F-zero could be HUGE!!!

    2. and Mario Kart, Mario Party, the Mario sports games, etc…

      Most mature game series are just taking what works, tweaking them and giving a gimmick. There is nothing wrong with that but to say that F-zero has nowhere to go while many of their games are just tweaked rehashes with upgraded graphics and new gimmicks is just dishonest.

  2. Love Miyamoto’s reaction. Wouldn’t mind seeing another F-Zero, but I like how he suggests something new and asks what we’d like that we haven’t seen before.

    Can’t wait to get a hold of the Gamepad. It’ll be a good refresh from this always-crashing, POS iPad.

    1. You must do something wrong, because my iPad hasn’t crashed once since i got it (and i’m using it every day)!
      As a matter of fact, i’m writing this comment right now on my iPad.
      On topic:
      A new F-Zero would be awesome :)

      1. Uhm.. no. Plenty of folks are stuck with iOS devices that junk out on them. I’ve written comments here and elsewhere via the iPad. It’s worked great, here and there. But after a few months it’s become an unstable POS – apps crashing and the thing itself screwing up (even before iOS6). I’m not alone and I don’t use it as often as other media, it just.. sucks. Maybe I’m one of the many who just got a bad batch.

        But yeah, a new F-Zero would be legit. I can wait for a new full one since there are plenty of other launch titles to bide me by. And the Nintendoland version.

  3. I hope he’s joking by asking what gamers want – if not, he’s as out of touch with gamers as Reggie is!

    Of course we all want updated versions of our favourite franchises!

    Nintendoland is a joke – but who knows, maybe Nintendo will track what “area” gamers visit the most and use that as a predictor of what franchise might sell. If more people visit the F-Zero area, maybe we’ll see an F-Zero game. Shame though, because there’s no Star Fox area for me to visit!

    1. Most rumours suggest that Retro is working in Star Fox so that could be why. I haven’t played much F-zero, but I would like a Wii U one. I bought a used f-zero x to try it out after playing smash bros and I love the game, still play it sometimes. Second one is the gab ambassador game which I don’t really like.

  4. It’s interesting to see that all of the comments here are simply saying “online and HD”. That’s not much to warrant a new F-Zero, don’t you think? If the only things Miyamoto and EAD added to the “new Wii U F-Zero” was ~super hd optimized graphics and epic multiplayer~, people would be complaining that the gameplay’s exactly the same, or that there’s no substance to the story, among other things…

    Just something to think about.

    1. comptetitive 30 player online multiplayer mode would be enough for me to wanna buy it… is mostly why people buy Call of Duty games, cause of the multiplayer, not the story mode.

      1. You don’t seriously think that online multiplayer is a full fledged justification for a video game reboot that has been dormant for nearly 10 years, do you?

        The game as a whole would get ripped apart by reviewers for being “boring and stale”. Arturo brought up some things that would work in an F-Zero reboot, but online multiplayer is hardly a reason that /alone/ can bring back a game like F-Zero.

        1. as I said, “would be enough for ME to wanna buy it” :P but obviously they wouldn’t just add that, they are game developers, surely they could come up with interesting ideas and features to make it something special, there are some good in this very thread! :)

            1. hey, I too want them to make this a game worthy of the name F-Zero ;-) I just don’t like how they haven’t even hinted at a new F-Zero, so I’d be happy with pretty much just the basic formula of GX and some new modes/features… but obviously I want more new stuff, like everyone here :)

  5. That’s easy. We want an F-Zero with up to date graphics and technological specs, and online play (maybe even a trading system for parts to make new machines). I also think with the Wii U controller they could implement an on-the-fly repair system where you use the touch screen to fix problems with your machine mid-race, like in the pod racing scene of Star Wars Ep 1

  6. You can add online multiplayer, more gameplay modes, even more custumizable cars, level editor(?), and DLC on Nintendo Network. Mario kart is similar in which not much can be added other than what is expected, but they still come up with new features, so I’m sure they can do the same with F-Zero.

  7. “I am also very curious and I’d like to ask those people: Why F-Zero? What do you want that we haven’t done before?”

    GAWD, MIYAMOTO I JUST WANNA CHOKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Enough rantin aside, maybe you can throw in a free world rpg mode to promote the story, base it off the anime series, revive the original OST, Online multiplayer, Leaderboards, the possibilities go on! Hell, put the map on the WiiU Pad and promote the Pro Controller. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

    1. They could ad so many but miyamotos comments has make me lost a bit of hope on him,on the new things that can be added apart of the obvius hd and online they could ad a bounty hunter mode whit missions on a map that shows various planets, each planets has missions that wen finish they give you a cool video of cp falcon capturing a fugitive

          1. Don’t be. :)

            It’s not like what he’s saying is totally wrong–F-Zero isn’t as popular as many of Nintendo’s other franchises and it is pretty tough to come up with new gameplay mechanics that make the game a real game changer.

            I did come up with some ideas down below, but the just of it on the new gameplay side of things that I thought could prove interesting for the series is 1) a cel-shaded twist on the gritty formula reminescent to that of Borderlands as the vivid colors with the high-speed and intense gameplay could prove to create a new paradigm shift in futuristic racing titles, and 2) Nintendo should buy out the Extreme-G franchise that has been long dormant and rise it from the ground again in the new F-Zero title by creating a somewhat crossover-like experience. More details below. :)

            1. There is litteraly as many things as you could do with F-zero as there is with Mario , Zelda , Pokemon , Animal Crossing etc.

              F-zero has limitless potential in my books and deserves at least 1 game per generation.

        1. I Liked E3 2012 albeit a little less spectacular than usual. F-zero is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises. Fzero GX is one of my favorite games and I have been waiting for a sequel for 8 years.

          Now Miyamoto says this statement which indicates that Nintendo pretty much don’t give a shit about F-zero. I felt really quite angry with this statement.

          For someone who didn’t really like Fzero this statement is a minor, for me this is a crushing blow.

  8. “What do you want that we haven’t done before?”
    …umm, I don’t know? An HD version w/ 20-30 MMO racing game would be nice! Also the feature for Captain Falcon to jump-off his Blue Falcon, jump on someone else’s ride and Falcon Punch ’em!

  9. Falcon in smash bros was always great but after playing the frustrating GameCube game recently, I want another fzero game with online multiplayer.

  10. There’s actually plenty they could do with a new F-Zero game. Make it have the traditional Grand Prix races like the previous games, make it have a story mode, with online play, that’s something that hasn’t been done in F-Zero. Also have the machine builder again, and the emblem editor and improve it more like adding your own spoilers or whatever to make it stand out from anything else, and maybe have a track editor to make your own tracks. And maybe make your own pilot, be it human or alien. I did some machines in GX but I just couldn’t see Falcon in something else other than the Blue Falcon. So having your own custom pilot for your own custom machine would be sweet. New pilots would be sweet as well.

    Also, I loved the F-Zero X soundtrack, metal/rock was awesome and having a mix of that and the electro-ish type from GX would be sweet. Also have a story mode that focuses on Captain Falcon, you know his bounty hunting heroics, that’s something we hardly see in the F-Zero games. It would be sweet to explore his bounty hunting side as well as his racing expertise. And the online, have 30 racers online racing, with 60 fps, the resolution well it could be at 720 or 1080, I don’t mind as long as it runs smoothly as GX like looking amazing. And this game would be ripe for dlc, like having the older tracks reimagined in HD, new characters, and older characters. Nintendo is missing a huge opportunity here with a new F-Zero. As for capable devs, Criterion or Sumo Digital/Sega because Sega really understood the game. Retro would be fine because of Mario Kart 7 but I feel it would be a waste when they could be working on something else, but either of them would be fine.

    And there was actually another F-Zero game after GX and GP Legend, it was F-Zero Climax but I think it only released in Japan so not sure if it was good or not.

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  12. You know, he has a point. Up until lately, no one has ever given a crap about wanting a new F-Zero game. Sorry F-Zero fans, you’re in the minority here. The reason why he’s so surprised is that F-Zero is not as appealing to the mainstream as other titles. Everyone knows Mario, Link, and Pikachu (sorry Samus, but you’re unfortunately not as mainstream either =( ), but no one knows who Captain Falcon is unless you’ve played Smash Bros, and let’s face it, Smash Bros isn’t that mainstream either (only among gamers, but not in the rest of the world.

    1. SAMUS NOT MAINSTRE-!!!!!!!!! ah who am I kidding, you’re right. I guess that’s why Metroid didn’t get a 25th anniversary celebration, and probably won’t get one for the 30th either ;(

    2. I wish there was a +1 button on WordPress so I can like this comment, because you’re absolutely right. ;u;
      F-Zero isn’t another Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon. For Nintendo to honestly justify a reboot of the franchise, they’d have to make innovations almost on the scale of Kid Icarus 3DS for newcomers to be interested in F-Zero at all, and for veterans of the series to be satisfied.

    3. Sorry, but I don’t agree entirely with your post.

      I do agree that F-Zero is NOT mainstream, but Super Smash Bros. is technically placed under the label of “Mario,” therefore making it mainstream to Nintendo gamers of all ages.

      Based on Nintendo’s Game Guide from their USA website, the following are Nintendo favorites (all of which can be regarded as mainstream franchises) and they are, ironically, in the order of popularity:

      – Mario
      – Pokemon
      – Zelda
      – Mii Characters
      – Donkey Kong
      – Kirby
      – Metroid

      Based on this, Nintendo SHOULD have done something for our lovely vixen, Samus Aran, while also throwing an even bigger bash for Donkey Kong–a character who marked the very beginning of Nintendo’s rich legacy of content.

      I believe the Pokemon Anniversary is coming up–if so, we should get a pretty good year of Pokemon on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U then. Perhaps a reboot of one of the past generations for the Nintendo 3DS (please just reboot the series as a whole, Nintendo, and make an exclusive game for Nintendo 3DS). The Wii U should get a new Pokemon Snap and Stadium.

      1. If you are wondering why SSB is generally placed under “Mario,” it is because Mario Bros. (the arcade game) was the main source of inspiration; hence the unusually close title “Super Smash Bros.” next to “Mario Bros.” :)

  13. I finished the last mission of F-Zero GX on Hard dificulty while my ex was doing me a Bj. But finish all missions with a perfect score on Pilotwings Resorts was harder.

    1. That must of been the most Intense moment of all time. The Missions are fucking Near enough imposible on Normal, throw in a BJ and you have probably the most impossible task of all time on your hands.

  14. Apparently this isn’t all Miyamoto talked about in the interview, he also said Metroid could become “a more beautiful action game” *face palm* Metroid isn’t an action series, it’s focus is exploration. I will be absolutely furious if Metroid on the Wii U is another Other M type game from Sakamoto. I will officially lose faith in the series and continuously play Metroid Prime Trilogy and the old 2D games reminiscing about the good old days when Metroid games were top quality experiences.

            1. Still seems the same to me, too…

              “First-Person Action/Adventure”

              Can’t we all just agree on that rather than duking it out?

              When I go back to play Metroid Prime (or any Metroid for that matter) it’s for the action and the adventure. Not one over the other. Metroid: Other M emphasized more action than adventure while Prime was a perfect blend of both like past 2D Metroid titles.

              If they’re making another Metroid for Wii U, it should either be a new trilogy spanned off of the Prime series (nobody said it couldn’t continue in some shape or form other than the Prime moniker) and have it be in first-person, or a brand new Metroid game altogether that we haven’t ever experienced yet in terms of play-style that perhaps plays akin to games such as Jet Force Gemini (third-person action/adventure in other words).

              For the Nintendo 3DS, we definitely need a remake of Super Metroid. Just think of the amazing 3D effects you can achieve with a game like that. :)

  15. This is great! It means that the chances of the new metroid game are increased since it was between this and Metroid 4 that retro is going to make.. can’t wait, Samus kicks all of dem gay space humanoid animals any offense.

  16. Talking about “revival” I miss Mario 64, the paintings, the worlds, the aesthetic, I remember all of them. Galaxy’s not even close to what 64 was even though it’s still a great game, wish there was a sequel to that instead of (not actually) new super mario bros.

    Anyway, back to F-zero, those are potential features:

    -Better graphics (HD)
    -Track designer
    -Some kind of gamepad functionality which affects gameplay, not just menus (but an option to play just with the regular wii controler vs gamepad for multiplayer)
    -Different gamemodes, a section where you control your machine from a shooter perspective for example (maybe something that doesn’t involve racing, something for a change of pace)
    -More gameplay mechanics (Mario Kart comes with new ones every time)
    -Bigger roster of characters, vehicles and tracks (duh)

    And much more :D

  17. I have a few ideas, I know a lot of these already are here, but I’m just voicing my opinion…
    1) Include online & Miiverse compatibility
    2) DLC
    3) Retro tracks from previous games. There are enough games for this to be included.
    4) Motion Control (obviously)
    5) Fully customisable track builder
    6) New environments
    7) Aasymmetrical gameplay. 2 players. With the touchscreen, speed boosts can be placed onto the tracks to help with time trials ect
    8) Battle mode. Hard to explain but think of the death match in F-Zero X mixed with battle mode on Starfox 64 3D only without the flying.
    9) Machines can fly in mid air for short amounts of time (think of mario kart 7)

    1. For the battle mode, someone could set traps with the GamePad and the racers would try to avoid them and knock the other racers off the track… maybe? Just thinking out loud.

  18. Seeing as I never got a chance to play the F-Zero games first hand, I would certainly love a remake so I could play this legendary series I have only heard about… The only game I ever played with Capt. Falcon as a playable character is Super Smash.

  19. “Little to add to the series”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME MIYAMOTO???

    There’s a TON of stuff we’ve all been wanting to be added to F-Zero, like… uh, I don’t know, 30 PERSON ONLINE MODE?!! Not to mention, it would look very crisp in HD, something that the series has always needed. Plus, add deeper car customization, track editor, customizable characters, more tracks, more modes, more characters, add minigames or something, and you could have the best game EVAR. So no, Miyamoto, F-Zero is something we still definitely still need and we need a new game… NOW.

  20. Imagine how happy we’d be if the French wanted return to the Mother series. But I guess this means that Retro isn’t working on an F-Zero. Probably Metroid and StarFox (Woohoo!!!!)

  21. Here are my additions for the Wii U F-Zero:

    – This game should be designed with a cel-shaded twist to its usually gritty graphics. Not to the extent of Wind Waker though. More along the lines of Borderlands or The Walking Dead.
    – Nintendo should acquire the rights to Extreme-G franchise.
    – Create a crossover F-Zero game with Extreme-G characters and bikes–call it F-Zero XG Revolution, perhaps?
    – Extreme-G characters still ride on bikes–although they are easier to knock off of levels and very light in comparison to F-Zero machines, they can make use of weapons scattered across tracks.
    – F-Zero machines cannot use weapons.
    – Both machines and bikes can use the weapon/energy recharge areas.
    – 1080p 60 fps offline/online multiplayer (up to 30 peeps with virtually no lag like in Mario Kart).
    – SEGA in charge of all cutscenes, music, and sound fx (including voice overs).
    – Nintendo EAD should do everything else with the game (story mode was dreadful in F-Zero GX).
    – Instead of Story Mode, make a Campaign Mode that allows you to choose any franchise–F-Zero or Extreme-G–and play throughout a story with your character or faction of choice, respectively. There will be multiple hub worlds that have NPC characters you can interact with who will have quests in the form of main story and sub missions that will be done with your F-Zero machines or Extreme-G bikes.
    – This is where Miiverse comes into play. Other players and their accomplishments on missions undertaken will be displayed next to yours. This will drive replay value. Top player score/time will be displayed next to the person who is your “rival” or a “closer” score to compete with. You can send them messages when trying to beat them over Miiverse.
    – Credits earned during Campaign Mode. These are used to further upgrade from basic model of your machine and continue to fine-tune its performance by purchasing and equipping the machine with new items from the shop.
    – Character customization as well as vehicle customization.
    – Wii U GamePad can be placed over television for cockpit view which utilizes gyro and motion control capabilities to steer vehicle (whether using an F-Zero vehicle or Extreme-G bike).
    – Accomplishments will be available for Campaign Mode and Multiplayer Modes.
    – Arcade Mode plays like normal. There are more cups this time around with 7 levels each. 5 cups total. After all 5 completed on any difficulty, the final cup is unlocked, which is a compilation of all of them shuffled together (35 levels in the final cup as a result).
    – Battle Mode is done in multiple varieties. It is online as well (also up to 30 peeps):
    1. Normal Battle: Fight to the death on track of choice until the last person standing wins. There are no laps (arcade mode tracks).
    2. Team Battle: Team up with other comrades to defeat the other team in the same way as Normal Battle (these tracks are the normal tracks available in Arcade Mode).
    3. Team Base Battle Royale: Battle on new tracks designed solely for Battle Mode. These tracks have two opposing bases on either end and the goal is to get the most KO’s on the other team.
    4. Team Base Capture the Flag: This should be obvious. Two flags. Opposite bases. Fight to the death to capture the other team’s flag. The most captures wins.
    5. Capture the Energy Core (2-5 players offline, 3-5 if there is a GamePad player): A new energy core with the ability to supercharge vehicles and bikes has been created. It is your duty to capture the core in the center of the map on courses specifically designed for this mode by activating all outlying switches across the map, obtaining energy from the core, and depositing it at your spawn location. If there is a GamePad player, these switches are indicated on the mini-map and the player can draw out where these are using the touch screen for different players who are using the Pro Controller to play. Beacons can also be set by the GamePad player. If the GamePad player wants to, he/she can also set obstacles in the path of other players (such as laser fields, reinforced walls, time bombs, proximity mines, remote mines, helpful gear such as force fields and artillery cannons, etc.).
    – More multiplayer modes/maps can be later added via DLC.
    – Level editor is solely for offline play and online play with Friends or Friends of Friends. Tracks can be made for both arcade style racing, battle mode tracks, team battle mode, and capture the energy core mode maps. Users can make as many maps as they want to as long as they have space on their harddrive.

  22. Ummm, technology had advanced. That’d be a great reason to make a sequel. By his logic, why make updated versions of Mario Tennis, Baseball, etc.? Fans would like to see a current gen or next gen F-Zero, you don’t really have to change the formula, dude.

  23. I guess this rules out the possibility that Retro is working on F-zero….
    maybe they are working on Starfox Wii U or a new 3D Donkey Kong! :D

  24. I think its cuz F-Zero wasnt really interesting to miyamoto hence why Sega made the game for him and he probuably just supervised. so he has no idea on how to evolve it other then make it online. honestly a Port of it on the wii U would be fine but a new game would have to be made by SEGA since they done the Gamecube version which is considered to be the best one.

  25. I’ve never played an F-Zero game, but from my experience with racing games i’ve got an idea for how this game would be worthy for the WiiU. More game modes, multiplayer (offline and online), much longer race tracks (this is a personal preference as race tracks from other race games don’t seem to satiate my need), the ability to create tracks, make your own racing vehicle, DLC every 3 months or so, hell maybe throw in an achievement system where the credit can actually be useful other than just perks

  26. I don’t know about the rest of you but i’d like a beat em’ up spinoff to F-zero focusing on his bounty hunting. It could pull moves from the Smash bros series. It would be awesome!

  27. THIS. I have been waiting for a new F-ZERO since I got GX in 2004, and GX is my favorite game of all time. If they make another F-ZERO and it tops GX, I’ll have a new favorite.

  28. You guys comments are making me a bit sick to be honest, Why is everybody so angry about Nintendo Land’s F-zero Inspired game, it is not supposed to be a mainstream f-zero title as none of the mini-games are either for their franchises. Be grateful they even cared enough about F-Zero enough to include a mini-game based off it. They could have easily not have done it and the Possibility of F-Zero Wii U would be less likely then it is now. Hate to break it to you but Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto are not God and Jesus. They cannot read your Minds and Hearts and how many Hours of F-Zero GX you have played, there imperfect mortal humans like the rest of us, trying to survive the wonderful economy we have right now. Nintendo owes you absolutely nothing since there a company trying to actually survive, the very least you could do is show your support for the F-Zero Franchise and care about the Nintendo Land Iteration of it, how can you expect Nintendo to magically create a huge HD Fzero Game for Wii U if they cant see the popularity of it, unfortunately F-Zero is not as popular as Mario, Zelda, Etc, trust me if it was as popular i can assure you they would be showing more love and support for it but so is the cruel world of reality. Video Games today cost Tens of Millions to Make, Years of Development and a LOT of Work, They do not appear out of thin air. Show your support for F-Zero by being a bit more reasonable and understanding. With A F-Zero Inspired Mini-Game on Wii U we are already half-way there from the Dream F-Zero Wii U, now all we need is the support that will show Nintendo a new F-Zero is worth their Time.

    1. you my friend are so fucking right, this place is just full of lil bitches that like to whine about shit they don’t understand……..

      1. Note: I actually ain’t hating here, I just want to see what would happen if Nintendo tried something completely new and tried to create a new iconic franchise.

  29. Of course you have the usual new Tracks and Vehicles, but also as well the Pilots. I love to know more about the pilots that I have come to love growing up playing the series. Little features where you would unlock more about the characters as you play through would be great. Not enough stuff these days come witj proper unlockables. Also as seen in the later GBA games, there was the challenge mode, which would be great in a new addition but fully fleshed out. Only so much you could do in a 2D plane, lets see some challenges which break outside the box! It could be very creative.

    OF course Online would be a must as people would like but if they were to do a new game this would be pretty much a given anyway so no point in spamming about this one. Same with HD. On the graphics front though with the additional power I would expect to see much more vibrant locations. Going to Wipeout HD for a second (also with Studio Liverpool disbanding this series might not even return leaving NO decent futuristic racers), the games settings look absolutely amazing, full of life and the game runs pretty much perfectly still. Not necessarilly gameplay there, but it would be great to see the settings what I have grown up seeing in a new perspective. The Track Editior in F-Zero X Expansion Kit for the 64DD was something that many of us sorely missed out on. It was a superb device which pretty much gave us the developers tools for making circuits. Now I am not saying that this would be possible on all stuff like an HD “Aeropolis” for example with all the buildings but it would be nice and I would think it would be possible for such a thing to be achieved.

    I think a main focus, a little like Forza is there is an expansive creative community for the game. I don’t think they would do this but a full on avatar/decal maker utilising the WiiU controller would be great. It would give the community the creative freedom to really do some cool stuff. This is where the download content comes into play, with new parts for a machine editor to come into play. One which expands greatly on the GX one.

    I personally would love to see the Death Race mode back in its full glory, but expand on it to incorporate routes for the race, prehaps some multiplayer as well with stuff like team games with who can kill the most opponents in the time possible or first to XX number of kills. Leaderboards are always welcome in such games too. The F-Zero Time Attack Community was huge in its prime so it would be good to see more support for this sort of area. It was the advanced techniques which really brought the game many many years more of life and the community aspects of it, trying to get higher in the leaderboards for such a game was alot of fun.

    Really though, it would be superb to see the F-Zero Grand Prix return to us, as a fan of the series, it has been far too long now since the last game. It does sadden me they have gone down the route focusing on only a select handful of their titles but I will keep the hope at least. The main reason I actually got an Xbox and a PS3 down the lines was because of a lack of stuff like F-Zero, Star-Fox and other really intense and entertaining games from Nintendos line-up. Not saying stuff like Mario isn’t enjoyable which of course they can be very much so but it is just not as engaging for me as a person. I love racing games and Mario Kart doesn’t really fit within hardcore racer, despite its time attack community. Could be controversial saying so but Nintendo do have room to bring in a new game. In the new modern day and age they can do things with the series, make the game looking brilliant, finetune the gameplay but also make a great social experience as well (providing the solo stuff is top notch as well.)

    1. Let me just thank you for your post. Instead of raging and flaming, you did just what Miyamoto suggested. You laid a concise view of what you would like to see in a future F-Zero game.

      It seems the heads at Nintendo weren’t aware that there was a demand for a new F-Zero game. I think if you let them know, with the power of the Wii U or 3DS they can make a new one.

      1. Judging by the sales of the last game, it’s a small minority that actually want a new F Zero game. VERY small minority.

        1. You’re right about that. Maybe Nintendo should give it to Retro. They have a knack for reviving sleeping Nintendo franchises.

          1. That actually could work well. I know I want starfox in the hands of Platinum games. Starfox is one of very few NIntendo games these days I actually enjoy.

            1. I think Retro is making a Star Fox game for Wii U. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a trailer of some in game footage at next years’ E3.

              I would love for Nintendo to scoop up Platinum and make them first party. They’ve got a lot of potential.

            2. You’re not the only person here who wanted PlatinumGames to develop a StarFox title, Jellybean. The last SF title I had ever played was StarFox 64 on the N64. It was extremely difficult for me to put down that controller.

      2. No problems at all buddy. Been growing up and playing the game for years that I am stupidly passionate about the series. Just fingers crossed that one day down the line we will see another installment. Metroid did go on a large hiatus for a while between Super and the next one, so we shall see. Can only hope I guess!

        1. I’m not really into racing games myself, but I would like to see a new F-Zero game. I think I heard Iwata say the reason they didn’t make one for the Wii was they didn’t feel the Wii was powerful enough to handle the vision they had for the next console installment in the series.

          With the Wii U’s online capabilities and multiple controller options, I think the infrastructure is there. They have what they need to make another installment. I hope they do.

  30. I want a F-Zero that is a mix of the Gamecube Game and Road Rash/Rush
    Or F-Zero mixed with Star Wars Sebulba Gaming Style.
    You can throw things you spare from your tools lol…
    No fucking ROCK MUSIC in that game plz!

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  32. No disrespect meant for Miyamoto ( I still admire that man)
    But if they can remake New Super Mario Bros three freakin times with nearly no changes, they have no excuse to not make a new F-Zero. The game would be PERFECT for the Wii U, and is bound to provide an exciting online experience.

    1. Agreed, my friend! I actually just posted something similar just now. The New Super Mario Bros. series is a prime example of how having little new to add didn’t stop the sequel machine.

  33. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    Personally I have been waiting for an F-Zero game for ages now. It is a great racing series and while we did see the series at the height of its game in F-Zero GX on the Gamecube I reckon the series could go further. I’d hoped to see a return to series on the Wii, but unfortunately Nintendo never provided. I think the F-Zero series still has a lot that could be done to it in terms of more levels, new gameplay, car customization and online compabilities too. I seriously hope it shows up on Wii U at some point.

  34. Let me get this straight, he feels there is little that can be done with the series that is NEW. If that is the case, please explain to me New Super Mario Bros. 2. And New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And New Super Mario Bros Wii U. Granted, they add some neat features but are, essentially, the same game on newer hardware. Heck, the character sprites are even just about the same. I respect the heck out of this guy, buy not having much new to do has not stopped them from sequels in the past.

  35. Nintendo already admitted they don’t like online. As for Fzero that series is dead. Just like 3D mario games so if you’re complaining about too much mario he’ll be gone soon enough. It seems like 3rd parties will be making most of the games for nimtendo soon.

      1. It’s the truth though, F Zero will not sell well at all. Mario will be gone soon because they’ve milked the crap out of it and any more milking will just be rehash after rehash.

        Nintendo need to make a new iconic IP.

        1. Mario ain’t going nowhere. Mario is not like all these other mascots that come and go. They were copycats, he’s the original. Every company wishes they had a Mario. They all wish they had a character that’s instantly recognized by gamers and non-gamers alike.

          Saying Mario is going to disappear is like saying Mickey Mouse will disappear, or Bugs Bunny. It ain’t gonna happen. Learn to love it.

          1. Well if Mario is going to stay around, I at least hope they do something to make me interested again, NSMB series was a let down :(

            1. That’s what the 3D Mario games are for. I see the NSMB games as a throwback for the people who enjoy old school 2-D side-scrollers. And a game like that is the perfect game to introduce people to gaming.

              I know if I was to introduce a child to video games I would give them the original super Mario Bros. game. If there’s no NES available and a Wii is available, NSMB is what you need. And judging by the sales, there’s still a big market for that type of game.

            2. Agreed.
              I am personally boycotting Mario until they actually announce something innovative. It’s gonna be hard to top Super Mario Galaxy, but they can at least try.

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  38. F Zero GX was impressive and polished. In the future (whoever does the next one), though, please make sure the END of the story makes sense. GX’s story wasn’t epic, but I enjoyed it. Then (SPOILERS) Deathborn comes in and starts ‘explaining’ things. Then some Ghosts turn into a clone of the Blue Falcon and challenge Cap to a race? LOL Best game ever…

  39. Why F-Zero?
    Racing games are rare on Nintendo console, sci-fi racing games even more (on any console actually). Mario Kart is of course a must-have, but it is very different from racing games as it focuses on the fun and lacks speed sensation and driving thrills. Any racing game by Nintendo would be great. The FZero series already has a background, characters, gameplay and souvenirs beloved by players. In my opinion, if Nintendo was to make a racing game it should definitely be a FZero. I love FZero because of the speed sensations, the incredible architecture of the tracks (love the cylinder shaped parts), the awesomeness of the random track generator on FZeroX, the big number of vehicles racing, the heavy music tunes, the omission of weapons that makes you take the risk ok of damaging or killing yourself every time you want to attack someone.
    I know the GX did not sell as expected on GameCube (although I loved it), but my guess is that releasing MarioKart almost at the same time is an explanation and also Nintendo at that time was more considered as a console for children. Now that you want to appeal to hardcore gamers, FZero is the game to show them what kind of thrill the WiiU can provide.

    What do you want that we haven’t done before?
    -ONLINE mode: it would be fantastic to compete against 100 opponents among which 12 or 30 humans (or whatever maximum is possible).
    -TRACK EDITOR: I know this has been done before but only on the NINTENDO 64 DD, which never left Japan, but still. One of my favourite games ever is TrackMania because you can build, exchange, import your own tracks. This gives an infinite interest to the game. And the WiiU Gamepad would work perfectly for the track building (like on TrackMania DS). The possibility to create a track from scratch, or edit the existing ones, rotate it vertically, bend it, add or remove side barriers with a button, import a musical track, modify gravity, select goals (time trial, number of laps, number of crashes), create competitions (like in MarioKart 3DS)… this would be incredible.
    -HD graphics, of course.
    -DEEPEN the experience: simulation racing games are separated from scifi racing games. Change that! Make the physics utterly realistic. Change the shape and behaviour of the vehicles depending on the impacts they take and customizations they have. Change the driving depending on the floor surface. Make it feel like it’s real! The career mode could have a scenario with choices or RPG elements, a bit like Inazuma11.
    -WIDEN the experience: take the race out of the circuits and introduce environmental interactions. Let’s race on the water in a port during a storm (like Waverace), on the surface of an unknown planet with gigantic monsters, underwater, on the sun, inside the tunnels of a subway network, down a mountain side with an avalanche (like 1080) or a volcano eruption! The attack mechanisms could be enhanced, adding elemental features (frost, flames, electricity…) and different moves (bump, spin, jump, roll, glue, pull down to increase adhesion, defend, counter..). Add as many competitors on track as possible. Add environments and characters from other artistic media (like Smash Bros features Nintendo stars, Angry Birds features StarWars).
    -WIIU FEATURES: as I said, the Gamepad would be great for track editing. Driving by movement recognition would be an awesome new feature, which could be used in varied ways: classically using the controller as a steering wheel, but also using the controller as the tip of the vehicle so that you can move left/right/up/down the controller always going forward in that direction and rotate it to activate the airbrakes, making you turn further. A panorama view mode could be added to added to use the gamepad as a window to look around, possibly with an autopilot mode (reducing your speed) to give you the time to look around. Using asymmetrical gameplay, the player with the gamepad could control the environmental interaction, like tilting the gamepad to create and give direction to the waves of the storm, send meteorites, pilot trains…).
    -CONFIGURABILITY: in my opinion, except for the youngest audience, games should always be highly configurable. I think this is part of the success of SmashBros. You can never get bored because you can always change a mode, a goal, an item availability, etc and that multiplies the interest and adaptability to your way of playing. Of course, default settings need to be calibrated and enjoyable, but adding configurability makes it even better. The vehicles should be customisable, the tracks editable, the gravity, the time of day, maybe the possibility to use weapons (I said maybe :), etc.

  40. Here’s my list of what I’d like to see:
    F-Zero UX should have:
    Compatibilty with 3DS version *of course*
    Custom: Track Editor, Machine Editor, Character Editor (Allow for deeper customization than 64DD, Climax, and GX)
    Online Multiplayer up to 30 racers *May be laggy, hopefully not*
    Local Multiplayer up to 5 people (4 Pro Controller players, and one GamePad player)
    30 new tracks (5 per league, 6 leagues total) *different than the 3DS versions*
    Classic Tracks
    DLC (New Tracks, New Machines, Part Upgrades for customization, New music)
    New Themes as well as remixed versions of classic themes
    New Characters
    Alternate machines for characters IE: Captain Falcon: Blue Falcon and Neo Blue Falcon
    Digital Comic Book
    New Story Mode
    Co-Op Grand Prix (A two player GP mode, like Mario Kart had)
    Co-Op Story Mode
    Voice Chat

    F-Zero 3DX should have:
    Compatability with the Wii U vers.
    Custom: Track Editor, Machine Editor, Character Editor
    Online and Local Multiplayer (up to 6 on one game card) otherwise 12 player multiplayer
    Spot pass – where you can exchange ghost data, custom machines, custom tracks, and custom characters. Which you could then transfer to your wii u. Do you remember F-Zero AX how you could take your memory card to the arcade, and bring the data home to your game cube? Something like that
    30 new tracks (5 per league, 6 leagues total)
    Classic Tracks
    New Themes as well as remixed versions of classic themes
    New Characters
    Digital Comic Book (Like the original had an 8page comic)
    New Story Mode
    Co-Op Grand Prix (A two player GP mode, like Mario Kart had)
    Co-Op Story Mode

    So yeah, that’s my opinion at least.

  41. We must send letter and letters to overwhelm Nintendo to make them to do a “online F-zero” game, at this point i think we only want the game with the characters, not a story at all right?

    1. I agree that we should send a feedback to Nintendo. The easiest and most efficient way would probably be to create a Facebook page asking for the return of Fzero with at least a solid online experience and a track editor. I also agree that a story is really not a key feature here. Between work and my baby, I don’t have time to manage this, but I think it would be the best thing to do.

  42. I was thinking tht for ur wii u system that u guys should work on an f-zero game. Im saying this because its been years since we last had one and i know a lot of f-zero fans still waiting for one…ideas no prob…i have plenty…i was thinking that u should add more characters and more tracks and more features like online races.

  43. in fact … the best games are metroid, zelda … ETERNAL DARKNESS is amazing, but F-ZERO is GOD… i like every F-ZERO game, i just bought my nintendo wii instead of a playstation, just waiting for a game of zelda, metroid and of course F-zero, i was dissapointed when i didn’t see any f-zero coming soon, but i’m waiting for it, now you know that you have a fan that will buy the console just for f-zero ^^!! WE WANT F-ZERO again please!!

  44. I really hope to see a new F-Zero game for the 3DS this year or at least by 2014. This is a franchise worth banking on Nintendo as there is little in the way of competition. We already have Mario Kart 7, why can’t we have F-Zero? The Nintendo 3DS definitely has the processing power necessary to make it look as polished as F-Zero GX on the Game Cube and the 3D element would be an absolute thrill! Provide a cockpit mode like in MK7 where we can use the gyroscope to steer, throw in a more unique (and easier) Story Mode that expands on the game’s universe and it will drive 3DS sales all the way to the finish line!

  45. how about some story something to do with the fact falcon is a bounty hunter like 1 v1 one missons chasing badies and finally catching black shadow putting him into custody. online play with friends maybe a new character and machine builder

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