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Nintendo: Free Games Do Not Give Consumers Exceptional Fun

Nintendo believes that dedicated gaming platforms, including Wii, Nintendo 3DS and the forthcoming Wii U, are unworthy of existence unless their games provide exceptional fun for consumers, according to company president Satoru Iwata. Iwata also says that free games or games for 85 yen, which is equivalent to about 1.06 USD, do not supply unparalleled fun.

“I think it totally incorrect to discuss the influence of smart devices and social games together as one topic, and I always try to distinguish between the two. Smart devices have both pros and cons for our business. Take the “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Direct” video I mentioned before, for instance, those who are interested in the Animal Crossing series, but are not aware of Nintendo Direct might have seen a tweet about the video and the link to it on their Twitter timeline and actually accessed it on their smartphone. In this context, smartphones are nothing but our friend. On the other hand, some say that they do not need dedicated gaming systems because they can play a number of games for free or for 85 yen each on smartphones. We believe that neither Nintendo nor dedicated gaming systems are worthy of existence unless our games give consumers unparalleled fun, which games for free or for 85 yen do not supply…”

-Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata

116 thoughts on “Nintendo: Free Games Do Not Give Consumers Exceptional Fun”

      1. Well, it is free, you just have to pay to unlock all features (Though you can live without them, as I just became Premium after 11 months of playing it)

          1. As a person. Steve Jobs was a respectable businessman with great ideas that can make his company craptonnes of cash (but he wasn’t very coworker friendly), but Iwata is both a nice guy (according to people to met him) and a good businessman who turned the failing GameCube into the phenomenal Wii and the best-selling handheld the Nintendo DS.

            1. I agree :). I was just jokin really, I love Iwata becuase of the joy he brings us at e3 etc. Steve jobs and Apple I don’t really care about and kinda wish they would stop trying to take over the world and make all their competitors go bust lol.

          2. No, I ain’t an apple fanboy, and I don’t like Apple full stop. (Android fanboy I am :P )

            Just you cannot deny Steve Jobs was more significant, he’s the reason why Pixar is so successful, He revolutioned the tech world. Iwata is an awesome guy, but just hasn’t done as much as Steve Jobs (At this point in time)

    1. They’re not so expensive when you think about it. Their technology takes some cash, and they’re not as expensive as, say, Apple or Sony.

          1. Still, I can just download the game and kick some serious ass. You need money for extra stuff, but the main game it’s free.

  1. Totally agree. There is no way smartphone gaming or tablet gaming could take over. If it ever does I will no longer game.

  2. Let me dumb it down for people that think smart phone gaming is the way of the future. “Games that cost a dollar or are free to download on smartphones are pieces of shit and shouldn’t be compared to real quality gaming which only a dedicated console with a dedicated controller is capable of giving you! People… Just buy a Wii U and you’ll have more fun!”

    1. Or we can just game on all of them? Handhelds and Smartphones. There have been some amazing games on smartphones I’d love to see come to handhelds.

        1. There have been the few odd ones that are released below $5.

          But apart from that, they have sales all the time, just see what they have :P My reccomendation would be the dark knight rises.

        1. I think unfortunately, the smartphone game market has been saturated with a lot of shit.

          If people look hard enough, there are some brilliant games on touch devices.

  3. Mr. Iwata San is very correct, this is like playing the free knock of steam like games of the 90s with shallow gaming content and clone experiences. Thus we as gamers should only use smart phones for easy pass time 10 minute gaming thrills.

    1. Team Fortress 2 Started out as a Normal Retail/Downloadable game on PC and Xbox 360 for quite some time, That doesn’t Count….-_-

            1. Actually you can’t anymore, it doesn’t show up on the search and when I found it in my account activity, it said currently unavailable. In the information it says that it will be available for a limited time only (September 28, 2011 through February 20, 2012). But I could have sworn that Nintendo said after that date that you could pay for it instead of just removing it from the eshop.

  4. I think we have the wrong idea on what he’s referring to. No doubt, TF2 is an amazing FPS – the best I’ve played. I think he’s referring to those little 99cent apps you see in app stores on android/apple.

      1. Walker (PSN - walker1021021)

        When I call people faggots online I’m actually talking about myself because I secretly like dick

  5. I would agree with him, in most cases. I have the Kindle Fire and my son has an iPad and we have downloaded a ton of those cheap games. There are a few that we have had a lot of fun with, but about 99% of them were played for about ten minutes – kinda like Pain for the PS3. It wasn’t free, but there was no real point to it. I like cheap, like anyone; but I like cheap, as in a good deal, better than cheap, as in… well, cheap.

  6. Is “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Direct” a sequel to “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”?
    Damn, the first one isn’t even out and there is already a video for a new one?

  7. Walker (PSN - walker1021021)

    I am the best gamer on Doom 3 because I own people by using the mini gun because I’m too much of a faggot to use a pistol now please rub my nipples!! by the way I’m 10 years old and sometimes I need reminded

  8. I agree with him entirely.
    I’ve yet to run across a hack&slasher game for “free” on a phone that was as good as Devil May Cry 3 or Bayonetta, for example, nor an adventure game as memorable as Zelda always is.
    Dedicated gaming consoles will always have a place.
    Especially the big three.

  9. Though photo dojo (was free for a limited time) was a small game, it was tons of fun, and the only paid game I have on my phone is tetris, but it’s still tons of fun.

    1. Team Fortress 2? More like Team Fortress Who Gives a Shit 2. Play a real man’s game like Killzone and Uncharted, those games make my cocolishus ass tighten up.

  10. Iphone gaming is dog shit. Nothing more than a low quality pass time. If you were a proper gamer , you would simply whip your 3ds or Vita or DS or PSP out on the Bus accordingly.

    I will never endorse Mobile phone games as long as I live. They’re been going down hill since Snake on the black and white Nokia’s….

      1. Some are ”FUN” but they’re not good when compared to 3ds and vita or DS and PSP games :).

        Just my opinion bro. There’s probably loads of great games I have never heard of on IOS and Android,

  11. I will give him that but he needs to step up his game dog, for real.

    I want to see games like Killzone and the sexy sexy Uncharted, Mario is just a fat motha fucka

  12. If he means every free game, then I think he is wrong. Some games that are free are fun. Some people had downloaded games for free for an Emulator and they had fun. Team Fortress 2 is fun for a lot.. And other games. I hope he means certain games though..

    Although I don’t much think enjoying games really connect with money anyway.. Like for example even if a game on a phone was free, and was no fun.. Is it really because it was free? It might of just been the game it’s self, because it was probably easy to make, and that’s why they made it free. But if they started to charge the game but never change the game, then people may be like, “I payed 20 dollars for this?!” If so, then money may not really connect here. Or also, if the game did cost money on the phone but was awesome, would it really suck if they made it free later? To me, I don’t think it really would..
    I think some free games on the phone is fun.. Like that cube avoid game (Don’t remember name) might of been free but it’s a classic fun game still.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see how much.

  13. He’s right! Free games, or U$1,06 games, have a really limited amount of developers (maybe a max of 10), while actual dedicated games have an entire team behind them! This mean the latter is more dedicated to satisfy the consumer, while the first one is there only to make you pass some time.

    Let’s put it like this: if those cheap games were more expensive, no one would buy the!

  14. You’re comparing Burger King to Outback Steakhouse. (Oops, BK has Nintendo promo right now….try again) :P You’re comparing McDonald’s to Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse (there, that’s better). Both are restaurants & both serve beef. What’s the difference? You’re eating aren’t you? Is the issue cost or what you’re getting? If steakhouses went away & all we had left was fast food it would suck for the people that work hard for their $$$ & want the best because they deserve it.

  15. i have downloaded a few games on android and it is true cheap games tend to be boring, in my opinion. but i have also found some ok games but i don’t think i play them as much unless i am really board in a waiting room

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