Miyamoto Talks About The Origin Of Link

In an in-depth interview with Game Kult legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto has explained the origin of Link from the esteemed Legend of Zelda series. Miyamoto says that they wanted to create a character that was instantly recognisable, like Mario. They decided to give Link a long hat and long ears and went into the direction of an elf. Link’s name derived from the fact that the game is set in both the past and the future. As the main character would travel between both and be the link between them, they called him Link.

“Link sprite was designed by Takashi Tezuka. Like Mario, they wanted a character that would be recognisable from his sword and shield so they thought of a long hat and long ears and went into the direction of an elf. At the time, when you said long ears you thought of Peter Pan and as he’s a Disney fan, they drew inspiration from it.
Link’s name comes from the fact that originally, the fragments of the Triforce were supposed to be electronic chips. The game was to be set in both the past and the future and as the main character would travel between both and be the link between them, they called him Link.”


      1. “Mario was loosely based on Popeye-Olive-Bluto love triangle. Bluto became a giant Gorilla and then Popeye became Mario, climbing stairs and leaping over barrels to rescue his “lady”.”

        Article Source:

        IDK. This doesn’t say it was “based off of”, but the relationships do make sense.


  1. That’s cool. I thought his name was Link because he was link between the players and the game world. Leave luck to heaven.


    1. According to the quote, it is implying that Miyamoto is saying that Takashi Tezuka is the Disney fan. That is not to say Miyamoto isn’t a Disney fan, but we don’t know as of now.


      1. Like I said: In this particular article, Tezuka is also the Disney fan and he made the design for Link. Again, whether Miyamoto is a Disney fan or not: Ok, good to know.


  2. Honestly when I first saw Link, I thought he was gay because he wore earrings. I know I’m being stereotypical. Sorry. I love the series!


    1. -__- He could wear earings and wear a pink dress… I dont stereotype people no matter what they appear. Unless Miyamoto himself says Link is gay I would never suspect.


      1. That’s like how JK Rowling said Dumbledore was gay and literally nobody suspected it before she said it. Hahaha. Creator’s word is law.


    1. Illl say it’s to make the player make link more personal to them. here’s a quote from Koji Kondo on the Subject…

      “The most important thing about the Zelda series is that the player becomes Link. One of the challenges with full voice is that if we’re trying to convey the player’s emotion through Link, but you hear Link talking in somebody else’s voice, that creates a disconnect between you and the role that you’re taking on.” – Source:


  3. Brilliant!
    It would be awesome if the next Zelda incorporated the triforce as “microchips,” and made a new time jump into a “steam-punk” era.


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