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Wii U Web Browser Won’t Be Able To Download Or Upload Files

New information has emerged regarding the web browser for Wii U which will be capable of running on either your television or the Wii U Gamepad screen. You won’t be able to download files or upload files in the browser, so you won’t be able to download and save, or upload videos or pictures. We already know that the browser won’t support Flash, but instead it will support HTML 5 video. AAC codecs are supported for sound, while video formats and codecs include H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC Video) and MP4.

206 thoughts on “Wii U Web Browser Won’t Be Able To Download Or Upload Files”

    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

      No. It scored over 200 more points than the 3DS. However the 3DS may support certain functions the Wii U does not, but that wouldn’t make it worse.

      1. “However the 3DS may support certain functions the Wii U does not.”

        You just confirmed it right there. No need to make it nice-looking and say “it wouldn’t make it worse.”

          1. that’s not enough for them, they just want to download stupid memes from google….or upload pics to facenook….ahh welll.

              1. Caresse' Renee Schmitt

                Thats not really fair it should support the file uploadin’ but NO!Their too lazy,is there app for the file uploadin’?

            1. Without youtube , The 3ds’ browser is practically useless to me. No offence to its otherwise superb functionality.

              The wiiu’s Function span way beyond its web browser with miiverse and Video chat and all that jazz :). So far the wiiu browser is pooping on the 3ds’

        1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

          No that didn’t confirm it, If I would have left it at that he could have came back and said, “Exactly, the 3DS can do more.” Ergo an unwanted conversation would have started and eventually I would have to see it anyway.

      2. He did say worse IN SOME RESPECTS. The 3DS could download most image files- this can’t do any. Personally I think that is terrible, and barely much effort to implement, but whatever.

        1. Just a thought- I’m pretty sure screenshot taking has been confirmed (correct me if i’m wrong?)- so that means we can do it, but not even upload them to facebook or anything. That sucks.

    2. That´s weird, because on the 3DS it is possible to both upload or download images, it just doesn´t support youtube. It doesn´t make sense that the WiiU browser wouldn´t allow that, specially with so many people using social networks today…. I really would like to check the original Nintendo article. Does anyone knows where to get it ?

    1. Yeah, because what use could having TWO devices being capable of that nowadays? Especially one capable of taking pictures. Like, why would you want to upload pictures of yourself?

    1. exactly
      there’s isn’t much point in downloading anything.. why would you download a file that the wii-u can’t do anything with
      and uploading.. well if there’s a game that supports making videos for example i’m sure the developers can also implement a feature to upload that video :)
      can’t really imagine there being a whole lot of other files to upload

    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

      So you buy a gaming device for web browsing? Or are you being sarcastic. If your serious you are officially a dumbass.

        1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

          Tisk tisk idiot, didn’t I ask was it sarcasm. Didn’t I also use the word IF. Thought so.

    2. If surfing the internet as good as possible is really so important to you you should cancel the preoder and buy a pc. But I guess you already have one (I bet you wrote this comment on a pc) so there is no need to buy one. Why did you preoder it anyway? For the games? I do not think so. If you liked games you would not cancel it. But why did you preoder a gaming console anyway?
      The Wii U cannot heat up your food. It cannot wash your cloth. It cannot give you a blowjob Now you really should cancel your preoder. Really, are you stupid?

      1. People always expect more out of electronics than they get. I mean, really: Use your hands…I mean head, use your head.

    3. All because it doesn’t have support to have the ability to upload and download… wow you really are stupid aren’t you.

      You see that thing you are typing on, use THAT to download and upload your shitty cat pictures you twat.

  1. Tbh, i cant think of anything id want to download off the net onto a wii U other than like downloading game screenshots to see them in 1080p or uploading pictures off my SD card… but tbh, these can be done on my laptop – so no real loss!

      1. yeah, but how slow and awful is the youtube (flash) playback on the ps3?
        and don’t lie to me… i have one!
        It cant full screen 360p video without massive fps drop!

        1. That’s why there’s the PS3 fitted version of YouTube from the browser’s main page also the YouTube app on PS3 now.

          The PS3’s browser was never anything special.

      2. Go on, how exactly did you own me?

        I own a PS3, and I had no idea it could do that, because I’ve never been in a situation where I’d want to.

        Which was my entire point…

  2. No need to worry, hopefully in a few months we’ll have homebrew up and running and it’s quite easy nowadays to port a simple web browser for PowerPC-based architecture (if the hardware is anything similar to the wii), then we could have downloads and uploads.

    1. Hopefully Nintendo supports legitimate homebrew, similar to apps for smart phones and Windows *. I really think a console could gain from doing that.

      1. I think he was referring to Nintendo fanboys ….

        Also that guy was only joking revolution. Nobody is stupid enough to actually do it.

    1. Wow,your the fanboy.
      1.You are going o a site just to harass and bitch.
      2.This is a nintendo site,of course there is going to be fanboys.
      3.You ever said anything about the vita?
      4.The Wii u can do way more than the vita,but yo don’t see us bitching about it.

        1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

          1. It’s a console, that proofs everything.
          2. It scored higher twice, there you go again.
          3.Your butthurt, the proof is in your next comment.

          1. 1: Vita does a lot more than the original Wii can, so that doesn’t actually prove anything.
            2: HTML5 test obviously has everything to do with every single feature.
            3: You’re a faggot.

          1. A significant amount of them are ports of already available titles, being sold full price, no less.

            There are also well over 80 games on the Vita. So you’ve owned yourself.

              1. Can you tell me what’s so “precious”on the Wii U?

                I don’t think you can…seeing as you don’t accurately know the outcome of any of those games to critics or users.

                  1. Your question is completely irrelevant to what was said. Therefore I have no reason to answer it if you choose to dodge the simple truth and bring up some horseshit to completely dodge the fact that the Vita has games.

                    If you want to talk about what’s “precious”, be prepared to tell me what’s precious on the Wii U first. Good luck with that, because you haven’t played or owned SHIT on the console to argue anything pertaining to quality. :)


                    1. Dude,you may be able to waste your time with listing that,but I have more important things to do.The vita has games,I am just saying that the wii u has more to offer.

                    2. HOLY SHTI ITS AEOLUS i love you mother fucker! i would love to show my wii controller up your ass i bet you would like that! obviously your not a nintendo fan so perhaps you wont know this but i have great news for you!!! the wii remote has a vibration feature! that means it will pleasure the fck out of your ass!!!! FCK YEAH!

                    3. HOLY SHTI ITS AEOLUS i love you mother fucker! i would love to shove my wii controller up your ass i bet you would like that! obviously you aren’t a nintendo fan so perhaps you wont know this but i have great news for you!!! the wii remote has a vibration feature! that means it will pleasure the fck out of your ass!!!! FCK YEAH!

                    4. come on man comparing the vita to wii u ??? wii u isn’t even launched yet but there is no way the vita is going to be better than wii u !! maybe the ps4 will be better console in the future but the wii u will still have the advantage of being a special console with special controlling and with special exclusive games that there is no games better ,,,, like zelda , smash bros , mario kart and metroid ….. thats something sony won’t provide ….. ( i know there are a bunch of awsome games exclusive for sony but none of them ever reached the level of nintendo games )

            1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

              What system are talking about now, The Wii U and the Vita… Oh yea. The Wii Came out in 2006 the vita just came out this year, of course the vita would be able to do more with new tech and it is a handheld so most likely it would have Wi-Fi.

              1. Except you clearly implied that just being a console is enough, next time be specific. Even then, I wonder if the Wii U legitimately does more than that device. Knowing Nintendo it’s not going to be as feature rich as people are being led to believe.

        2. 1.It can display 1080p.
          2.It can display the game on the gamepad and the tv.
          3.The cpu,gpu,and ram are better.
          4.You can play on the gamepad without using the tv.
          5.The gamepad has shoulder buttons.
          6.It has more games(i know that’s not what you asked).

          1. 4: A whopping 8 orso meters away. Meanwhile I can take my Vita and associated titles anytime, anywhere, any place.
            5: So does the Vita, what’s your point?
            6: Sure thing, list these games then. (You’re going to lose, just saying.)

            1. 4.That is the point of the vita.IT IS A PORTABLE.It is good for there to be a console that is also movable.Questions?
              5.I meant to say zr and zl but good try though
              6.There are 50 games in it’s launch window and 40 good ones.I am not going to waste my time listing them.

              1. Then provide a link? I’m actually interested in seeing the launch window, that’ll determine if I’ll get a Wii U or not.

                1. I’m using my laptop at a friends house since my house has no electricity due to hurricane sandy.I can’t provide a link since I don’t know how to do it.

              2. 4: So, you said junk about using the tablet to play games off your TV, I don’t give a shit what other details are associated with that.
                5: That’s not even a loss, and there are ways to work around that with the Vita thanks to the touchscreen/rear touchpad. Not to mention only a few games use those to begin with.
                6: Vita has over 80 confirmed titles total. Shut up.

                “40 good ones”, lol how does he even know that

                what a dumbass

                1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

                  The vita released 9 months ago and only has 80 games confirmed. The Wii U has over 50 confirmed to release before the end of march 2013, and 100+ in development.

                  1. Yeah, a nice chunk of those “50 games” being existing titles gamers can readily buy as we speak.

                    You’re not helping your case.

                    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

                      You just helped make my point, INNOVATION. There is something new, there always is with a port. Also a even bigger chunk are exclusives, oh yea you are butthurt. Your to smart to continue this ignorant argument just stop with the trolling we all know you are not ignorant just very very arrogant.

                    2. Ports are not bad.If there were no ports,then people would be forced to buy another system when they didn’t want to just for a game.Ad also if the wii u didn’t have the ports,then you would be complaining about it.

                2. 4.Dude,just drop it.
                  5.The rear touchpad is uncomfortable and you can drop it from moving your hands all the time.You would also prefer zl and zr
                  6.Wii u has 50 in it’s launch window and 100 in development.Th vita received that in 9 months.The majority of those games nobody cares about,and roughly 10 are good.If ore were good,then the vita would sell more.

                  Whe I said 40 good one’s,how could I not know,it’s MY opinion.I don’t need reviews to see if it’s good enough.

                  1. This guy is comedy.

                    Trying to base his points on his own opinion and not actually the facts being made here.

                    I wonder how you know precisely how many titles are in development for the Vita, I said over 80 known games, nobody said a shit about how many is in development. If you’re too stupid to figure out the difference in these, then I can’t help you.

                    1. When I say vita has no games,I mean GOOD games.And believe it or not,the wii u has better games than the vita.

              1. Because those are so mandatory that it’s stupid to list them in a discussion of what has more features.

                Oh no, my new console is more powerful than a 2011 HANDHELD. Amazing!

                  1. Nobody is talking about how the hell it was executed. Fact is, it was done before the Wii U. End of the damn discussion, stop trying to spin shit in your favor.

                    It’s about is retarded as saying the Wii remote had better motion control and more support than the very first motion controller. But in the end, fact remains that it was NOT. DONE. FIRST.

                    1. Ok,fine,then the power glove was the first motion controller in video gaming

                      And whatever you say,the fact is that the wii u will be the one to receive the praise.

                    2. The power glove was not the first motion controller in gaming, it was the Le Stick.

                      Nintendo did not make the power glove either if you’re insinuating that, it was Mattel

                      that’s all that matters here. It wasn’t the first of its kind.

              1. For 7 year olds who only know Mario games and the Japanase who’ll buy any game with a cute anime girl in it.

                Vita is for the true gamers and a real audience who want to play some true games. Unfortunately that market isn’t big on the handheld front so it has to deal with the babies r’ us handheld doing better at selling.

                1. There is nosuchthingas “trye gamers” at least the way you think there are. Gamersare people who play games.Believe it or not, Mario is a game ;)

        3. Its uses a superior engine for the browser (Google Chrome tech)
          It has a faster loading time
          It can do mulitple things like playing a game while going online to see what hints you can get off the internet.
          More powerful system

          Need more? Also the Vita scored less than the Wii U in the browser department… so yeah your argument is invaild

          1. Says my argument is invalid

            lists some of the most irrelevant fluff and by no means explains how it ‘does more’ than the Vita

            that really makes sense, yep.

  3. That was to be expected. The Wii U is not a PC. This will also protect the users from malware. An external hard drive is going to intergral to this experience imo. You can store your pics and video on there. Hopefully the next Nintendo Direct will let us know more. Leave luck to heaven.

  4. aehm…. who seriously gives a fk?
    i bought my 3DS XL and preordered my Wii U for gaming, for the amazing Nintendo franchises, etc.

    for everything else i have my laptop, a smartphone, tablet whatever dafuq

  5. I think that internet is not needed on home consoles,since you can only use it at home,and you probably already have a laptop or computer.

  6. This doesnt have anything to do with this but, i pre ordered black ops 2 on the wii u at toys r us, will i get nuketown 2025. It doesnt say anything about nuketown on the recepit or the preorder card.

        1. No, they never do that.

          It’ll be in the disk as a promo code, and play it off as “oh my god, you get “exclusive” content, then a week later its up to buy on the online store as DLC. Happens all the damn time.

  7. Another fail web browser for a console…… Everytime lol how long is is gonna take for someone to get it right on a gaming console/handheld…..

    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

      That does not make the browser fail. Why would you need to upload pics and download stuff on a gaming device. Your asking for 2 industries to combine making the economy worse, people need to think of things in the long run. You can upload pics on Miiverse anyway so stfu.

      1. Because devices these days aren’t just about gaming anymore. That’s what I like about the the other 2 consoles. You can watch DVD’s/Blurays on them which saves the need of buying multiple devices. And yet I’m still to see an awesome browser on any console that I could call decent. Sure I have a million and one devices that would already do said functions, but I don’t think it would be overly difficult to add that feature to the Wii U. I mean, handheld consoles can do it, why can’t a home console do it? Just seems weird to me :/

        1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

          This is Nintendo’s classic recipe, this is the main factor that drives their fans; Their Consoles are always the cheapest. Adding this extra stuff will raise the price, maybe enraging older fans. If you already have devices that do said functions it shouldn’t matter what matters in the innovation, and look at this way the Wii U doesn’t have those functions making it something new in this Era considering almost everything else has those functions.

    2. brows·er
         [brou-zer] Show IPA

      a person or thing that browses.

      Also called Web browser . Digital Technology . a software program that allows the user to find and read encoded documents in a form suitable for display, especially such a program for use on the World Wide Web.

  8. Because apparently, thats a big deal.
    Its a games console, not a PC.

    The only time i download stuff using the browser on my ps3 is for themes, and most of them suck ass

    1. That’s the main problem with the Playstation and Xbox consoles. They’re turning into PC’s. In my opinion that’s a mistake. Games need change and innovation.

      1. If they basically turn into PC’s, im just getting a PC next gen. I can live without Halo and whatever borin IP Sony brings out.

  9. I have a HTC EVO 3D. I could give two fucks if the WiiU can or cannot upload or save pictures, I won’t use it either way.

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  11. I never even used a console to do so. I don’t see how this is a big deal if you can just use your computer for uploading and downloading.

  12. Well duh, it should have limits. Everyone can surf the web because everyone has a computer, tablet, and/or a smart phone. The Wii U is a game system, not a computer

  13. It would have been nice but I have a computer for that.
    I never upload (12kbs upload MAX)
    And I do not download a lot. If I do I download a computer app.
    Since I do not download stuff illegal I do not download a lot of stuff.
    I do not download any illegal stuff. No games, movies or music.

  14. Uuuum, U guys seem to be forgetting that the Wii U is a *Gaming console* First, NOT a PC! Trust me, the less consoles become more like PCs, the Better. -_-

    1. Uuuum, U guys seem to be forgetting that the Wii U is a *Gaming console* First, NOT a PC! Trust me, the less consoles become more like PCs, the Better. -_-
      *(Screwed up post)(;*

  15. Sounds like fucking bullshit to since the gamepad has a camera built in and can do video-chat etc , so we’ll see…

  16. Don’t really care about this. I rarely find myself using a browser on a gaming device at all. Especially a home console.

  17. Hey Everybody i have a question,since the wii u can output certain games at 760P and 1080P,does that mean if you use the Wii U Browser to watch a video on the TV Screen can you watch it at 1080P Fulll HD,or 760P Sub HD?

    1. “760p?” I’m going to assume you meant 720p.

      Not an answer, but why do people (on this site) keep calling 720p “sub-HD”? That’s not “sub-HD” at all.

      1. Simple – People love to read random wikipedia articles and act like they know everything their is to know about technology…

        Wouldn’t Be suprised if some of these people thought tier 4.0 Ghz P4 was better then a 2.0GHz core i5, because apparently bigger numbers is always = better technology.

        For some reason people seem to think anything not 1080p 60fps is not HD…

        Honestly i have to admit your not as bad as everyone on this site thinks you are.

      2. I’ve seen others use it in other sites. I’m guessing that to some people since “Full” HD is 1920 x 1080, anything under that resolution would be “sub” or “below” the “full” HD resolution. They use it all because of how the word “Full” is used in this context. The term “full” means 100% right? And well, 1280 x 720 is of course under that “100%”, so “sub HD” would still define the 720 resolution correctly in this manner. Then again, others (most people) would refer to 720 as simply “HD”, which is what I usually describe it as. Not below HD, but not Full, so in-between.

        1. Problem with calling 1080p “full HD” now is that it won’t be that way forever. It’s almost like they’ll keep coining new terms for better resolutions. So what would 4K (or even 8K) be referred as in the event it becomes standards?

          At this point, 720p and above is simply just going to be “HD” to me unless I have to get specific.

          1. Yes, it won’t be forever. I guess they’ll just add to the “HD” for future releases in resolutions, or perhaps think of another way of describing them. Like how both 3840 x 2160 (4K) and 7680 x 4320 (8K) are defined as “Ultra” High Definition. (not sure if 4320p is referred to as Full UHD….is it?)

            Or maybe sometime in the future, mainstream displays just won’t be governed by “pixels” any longer. As soon as we reach reality’s “resolution”, I’m pretty sure they’ll just stop there, and call it “Reality Definition” or something along the lines of that.

            As of now, I refer to the 720 resolution as “HD”. It’s in the HD category, just not fully 100% HD.

  18. LOL! Some idiots think that because the Vita CAN do this that it automatically makes it better than the Wii U…. HAHAHA! I laugh at their remarks. They can ignore ALL THE OTHER FEATURES the Wii U has all they want… Wii U still outclasses Vita in every other way. (FACT)

  19. I don’t think this is a concern in my opinion. ITS A FREAKING CONSOLE, not a computer. Consoles you use for game related things, not to go to download and upload pictures to your facebook or whatever thing you do. That’s why you have computer, to do that kind of stuff. Whoever thinks this is making the Wii U look bad needs to check themselves.

  20. Knowing the answer to the question “Will the Wii U’s browser be able to download or upload files” is as important as knowing the answer to the question “Will the Wii U be able to butter my toast”…..

  21. *Shrugs*
    It’s a controller, not an entire system. I don’t expect it to store tons of photos or anything.
    I expect it to be focused on being true to what it is; a very awesome controller.

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  23. I know the WiiU is not a PC, but I like not having to change devices.
    I used to do half my gaming on my 3DS, and the other 1/2 on my iPod. THEN, the 3DS had so much fucking software, I never use my iPod for anything except work email and web browsing.

    Being able to upload pics important to me since I engage in Twitter, but if WiiU will allow me to surf WITHOUT RUNNING OUT OF MEMORY like the Wii and 3DS, I ‘ll be happy.

    I really, really wish I could load an entire webpage on a nintendo browser without running out of memory. If the 3DS browser were a little better, and the camera wasn’t shit resolution, I would trade in my iOS’s.

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  25. Really? Fighting for a Web Browser on a Gaming Console? I’m fine with my Wii U Browser and I’m posting from it. You guys don’t see it: the Wii U is a Gaming Console, not a PC. The main idea is playing games, not downloading or uploading pictures. If you want to upload or download pictures, go get a PC and stop complaining about the Wii U Web Browser so shut up.

  26. i just want to watch hbo go and max go but without flash player support that wont be happening anytime soon.

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