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Ex Rare Developers Want To Know If You Want Their Game On Wii U eShop

Nyamyam, an independent development studio composed of ex Rare staff members, want to know whether you would like their new game Tengami on the Wii U. The developers have spoken to Nintendo Europe and say that they’re very excited about Nintendo’s plans for the digital Wii U store. They went on to say that it’s very indie/small dev friendly. You can watch the game, above.

166 thoughts on “Ex Rare Developers Want To Know If You Want Their Game On Wii U eShop”

    1. We ALL know, that’s not gonna happen.. Microsoft claimed the rights for it when they bought rareware, then turned it into the kid friendly piece of crap development team it is today. Along with it, driving some of the best IP’s into the ground.

      1. Being kid-friendly isn’t what ruined the Banjo-Kazooie franchise.
        Allowing Micro’s idiocy to flip the series’ genre into half a racing sim and half a Lego car builder, is what ruined the game.
        They tried to cater to the “OMG racing games are way more mature and cool!” crowd instead of sticking with what works, and it fucked up an otherwise awesome platforming series.

        I would have gotten an X-Box just for Banjo, if Microsoft hadn’t messed with it so horribly.

        1. Dude, Banjo-Kazooie wasn’t the only Rare title they completely raped. Need I remind you of Perfect Dark and Conker both getting the same treatment? Also, even though fighters are making a huge comeback, Microsoft doesn’t want to put out a new Killer Instinct. Why buy a company with these amazing IPs only to not use them.

        1. I did no exposed you i just though of how muchb you love games that the dude reaction would have ben the same you would have if did got the wiiu first than us and show us a pic :)

          1. HAHA! I lol’d hard anyway , especialy when I saw that guys strange face XD

            That would totaly be my ”wiiu first” pic !

    1. A bear and a rabbit are sitting next to each other, taking a shit. The bear looks over at the rabbit and asks, “I hate shitting in the woods, every time, I get poop stuck to my fur. Does shit stick to your fur?”

      Rabbit: “No. Not at all, actually.”

      Bear: “Really?! That’s great!”
      The bear quickly grabbs the rabbit, and wipes it’s butt with it.

      Anyway, It looks like a nicely styled indie game. I love supporting this type of development. I would certainly like to see it on WiiU.

      I already have many of you, but:
      FC: 5455 9709 5250

  1. Misleading title

    On topic: shit game. Give us AAA titles that boast wiiU’s so called next gen graphics.

    Not fucking crap visuals I can get on xbox live or psn hell even wiiware

    1. Oh c’mon a game doesn’t have to look realistic to be beautiful… look at Journey. I love the pop-up style. Indie games are never about the graphics, either, dip$h!t

      1. Casual mum never said realistic though? :S

        Honestly, I agree though, Different art styles can be just as amazing, I mean look at Limbo or Gravity Rush. Simply Stunning.

    2. You are incorrect.
      Opinions like yours make me believe communism may not be all bad if applied to people like you. I.E. Trash talk a respected Dev, about a game that doesn’t happen to appeal to you, so you immediately think everyone will consider it rubbish.

      The most significant reason your opinion here carries Zero value, is because we already know how bias you are against the 3DS, and Nintendo in general.

      Given what we know of your tastes in Video games and development styles, it’s safe to say that if you believe this game to be junk, I will most likely love it.

      World of Goo
      Night Sky (Somewhat)
      Sakura Samurai
      Fractured Soul
      Mutant Mudds
      Bit-trip Saga

      All these games have questionable graphic’s and simple controls, however Gameplay is at the core of the Dev’s goals, and although not everyone will love all these games, I believe they each have a following of people who appreciate the developer’s style.

      You are the reason it’s a tough world for developers. You have no sense of what is truely “make-a-quick-buck, Advertising focused shit” and truely simple and innovative lower priced games meant for quick, pick up and play, quality entertainment.

  2. YES! guys do it I love new and original game styles I think it will do GREAT! on the Wii U. Rare you are the BEST British game comp. I have ever since and I am happy I live very close to your HQ :3

  3. I don’t mind but what WE the GAMERS want is KILLER INSTINCT 3 and an HD COLLECTION of 1&2. Now that’s what WE WANT!

    1. If the Wii U can get more indie games like this, it will certainly peak my interest, Nintendo should look at getting ThatGameCompany to do some titles for them, that would have me buying a Wii U instantly if it were to happen.

      1. A positive comment from jellybean? But now realy out joke is ben nintendo primary concern to make a envyroment that indies feal happy and that they are going to earn money

        1. I’ve made plenty of positive comments on this site, the only reason I went negative was because I was sick of the VITA bashing by people who’ve probably never even played it, me and sickr talked though and I’ve decided to stop. I will still post something If I don’t agree with it though :P

          Nintendo just needs to offer incentives, bigger slice of the profits made would probably do.

            1. This is probably the main reason people hate the fanboys on this site and still attract so many trolls. Just sayin’

              1. Jellybelly! can’t you see this is just a joke ? I was testing your reaction to this XD.

                Just dipping one toe into the hot bath water. I expected a ”nice try” reaction :).
                Dude I like the ps vita and I like Phantasy star!!!!! and a few other games on the platform.
                I have spoken about the Mistakes Sony HAS made with the vita on this site and how they could reduce them.

                I AM going to buy a ps vita, just waiting for the library to thicken out a but which it is starting to. Vita games I want =
                Uncharted Golden Abyss
                Gravity Rush
                Assasins creed liberation
                Phantasy star online 2
                Wipeout 2048

                I will be picking it up when PSO2 arives mid 2013!!

                  1. Well most of the time people are being serious lol. I was just trolling you XD! Imagine what sort of dick head you would have to be to maliciously leave that ”PS vita smash” video as a genuine reply to your comment about being angered about vita bashing….

                    Am I trollish ??? yes. Am I fanboyish ??? yes Am I that bad?? no XD

                1. Also, by mid 2013, the library will be significantly huger than what it is now :P Over the next 6 months, there will be a ton of awesome releases :P

                  1. The 3ds library consisted of few major titles for about 8-9 months. In that period it had , Mario kart 7 , 3d land , OOt3d , Starfox 3d, Doad , sf4…… And a few other good titles.

                    The ps vita is on par with 3ds almost for first 8 months. Just needs a few more big hitters next year!

                    1. I think vita biggest mistake is to try to sell it has a console for example tekken vs street figther on vita would have had a bigger impact has a more gorgeus 2d fighter art style first because no body has ever see 2d versions of tekken caracter in a 2d fighting game and that alone would have make the game some what original i would not mind a 2d sould calibur if well done

                  2. Well you should know that the mayority here is multy console gamer that usualy has ben hit by some mayor dissapointment from sony and microsoft and wen we see nintendo actuly trying to fix things comes a hater and bash it like he knew what was happening,i know every console and handheld weaknes and streng by heart but ingnoring or down playing it will not makes us thing is not better(fuck my english is bad hope it makes sence)

                    1. To your comment above! : Yeh I think the major problem here is people expecting Ps3 quality games from the vita. The ps3 has a cell broadband CPU and 25GB discs, How is that gunna work on the vita ??? I think the vita does a heroic job of coming close!

                      Also your english is very good for a Puerto Rican :)

      2. Jellybean… I assure you that there will be more indy games coming to the Wii U at the eShop. Here are the list–

        BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
        Chasing Aurora
        Cloudberry Kingdom
        Little Inferno
        Mighty Switch Force! HD
        Mutant Mudds Deluxe
        Nano Assault NEO
        Ostrich Island
        Star Beast: The Stellar War
        The Cave
        The Pinball Arcade
        Toki Tori 2
        Two Brothers

          1. Now you get the picture. And BTW, you’re good individual. Personally, I don’t see you as a bad apple in this dedicated Nintendo blog… especially that infamous hater that I don’t want to mention here. Jellybean… truce?

            1. Yeah, truce.

              Honestly, I just became negative because of all the hate on the VITA. Plus a few other things I won’t go into detail with. But me and sickr talked and I decided to stop, sorry bout the things I said.

              But anyway, wanna add friend codes?

                1. Yeah fair enough :)

                  I don’t think I’ll get a Wii U launch till xmas though.

                  A few things came up, (medical reasons) that’s forcing me to put money elsewhere.

                    1. :)

                      Quick question. Does ZombiU have Multiplayer or Co-op? If so. We’re so going to have to play it :P

                      1. Yes… ZombiU will have local 2-player co-op– One player uses the GamePad while the other player uses either Pro controller or Wii controller and nunchuk. Too bad it won’t have online co-op, but it’s a start though.

                        1. If I recall a few months ago that Ubisoft will be making a ZombiU sequel. Let’s hope they use the Nintendo Network and use the 2 (or multi) player online capability! Oh hell yeah!!!!

                        2. Has there been any details on the Nintendo network yet? I’ve been waiting to hear about them for sooooooo long :(

                          1. HEY OUN!!! really local 2 player coop ???? why have I not heard about this ?? I read about all the other features like using gamepad to place zombis against someone using pro controler. But like How does this local coop work bro ?

        1. OF COURSE WE WANT! What do you think we are, idiots like Microsoft who don’t want you making good games anymore?!

        2. Well, Visually the game looks pretty good and I’m guessing it is a puzzle game which is pretty compelling, I guess……. I probs won’t be buying it… lol!

          1. LOL! Because they want to know if people WILL ACTUALLY BUY IT… “The more games the better” doesnt really cut it. The Ex Rare developers want to make money. Putting it on there is great and all, but they are worried it wont sell well.

          1. Or smartphones in General? :S

            I agree on WIndows 8 though, the games on there are terrible, it needs something decent in there store.

        3. Can’t say that this trailer says much at all. It’s nice to look at for a while, but the pace looks really bad and the actual gameplay was barely shown. How do videogame companies still not know how to make a good trailer?

        4. Why is it that a good amount of Nintendo articles start with the words “Ex-Rare Developer(s)” as if everyone and their mom worked at Rare.

          1. If you ask why is so great is beacause rare had the most ingenius developers and music composer ever in the industry they where so good at stracting the power of the sistem that if they would have maked an engine like epic did the unreal engine would have never have exsisted

          1. No point. Most the people left rare and went elsewhere. The only thing that’s left and worth buying back is there IP’s. That’s it.

        5. Remember M$ owns Rare so don’t ever expect rare games on anything but M$ devices.This ex rare, members that left so Micro$hit couldn’t control them since all their base belongs to them.Once a great company intill it got OWNED!

                1. I don’t think that’s even been released in Australia yet :S December 8th we get it.

                  Honestly, I will be getting it, but I think it’s too early to say whether it’ll be absolutely awesome, hopefully they give us a demo soon.

                    1. It looks alright. At this stage I’m kinda still sitting on the fence. If it lives up to what I expect it to be, it will be brilliant, I just hope they don’t blow it.

        6. thinking about Rare always makes me want to kill Microsoft…….
          such GREAT GREAT GREAT franchises, SO MUCH TALENT…. lost
          i fucking hate microsoft for that

          i mean cmon…Banjoo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong, Jet Force Gemini, Star Fox, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong..
          they worked on such brilliant titles

          Nintendo still has Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Diddy Kong, and thats good!

          but seeing how Microsoft now owns Rare.. and they have all rights for Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini (NO SEQUEL? SERIOUSLY? FUCK YOU), and Banjoo-Kazooie… (at loss for words), i want to murder them

          i mean… i trust nintendo with everything.. all their franchises.. zelda, mario w/e.. we get new games and im SO glad for that

          but microsoft really fucked up… its bin 13 years since jet force gemini was released (so its 99% likely we’ll never see a sequel),we’ll also probably never see another Perfect Dark

          what im most angry about though is that they have all rights for the Banjoo-Kazooie franchise, and for that they truly deserve the death penalty
          i have not played the 360 version, but i would assume it’s NOWHERE near as close as Banjoo-Kazooie for n64 (to be fair: it’s a masterpiece, so it’s almost impossible)

          do you think we’ll ever see another Banjoo-Kazooie/Tooie w/e game?
          Microsoft now owns Rare, but its not the same company right? Many Rare employees left etc.. and all the talent is now scattered etc.
          What i would really love to see is Nintendo buying the rights for Banjoo-Kazooie back, getting together with the real Rare and release another banjoo-kazooie title : /
          that’s 99% unlikely, so i guess we’ll have to wait for microsoft to release their fail version of that franchise : (

          ALL HAIL ROMEO

          1. M$ lost the console war.I’d rather get a 2,500 $ razorblade laptop instead of a Xbox360.Sony is 2nd place, they need to stop being a pain and actually stop removing great content, did you know that before you could have bought games from different regions on v
            Vitanic via another ps network account.But now they limited 1 psn account to the memory card.The Vita is one heck of a powerful device, totally worth it’s price too.Nintendo errm…Needs to lower the price for WiiU games, im sure people wont pay 120$ for only two games, it’ll be the first console im going to fully buy games used. Poop.

              1. 60$ is too much, im not rich,I have lots of games on my wish list.I should be happy in Australia 100$ for a new game.But still I’m a cheap person.

        7. Were the hell is the sun? I don’t want to feel like im stranded in some dark cave. I would like it a bit more if it wasn’t so dark and depressing. Those 3d models are just pieces of cardboard, nothing significant. *Sigh. Another failure.

        8. So many retarded people on this site talking about next gen graphics. It’s all about he fucking games. Lets see who has the best games.

          1. I believe it’s about finding the right balance.

            I believe more in having amazing art styles than realistic graphics (although it’s quite fun to see what they can do with them).

        9. ex-Rare developers are the people who thought up and brought out all the amazing games that helped evolve the industry. The “Current” Rare developers have brought out nothing but garbage (possibly because of MS influence being at their core, especially with trying to focus everything on Kinect… Boring!!). So yeah i’m definitely down for this. Give them all the money! Get them back in the game…Take us back to our beloved N64-era.
          Timesplitters 1 & 2 were great back when they sort of tried to get back in the scene, and I didn’t mind Haze on PS3 either.

        10. Game by EX Rare developers on the Wii U? Oh yes, just tell me when you want to take my money lol Also tbh, this game would be sweet on the 3DS too, the pop-up story book style would be nice in 3D.

        11. People that want something new and refreshing will say yes. The game looks beautiful, I would buy it if you bring it to the 3DS. Just make sure you give it a nice 3D effect =)

              Stop being so biased. After all Pikmin is also has bad guys and a puzzle. Like I SAID LOOKS BORING!!!

            2. Oh btw. As it is titled “EX Rare” this game sucks compared to Conker, Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong also having bad guys and for anyone unlike yur Call of Duty. I’m jtz. Don’t mess with me I’ll get games from A to Z.

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