No Midnight Launch For Wii U At GameStop?

Go Nintendo has received information that suggests that US retailer GameStop won’t be holding a midnight launch for Wii U. At this point in time you would have expected to have heard from GameStop if it was planning to hold midnight launches for the console which launches on November 18th. It should be noted that nothing official has been confirmed by GameStop.

Thanks, Mike


    1. Yeah, Im a manager for gamestop and we are having one, I think its ultimately up to the store manager, not the company in general

  1. If I find they won’t be, then I’m canceling and buying elsewhere.

    I’m asking my gamestop tomorrow.

    1. Are you serious? You’re willing to cancel your pre-order and risk not getting a Wii U because your GameStop might not let you get it at midnight?

      1. Ah, I would secure a Deluxe elsewhere with a midnight release, THEN, cancel my Gamestop preorder. ;)

        I just hope this rumor isn’t true.

  2. I will be pissed if my GameStop doesn’t have a midnight launch. I’ve waited so long for this, I remember when the rumors first started on the Nintendo “Stream”.

    1. Ikr I pre-ordered mine in less than 5 seconds of the announcement, I been waiting to long. + the Nintendo website’s clock was set at evening for the 18th, gamestops was set for midnight, later on Nintendo fixed their’s to midnight as well. If you look at both clocks and add up time they both go to midnight so it would be idiotic for gamestop to not have one;
      1.If the big N’s website says midnight, it’s going to be midnight.
      2. If your going to have a clock that says midnight then you better have a midnight release.

  3. I called my local Gamestop, and they said they won’t know about a midnight release until one week before it’s release.

  4. They seem to have a midnight launch for everything. Only time they are less likely to is if the game/console/whatever launches ona Sunday.

  5. My Wii U is coming in the mail anyway… lol! I paid extra to have it delivered through “Express” mail. :)

    1. Mall doesn’t open at midnight, it would be closing like 2 hours before.

      1. K, I ordered mine from a local Gamestop. The closest mall with a G-Stop from my home is 30 mins away…

  6. Found the out from my local store a couple days ago. I don’t lnow if I’m sad, angry, or both >:'(

    1. I know. It SUUUUUUUUUUCKS. It would have been my first midnight launch for anything…Well, my local store will only have about 10 consoles at launch…….Oh well. Well, well, well.

      1. I’m pissed but, I was the first non-employee to reserve my deluxe so tiz just annoying.

  7. The Gamestop here isn’t having a Midnight release. I dont know why, they have them for games when they come out. Reg business hours, they will open at Noon.

  8. I think it depends upon the specific GameStop store. There wasn’t one for Skyward Sword at my local store because there wasn’t enough preorders to justify it. So, I’ll check in with mine in like a week.

  9. Why do People believe anything go nintendo says? My local gamestop is having a midnight launch. The manager there said it was up to him, thankfully he’s a Nintendo fan. I much rather get my news from WII_UNITD on twitter they seem to be much more accurate.

  10. Even if they don’t have a midnight launch are you guys really that impatient to not wait another 8 hours or so to just get one in the morning. If you got a preorder and get there before or when the store opens I’m sure you’ll be okay. It’s a Video Game System release not the End of the World.

    I do hope my store has one but i wont die over it.

  11. Confidentially, folks, it depends on which GS location it is, and pretty much up to the manager and DM. For instance, my local GS won’t be doing it because 1) they rarely do a midnight sale for Sunday releases; and 2) GS doesn’t have the security to handle the Wii U mania. Remember, folks, regrettably, the holiday grinches who love pinching these upcoming systems normally hit midnight sales because they feel it’s an easier target than on launch day.

    Essentially because the nighttime makes it better for them to hit unsuspecting customers than the daytime. But as a consolation, I have heard some GS will open their stores early on launch day so you can go there and get it ASAP.

  12. I have done some research on this as well, and I think each regional manager has the option. I am trying to con the local manager at the GS in my area to have one. There is a wally world quite literally across the street, who will have the Wii U at midnight, so I am telling the local manager to use that as an excuse for a midnight :D I live in a town of about 15,000 and about 15 pre-orders were at the GS I go to. He has told me, at the very least, they will open a few hours early on Sunday.

  13. The Gamestop down the street from me is having a midnight launch. But like others have said, it depends on the location.

  14. I really wouldent care if my EB games wasent doing a midnight release because this is November, its to damned cold to stand out there at midnight. All I care about is getting a good spot in line if there is one. I would like to say yes to a line but idk, I think it will be kinda dead.

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